dacryocystitis of newborns

The fact that newborn babies are very often faced with such unpleasant disease as dacryocystitis heard almost all mothers. However, just answer the question, what is dacryocystitis may be only a few. This article described in detail, what is the essence of neonatal dacryocystitis, its symptoms and treatment.

During normal operation, the eye tear fluid production is continuous. Tear necessary for wetting the eyeball, to create a special antibacterial plenochki, which contains special antibodies that prevent the penetration of infectious agents in the eye.

Under the upper eyelid, from the outside, it is the lacrimal gland, which produces the tear fluid. In the inner part of the eye tear fluid accumulates, then there is its outflow into the tear ducts. Tear ducts, two - from the top and bottom of the century. Through the lower duct flows off about 90% of the tear fluid.

What happens when dacryocystitis?

In that case, if the child is suffering from dacryocystitis of newborns, the following occurs. Normally, all the tear ducts required for the outflow of tear fluid, well passable. But often it happens that in the lumen of these channels are particles of embryonic tissues. These fabrics interfere with the normal process of outflow of tear fluid from the lacrimal sac.

As a result of a tear in the eye begins to stagnate, which means that it ceases to perform its protective function. As a result, the eye slit penetrate pathogenic microorganisms and purulent inflammation begins.

Dacryocystitis of newborns has the following symptoms:

  1. The emergence of purulent discharge. One of the first and most striking manifestations of neonatal dacryocystitis - is the appearance of purulent eye bag. It appears approximately 10 to day life of the child. In the event that gently put pressure on the lacrimal sac, lacrimal stands out the pus.
  2. Redness glazik. As a rule, simultaneously with the appearance of pus in the child redness inner corner glazik.
  3. Tearing. Very often, the baby suffering from dacryocystitis, there is excessive tearing of the affected glazik.

Diagnosis and treatment of dacryocystitis

Most often, the parents at the first manifestations of the disease begin to treat it at home: the eyes are washed tea or decoction of chamomile, buried antibacterial eye drops. This may make it easier for self-treatment of the disease or even completely eliminate the pus.

However, immediately after the treatment is discontinued, the symptoms return quickly, often in a more pronounced form. And it happens due to the fact that the main cause of the disease - the stagnation of tear fluid - and not eliminated. In the eyes of the crumbs fall again pathogens, and everything is repeated again.

In order to eliminate neonatal dacryocystitis, you need competent treatment of child doctor - ophthalmologist. Some children suffering from dacryocystitis, cork, plugging tear ducts, self-absorbed to approximately 14 days of age. The inflammatory process disappears without leaving behind any negative consequences. However, unfortunately, this is not always.

If the doctor has diagnosed the child dacryocystitis of newborns, treatment will include two main stages:

  • Massage in the neonatal dacryocystitis

Massage the lacrimal sac is able to give a very good result. As already mentioned, the lacrimal sac is located at the inner edge of the upper eyelid. Massage should be carried out after each feeding, except at night. How to do this massage, you should see a doctor - an ophthalmologist. How well do you manage to do massage can be judged by the number of purulent discharge. The more it stands out, the more effective massage.

Massage the more effective, the younger the child. In no case is inadmissible to ignore the massage, as it is quite an important stage of treatment dacryocystitis. Massage is aimed at improving cross-lacrimal duct.

Along with the massage is necessary to remove pus. It is best suited for this purpose furatsilina solution. You can buy ready-made or else cook yourself, dissolve one tablet in a glass of furatsilina warm boiled water. Wipe clean with a need to both eyes, even if only one amazed.

For each eye, you must use a separate sterile cotton swabs. Wipe glazik must be in the direction of temple to the nose. After all the pus is removed, the affected eye should be a solution of an antibiotic drip. Most often, doctors prescribe for these purposes 0.25% chloramphenicol. Typically, after about two weeks of this treatment comes improvement.

  • Sounding tear ducts

In the same case, if the above conservative treatment does not bring the expected results, the doctor - an ophthalmologist decides to hold washing tear ducts. It is made as follows: under local anesthesia in the doctor inserts a special tear duct probe, with which and produced rinsing with an antiseptic solution. Such a procedure guaranteed to lead to a complete cure of the child from dacryocystitis.

