decor vases with their hands


  • Secrets of the decorator design
  • Decorate a vase: decoupage on glass
  • A very simple way to decorate a vase mosaic of beads
  • Deco vase by a lace

What could be more beautiful than the flowers in the house? And if they decorate the table on the occasion of the celebration, and even in beautiful vases, that's fine twice! But today we do not talk about the art of making bouquets and decoration of vases. Indeed, sometimes the simple decor is able to transform boring, punched hundreds of product in exclusive thing that emphasizes taste and golden hands of his mistress. We offer to make decor vases with their hands to everyone who loves to be a maverick, even in small things.
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Secrets of the decorator design

Have a professional decorators conventional transparent vase long been a source of inspiration. Among all the fashionable materials transparent glass is a leader by chance. Of course, shows the influence of minimalism in fashion today because brevity and clarity.

These vases can adorn any interior, but most importantly, they represent just untilled field for experimentation! It is the most malleable material for decoration, the main thing - the right to emphasize its two advantages: transparency and lightness.

Choosing a transparent vase interior, do not forget that the size of such decor must be proportional to that plane, where it is located:

  • If the table is large, it will look better, one rather large vase or a composition of several small vases of different sizes;
  • Nightstand or coffee table decorate vases of different shapes and heights;
  • Dining table rectangular shape will be much more effective to look identical vases on display in a row, you can fill them with different fillings;
  • Transparent vase - an element of the laconic style, and will look out of place in the space with bright and numerous small objects, or a room with a classic decor.

 vase decorated with their own hands

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Decorate a vase: decoupage on glass

You will need an unremarkable glass vase, three-ply napkin with flowers, wide brush, acrylic lacquer, white rice paper, scissors, water, acetone and sandpaper.

The first step is to prepare the surface for the upcoming decoupage vase. For this it must be thoroughly degreased with acetone. Now, the entire surface of the vase must be primed with acrylic primer. Particularly economical may instead be applied to the glass acrylic lacquer, he will serve as a primer.

The next step - decorate the vase full of rice paper. First tear (tear it, not cut, this is important!) Small pieces and glue them to the surface of the vase. If the surface is convex, a little better than break the paper above and below it to fit tightly. We reserve our decor dry.

After our harvesting dry, we clean all got sandpaper roughness. If you do not work carefully, it does not matter. Con gaps fiber rice paper and acrylic paint.

Take the pre-selected using a napkin and remove the two white peeling layer, we will not need them. The color of the cut into a few pieces, to avoid unnecessary wrinkles, and cut out the pattern.

We turn to the most important step: a vase decorate cloth. There are two ways for pasting surface: you can just stick a napkin acrylic lacquer, but if you have experience in decoupage small, it is best to stick the cloth with water, and after it is dry, open the finished product with varnish.

Try not to rush out and put a napkin as evenly as possible. Of course, you can roughen roughness after drying, but the picture may be damaged. After vase glued cloths and coated with acrylic lacquer, our decorating can be considered consummated. Just wait for the complete drying of the varnish before using the product for other purposes. This vase with decoration can serve as a great gift for your loved ones.
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A very simple way to decorate a vase mosaic of beads

This décor vase with his own hands looks very original. It is better if the vase mosaic will be round, but it is not fundamentally. Need glass beads (plain or colored - at your discretion), or Melt Adhesive, gypsum.

The whole procedure takes much time. Obkleyte vase with glass beads, starting from the bottom and gradually climbing up. If the beads are of unequal size, try to pick them up so that the space left between them as small as possible. When the vase is completely glued beads, you can leave it in this form, it has itself become a great decoration for the room, but we continue.

Prepare the plaster and apply it to the outside of the vase is completely covered with beads. Smooth the surface, clear beads of gypsum with a soft cloth and place the bowl dry. The final touch - Apply acrylic lacquer on the entire surface of the vase, it will help protect the gypsum in contact with water there.

 decorate the vase with his own hands
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Deco vase by a lace

Vase decorated in this way, it becomes very delicate, and no one will remember that before she looked different. Take an old vase and paint it with gold paint. In principle, you can select a different color, focusing on their preferences, and the interior, where it will be located.

After the paint has dried, take any piece of lace fabric and tightly wrap it around the vase. At the top near the neck cloth or tie or fasten rezinochkoy, it is important that in future the lace is not shifted.

Now, take a can of paint another color (preferably lighter than the base) and paint over our vase. Do this carefully, trying not to move the lace off. The fabric is removed after the paint is completely dry.

The final stage of the paint dorisovyvat that we had to base border of the upper and lower edge of the vase. All original and beautiful decoration is ready!

Remember, for decorating, there are two main elements: your imagination and glue. It looks great vase, decorated with natural materials: twigs or sticks. Put branches on the basis of standing on the hot glue sticks, and remove the excess in length. It takes quite a bit of time spent, and your interior will be a new work of art.

