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  • The location and appearance of the city
  • Hong Kong Island and its attractions
  • Victoria Peak - the main attraction
  • Other attractions of the country
  • Museum of Hong Kong

Hong Kong can easily be considered one of the most popular destinations among tourists from all over the world, a lot of which is sent annually in this colorful city to receive the portion of good feeling. Just the name of the city conjures tourists inaccessible skyscrapers, colorful Chinese restaurants and incredibly saturated markets where you can buy almost anything. Speaking of attractive buildings and skyscrapers, it should take into account the fact that Hong Kong has the largest number of such buildings. Consider the main attractions of Hong Kong.

 Space Museum
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The location and appearance of the city

The location of the set of skyscrapers, which the British call Victoria is just one of many parts of the city, in which there is simply an incredible number of attractions. The town itself is located in the northern part of the island known under the name of Hong Kong, which has a fairly large area. This factor and caused the construction of so many tall buildings in the city because every square meters valued its weight in gold.

The territory of Hong Kong is not limited to the island - the main part of the city is located on the mainland and on the island's independence, the number of which exceeds 260. Among these islands should pay attention to Lantau and Lamma, familiar to anyone who experienced hikers.

Famous Hong Kong Airport is also located on a separate island, which is located near the island of Lantau.

Four days a week Aeroflot makes its flights to this place, which allows Russian tourists easily get straight to the heart of the popular city in Asia.

The appearance of the city was the cause of the British colonization, and was formed when the first settlement of colonial style property in the area. China has given the city rent for the entire 99 years that happened in 1898. It is from this year and began its rapid development, thanks to which Hong Kong today has become rightfully considered the main center of the financial type worldwide. The fame of the city is due to:

  • Gold and currency markets world-class;
  • Extremely intensive trade world level;
  • Industrial industry;
  • Extremely advanced cinematographic industry.

Do not forget about the travel direction of the business, which is growing rapidly in Hong Kong. An important factor that influenced the development of tourism in the city, became a seaport city, which is the third largest and significance worldwide. Not less than 7,000 commercial and industrial vessels annually approaches to the city in this port. Speaking of attractions provided by the country, and we can safely mention the seaport.

Britain handed the city back in the order of China in 1997, after which most of the British population has left Asia, going back to England. But on arrival at home it became clear that British culture is a striking contrast to the Chinese mentality. All this has led to the return of residents back to Hong Kong, because most of them are just born and raised there. It is worth recalling that in Hong Kong almost every local resident speaks English, which is not true about the other Chinese cities.

Attractions in Hong Kong - is not only a certain historical or industrial buildings or monuments. An attractive feature of this tourist city is a striking contrast to its districts, among which we can meet the industrial, cultural, entertainment and fashionable part of town.

Every single area has its own design that makes many travelers wonder sharp change in the situation in the city. The so-called New Territories - is the main holiday destination of all the tourists, because here are the most high-quality and popular beaches, which have always attracted the attention of vacationers and tourists.

 Bruce Lee statue on the Avenue of Stars
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Hong Kong Island and its attractions

Hong Kong is considered to be the world's most populous city, in fact it is home to seven million people, not counting the huge number of tourists. Every year just to earn and spend an incredible amount of money that speaks positively about the welfare of the city and its inhabitants.

To see the different levels of life in this city, you must visit not only the town center, but the area called Aberdeen, where the locals do not live in expensive homes or apartments, and in covered boats, which they have become not only the house, but also a means of earning . Comparing these two urban areas, it can be concluded that Hong Kong is made up of several small towns, each of which has its own economy, and build life.

Attractions Hong Kong - the so-called face of the city, which also attracts an incredible number of tourists from all over the world. All available landmarks in the city simply can not be divided into more and less important, because every single corner of the city has its own history and attractive places. But I want to say that some city especially wants to see every tourist who goes to Hong Kong. The very first place where sent to all guests of the city, is the famous Victoria Peak.

 statue of a sitting Buddha on Lamma Island
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Victoria Peak - the main attraction

Described peak got its name in honor of the Queen of England known to all and is considered the highest point of the city, which is located 500 meters above sea level. Nearly six million tourists every year go to the peak, to see for yourself in its grandeur and beauty. Furnished specifically for visitors viewing platforms allow you to see the entire city from a bird's flight. Pay attention to the review of the night landscape, when the entire Hong Kong shimmers with millions of lights from skyscrapers and advertising.