Many parents are afraid of such a procedure, believing that it may cause harm to the child. However, a child usually brings this procedure is easy enough. Local anesthesia is sufficient to ensure that the child does not feel pain. After the procedure is assigned to antimicrobial therapy.

The main condition for successful cure neonatal dacryocystitis strict compliance with all guidelines and recommendations of the attending physician. And your eyes healthy crumbs will be guaranteed!

 Dacryocystitis of newborns - is not terrible!

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 enuresis in children Treatment

Scarce again woke up wet pants? Do not rush to blame him, because he himself is not sweet! Generally, children in these situations suffer extreme embarrassment and shame. Scold them in this situation - the worst thing that one can do. Chances are you and your child are faced with enuresis.

A bedwetting is nothing like a real disease. Therefore, you must not scold the child and treat! The word enuresis doctors assume the child's inability to hold urine. In children, doctors have identified two main types of enuresis: day and night. In no event should not be confused with the constant enuresis incontinence, which is a completely different neurological diseases.

Called nocturnal enuresis involuntary urination at night, the children who have reached the age of five. At the age of one to three years, begins the formation process control urination. It ends with the formation of the normal by about four years.

The rate of urination in a child is around 10, depending on the age of the child and the amount of liquid you drink. Main urination normally occurs at daytime when the child is awake. At the same time, night urination suspended.

Yet about 20% of children aged five to twelve years, the process is broken. As a result, the child almost every morning I wake up in a wet bed, since suffering from nocturnal enuresis. The older the children are, the smaller the percentage of them suffer from nocturnal enuresis. However, about 2% of children do not leave with the disease into adulthood. By the way, the boys suffer from enuresis twice as often as girls. Yes, and nocturnal enuresis in children male remains throughout life much more.

Causes of enuresis in a child

There is quite a lot of variety of reasons, leading to the development of enuresis in children. But doctors - neurologists most important factor is provoking a variety of brain damage the child, caused either during pregnancy pathologically proceeding or as a result of birth trauma. Typically, these injuries occur due to fetal hypoxia.

As a result of the disruption of the normal rate of maturation of the central nervous system slows down considerably, and the hormones of the child does not meet the age norm. The combination of all these factors leads to the development of the child enuresis.

Furthermore, additional preconditions for development of nocturnal enuresis following factors:

  • Have the child various acute and chronic urinary tract infections.
  • Disruption of the normal regulation of the nervous bladder.
  • Various anomalies of the urinary tract.

In addition, exacerbation of existing enuresis can cause hypothermia, colds or acute respiratory disease.

It is very important as soon as possible to consult with your doctor - a pediatrician. The most common mistake parents - do not show the child to the doctor, believing that the problem will disappear on their own over time. And they continue to wear baby diapers first two years, then three, four, five years ...

However, very often the doctors when examining children suffering from enuresis, they reveal not only the various pathologies of the urinary tract, and kidneys. And not always these pathologies are harmless. Very often, their timely diagnosis can save a child's health and to ensure a full life in the future.

For the diagnosis of possible diseases doctors prescribe a number of surveys, which include:

  • General blood test, which will determine the state of health of the child and the presence of his body inflammation.
  • Ultrasound examination of the entire urinary system, including kidneys.
  • Electroencephalography.

In some cases, the doctor may find it necessary to conduct a number of additional studies, which include: intravenous urography, cystoscopy, urofluometriya. In that case, if the doctor - urologist finds that a child has abnormalities or diseases of the kidneys and urinary system, the child will be appointed the necessary treatment. All further treatment and observation of the child will take place at the urologist.

In the same case, if on the part of the genitourinary system no violations of the doctor could not be detected, the child will be sent for further examination, a neurologist or a doctor or a psychologist. And if the cause is a - a neurological or psychological disorder, the doctor will prescribe a child needs his medication.

Parents in the treatment of enuresis also depends very much. That parents should teach the child to use the potty, and the first time to carefully monitor the child regularly to empty the bladder. It is important to monitor the child's drinking regime and would not let the matter slide. The bulk of the child should drink fluids in the morning, and certainly did not allowed the use of large amounts of fluid before bedtime.

Also, do not wake the child to the toilet during the night - this may cause even greater disorder of the central nervous system and, consequently, a significant deterioration. Nocturnal enuresis in children did not take place - treatment is required. As you advance the treatment of the child will be written during the night less and less.

