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  • What medications are best suited for the treatment?
  • What other symptoms occur in cystitis?
  • What is fraught with lack of treatment?

Cystitis is the development of inflammation in the bladder.

As a rule, to treat a disease, you need accurate diagnosis, as some diseases of the genital tract and may have similar symptoms and signs.

Which means you can treat cystitis? Of course, the tablet from cystitis should drink only on prescription, when there is an urgent need. It is advisable to take herbal medicines that have no negative impact on the human body. Various drugs (including antibiotics) are side effects which are undesirable for the health of women. Prevention brings better results. It should be noted that most cystitis occurs in women, but also occurs in men. In any case, it should be treated.

 which tablet to choose from cystitis
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What medications are best suited for the treatment?

Pre-need to conduct a comprehensive examination of the body. To do this, you need to properly give a urine sample to continue to take effective means. Before any urine thoroughly washed the genitals (vagina or the tip of the penis). The first portion of urine down the toilet. For the analysis of only the middle portion of the solution (about 4-5 teaspoons is enough). The remaining urine should be drained down the toilet. It is necessary to avoid touching the hands or any objects into the inside of the jar.

Good pills help eliminate unpleasant symptoms. The main symptoms are pain in the event when urinating, occurrence of cramps and feeling a burning sensation in the groin area. Even after emptying the bladder may be a desire to urinate. In some cases a spontaneous urination, wherein stands a few drops.

The very same urine becomes cloudy consistency, often mixed with blood. The particles of blood are dangerous signal, which requires immediate treatment to a specialist that he has appointed a powder or antibiotics, which help to improve the condition. Drink any drugs should be on the enclosed instructions. This is due to the fact that any drug could exacerbate the situation in excess dosage.

The list of reasons large, but the most common cause is infection. First of all, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and intestinal infection that enters the body from outside. In men, the cause of cystitis may be inflammation of the prostate gland that affects many internal organs associated with urination. Therefore, in this case, you should drink a completely different drug to feel better. To combat infection should drink plenty of fluids and take the antibiotics that help to extinguish the hearth and destroy the pathogen.

Symptoms - it is an occasion of treatment. There are different (cheap and expensive) tools against the disease. In each case, the best remedy against inflammation in the bladder is chosen individually, as this takes into account the physical parameters of the body, the most severe symptoms. In one case it is sufficient to drink regularly diuretics, since body fluid derived harmful substances. In another case, a strong drink preparation, it may be a powder, tablet, capsule. Any effective method to combat cystitis significantly improves the human condition, but after a course of treatment requires a mandatory preventive maintenance to symptoms do not happen again.

Many experts in the field of gynecology and urology recommend daily drinking at least two liters of fluid every day. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on regular water and vitamin drinks. At the same time, you should try to drink less strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, as they worsen the situation and irritate the bladder wall.

If a person takes a drug to further enrich the body with calcium, then the treatment should be stopped. This applies to products, which include a large number of trace elements (eg, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.).

The most effective treatment is a holistic approach. It is not enough just to drink any drug, it is necessary to supplement and other procedures. To reduce the pain in the groin area, it is advisable to apply a warm heating pad. But it is only after a precise diagnosis, since some gynecological diseases heat can provoke bleeding. To get rid of the burning sensation when urinating, it is recommended to drink soda solution (a teaspoon per cup of water) every three hours. The effect is caused by agents that decreases the acidity of urine.

 treatment of cystitis
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What other symptoms occur in cystitis?

When the disease the urine may acquire an unpleasant and rather pungent smell. Of course, this may be appropriate, and other urogenital diseases. Often, there is deterioration in general health and appearance of pain in the lumbar region. To relieve the symptoms of inadequate application of the heating ointment requires a special drug that neutralizes the focus of inflammation. Acute cystitis may be accompanied by abdominal pain, nausea, fever, which is observed in almost any inflammatory process in the body. In this case, you should take antipyretic drugs, and then to treat cystitis.
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What is fraught with lack of treatment?

