Decorative articles made of dried pumpkin

Nothing enlivens the interior of the house as decorative ornaments and cute trinkets. It is thanks to them all interior becomes cool personality becomes warm and cozy. By making these ornaments with your hands, you make a part of his soul into the interior of your own home. And it will make it not just an individual. It will be unique.

Pumpkin in the interior

Many options for decorating your home will give you a pumpkin. It is best to make crafts out of a decorative pumpkin. Its shape will give you a wide range of variants of the ideas that can transform even the novice hendmeyker. But ordinary pumpkin also quite possible to use. Decorative articles made of dried pumpkin received very interior design, bringing the house warm and cozy.

Her painting - juicy yellow or orange color of all shades - will successfully fit into almost any interior, animating it and making the house of joy. Bright color stains from a pumpkin craft immediately attracted the attention of their own, and if it is also a decorative candle holder with a burning candle inside, the room will be in a special cozy and cheerful.

About the influence of different colors on a person everyone knows. Orange color in humans is associated with a soft glow of the setting sun, warmth and bliss. This color is always pleasing to the eye and improves mood, providing a beneficial effect on the person. It keeps anyone in good shape. Therefore, pumpkin crafts can make to the interior of the house inexhaustible energy and strength.

Crafts can be done both from the usual pumpkins, which you can then use for its intended purpose, and of dried. If you are an avid Summer Resident and the fall harvest brought into the house of a pumpkin, it, in the sense of a pumpkin, you can "revive" - ​​make of it using a mask, headgear and marker charming muzzles. And you can decorate a pumpkin branches, cones, decorative leaves and branches of mountain ash, creating a decorative composition in the autumn spirit. Involve children in the creative process. He is a very pleasant activity. They, on the other hand, can help you come up with something of such things, because irrepressible children's imagination has no limits.

If you are willing to sacrifice a couple-three pumpkins from their crops, some of them can make excellent decorative crafts that perfectly fit into the interior of your home. From the dried pumpkin can do a variety of decorative crafts. Pumpkin is dried in the open air or in the oven. In no event it is impossible to dry the battery - it is wrinkled and become unfit for handicrafts.

 handicrafts made of pumpkin seeds

  Candlestick and vase from pumpkin

It looks great pumpkin candleholders and vases. You can make this decorative composition. After dinner by candlelight is so romantic! And if at the same time on the table is a vase of orange pumpkin with donated your favorite autumn flowers, the mood just flies into the clouds!

For manufacturing candlestick you will need small pumpkins, but for vase and it can take bigger. In addition, you'll need to decorate beads of different sizes, beads, ribbons, various ribbons and other decorative items for your choice. You also need to prepare in advance decorative pumpkins, dried flowers, a knife, pins with colored heads and wax.

For the manufacture of handicrafts, cut the pumpkin top, clean out the core and leave them to dry for a while. Then a big mate pumpkin decorate as your imagination tells you. Use the prepared decorative elements - beads, glass beads, dried flowers, tinsel and other small decorations. The pumpkin prepared for vases, secure inside the water tank. Hats for the candlestick also decorate. For these purposes, you can take a bright braid, beads and silk or metallic threads. To fix the candle in a candlestick pumpkin, use wax or paraffin. Very good use for such candles in candlesticks flat base foil.

 articles made of decorative pumpkin

  Other ideas

From pumpkins of different sizes can be cheerful orange little family - mother, father and little children. Kids will absolutely love it! This will require dried flowers and herbs, colored paper, markers, pins, colored ribbons and braid, beads and beads, wire. Pre-need to select pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, and dry them in the oven. And then proceed to work. Here it is, in his own way! Eyes can be made from buttons, pins with black heads or beads. Daddy's mustache can be made from blades of grass or jute fibers. On the hair goes a tuft of grass. Eyebrows and cilia can draw a felt-tip pen, and can be glued false eyelashes. Roth also possible to draw or put beads. Mom can "dress up" in an apron, cut it out of colored paper, and decorate the pope bow tie. Pumpkin, kids can also get help with your funny clothes.

You can make beautiful handicrafts made of pumpkin seeds. It may be interesting thematic panels to the kitchen or funny pictures for children's rooms, which can also be done with the participation of children. Here, too, there are a lot of ideas. Be of good cheer! And in what does not deny.

 Decorative articles made of dried gourds for your home

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 Bouquets of sweets with their hands

Have you ever received a gift in a sweet bouquet? And, maybe, you had to present someone a unique gift? In any case, to visit (or to present itself) as the recipient or donor bouquet of sweets brought virtually every woman. And what about the role of the creator of the sweet masterpiece? You do not want to learn how to make bouquets of sweets with their hands?

Incidentally, master the art of "sweet flower arranging" can any representative of the beautiful half of humanity. After all, we are able to appreciate the wonderful combination of seductive chocolate taste and man-made beauty of the bouquet. And do not try yourself in the sweet floral design even as a shame. So let's not shelving them, learn how to make a bouquet of sweets with their hands.