Of course, medical treatment is essential. In the event that your doctor has prescribed child treatment drugs that parents should observe it very strictly. However, in the treatment of enuresis it is very important and the approach to the problem from the point of view of psychology. Parents should be very tactful, considerate and fair towards their child suffering from enuresis.

 enuresis in children

The impact of the disease on the formation of a child's character

Needless to say, the disease enuresis can not go to the child's mind completely. Even if the child did not show it, he was very worried because of his ailments, he begins to develop a complex of inferiority. And this phenomenon is observed not only in adult children, but even the three-year kids.

Children begin to be ashamed of their healthy peers, as a result begin to avoid contact with them, confined to himself. Very often the problem dates to know about myself when the child starts to go to kindergarten, where he sees healthy children. Particularly strong inferiority complex makes itself felt in the case of a child start laughing children, or teacher, or nurse begins his shame.

All this is a very negative impact on the formation of the character of the whole child. Some children may become very aggressive, while others, on the contrary, indecisive, timid, self-contained. And even if the parents do not notice any change in the nature of your child, there is no guarantee that these same changes will not be felt when a child comes into the so-called "dangerous" transitional age. And the parents and be unaware that all these problems with the nature of the child's reach it from childhood, as a consequence of the fact that the baby was suffering from enuresis.

That is why parents must be very helpful to your child. In no case can not shame him, and even more blame - that you will only aggravate the situation. It often occurs following the course of events: a child's first signs of enuresis, manifested not particularly intense. Parents are beginning to show their dissatisfaction with the child, the child begins to worry. And as a consequence, very large variety of neurotic states. Enuresis begins to be felt even more. Parents are nervous, too, the child, the disease is enhanced - it turns a kind of vicious circle.

In addition, often neurotic conditions conducive to the development of enuresis, can be triggered by a variety of additional external factors, such as:

  • The birth of a second child in the family.
  • Serious illness or death of close relatives.
  • Adverse emotional atmosphere in the family.
  • Moving the family to a new place of residence, a change of kindergarten and school.
  • Divorce of parents.
  • The death of a beloved pet.

Neurotic state of the child in need of treatment from doctors neurologist and psychologist. In addition, parents should remember that neurotic states have an interesting feature. They can almost completely disappear and come back fully, depending on the child's psycho-emotional state. This means that enuresis may occur just as well - is extinguished, then reappearing when seemingly disease receded completely. In no event should not be discouraged and give up, as a break in the treatment of enuresis negates all your previous efforts.

How can we help the child?

Once again, it should be recalled - Parents play an important role in the treatment of enuresis in children. In the event that the child enuresis developed very rapidly, without any - any preconditions, parents need to analyze the situation and try to understand what could have caused the disease.

Perhaps in a child's life there were any - any radical changes? Try to help your child adjust to new conditions. Do not forget also about the atmosphere in the family - a calm, friendly atmosphere, the absence of conflict - all important conditions of your child's recovery. Do not forget that almost all the children are very hard to tolerate the absence of even a lack of parental attention. Try to give the child as much attention - please read it, play games, walk with him. All these measures will not only help to cope with the disease, but also help strengthen your relationship.

Also, parents should pay attention to how they spend their free time, baby. You should not allow your child to spend a long time watching TV, and even more so for a long time playing computer games - a very negative effect on the nervous system of the child, it too exciting. Replace the computer games a walk and watching tv - reading a book.

We should also talk about issues such as the baby naps. In no case should not be forced, with the scandal laid the baby to sleep in if he does not want. Excessive stress the child completely useless. You can simply draw the curtains and read baby book. Most likely, the child will fall asleep on their own. And even if they do not fall asleep like holidays much more useful than a dream, is preceded by crying child.

You should also mention the preparation for the night's sleep. In - the first, a strict regime is very important - the child should go to bed at the same time. Second, child psychologists recommend to develop a kind of ritual - for example, cleaning toys in places, hygiene, reading a book himself a dream.

Those parents whose children faced with such a problem must remember enuresis in children Treatment involves long enough. Therefore, patience and endurance to remain faithful allies in the fight against the disease.

 Enuresis in children

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