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  • What is cellulite?
  • Stages of Cellulite
  • Causes and prevention of cellulite
  • Methods of dealing with cellulite
  • Cup massage
  • Contraindications to the use of canned massage cellulite

There was a time when the problem of cellulite nobody cared. Moreover, there is not even such a term. This is not surprising. Not only that it was in fashion pyshnotelye girls, so also wore long clothing, covering the all the trouble spots. Today, women enjoy wearing mini, and before the beach season begins the real "boom".

Sport, diet, cellulite massage cupping become extremely popular. Indeed, any of us wants to look perfect in your favorite bikini. And short skirts and shorts look great on a shapely, toned body.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite - is specific change adipose tissue, characterized by the accumulation of fat in certain areas. Most often it is the thigh, abdomen, buttocks, and sometimes hands. Because cellulite skin becomes loose, uneven and bumpy. It appears effect of so-called "orange peel".

It is believed that cellulite - the problem of overweight women. However, this is not the case. With him as the face pyshnotelye ladies and girls do not have much weight. In addition, cellulite often appears just when the woman clears the extra weight. Therefore, getting rid of excess weight does not always produce the desired results. After the diet begins the fight against cellulite.

Stages of Cellulite

The way to get rid of cellulite depends on the stage of the disease. Yes, do not be surprised, cellulite - is not just a cosmetic problem. It is not only aesthetically ugly but also dangerous to health. After all the accumulated fat cells interfere with blood circulation.

So, first of all, try to figure out whether you have cellulite and at what stage it is. Sometimes a woman is so fixated on their appearance, wrongly attributes to himself that some disadvantages. And anti-cellulite activities can harm women's health. At the same time, many women are not even aware that they began to develop this unpleasant disease, as in the first stage it is difficult to notice.

To determine the first stage of cellulite, you need to periodically do a test. Try to capture the finger skin area of ​​10-15 cm and lightly squeeze. Find small bumps and hollows. In the second step, and they are visible without any compression. In the third stage bumps can be seen, without conducting any manipulations. A pressure-sensitive even appear painful.

 anti-cellulite massage cupping

Causes and prevention of cellulite

As they say, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. And in order to prevent the development of cellulite, it is necessary to know its cause. Many believe that the problem of cellulite refers only to women. Yes, indeed, is often the cause of excessive amounts of female sex hormones - estrogen. However, high concentrations are sometimes observed in men. The appearance of cellulite depends on what kind of life we ​​lead.

Thus, we consider the main causes of cellulite.

  1. Malnutrition

    From childhood, we are accustomed to fried fatty foods. Moreover, as a proposal we now food is poor. The appearance of cellulite does not depend on how much we eat. The main problem is that what we eat. Most products contain a large amount of preservatives that contribute to fluid retention in the body and disrupt the metabolism. Eat organic foods, do not overdo the salt - and then the problem of cellulite will pass you side.

  2. Diet and irregular meals

    According to statistics on the diet 1-2 times a year sit for more than 60% of the population, both men and women. Do not we all know that diets promote fat burning, mostly in the upper body. It is no coincidence because many women complain that they primarily lose weight chest. When women gain weight, then get better in the thighs and buttocks. Thus, the diet can make a pear shape body. But diets girls begin to get involved more in adolescence, thereby violating the imbalance in the body. Nutrition - is a guarantee of beautiful toned figure without cellulite.

  3. Passive lifestyle

    Because sedentary lifestyles blood circulation. A permanent seat puts pressure on the thighs and buttocks, resulting in damaged capillaries. We must do exercises and play sports, to prevent the appearance of cellulite. However, avoid those species for which there is a heavy load on the legs, for example, tennis and basketball. They may aggravate the situation. Prefer such sports as swimming and cycling.

  4. Stress and Cellulite

    Stress and bad mood - is also one of the causes of cellulite. It is no coincidence they say that all diseases of the nerves. Cellulite - is no exception. Tension affects the nervous system of the circulatory, digestive, excretory system. Stress leads to sleep disturbances. Violation of the functions of all the organs as a result of nervous tension leads to the appearance of cellulite. Try to keep your emotional state control. At the same time in any case, do not use tranquilizers and sedatives. Many medicines contribute to the development of cellulite.

  5. Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol

    Excessive use of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine abuse leads to clogging of the body by free radicals, such molecules that penetrate cells and damage its structure. Nicotine also adversely affects the oxygen exchange of blood and blood circulation. Try not to abuse alcohol, caffeinated drinks and nicotine. And even better - totally abstain from smoking, to avoid such problems as cellulite.

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Methods of dealing with cellulite

If you are still unable to avoid the appearance of "orange peel", at the first sign of her discovery immediately start fighting with her. Of course, the sooner you start the treatment of cellulite, the easier it will get rid of him. Keep in mind that the fight against this serious problem must be complex. You may have to completely change their habits and lifestyle.

  1. Sports

    Under the sports we do not mean any serious event. Of course, the ideal option - it is aerobics or fitness least twice a week, and at an advanced stage of cellulite - every day. If due to some - any reason you are contraindicated exercise, just move more. Hiking in the evening will not only slim and toned figure, but cheer up.

  2. Proper nutrition

    Eat only fresh and natural products. Do not overdo fried, starchy foods and sweets. Of course, sometimes you can treat yourself to something tasty. However, the foundation of your diet should be natural proteins, fruits and vegetables.

  3. Wiping and wrapping

    There are plenty of creams, masks, scrubs, which act as a prophylactic against cellulite and treat it. They can not only buy in the drugstore, but do yourself.

These are general guidelines for the fight against cellulite, available for any woman. To enhance the effect, you can contact the salon, where experienced specialists will offer you a series of procedures to help deal with cellulite. One of the most popular methods is cupping massage.

