Delayed menstruation - What is the reason?

Delayed menstruation - not uncommon, and many of the women, if the next menstruation does not occur to her to put a term beginning seriously to worry and even panic, frantically counting the days and wondering what is the reason for this delay. This is especially true of girls who have been delayed month after the first time intimacy.

Delayed menstruation. Causes

Meanwhile, the reasons for the delay of menstruation can have a wide variety. The main one, of course - uterine or ectopic pregnancy in which the fertilized egg begins to produce the hormone the uterus to support further activities of the corpus luteum of the ovary. Thus, the characteristic of the normal menstruation ovulation (release of an egg from the follicle) does not occur, and thus, menstruation does not occur.

Another fairly common causes of delay menstruation - a cyst of the corpus luteum of the ovary. In this case, ovulation occurs and the corpus luteum of the ovary is formed. However, shortly before the due date of menstruation occurs hormonal failure, and this yellow thing in the uterus continues to operate for some time. Therefore, the delay of menstruation may be delayed for 5 days or more.

Next, a common condition in which there is a delay menstruation 3 days or more - follicular ovarian cyst. The situation here is composed as follows: mature follicles started at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, but then in the middle of the cycle hormonal failure occurred. Ovulation does not take place, and the follicle produces hormones that suppress the next month.

Another significant reason for the delay menstruation - an inflammation of internal genital organs, which in our time often occurs in women of any age. This inflammation - a significant stress to our ovaries that lead to violations in the normal process of maturation of the follicle. Failures occur in the ovulation and corpus luteum, and as a result, delay of menstruation 10 days or more.

Well, and, finally, the reason for the delay menstruation can be age climacteric ovarian dysfunction that occurs in women after forty years. This is the age at which a delay monthly 2 weeks or 2 months missed period - a fairly common phenomenon.
Ovarian dysfunction can cause diseases of the endocrine and reproductive systems, which can also be a cause for menstrual disorders. Of course, it can be triggered by other causes, which can be set only by a thorough medical examination.

Periodically, the delay menstruation characteristic of polycystic ovarian violating hormone in the body. It is observed in diseases of the adrenal glands, thyroid, ovary, pituitary gland, and can manifest itself in different ways. In this case, to establish an accurate diagnosis requires an in-depth examination versatile.

What to do in case of delay menstruation?

If the month does not come on time, then, of course, first of all need to be tested for pregnancy. Test survey in this case is not enough: even if the missed period gives the test is negative, the pregnancy can not be excluded completely. Especially if there is a delay monthly 2 days or delay menstruation 4 days. The most accurate diagnosis of pregnancy can be done through a blood test that can detect pregnancy even in the first day of the missed period. Such an analysis will show the level of human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood, which determines the presence of conception or the lack of it. If the pregnancy is, should do an ultrasound to find out the location of the ovum, which may be outside of the uterus.

US must be made in the case where the blood test gave a negative result. It will help identify irregularities in the pelvic and find out the reasons for failure in this work. And then, in accordance with these causes designate drugs, treatment that eventually cause menstruation.

In general, the delay menstruation to five days - a phenomenon quite ordinary, and of particular concern, it should not. This can happen if a woman suffered severe stress, which led to the breakdown in the normal operation of the central nervous structures responsible for the normal functioning of the uterus and ovaries. Such disorders can cause cessation of menstruation and for a short and fairly long period of time. They require, rather, the intervention of a psychologist than a gynecologist.

Delayed menstruation can be reaction to too sharp change in the conditions of existence, - climate change, increase or decrease of habitual physical activity, diet is too strict and drastic weight loss, menstrual fallen below the critical mass of a body of forty-five - forty-seven kilograms.

After the abortion, too, as a result of hormonal balance, delay menstruation can occur, which is caused by the fact that abortion can be removed a large number of internal tissues of the uterus. To recover this layer may take a serious and long-term treatment.

Admission combined hormonal drugs too often cause disruptions in the monthly menstrual cycle, which are called "ovarian syndrome gipertormozheniya." Such treatment failures usually do not require. Menstruation recovered in one to three months.

As we can see, the reasons for the delay menstruation quite a lot. To determine which of them - true, only a doctor can. So do not be in the menstrual cycle to rush into a panic, and, especially, can not drink drugs on someone's advice - it can significantly harm health. Timely and proper treatment of the same, - the key to the restoration of health in the short term.

