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Curtains are a necessary accessory for your home. Beautiful and properly fitted curtains provide comfort and create your own style of the house. Window blinds perfectly complement any design decision.

Sometimes you want to create something interesting in his apartment, something to complement the interior, to make its own flavor to the design.

The simplest - is to decorate the curtains with his hands.

This is done very easily, cheaply and cost will look attractive. In modern accessories using different grabs, flowers, pelmets, tassels, and other applications. Note that decorate the curtains in different rooms, respectively, should be the destination of the room. For example, in the nursery should be a children's theme in the living room - the original decoration in the bedroom something quiet, and the kitchen - something bright and cheerful.

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Interior children's room

Curtains in the nursery should be light so as not to tire the child. Here you can dream up, for example, you can decorate a variety of curtain accessories, applications, Drawstring, embroider beads, sew beautiful pelmet and so on. D. In the children's appropriate for girls to be thingies, bows, flowers, and various cats, dogs, little animals. Appliqué can be attached to a curtain and a second curtain can be left unchanged. Colors desirable to choose pink, purple, yellow, beige. In short, all those which are suitable for girls.

Boys suit the geometric style, abstraction, space theme, fish, boats and others. The curtains will look interesting applications of my favorite cartoons. The hands can make nice Holders for curtains or weave them out of thick threads with tassels at the edges. Colours more restrained - blue, blue, green, brown colors. Each piece is made by your hand, bring much joy to you, and your child.

 flowers for curtains
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Curtains in the living room

In the living room drapes should be given special attention. Decorate the living room to make it look more elegant and refined. Therefore, to decorating curtains with their hands should be approached more discreetly, so as not to overdo it with accessories and ornaments. Solid curtains in the living room you can decorate on top with crystals, tassels, decorative pendants. For grabs, you can use artificial flowers, which can also make your hands out of satin ribbons or pieces of fabric from curtains, if they are available.

Shining various hangers will give your living room an original look. Pelmets, sewn by the hands, will give a special glamor curtains. Do not be shy in his fantasies, decorate curtains with their hands, their splendor will emphasize your exquisite taste.

 kanzashi Curtain
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How to decorate a bedroom

Typically, the curtains for the bedroom or bought are made of thick fabric. The bright sun, the noise outside the window - all of this can hide the great curtains of dense tissue, nothing should disrupt your sleep. The bedroom should have a rest and to sleep. Curtains should be to the floor. His hands and with the help of accessories, you can create an excellent interior for bedroom. The best accessories are pelmet curtains, grabs and appropriate accessories. A little imagination, and your bedroom will become a nice cozy place. Pelmets better hang, where high ceilings.

Then shall all the charm curtains and pelmet. With low ceilings better to decorate curtains picked up. The pick-up can be done by hand from strips of fabric, lace, ropes, belts and brushes. The pick-up can also decorate delicate flowers made independently from the same fabric as the curtains. Brushes are suitable for curtains Roman or Greek style, then this accessory will perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom.
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An interesting solution for the kitchen

You can give free rein to your imagination. In the kitchen, you can use a lot of their designs. Curtains can make and decorate your own hands. Style can use any. Use the best lightweight fabrics that are well cleared. The colors you can choose any fabric, from bright to pastel, matching wallpaper and vice versa - the contrast. Kitchen accessories can be selected, taking into account the theme of the kitchen. The length of the curtains depends on the area of ​​the kitchen space.

Usually the kitchen curtains hung shortened, but if the area allows, you can hang the curtains up to the floor. The curtains in the kitchen looks nice curtain cloth. The style can be rustic with colored curtains, or you can select the style of air curtains with organza or nylon. You decide. In any case, the kitchen - this is the place for experiments, and your hands will help you in this.

To avoid expensive purchases, the best option - is to decorate the curtains with his hands. Design talent will tell you how best to arrange the house.

 Decorate the curtains with their hands quickly and easily

 Women's Jackets

Jacket - irreplaceable thing in cold weather. It is warm and comfortable, but some models are very difficult to erase. Company «TKT Import», which has more than 5 years of experience in the realization of the American brand of clothing for men and women, gives his advice on the proper care for a jacket made of different materials to extend their "life" for many years.

How to wash down jacket?

Before putting down jacket into the washing machine, be sure to fasten it all you can fasten and turn it inside out. Wash down jacket - a delicate matter, why expose only "Delicate" mode and a temperature not more than 30 degrees ! In this case it is better not to use a powder, a special liquid. Another piece of advice: be sure to Put the drum a few tennis balls - 3-4 pieces. Spinning in the washing machine, they will evenly distribute the down jacket on the cavity, rather than letting it run off in clumps. If you do not have balls, play it safe and wash by hand. Soak the item in lukewarm water, add a bowl gel for washing down jackets and leave to soak for 2-3 hours. Then rinse several times in cold water jacket.

 Stages properly wash down jackets

Dry jacket to be very careful, otherwise the entire contents of matted, and the thing will become worthless. To avoid this, thoroughly whisk the product and hang on a hanger. Ideally, the best jacket dry on the balcony in the sun or near a heater . From time to time it should be beating "hlopalkoy" carpet.

How to wash a leather jacket?

Wash leather jacket is not recommended. At least, on the labels of many products it has the mark "washed prohibited." It remains only to "freshen" it. To do this, soap sponge to drip on her smelling salts and wipe the surface of your leather jacket. Then you need to go through the skin with a soft cloth soaked with castor oil or glycerin.

Some craftsmen still manage to wash leather jacket. How to do it? Representatives «TKT Import» offer this recipe:

Puts "leather jacket" in a drum set Mode "wash coat" And spin - less than 300 rpm. Most importantly, after the washing process the jacket a special composition. Impregnation need 500ml boiling water, with a dissolved salt (100 grams) and 75 ml glycerol. Be sure to cool the mixture to 20-25 degrees. Once a leather jacket dries out a bit, soak it this structure from the inside. And after a few days it will become soft and clean.

How to wash suede jacket?

Nappa leather - a leather tanning fat. High-quality suede made from deer or sheep skin and wash it in the machine is strictly prohibited! Do not wet suede jacket in hot water with a maximum temperature of - 35 degrees. At the same time it should be washed very quickly. After rinse thing in running warm water immediately wipe with a solution of glycerine : Half a teaspoon of glycerin per liter of water. This will help keep the skin soft suede. Do not try to twist his jacket after washing, do not wring even better. Dry suede better product on the shoulders, not too close to the heating battery. Dries it usually 1, 5-2 days . If, after washing her still remain stains, try to gently rub them with a pumice stone.

 How to wash the robe?