decorating clothes with their own hands

Today in the shops sold a large number of similar items. And sometimes it is so frustrating to meet people wearing the same as we do things. In the modern world through a variety of methods of decorating clothes has a wonderful opportunity to create an original thing that will exist in a single copy. Decorating of clothes - is its decoration, giving personality special charm and originality.

  • Methods for clothes decorating

Decorating clothes can be in different ways, using different methods of decorating clothes:

  • decorated with rhinestones;
  • various types of embroidery - thread, sequins, beads;
  • use of paints on fabric (drawing);
  • application;

You can combine multiple methods of scenery and use them to create something beautiful and unique.

Decorate clothing painting: painting on fabric

For this method of decoration applied special "dye fabric" - batik or acrylic and special tools. And not so long ago there was still a large number of interesting new colors, which we decorate clothes with lots of different special effects:

  • Metal ebb;
  • neon or glow in the dark paint;
  • the effect of the surround pattern;
  • with the effect of aging.

Decorating clothes with their own hands - this is, for example, painted by cold or hot batik.

The sequence of staining tissue as follows:

  • Before painting inflict reserving part (wax or paraffin).
  • Cloth moistened with water inside the circuit.
  • Paint is applied by brush on the fabric can be cotton balls on a wooden stick at a distance of 0, 5-1 cm from the circuits. They can be diluted with ordinary water.
  • First, paint the bright picture elements, and then darker, uniformly wiping the entire piece of cotton wet surface.
  • After the paint flow and its complete drying fabric with a pattern ready remove from the frame.

Decorating clothes with rhinestones

There are now specialized salons that offer different kinds of services related to decorating clothes with rhinestones, as well as all sorts of other products made of leather, textiles, pulp. They are produced and single copies of products and make great runs.

Currently crystals are an essential attribute of youth style. Decorating clothes with rhinestones - a decoration of her original drawings or patterns. Rhinestones can transform almost any of your thing, giving it originality, adding vivid detail. Today textile crystals are widely used for decoration of garments from different types of tissue, such as costumed dancers and skaters, evening and wedding dresses.

List of products which now can be inlaid with rhinestones, is enormous and includes the following items of clothing:

  • bandanas and T-shirts;
  • blouses and dresses;
  • Jeans;
  • sweaters and scarves;
  • Underwear and ties;
  • panama hats and caps;
  • hats and caps;
  • jackets and many other things.

They can also be used to decorate all sorts of accessories made from textiles: handbags, business card holders, belts, portraits, paintings, curtains, pillows, packaging, various souvenirs and gifts. The cost of applying the paste may depend on their number, size and color of the crystals, the circulation, the complexity of the image.

Decorating clothes with beads: History and tips

The magical combination of silk and luminous glass beads, which are woven into exquisite jewelry are very popular today. The history of beads originates in the distant past. This wonderful decorative qualities of raw materials attracted the attention of craftsmen since time immemorial. Beautiful glass beads, which are direct precursors of beads used to decorate clothing even ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Nomadic tribes of the Scythian and Sarmatian several centuries before our era wore shoes and clothes trimmed with this material. The first information about decorating the beaded dress in Russia belong to the centuries IX-XII. For centuries, the Venetian Republic was the only center in Europe for its production.

  • Clothes decorating Beads - useful tips:

If you want to decorate clothes embroidered beads, remember that the intensive wear it can fade or peel off at all. Because before the next test beads: Rub a few beads for some time between the fingers, and then see if you got down there with him in friction paint. If this happens, take the other stuff, and the use of embroidery products, which will not be subjected to mechanical stress, such as pictures or wall panels.

Before you decorate clothes, hold little beads that you want to use in embroidery, in a sunny spot one or two weeks, and then compare it to the one who was lying in the sun. In that case, if the color has changed a lot, decide whether you want to see such a embroidery. This applies to goods, which will be a certain time to be in the open sun (shirt, jeans, etc.). Dimming the sun beads can be used for pictures that hang on the wall in the room and do not come under direct sunlight.

If the beads used for decorating clothes with their own hands, it is useful sometimes to do embroidery removable. Especially if it is a large and bulk. Follow the pattern is not on the clothing, and on a piece of fabric, which after baste the garment. This will facilitate the care of the product, as the washing time can be removed with a cloth embroidery, and then sew back.

For self-development scheme embroidery, do not use ordinary graph paper, because beads are oval in shape, but not spherical. Create manually or by computer in a graphics editor grid with cells having a ratio of 1: 1, 3. This will help to avoid distortion of the image when moving it from paper to fabric. This blank propagate on the copier to a blank was always at hand and not have to spend time drawing and you can go directly to the development of the scheme.

