Decorative panels for walls

Repair - troublesome. In addition to decent and very tangible cost it brings to our house a cacophony of confusion and consumes the lion's share of spare time (and not free too). Fortunately, new technologies allow manufacturers to produce such interior materials, which save our money and our time. One such product of modern production of building materials - decorative panels for the walls.

Their undoubted advantages - low cost, durability, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as a wide variety of textures and colors. It is believed that this kind of wall decoration is almost perfect. But is it really? What we offer manufacturers? How to sort out all the variety of decorative panels and choose the most suitable? Let's face it.

Types of decorative panels

 decorative wood panels for walls

Today decorative wall panels can be natural or artificial. The natural materials used in the production of panels - wood, stone and plant material and the skin.

  1. Wood - the so-called classics of the genre. Wood panels are made from either solid wood or from wooden boards.
  2. Natural stone is perhaps the most impressive materials for wall decoration. And although many of us are not yet ready to accept such a trim, she slowly but firmly in the interior design.
  3. Plant materials for wall panels - a straw, reed, bamboo, seagrass, jute, other gifts of the world flora. A big plus of such materials - environmentally friendly, unlimited stylistic solutions in interior design.
  4. Leather again today in favor with designers and owners of the apartments of the rich. It is warm to the touch, absorbs noise, absolutely safe for health. The interior, decorated with leather, looks respectable, elegant and even luxury.
  5. Artificial stone today is not only fashionable and relevant, but also environmentally friendly. In addition, it is convenient and fits harmoniously into any interior.
  6. Plastic, of course, the king of finishing materials market. Good or bad, time will tell. And today it is the most affordable and the most democratic material for the wall panels along with wood-based panels.

Given the availability and popularity of plastic panels and PMD, a closer look at these kinds of decorative panels.

Panels of wooden boards

 Wall Decoration decorative panels

PDM - so called manufacturers materials obtained during the processing of waste wood production (chips, fibers, sawdust and so on.). Panels of PDM consists of a plywood base of wood or hardboard panels, and the top decorated with wood veneer, plastic film or paper.

Of course, this is not true decorative wood panels for walls, but to those of conventionally can be attributed. Since they are a democratic alternative to solid wood panels, manufacturers are trying to make out the panels for natural wood. This similarity (sometimes indistinguishable) is achieved by a special decorative coating and milling panels. With milling solid sheet visually divided into separate "planks."

However, the traditional pattern "under the tree" - is not the only solution in the design of PDM panels. They applied abstract drawing, decorate a natural stone and used the most unexpected colors.

Vulnerability panels of wooden boards - humidity (water-resistant most of all types of plates are considered plate on plywood basis). Though resins and adhesives, their constituent increase resistance to humidity changes, they are not always harmless to human health. Therefore, when buying decorative panels DP is necessary to require the seller to conclude Gossanepidnadzora meet hygienic requirements. Otherwise pleasant shopping can turn into big trouble for health.

Plastic decorative panel

 3 d decorative wall panels

This type of decoration materials remains the most popular among Russian buyers. The reason is not only the most affordable prices, but also other important advantages. For example, plastic decorative wall panels are distinguished by high heat and noise insulation, durability, ease of installation, resistance to external influences and excellent decorative qualities.

By design, the panel made of plastic similar to panels of PDM they also have a base (polymer only) and decorative coating. The internal cavity of these panels has a honeycomb structure and plastic ribs. Drawing on plastic panels is applied in two ways: on the basis of the decal and by thermal or offset printing.

The most high-quality plastic panels considered the polystyrene panels. Unlike PVC, this material is more environmentally friendly (if such a definition at all suitable for plastic), it is easy to cut, it will not crack or break. The panels of polystyrene are also distinguished by a more interesting texture and color. For example, models that simulate the metal as close to the original that even experienced people may not always notice the simulation.


 decorative fabric panels for walls

Mounting of the wall panels is made by different methods, having their own characteristics. Connection "thorn - groove" characteristic of the dial pad. In this connection panels are attached directly to the wall or pre-aligning the surface, or on a crate. Panels bolted screws that are screwed into a broad shelf mounting (connecting bar "lock"). Caps screws close the "spine" of the next panel. Some manufacturers produce panels with special hooks for which the bar is attached to the crate. Thin sheet panels are glued to the wall Universal construction adhesives. In this pre-prepared surface of the wall: remove the old coating, cleaned and leveled.

Begin to install decorative panels with the inner corner of the room, making between them a gap of 2-3 mm. After final drying glue joints sealed with silicone sealant. Before installation determine the location for the shelves, sockets, mirrors and lamps, to know where to drill holes for mounting. Rounding out the installation of the panels installed trim moldings, baseboards and corners with which decorate all the joints and edges.

