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Dandruff - a rather serious problem that every citizen of our planet experienced at least once in life. Someone this trouble does not deliver much discomfort, so he does not pay attention to it, someone is immediately forwarded to the doctors prefer to treat or traditional methods and there is a separate category of people unconditionally trust advertising. They start to buy the most expensive and well-known shampoos that have just a couple of days (weeks, months) get rid of dandruff. However, unfortunately, very often there is no miracle cure. It should be understood that it is impossible to start a serious and long-term treatment is not yet established the cause of the problem, or you may simply aggravate the situation.

Why suddenly appeared dandruff

We fully healthy human skin cells on the head updated within 25-30 days, otherwise they would not have time to mature and begin to stick together. As a result, there is a slight peeling, which every month is increasing. Usually a temporary improvement occurs immediately after washing the hair, which is why even inexpensive and advertised daily anti-dandruff shampoo as needed in our country. Some time after the appearance of flakes can be an itch, but if at the same time you find redness, inflammation or injury, immediately consult a dermatologist, as these symptoms are associated with more serious illnesses that can not be self-treated.

So, the first cause of dandruff may be a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. Remember, you may have recently something seriously ill, began to properly eat (eat too much sweet, harmful, spicy and fatty foods), sat on a diet, which led to a shortage of vitamins in the body, they used large amounts of soda, rather than the usual purified water, etc. Also, similar violations occur in adolescence, when teens an increased hormones and senile when cancer is no longer cope with the task.

Zhirneyut your hair quickly, covered with small yellow and unpleasant to the touch scales? So you have oily seborrhea that occurs when excessive development of fat glands. If the hair is dry, brittle, and the roots are visible small white flakes - is a dry seborrhea, which arose due to the small amount of secretions. But do not immediately go to the nearest drugstore and buy expensive drugs for treatment, sometimes the dryness may be due to lack of moisture. With proper selection and use of cosmetics masks, balms and conditioners all the symptoms quickly resolved.

The second reason - the yeast fungus. Many people think that they can get infected in hairdressing salons, beauty salons and similar establishments where combs, towels, etc. objects can contact the opponent's skin. It is not, after all Pityrosporum Oval every person, but in healthy people it is dormant. The slightest disturbance in the body, the sharp psychological and physiological stress can cause the acidity of the skin changes sharply, the fungus is activated and begins to proliferate in a favorable environment. As a result, the cells of the scalp begin too quickly updated, the person has dandruff, which can not cope with a regular shampoo.

Contrary to popular belief, dandruff is equally common in men and women between the ages of twenty to forty years. Just the stronger sex is not so much worried about it not so often raise a panic, as do the ladies.

Almost never such a breach does not happen in young children, but teenagers, especially those who do not pay enough attention to hygiene, less fortunate, as the transition to adulthood in almost every second there is a problem with the skin. Therefore, it is important to teach your child to look after themselves and train wash your hair as often as two or three times a week.

 dandruff on the head treatment

What you need to know about dandruff

If your family members had white flakes in your hair, it is not necessary to raise a panic, because dandruff is not contagious. But, of course, each of you should have your hairbrush and towel, as some other diseases can be transmitted. Also select for her husband, children and a separate shampoo, as the same may not fit all.

But if, for example, your child complains that the skin is constantly itches, you will find that pockets of peeling small and local, or start, for example, losing his hair, you should immediately go to the hospital, because it can be dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. In this case, the doctor will conduct all the necessary investigations and prescribe complex treatment. The same applies if you have tried the popular cosmetic or methods that do not give the desired result.

How to choose anti-dandruff shampoo

It should be understood that not all detergents are equally good, so the choice of shampoo should be treated seriously. Firstly, it must be free from fragrances, flavors, etc. substances. The pleasant smell of - well, but in this case the main purpose of the product - the removal of keratinized skin and inhibition of the formation of new ones. Secondly, its structure should include: tar ("Nyutar") and ihtiola to normal cells began to be updated, zinc pyrithione, klimbazol ("Keto Plus"), ketoconazole, etc. Components that are destroying all harmful bacteria.

Another detail, which should pay attention - the type of your hair. Remember that shampoo can not be universal, as if you do not try to prove the manufacturers. From a very expensive means to replace the shower gel, soap and almost toothpaste, should be abandoned. Dry or oily skin should identify an experienced hairdresser, as very often people confuse the symptoms and begin treatment rather expensive funds, which do not bring any results.