If you do not take any medication for inflammation of the bladder, then, as a rule, there are a variety of complications, the disease spills over into the chronic form. First of all, the complications relating to kidney problems, which can not cope with their functions. Do not neglect medical treatment if symptoms persist for several days, and the condition worsens. It is important to note that in severe and advanced cases may require surgical intervention specialists.

Enough effective prevention, since there is no single cure for cystitis, which gives a guaranteed result for each case in particular. To get rid of cystitis treatment should start on time. To further avoid the re-emergence of the disease, it is advisable to regularly empty the bladder, as deterrence provokes inflammation. It is also necessary hygiene genitals in order to prevent penetration of the infection. It is preferable to wear high-quality cotton underwear that does not restrict movement. After intercourse is recommended to empty the bladder and sexual organs undercut. Regular preventive maintenance helps protect the body from inflammation of internal organs.

 Cystitis: an effective treatment for

 inflamed wen Body


  • What is the wen?
  • Why inflamed wen?
  • Treatment of lipomas in the home
  • Methods for treating lipomas
  • The problem must be solved in a timely manner

Inflamed wen? No problem! We will tell you how to properly and, most importantly, quickly eliminate inflammation on his face.

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What is the wen?

Wen - a subcutaneous tumor formed from fatty tissue. In the most deplorable cases, it can reach up to 10 cm in diameter, but in most cases the lipoma - it's just a small cosmetic defect, which can be easily concealed makeup, hairstyle or clothing, depending on where it appeared: on the face or body. Poor as talc start to become inflamed.

 inflamed wen what to do first
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Why inflamed wen?

Inflammation lipoma - it is a serious problem, especially if it is on the face. The reasons that wen can become inflamed, just can not be named, but it looks like this: redness, pain when pressed, an increase in tumor volume and a marked sense of fluid in it.

Lipoma may be inflamed by the action of the following factors:

  • tight clothing, lying close to the skin and rub it;
  • frequent injuries in the art;
  • Wen self-removal.

Whatever the reason, if you wen reddened, inflamed and sore, should immediately begin treatment, and for this you have two options: to go to the hospital or treated at home traditional methods.
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Methods for treating lipomas

The first step is to get rid of the inflammation. If you decide to go to the hospital, then you have to pass a series of tests. Treatment can begin immediately upon receipt of the results. If the scale of the problem is not very big, the lipoma can be removed by laser, but it is worth noting that to treat it as the most expensive. If a large wen, you'll have to do the surgery, but it is simple and takes only 10 to 30 minutes. Anesthesia, general or local, employed for the situation. After surgery, may remain a small scar or cosmetic seam.

 Wen inflammation treatment at home
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Treatment of lipomas in the home

If Wen red, you can use the more rare but no less effective way home removal of the tumor. The most famous folk remedy is considered thick paste of wheat grains. Need a little chew grains of wheat last year, it has acquired the form of a homogeneous slurry. After collect the resulting mass into a cheesecloth and apply to the resulting lipomas. Top cover it with cling film. Treat compress so inflamed wen need several days to complete disappearance of symptoms.

As well from inflammation to help the leaves mother and stepmother. They need to apply at night to the inflamed lipomas. Repeat this treatment should be every night before complete removal of inflammation. Restoration of these methods will not take more than a week. The treatment can be carried out by other means, such as soap and onion cream.

To create this ointment need to bake in the oven a little onion. Along with baking grate on a fine grater same size piece of soap. Once the bulb caked, pass it through a blender, grinder or other utensils. You can even just to separate it with a fork. To obtain a homogeneous slurry, mix it with a pre-prepared soap and formed part of the mixture put on the focus of inflammation. Top cover all cling film. Such compresses should be changed three times a day, and ointment stored in the refrigerator. It is worth noting that every day it is desirable to make a new ointment. Apply it needs to complete disappearance of a lipoma.

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The problem must be solved in a timely manner

Let us note once again that the complete disappearance of the oil lamp using home treatment is possible, but very, very unlikely, so after getting rid of inflammation, you will likely still have to resort to the help of doctors to remove it completely, otherwise it may become inflamed again . Dear girls, this situation can happen to anyone, and the earlier you find the problem and make a decision to get rid of, the better.   Be nice to yourself and others!

 Inflammation lipoma: methods of treatment