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  • Can any grade suitable for a salad?
  • Preparation of the product with maximum preservation of beneficial properties
  • Salad of fresh cauliflower
  • Culinary imagination
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The first millennium AD - this is the period when the cauliflower began to actively cultivate on the Mediterranean coast. In Russia, it has contributed to the breeding of Catherine II, it was only in the XVIII century. Today, throughout the world, this vegetable is recognized as a valuable dietary product with unique properties, which is more than cover the useful qualities of white relatives. But even knowing this, many Russians are not eager to see her often at his desk, explaining this fact malovyrazitelnoe taste of vegetables. I must say that it is fixable.

It is necessary to learn how to prepare a salad of cauliflower recipe is not limited to the boiling inflorescences and dressing of salt and vegetable oil.
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Can any grade suitable for a salad?

Cauliflower has a very delicate structure, consisting of a set of inflorescences, tightly pressed against each other, so it can be stored in the refrigerator for a little over a week. Depending on the type of inflorescence are white, ivory, yellow and even purple. All of them are suitable for salads, and the color does not have a negative impact on the palatability of the final dish.

Buying cabbage in the market is much more important to pay attention to the external data fork, which should have a uniform color without darkening, and their presence indicates begun the process of decay. Well, if the fork spring and has at the base of the leaves. According to him immediately clear, fresh vegetables or not.

Freezing perfectly retains all the beneficial properties of cauliflower. Therefore, if it is possible to grow it in the garden, you can divide the cauliflower into florets and freeze. Then it will be all winter to feast on healthy salad without fear for the quality of the main ingredient.

 Different recipes salad with cauliflower
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Preparation of the product with maximum preservation of beneficial properties

Uses for small florets freshly cut cauliflower eaten raw . They are suitable for decorating salad. Most still cauliflower heat treated - is the first thing to do with it before proceeding with the preparation of a salad. But it is important to know how to boil the cabbage to it preserved all the vitamins, micro and macro, as well as useful acids: pantothenic, citric, malic, folic. Superiority cauliflower before cabbage is that it is much more protein, ascorbic acid, and the composition has a full group of vitamins B, A, D, E, K, PP and many others.

Participation in many cauliflower dishes Diet Menus due to its low calorie (21 calories per 100g. Product) and tartronic acid content ("blocker" fats). A indole-3-carbinol - a permanent participant in the development of the female hormone - estrogen. But this does not mean that cauliflower little use for men, because it is a beneficial effect on potency. Regardless of the gender of the person, it promotes excretion of harmful cholesterol and strengthen blood vessels. Nutritionists recommend the cauliflower in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach ulcers, liver and gall bladder.

To keep the cauliflower in all the vitamins, it is better to prepare it for a couple of previously divided into florets. If you intend to use the whole inflorescence, the harsh stalks should be shortened, leaving inflorescences on short legs. In some cabbage salad diced, then you can cut everything, and petioles too.

Digestion of vegetable affect its taste, and apparently it will be unattractive. Therefore, the cooking time ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. This range depends on the size of inflorescences and on Are cabbage, fresh or frozen. Usually, frozen requires more time. The maximum amount of fiber is maintained at 5-minute time cooking.

Do not pour too much water. The main thing that the cabbage was covered with liquid. To maintain the original color, you need to cook on high heat with the lid open. Water pre-salted, and cabbage is loaded into the boiling water. Preservation of color helps to add citric acid. This can be done before cooking cabbage withstand cold acidulated water, or add lemon juice directly into the boiling water.

With the same purpose cauliflower boiled with sugar and only then immersed in cold water with citric acid. Depending on the future prescription of lettuce, and can acidify the water and vinegar. Some cooks prefer to enhance the taste boil it in the mineral water.

Ways of heat treatment lot and which one to use, every woman decides to trial based on taste preferences of households. Whichever way nor was cooked cabbage, it should not be left permanently in the broth, otherwise it will lose its flavor.

 salad of fresh cauliflower curry
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Salad of fresh cauliflower

Cauliflower hard enough to take root in Russia, since the thermophilic require a special approach to farming. Culinary traditions for a long time, "not allowed" her to the table regardless of the fact that this type of cabbage is perfectly combined with any food, whether vegetables, eggs or meat. Therefore, recipes salad of cauliflower are still a rarity. But the use of vegetable worth it to them to try.

After experimenting with the composition of salad, everyone will find a favorite recipe. Usually this salad separated and washed Kocheshkov cauliflower placed in a salad bowl and add them to the greens, cucumber, chopped carrot sticks, pepper and a few cloves of garlic. Fill the can with mayonnaise, and for those who are on a diet, low-fat sour cream is better. It is not forbidden to mix the cauliflower just with cucumbers and tomatoes.