 Decorating clothing: methods and recommendations

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 Women's Shoes Spring 2011

Women's Shoes Spring 2011 combines fashion and style, originality, beauty and elegance. It is no secret that for the female aspect such as shoe design is of great importance. That is why many of them are so meticulously its choice. However, choosing a fashionable spring women's boots, do not forget that the most important part of women's wardrobe is not only an ornament of women's feet, but is designed to give comfort and ease of gait.

Good shoes - is, above all, comfortable shoes. An essential attribute of any pair of high-quality footwear are comfortable and foldaway shoe sole. For reasons of comfort, style and fashion, many well-known global brands now create high-quality and comfortable to wear women's shoes. By creating their collections, contemporary designers are world brands do not skimp on the original and unusual solutions. In anticipation of the spring 2011 designers present new collections of shoes, including women's fashion shoes, shoes and boots without a heel that match the latest fashion trends and be able to satisfy even the most discerning fashionistas. This spring, more relevant than ever rubber boots, especially the red, white and black. Aged in free style, they are ideal not only for rainy weather, but also for exploring the city and even for parties.

  • Spring 2011 women's boots for every stylish lady

Women's shoe fashion spring season 2011 amazing variety of styles. Here are all intertwined together: extravagance and classic elements of minimalism and luxury.

Modern designers do not cease to surprise each season fashionistas, showing each time the different ways to show individuality. No matter what style of clothing a woman prefers: comfortable to wear low-heeled shoes, flat shoes or high heels - designers offer a variety of options from which you will make your choice.

  • How not to get lost and make the right choice?

Long boots and boots, so beloved by the female around the world again at the height of fashion. This variant of spring women's boots is perfect for those girls and women who prefer to have their legs at any time of the year always looked great and did not go unnoticed by others. Together with long tops spring 2011 and increased the height of the heel. This season, the stud became more acute, and direct-heeled were drawing attention to the slender legs ornate patterns.

  • Spring women's boots: what to go next spring?

The streets still snow, and many women are already thinking about shopping for spring fashion footwear and stylish clothes. Since the clothes in color this spring and summer will be quite conservative, stylists recommend to focus on catchy accessories and original shoes. FOOTWEAR: spring boots, boots, shoes and boots, sure to please fashionistas like marching in step with the times, and women who prefer the classic and retro. Shoe Fashion 2011 is very bright and unusual: the most unusual relevant models and a variety of colors. Creating a collection of fashionable clothes and shoes for the spring-summer season designers showed a maximum of fantasy. Therefore shoes this spring will be less conservative and more diverse.

At the peak of popularity of women's shoes in the style of the 20s and the era of the 70s of the last century. Classic also takes pride of place in the spring collection this season. Along with this model, stylists offer unusual shapes and design spring women's boots.

Hit of the season - shoes and boots

 Spring women's boots
 This spring boots are back in fashion. It is the third year in a row are not losing out to hold a leading position. The designers each season invent more and more new models that can be worn with almost snowmelt period. Spring shoes, boots and ankle boots with open toe and insole fur look great in cooler weather. Also welcome unusual details, laces and buckles. Heel height, color, and style depends on your taste and mood. In fashion as a gentle, natural and bright cheerful colors.

Relevant and classical, and original models of ankle boots with buckles and straps, lace, fringe, as well as with decorative weaves strips of skin. As for styles of spring boots with lacing, they can be very different: high boots on a wide-heeled stilettos and even flat shoes and wedges. Stylish ankle boots look great with almost any clothing. They can be worn with short dresses and skirts to the knee, with wide and narrow trousers and leggings and shorts.

At the peak of popularity - suede shoes

 Spring women's boots
 In the season of spring 2011 fashion models as low heels and high heels and flat shoes made of leather. Suede and fabric or natural colors or the most incredible colors, as in fashion will do both. For spring the optimum solution - beige, blue or brown boots, but in the summer, designers offer to experiment with colors, choosing a brighter, more saturated.

In the spring boots look very stylish colored laces, chosen to match the dress. In addition, this spring will be fashionable to pick up clothing, coats and raincoats color soles, unless of course it is colored. For example, perfectly complement red coat black boots with red soles. In the season of spring-summer 2011 as the fashion summer boots without toe and heel, as well as with various cutouts, weaves and holes in appearance looks more like sandals or sandals, combined with boots.