Decorating the walls with decorative panels allows for a variety of design ideas: panel easily replace many finishing materials. Panels are good for those who want to save money on repairs and for those who dream of a luxurious and refined interior. You just have to choose what will fit the original idea. A variety of textures and decorative panels, along with a wide range of prices for certain permit.

 Decorative panels for walls - save time and money

 Design a child's room for two children

Of course, ideally, each child in the family should have its own separate room. However, the reality of life is far from ideal. And if parents can allocate an entire room for children (even one for two), then it is great! Anyway, for the children themselves. They certainly easily or gladly adopt the perspective of the neighborhood. And the main task of the parents would be in this case, the optimal design of a child's room for two kids, good zoning areas and the selection of suitable furniture. Let's look at the possible options for children's space in which to live just two uterine relatives.

Individual zoning

This is a compromise. Since it will allow children as much as possible to feel their individuality and importance. In the case of an individual zoning of each child will have their own bed, your desktop and your own wardrobe. Option individual zoning - a kind of duplex: two identical "rooms" in a nursery. Particularly pertinent to this option when there is palpable among children age difference, or is heterosexual children.

Individual zoning child's room is possible even in a small room, if skillfully used not only its horizontal, but vertical space. Podiums of different heights and destination, as well as withdrawable team or furniture will certainly help in the implementation of such a plan. If desired, children and the possibility of placing such zone can be arranged symmetrically along one of the walls or in mirror image in the two parts of the room. Individual zones also may be separated by partitions functional or symbolic.

At the equipment of personal zones beds for each child usually installed along parallel or adjacent walls. If you have a bed near a wall, they shared a makeshift partition: shelves, chests of drawers. To isolate the bed above the beds can also be installed canopies. The workplace and storage space for individual zoning every child should also be their own.

 Interior nursery for two children

Functional zoning

Child's room for two children in this case is divided into a recreation area and a work area. In this embodiment, design children's beds combined, having a bed nearby, using the bunk beds or bed-transformers.

Two beds are usually installed in parallel (backs against the wall), or by shifting them at a right angle to each other. If the room does not allow a child's room to squeeze in her two beds, parents acquire a bunk bed or bunk furniture unit. As a rule, parents are quite satisfied with similar spatial resolution. But psychologists say that a two-story bed emphasizes the inequality between children. However, if between them a sufficiently large difference in age, it will not injure the underline none, either. Because the hierarchy of relations in this tandem is already established.

For the combined workplace is best to buy one large table with two side tables or shelves. Two separate table near (parallel or at an angle vis) - is also a good solution. In any case, it gives the opportunity to change the interior, making the transposition (as children are so fickle and so fond of change!). Storage spaces and clothing in case of functional zoning should still be personal. Even if the wardrobe is common in children, they need their own tables, chest of drawers or shelves.

 Children's room for two children

Children's Furniture

If we parents decided to equip a children's room for two, then on their part it would be a crime to neglect transformed modern furniture. Its benefits are so evident that it is worth spending it on such furniture. Judge for yourself, furniture-transformer will:

save space in the room (folding table top, draw-out beds, folding chairs);
solve the problem of inequality of age (for a student worktop and roll out from under her table for preschoolers);
combine the two beds in one piece of furniture (sofa bed with a second roll-out bed);
bring children to enjoy the use of just such furniture.
Very comfortable here and furniture units. This whole system of the beds, furniture, shelving and cabinets, which make it possible to save as much as possible in the room.

The two-storey block of furniture more successful and better option than the classical bunk bed. In such blocks top box is not on the lower bunk, and, for example, above the working area. Also, the furniture-transformer can combine the cabinet with folding bed or a table top.

 design and organization of space nursery for two children

Space concept

An important condition for a competent design of nursery age compliance needs. Do not forget that young children need a lot of space for games and toys, school children should have a work area, and both together and need more seating area.

Do not forget also about the enthusiasm of children: sports, crafts, music lessons, drawing, everything must be taken into account when organizing the space nursery. And if this room for two, the parents are likely to have to smash his head to make things right, not only from their own perspective, but also from the point of view of children (that's room for them). And this will be a good counselor is the children that tell not only how to arrange the furniture, but how to choose the color scheme.

In general, children room for two children must be designed according to the wishes of its future inhabitants. And the main task of the parents - to make sure that no child is feeling deprived. Therefore it is best to purchase children the same furniture and other furnishings. And to make their personal space they can individually and independently.

 Child's room for two children

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