Cup massage

Massage has long been successfully used to eliminate cellulite at home. After all, it is formed as a result of stagnation in the tissues. This means that it is necessary, primarily, to normalize the lymphatic system. And to help in this massage. It makes it possible not only in the cabin, but also in the home, for example, using a conventional brush.

More recently, for the treatment of cellulite, particularly the second stage, can massage successfully used, which is also called a vacuum. This procedure is done in the salon and at home on their own. Of course, massage, carried out by specialists, will be more effective. This is not only because a professional to make it better. When performing a massage in your own home can be felt easy discomfort and pain. But applying it yourself, you will be sorry and to spare himself. Masseur also will do better. However, if you do not have the opportunity to attend a beauty salon, try to do self-massage cupping. But you need to acquire the necessary equipment.

Choosing a bank for the massage of cellulite

Now in any pharmacy you can buy cans of cellulite, made of different materials: glass, rubber, silicone or combined variant - glass jars with silicone suction cups. That is, which one to choose, depends mainly on personal preferences. All of them are quite easy to use, accessible, and most importantly, effective at getting rid of cellulite.

It is necessary to clarify that the technique of using different vacuum cans of cellulite massage is different between them. Silicone banks, for example, work due to the fact that attach themselves to the skin by means of a light compression. Using them, there is no possibility to adjust the degree of pressure. The mechanism of glass jars is based on the action of a special blower, which also shrinks. However, with the help of it you can control the power of action. It is therefore preferable to use glass jars for gentle massaging body areas, such as the inner surface of the hands and bedёr and lower abdomen.

Technique can massage

  1. The preparatory period

    Before you begin cupping massage, prepare the body. It is recommended to use a contrast shower and a special scrub that thoroughly cleanse the body of impurities and keratinized skin particles that can hinder the effective impact of massage. In no case do not steamed skin. It can bring vred.Posle how you clean the skin, lubricate body cosmetic oil, which will contribute to a better slip vacuum cans, so they did not inflict physical damage.

    Of course, this means you can buy in a pharmacy. But it is better and cheaper to produce it on their own, based on the characteristics of its type kozhi.Dlya, take 100 ml of any oil - base. This may be the usual olive oil, almond oil, peach kernel or jojoba oil. The basis, add the essential oils anti-cellulite action: cinnamon oil, geranium, lemon, orange or grapefruit and rose oil and Ealing - ylang. You can also add essential oils to any body lotion, which you are used to. However, the cream, as a rule, very quickly absorbed. Therefore, give still prefer cosmetics oil osnove.Obilno lubricate ready vehicle body. This will contribute to easy slip the banks and prevent the appearance of bruises and abrasions.

  2. Cup massage

    Once you have prepared a body for the procedure, proceed directly to the Cup massage at home. Technique is simple enough. Silicon rubber or bank put on the skin, gently squeezing it. But in order to start using glass jars, dip into it for a few seconds burning cotton wool or a match. It is convenient to use as a normal lighter. Then quickly attach to the skin bank. It works vacuum effect.

    Watch out for the degree of pressure. If the bank seized too large area of ​​skin, and you feel a lot of pain, move it again. After you set the right bank a comfortable position, start slowly drive it over the skin, gently pressing. Through such actions, accelerated exchanges of materials, and renewed cellular structure of the skin. In no case do not make any sudden fast movements can. It violates the lymph flow, and therefore this procedure only to inflict harm. All movements should be done slowly and plavno.Tehnika perform this massage provides that the body needs to process in a certain order. Please pay attention to the front of the body from the bottom up: lower leg, thigh, abdomen, if necessary - the hands. Experts recommend to massage the back surface of the body in the reverse order, that is, from top to bottom: back, buttocks, then to his feet.

      Performing foot massage, take an important rule - the banks always navigate upwards. But the trajectory of motion can be different: as a straight line and a circular or zigzag movements. To massage the buttocks in any direction. It does not play a big role. But the movement of the stomach should be only in a clockwise direction. Through massage banks, remember that it is forbidden to massage the popliteal and groin. Also avoid the inner thigh. Encompassing these areas can lead to circulatory problems. Massage technique involves get round the back area of ​​the spine.

  3. Finishing

    Duration of treatment can massage of cellulite at home depends on how the disease started. It can last from 5 to 20 minutes. After massage the skin may experience varying degrees of redness. It depends on the sensitivity of the skin. But the presence of abrasions and bruises indicates that massage was performed correctly. 19px; "& gt; After the procedure, it is desirable to put on a mask or anti-cellulite body wrap to make. Then lie down quietly for about 10 minutes, without making any sudden movements. The body needs rest. You can drink a warm herbal tea, which displays the body of excess fluid, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the procedure.

 how to make cellulite massage cupping

Contraindications to the use of canned massage cellulite

Cup massage - Affordable and effective means of cellulite, which can easily be done not only in the beauty salon, but also at home. However, some women have to abandon this method of getting rid of "orange peel". Cup massage cellulite is contraindicated in the propensity to high blood pressure and the presence of the capillary network. Avoid doing can massage the presence of the skin abrasions, abscesses, and fungal infections. It is impossible to perform the procedure at an elevated body temperature and exacerbation of any chronic disease.

In fact, if you have no contraindications to the use of canned massage cellulite, safely refer to this highly efficient method that experienced by many women. The results from the use of this procedure does not take long to wait. Your body is smooth and taut after the third session.

But remember that you have to lead a healthy life, to save the result. Watch out for power, move more, use anti-cellulite cosmetics for prevention, to once again not to make painful procedure can massage.

 Cupping cellulite massage - your secret slimming