Choose candy

Candy - the most important component of a sweet bouquet. It is possible, of course, that your creation will be so great, that the recipient of the bouquet will not dare eat it, and set up on the most prominent place and will admire this masterpiece. But, most likely, he will not resist the temptation and taste the contents of a sweet bouquet. Therefore, it is important not only to select a suitable form and design candy wrappers, but also their variety (color and taste).

The taste and color, as we know, no friends. Therefore, if you know the tastes of whom you are going to present a bouquet of sweets, choose the delicacy, which is to his taste. Or gather a bunch of those chocolates, the taste of which you know and like. If the gift is intended for especially solemn events, not be amiss to splurge on the most expensive candy.

Shaped candy, too, is different. From what form of candy you choose depends on the form of candy "colors." For example, most comfortable to work with a bunch of round candy considered, rectangular well suited for cylindrical "color" chocolate figures - for Easter and Christmas bouquets and medals - for wedding and anniversary.

If you selected chocolates are packaged in beautiful wrappers, they can not be further decorate. If the design of the wrapper you do not like (or candy do not), you can use a beautiful wrapping paper to create color.

Try to vary the contents of your bouquet. It need not be the only chocolate candy. Use caramel sweets, candies, jellies. Believe me, presented a bouquet cause a lot of positive emotions, when it will be found more and more new "flower stuffing".

Prepare material for the bouquet

For the production of sweet candy bouquet in addition to themselves (in wrappers or not), you'll need additional materials:

  • wrapping paper;
  • packing tape;
  • adhesive tape;
  • wooden toothpicks, skewers or sticks for barbecue;
  • teip tape (sticky floral tape) and floral foam "oasis";
  • container bouquet;
  • All that can be used for decoration.

 how to make a bouquet of sweets with their hands

Putting flowers

Let's try to make flowers, cones. Cut the wrapping paper squares (with sides of about fifteen centimeters). Each box is turned off in kulechek and fasten a small piece of one-sided transparent tape. Inside we put a piece of candy (better round or truffle). The wooden skewers work hard candy, wrap (to buckle under the candy) kulechka edge and also fix them with tape, wrapping them and part of the skewers. Masking adhesive tape decorative ribbon. We had a cone flower with a blank tip and candy at the bottom.

Flowers truffles in colorful wrappers. Take candy, putting a skewer to candy wrappers and tight ponytail twirl wrapper around skewers. Top winding ribbon-cutting teip.

Candy in the cylinder. For this, too, is better to take a round or oval candy wrappers in a ponytail. Of transparent or colored paper cut out rectangle (10 by 20 centimeters) and wrap them candy so that it was in the center of the cylinder. The lower edge of the cylinder wrapped around skewers and fix them with tape or tape-teip. The free end of the cylinder packing ribbon tying.

Round flowers. Cut a rectangle of paper (the same as for the cylinder). Put the candy in the center of the rectangle, it puts skewer. The edges of the paper wraps around skewers and fasten with tape. Decorate teip-colored tape or ribbon. If desired, add the "petals" of the corrugated paper.

Make up a bouquet

Take the container (plastic jar, box, flower pot or pots). Inserted inside a piece of foam or "oasis". Secure it with tape bilateral. Container wrapping wrapping paper (that's how you like). We put in a container flowers and decorative extras (twigs, leaves, dried flowers or fresh flowers).

Accommodation options candy colors:

  1. Round bouquet. For this bouquet flowers placed in a circle, distributing them evenly and symmetrically about the center. This bouquet should look the same on all sides.
  2. The semi-circular bouquet. It anchoring colors so that it looked effectively from only one side (front), but is symmetrical to the left and right side.
  3. Unilateral bouquet. It usually looks flat and effectively only looks at the front side.
  4. Bouquet-ship. To use a container of elongated shape. Fill it with flowers, chocolates, simulating the hull - a little wider on the sides, with the narrower "stern" and "nose". In the center of the bouquet of floral place sail cloth or wrapping paper, mounted on sticks-high masts.

Ready bouquet decorate extra decorations, fresh flowers and leaves or thematic souvenirs. Unleash your imagination to use the flowers "on the occasion of" attributes of a holiday. Honeymoon - tulle, rings and artificial pearls. For the New Year - tinsel, pine cones and Christmas decorations. For the bouquet for Valentine's Day - Hearts and on February 23 - St. George ribbon. Baby toys bouquets supplement and jubilee - with fresh flowers.

But regardless of whether you are doing a children's candy stand with their hands or a bouquet for the New Year, a wedding or a birthday, it is bound to be expensive gift. The road is not in terms of prices and in terms of its significance: it is a gift will not leave anyone indifferent. And for your sweet bouquet will be one more opportunity to show their talents and artisans realize their creative imagination.

 Bouquets of sweets with their hands, or Sweet floristry

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