You can cook more nutritious and fat salad the following recipe:

  • cauliflower (250 g.);
  • boiled or stewed mushrooms (250 gr.);
  • bell pepper, chopped into strips (1 pcs.);
  • hard-boiled eggs (3 pcs.);
  • Canned beans (2 tbsp. Spoons).

All the ingredients are mixed and dressed with mayonnaise. Salad rewarding and satisfying, but it is not good for the diet in order to reduce weight and diseases of the pancreas, as mushrooms are junk food.

The easiest recipe salad of cauliflower - is milled plugs, filled with sour cream sauce and garlic. Add the severity of the dish help black pepper. I must say that this salad can be prepared with any liked the sauce. So, fans of recipes from raw cabbage is very popular sauce of sour cream and soy sauce in a ratio of 2: 1, which is added to the mustard seed (1 tsp.) And herbs (dill, parsley, green onions, cilantro). So just pour the sauce can be cut into pieces of cauliflower, and can be charged with a salad of several components (cabbage, tomatoes, minced garlic, cheese varieties). In such a nice salad and olives. Only masters of their craft warn that garlic should be chopped rather than using chesnokodavku.

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Culinary imagination

As mentioned above, cauliflower has no boundaries compatibility of products. Therefore, recipes and salads in particular, a great many. In addition, there is hope yet to invent something new to your own taste.

Those ingredients that have been mentioned in a salad with fresh cabbage, can be successfully used with boiled: greens, cucumbers and tomatoes, olives, garlic, mayonnaise. Sometimes it is added to all listed boiled fowl, which makes the dish more nutritious. Strict proportions of the products do not exist. As a rule, the owner is trying to simply use all plugs cauliflower, that it has not deteriorated. On average, it weighs 500 grams, so you can let it all into a salad, or divided into 2 meals.

A simple salad with a spicy taste is obtained by the following recipe:

  • Boiled cauliflower (300 g.);
  • fresh apricots (4 pcs.);
  • greenery;
  • sauce of mayonnaise and heavy cream (2: 1);
  • salt and black pepper.

All ingredients are mixed and filled in the sauce. From apricot pits previously removed, and fruit is arbitrary cut into small pieces.

Perfectly matched color boiled cabbage with green salad, tomato and peas, seasoned with sour cream and salt. This recipe diet, and fans of the experiments and sweetish taste is added to all listed grapes, plums or apples slices. But many, by contrast, prefer to sharp variations of dishes of cauliflower.

And above refers to a salad of seasonal delicacies, when there is in selling fresh fruit, but the salad with carrot and black radish is quite possible to cook in the winter, if the stock up for future use cauliflower. Although fresh herbs in this recipe is still there. So, you will need to prepare 0, 5 kg of boiled cabbage color, 1 pc. a medium-sized carrot and black radish.

Radish and carrot shred on a grater, designed to prepare Korean carrot sticks. Then, mix, and salted and infused for 15-20 minutes, until they will not let the juice. Then they are mixed with the prepared cauliflower and are filled with a mixture of herbs and spices: paprika, black and red pepper, ground coriander, salt. Recipe sauce is not used, you will need only sprinkle with lemon juice. Some housewives prefer to add a salad sugar (1 tbsp. Spoon).

You can cook spicy dish using any Korean recipe. For those who have ever done in Korean salad of carrots, it will not be difficult. Rub the carrot (300 gr.), Frays with the salt and left for a while. Then boiled cauliflower (0, 5 kg), green beans (200 gr.). Fried in vegetable oil until transparent onions and bell peppers. Combined and mixed cabbage, carrots and beans with vinegar (3% - 3 tbsp. Spoon), sprinkle with a mixture of peppers, coriander, and poured hot frying. All should mix well and leave to marinate at least for 30-40 minutes. If desired, you can include a recipe cucumber, cut into half rings or cubes. You can replace them beans.

Cauliflower can be combined with walnuts, shrimp, boiled fish, ham, corn, bananas, raisins, pickles and tomato sauce. Fantasia can limit a contraindication to any product for health or high calorie ingredients, which is undesirable for losing weight.

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Tips from professional cooking

Recipes Cauliflower salad, which uses a large amount of hot spices, an amateur. Experienced cooks still agree that this vegetable does not suffer from the burning taste of ingredients and overly rich aroma, and when a salad dressed with pepper, the proportion of red pepper always exceeds the burning types. Lemon, saffron, parsley and celery - is the most common components involved in the preparation of salad with cauliflower.

From sauces are most commonly used varieties of vegetable-creamy fillings with eggs and cheese, which helps mitigate the taste when there are hot spices.

For a festive salad is better to use only the tops of the inflorescence, and tougher roots and water, the remainder of cooking cabbage, will be used in dietary soup puree. Thus, you can cook just two healthy meals.

 Culinary imagination without borders: Cauliflower salad