Shoppers will be very pleased excellent opportunity to buy clothes and souvenirs directly to the peak, where there are many shops, stores and restaurants. Couples will be able to reduce the children in exciting entertainment, where a younger generation will look professionals.

Funicular railway type - is the fastest and most popular way to visit Victoria Peak.   If you choose this means of transportation, it is best to take a seat on the right side, with spectacular views, allowing time to brighten up the trip.

One of the most notable places of the peak is a Hong Kong zoo, from which you can get into a botanical and zoological garden. Despite the fact that the zoo was established back in 1864, it has not changed its design in our own day, delighting visitors and locals its primary architecture.

The zoo and gardens can be found a huge amount of flora and fauna, and a family of gibbons in the zoo is the largest in the world. Despite the popularity of these gardens and the zoo, the entrance to which was free, just can not please both guests and locals.

 Clock Tower - a colonial legacy in Hong Kong
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Other attractions of the country

The fact that Hong Kong is the most industrial city in the world, has led to a lack of cultural institutions in the city type, of which there are a great many. Walking tour of the Admiralty district will bring visitors to the city a lot of pleasant sensations that will long remain in the memory. Special attention should be given to a variety of restaurants available in this area of ​​the city. Here you can taste not only Asian cuisine, but also all popular European, which have gained popularity in the days of the British lease.

Ocean Park, which opened in 1977, is considered one of the most popular attractions of the city. Its total area is more than 870,000 square meters, which made it possible to divide it into three main parts, each of which has its own theme. Moving between the thematic part of the park carried out by Ocean Express, separate escalators and funicular.

The first thing worth visiting in the park - it Akvagorod, where you can see all the delights of the underwater world. Visitors can explore the magnificent underwater world, visit the huge aquarium and see the innovative night view of the water show at the screen. The huge aquarium is home to over 5,000 fish of various sizes and types that will leave a lasting impression of what he saw.

Kids will be overjoyed by the exhibitions "Treasures of the goldfish" and "Amazing Asian Animals". In addition, do not miss an opportunity to go on a trip called "The Adventure of the giant panda." In addition to a huge number of attractions and performances, there are the famous restaurants where holidaymakers can efficiently and tastefully spend your free time, which appears after the children go to the next idea.

 Temple Wong Tai tires
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Museum of Hong Kong

Do not forget that Hong Kong is one of the few cities in the world where you can visit Madame Tussauds. Wax Museum of the city just amazing all the guests and locals alike, because here is the largest collection of famous figures of the Old and New World. Among the world leaders and celebrities in the museum you can find the famous Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, who is a native of the city described. That is why the city is a bronze statue of Bruce Lee.

This monument was built on the collected fans of the great master funds, the amount of which exceeded 100 000 dollars. Master can see the monument to the city Walk of Stars, which is situated on the promenade Victorian Bay. It is a place in town is the most popular with tourists who like to be photographed in the beautiful and famous places. It is not necessary to abandon a visit to the City Museum Heritage, which may scare guests with its ambiguous title.

This name does not say that the museum is full of dusty vases and the remains of the great rulers. Many believe that this museum is the best in Hong Kong, and a decent amount of exhibits and video allows you to fully know the history and culture of not only the city but also the whole of China. In order to experience the European way of life, it is worth visiting the urban area of ​​Stanley, which has become home to many foreigners. It is here that you can taste a variety of cuisine, because almost every house in the neighborhood has its own restaurant with an attractive title and registration.

District called Sheung Wan - an ideal opportunity to admire the ancient buildings and constructions, which are dominated by red and yellow shades. The market in this area you can buy the famous shark fins, of which the bulk and preparing exotic dishes of famous Chinese. In the central area can not be found antiquities, because the main part of the center of the buildings - a stunning skyscrapers and luxury shops. The area is perfect for your holidays close to businessmen and business women.

In addition to all the above, in Hong Kong there are many entertainment venues, among which it is worth noting theaters and cinemas. In a movie theater can be reached on views of the world of films, as well as paintings of the local cinema, most of which are related to the great art of unarmed combat called Kung Fu. In other words, Hong Kong - is not just a city, but the real center of world tourism, where you can count on a huge amount of positive emotions and memories.

 Cultural values ​​of Hong Kong