 Decoration vase: decorate the house with his own hands

 bag chair with his hands


  • Design features beanbags
  • How to choose the material
  • Chair with pear appliqué
  • Other options frameless seat

Nowadays, decorators and designers are advised to use in the interior frameless chair. They are very comfortable, soft and bright, help save space in your home and come in many different shapes and sizes. From the giant pears and multi-colored balls to the comfortable seats, bags and small chairs in the form of ottoman. The price of these chairs is quite high, so it is no more than to learn how to make a chair, a bag with his hands. People who prefer this type of furniture like chair bag, often wonder how to make it yourself at home. In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but on the contrary, very entertaining and interesting.

If among your talents find the smallest sewing skills, then you will succeed. It is likely that for the first time not everything is perfect, as you would like, but in any case you will create with their own hands the most unique seat bag, the design of which will be such that you will want in your home.
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Design features beanbags

The design of the chair-bag is pretty simple. It consists of two covers: external and internal. The inner cover is filler - little balls of expanded polystyrene. Inner cover with polystyrene tightly sewn up and the external features snake so that it can be easily removed for washing. Polystyrene, which is filled with an inner cover, is completely harmless, waterproof, durable, and does not cause allergies.

 how to make a bag chair with his hands

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How to choose the material

Armchair-bag - a frameless furniture and fabric for it is necessary to choose the one that is strong and pleasant body. Such fabrics like silk, satin and calico are not suitable, due to low wear resistance and the loss of its kind before, than I would like. You can take a velor. It is velvety to the touch, a bit like faux fur, pile, soft cloth. If you have a home with small children, like a velvet suit cloth - flock. It has a water-repellent, easy to clean and clean, not fade in the sun.

It has good strength Chenille. A mixture of natural and synthetic fibers allows the surface of the fabric does not slide. There is also durable and easy to wash and care is jacquard fabrics. Within this tissue also include synthetic fibers. Even for the manufacture chairs bag suitable synthetic leather or suede and tapestry - natural fabric with visible weave of different colors.

So, choosing the fabric that best suits you, you can start to work.
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Chair with pear appliqué

In order to make such a seat, you will need:

  • 3-3, 5 m calico or satin;
  • 3-3, the fabric is 5 m for the external cover;
  • Lightning 80-100 cm long;
  • Cloth applications;
  • Chain;
  • Filler;
  • Needles, thread, scissors, pins.

Draw a pattern desired size. It should consist of a small one of the upper and lower large bottom and six side gussets. Once the pattern is ready, move it to the fabric, scissors cut parts. You should have two floor, small and large, six wedges of fabric for the outer cover and the same parts of the fabric for the inner cover.

The next step is linking beanbags. First you need to make all the wedges, but leave a small section nezashitym. Then sew the wedges to the bottom, small and large. Do the same with the outer cover, but here it is necessary to leave the non-crosslinked spacing wedges a little more. It Sew the zipper in order to be able to remove the cover for washing.

Draw a pattern for the application. For example, the cool dog in the booth. From the material for the application of cut and sew details on the outside cover. Eyes and nose can make beautiful buttons or beads. From dogs to the booth attach chain.

Now you only have to fill the seat bag. The inner cover to be filled with two-thirds of its volume. Then sew the wedges in full, with all internal seams must be robust to filling pressure does not spill out of the body. In the inner and outer cover dress fasten the zipper. Now you have a chair with pear appliqué made with their own hands.

 how to make a bag chair with his hands properly

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Other options frameless seat

If your hands are not afraid of work, at home you can make a great variety of different wheelchairs bags with their own hands. It all depends on your imagination.

It is possible to make seat-bag of rectangular form. Here the procedure works exactly the same as the chair-pear, only the pattern parts others, and need to add an additional line to the fold in order to keep the shape of the chair of the rectangle.

In order to produce chair-bag need precise pattern of pentagonal and hexagonal shapes. It shall be twelve pentagons and hexagons twenty.

Armchair bag for children to make the easiest because it is small, and therefore the operation will take less time. Fabric colors for such seats, you can choose a more vivid and colorful. And the child not to scratch the outer cover of the snake, it can be replaced by Velcro.

Armchair-bag with his hands become a favorite in your home furnishings, for both children and adults. Such an option of furniture is very popular and convenient. Armchair bag takes the shape of your body, due to this it is very comfortable to sit. This chair is easy to move from room to room, as well as comfortable to spend time with your favorite book and a cup of coffee. In addition, a piece of furniture, made with his own hands, will make your interior a stylish and exclusive. And what can we say, if you present a gift to your family and friends!

 Armchair bag: make yourself comfortable furniture