Finish spring women's boots

 spring boots without a heel
 This spring season finishing boots and shoes is very limited: the model constrictions decorated with buttons and buckles and lacing elements. Stylish spring women's boots look by contrasting colors or a combination of different types of skin. Minimalism is still in vogue, so the Spring 2011 women's shoes should be selected with a minimum of decoration on top. However, in this case, it must necessarily be different platform or a bright or unusual shape of the heel.

For women's shoes fashion trends for spring 2011 are similar. Stylists and designers recommend choosing a military-style boots with coarse lace, which, as a rule, are made for the convenience of the double zipper - zipper and lacing. For shoe models designed for the beginning of spring frosts and the designers prefer natural materials: the classic suede, natural leather and denim with fur trim elements. If the winter of finishes fur looks more like a decoration, then in the spring models boots to appear stylish patterns and grow flowers in the form of fur abstractions.

High heels - the trend of the spring season 2011

 spring boots with lacing
 Classic is still relevant, now that the year in a row spring boots with high heels, high heels and wedges are still in the trend, giving feminine gait cat's grace and light touch of inaccessibility.

Spring boots without heels - fashionable options with guideshoe, are ideal for those women who do not feel very confident on his heels. Such footwear provides easy gait and comfort, and it allows you to be on top.

Women's Shoes Spring 2011 all colors

 Spring 2011 women's shoes colors
 Several past spring season bright certainly not name. Perhaps for this reason, the upcoming Spring 2011, compared with a gray dreary autumn promises to be very colorful. Finally, the shoe fashion houses have created the perfect shoe for women. Going in search of a fashionable spring shoes, be prepared to take bold decisions. After all, designers offer this season is not just bright and colorful, or at least, very saturated colors women's shoes and boots with topical this season lacing.

Bright colors and classic this spring will coexist as never before. Do not be afraid to choose bright spring models boots. Blue and gray, blue and brown, black and mustard - the versatility of these colors allows designers to create real miracles - namely, to make boots of colors, which will be a great addition to any outfit.

The addition of a bright accent make it more attractive, bright and lively female image, which undoubtedly will fully reveal their identities. A bright spot in the current universal spring season 2011 will be scarlet. It not only shows impeccable taste of his mistress, but also gives it the image of sophistication. In addition, the red color perfectly matches the black woman's wardrobe, and sets can become a bright accent to the gray suits.

Women's Shoes Spring 2011: original styles

 original spring women's boots
 Typically, the spring one pair of shoes never enough. After all, it is always so unpredictable: After the warm sunny days can again hit the cold, inclement weather after just may come a sweltering summer. Therefore, modern designers offer for women's feet a few different options of boots, shoes and ankle boots. For example, for the spring flood there's nothing like spring rubber boots without a heel. You should also take care of the lighter shoe for spring. To clear warm weather, great choice demi boots and ankle boots.

Spring women's boots may have a different shape of the sole and heel: platform tankette, sole and low heel, as well as a combination of platform and high heel .  When choosing shoes for spring 2011 emphasis should be placed either on the ankle or the heel and sole .  Bootleg may be either knee, and at the level of the ankle, and his appearance to resemble boots the 90-ies .  As in the 90s this spring wrinkled skin and a popular bootleg gafre .  Boots with a top stretch, tight-fitting leg, combined with the massive platform on slender women's legs look very impressive .  Volume bootleg style 70 in the upcoming season is still popular .  Reaching almost to the thigh boots this spring recede into the shadows, they come to replace the classical model of the height, but instead of high heels and studs - flat sole .  Disclaimer studs and high heels and switch to flat shoes or heels miniature became one of the biggest shoe trend of the two previous seasons .  And judging by the latest designer collections, the approaching spring is no exception .

Spring women's boots: the perfect style

 Spring women's boots - perfect style
 Ankle free cut perfect owners of slim legs. The breadth of the shaft in such models is designed to emphasize the elegance and harmony of women's feet. These boots are perfectly combined with short skirts and dresses. However, refuel jeans and loose tops trousers ankle simply unacceptable.

Comfortable boots with turned away shafted boots and stockings are still in vogue. Their designers have reserved for those who want a more standard way to emphasize its advantages.

Spring boots with lacing, model Treads with leopard print or elastic inserts of a material of contrasting colors are intended primarily for those who like to combine high shoes with pants and skirts.

Fashion trends spring 2011 to help every woman with the help of colorful shoes to emphasize their unique individuality. It is necessary to try to make the correct choice of the presented for everyone to see the works of modern designers.

 Fashion Shoes Spring 2011

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