 Delayed menstruation - What is the reason?

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 cracks in the corners of the mouth


  • Why is there a problem?
  • How to treat the cracks in the corners of his mouth?
  • Preventive measures

The appearance in the corners of the mouth small cracks accompanied by discomfort, pain, and brings inconvenience. The people are sores called 'll pick ", you can find them and the child and the adult. Very often the problem occurs during pregnancy, and to disguise such a defect does not always work, because the cracks in the corners of his mouth very painful, especially when talking or eating. Why cracked corners of lips and how to treat this problem, we describe in this article.

Why is there a problem?

In order to get rid of the cracks in the corners of the mouth, it is necessary to know the exact cause of their appearance. First of all, inspect the site of injury. If the damage to the skin surface rather, more like peeling, chances are you just chapped lips. It is enough to stop licking them, less to go out for some time, and the problem will disappear by itself.

Sometimes crack begin not only the corners of the lips, nose and wings. Also, the problem appears in the corners of the eyes. In this case, there are the following variants of the problem:

  • Cracks in the skin of the face (at the mouth, nose and eye area) indicate the presence of beriberi. During pregnancy, the shortage of vitamins and minerals is often expressed this way;
  • If this problem occurs in a child, perhaps there is a banal failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene;
  • If the lips crack often, the reason for it may be a variety of infections or problems in the oral cavity (eg, caries);
  • Perhaps the cause of the problem lies in an allergy to toothpaste or cosmetics;
  • Most unpleasant options - a violation in metabolism or in the digestive system.

As you can see, the reasons for the occurrence of such trouble a lot. And it is not always possible to identify them yourself. In some cases, it makes sense to consult a specialist, because the presence of this problem may indicate the beginning of major changes in the body.

 cracks in the corners of the mouth

How to treat the cracks in the corners of his mouth?

Treat 'll pick "necessary in a complex. The first step is to follow the adequate intake of vitamins and minerals from food. During pregnancy it is especially important for children's development because the body spends a lot of its own resources, which should be promptly restored. Your diet must be present buckwheat, oatmeal, fish, meats, fresh greens.

In order to get rid of the cracks in the corners of the mouth as soon as possible, the treatment should be accompanied by procedures aimed at reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process of the skin. This can be done as follows:

  • Regularly sprinkle the affected areas of thermal water;
  • Grease cracks tea tree oil, flax or sea buckthorn (in principle, you can use any oil with antibacterial properties);
  • Use for lubricating solution containing vitamins A and E;
  • Fat sour cream is an excellent moisturizer;
  • Another unique product that helps in the treatment of fractures, is honey, but it is desirable to use in the evenings;
  • You can also treat cracks lotions from chamomile, succession or sage;
  • If the problem is often a child, be sure to teach him to regular hand washing. Do not let the dirty he ate fruits and vegetables;
  • If the situation is allowed to stay at home, will help accelerate the treatment of the affected areas lubrication tincture of iodine. This should be wide open mouth.

Sometimes cracks in the corners of the mouth can be a consequence of fungal diseases. In this case, in order not to infect anyone in his entourage, it is necessary to isolate the objects of personal use and apply antifungal drugs. Do not set them yourself by yourself, it is best to consult a specialist.

Preventive measures

The best treatment - prevention! This statement could not be exactly suited to this problem. If you are familiar with the disease, take it a rule to carry out the following recommendations. Then perhaps treatment is not necessary.

  • Avoid spicy and too salty food, so as not to irritate the skin once again in the area of ​​concern;
  • If you notice the appearance of sores, try not to disturb it, to give it to heal as quickly as possible;
  • Do regular and special anti-inflammatory healing mask for the skin around the lips. For this great aloe juice or Kalanchoe;
  • Never use another person's personal hygiene;
  • Boost your immune system and do not forget to take vitamins in the winter.

Now you know how to get rid of the cracks in the corners of the mouth. Remember that an abrupt change in climate could also trigger this problem. Take care of yourself, you are not too long outside in the cold and strong wind. We hope that the trouble will pass you side. Be healthy!

 Cracks in the corners of his mouth: prevention and treatment