If you are sure that you have oily dandruff then you will approach "Kertiol" dry - "Selenzhal", "triazole". There was irritation and itching? Use "Friderm tar", which also has a calming effect. With increased skin peeling is recommended to use "Nizoral".

No matter what brand you choose, be sure to read the instructions, as each group has its indications and contraindications. For example, there are tools that operate even after shampooing, also found medical series, which should be applied as a mask on your hair for a few minutes. On average, all the necessary procedures required to perform a month and a half, at least.

Also, there are cosmetic anti-dandruff shampoos are best to use for prophylaxis. These include «Head & Shoulders», «phytol" etc. products of famous brands. They contain active substances that kill bacteria and fungus affecting normalizing exfoliation process, but to a lesser extent. They can be cured in the early stages, when the hair only appear small flakes. In advanced cases it is better to give preference to pharmaceutical products, to be combined with conventional shampoos.

Also, do not forget to use the masks, balms, conditioners make your hair look shiny and silky. Especially if you frequently experiment with hair, you use the swimming pool or going on holiday by the sea. With proper care the risk of dandruff is minimized, especially if you are twice a week using an additional therapeutic agent. If a shampoo that you would prefer not written that it is suitable for daily washing, do not use it too often.

Traditional recipes

  • Nettles

The most popular method of treatment and prevention, which we inherited from the grandparents, is the usual decoction of nettles. Enough to fill a tablespoon of two hundred milliliters of boiling water, leave for a day and strain through a sieve or cheesecloth. Use the resulting liquid can be as a rinse aid, which is not necessary to rinse.

  • Calendula

A decoction of the herb is used in cases where the hair begins to fall out, or appear oily dandruff. The infusion rubbed into the scalp and leave for half an hour, then wash off with copious amounts of warm water. Suffice it twice a week to do this procedure in order to bring their hair in order.

  • Yogurt, whey

As in the previous case, the fermented milk product is densely applied to the hair is rubbed into the roots and left for thirty minutes. At the end of the procedure head is rinsed with water, which added a small amount of mustard (out of proportion tablespoons per gallon of water).

 dandruff on the head traditional treatments

Preventing dandruff

To enter into that category of people who once and for all forget about this issue, you must follow certain rules and monitor their own health. First, start to eat right and limit themselves to the use of fats and carbohydrates. Eat more fruits and vegetables to saturate your body with vitamins, minerals and beneficial microorganisms. Second, try as little as possible to get nervous. Note that almost all diseases mainly arise from the nerves and stress.

Do not save on cosmetics, as in cheap shampoos contain harmful substances to the scalp, which may even lead to dandruff. Pick products based on the type of your hair (oily, dry, normal). In no case do not buy a unique means of 3-in-1, if you want to achieve a positive effect. Try to buy shampoo, which structure does not include surfactants (as compared to the previous years of global companies becoming less added).

Irons, hair dryers, curling irons, foams and varnishes - all that and more can lead not only to the appearance of dandruff on the head, and to baldness, so try as little as possible to use them. Many beauty salons, before starting to heat treatment is applied to the hair special tools that protect against aggressive hot tongs or curlers. So if you love to do different hairstyles or can not leave the house until Align each hairs, be sure to stock up on these products.

What not to do when dandruff?

Do not wash the water is too hot water since it is harmful even for healthy skin. Wipe wet hair with light massaging movements and use only a soft towel, or a strong mechanical action may cause irritation. Do not use hard brushes with pointed tips, do not comb wet hair, do not dry their hair dryer on the highest power and temperature. Also avoid dandruff treatments, because of which the skin becomes inflamed: coloring, perm (chemical and biological), hair straightening, etc.

In no case should not choose the means for washing at your own risk. If you have dry dandruff, and you purchased a shampoo for oily hair type, you will hurt yourself more. After each procedure, apply the balm that will give shine to your hair. Do not use skin care products every day, otherwise your skin will get used to it and you can not do without this shampoo. Use it no more than two or three times a week.

Do not sit on a rigid diet and starve, as vitamin deficiency, irritability, stress and everything else that will ensue, will only worsen the situation. Alcohol, cigarettes and junk food is still worth to give up. Eat as many dairy products (cheese, cheese, yogurt), bananas, strawberries, citrus fruits. Additionally, take brewer's yeast, which favorably affect the skin, nails, hair, and the whole body.

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