Mankind has long been observed that cold in reasonable doses, has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. It is because those who want to be healthy and longer maintain youth begin to use different systems of hardening and winter swimming. And what about those who are just not physically have time to devote themselves to such procedures, or because of some other objective reasons can not engage in regular hardening? Here come to the aid of experts in the field of cosmetology.

What is a "cold treatment"?

Cryotherapy - treatment with cold, "cryo" -holod .  In general, the impact on the human body ultralow temperatures (up to - 160 degrees) using a variety of specialized procedures .  Cold provides short-term, but the shock effect on the body, and is a result of rapid cooling .  The consequences of "shock" can be called the increase in metabolism, the purification of the blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation, muscle tone, strengthen the nervous system .  Even our ancestors took ice baths, seeking thereby to prolong their youth .  In our time, the effectiveness of these procedures has been proved scientifically: activates the immune system .  Cryotherapy is used in cosmetics to produce the effect of skin rejuvenation, smoothing of wrinkles on the neck and face .  Today "holodolecheniem" is considered not only the usual effects of hypothermic (cold packs, winter swimming, etc. . d . ), And exposed to air, chilled to a temperature as high as 190 degrees minus .  Exposure to an inert gas such as nitrogen, also relates to a procedure similar to that .

Types of procedures

Cryotherapy is of several types: general, local, private.

  • For general procedures require special cold chamber in which the skin temperature stress test for 2-3 minutes. The skin surface is cooled to 0 degrees, and the sharp contrast of temperatures stimulates the protective body functions and metabolic processes. Damage to the skin when this happens. Preventive course 10-15 sessions. Overall, the number of treatments cryotherapy depends on the objectives pursued.
  • Speaking of the local procedure, it should be said that it involves the partial or complete immersion in gaseous environment (temperature -110-160 degrees) naked body. To avoid frostbite, respiratory system and distal limb cryotherapy in the process of defending their cotton-gauze and wool mittens and socks. The rejuvenating effect is on the entire body.

Methods of local cryotherapy

Depending on the chosen method of cryotherapy, on the fabric have different effects.

  • Cryotherapy, causing destruction and death of tissue. This method is used when you want to deep-freezing tumors removed. The procedure lasts more than 30 seconds, during which the applicator is firmly fixed on the necessary parts, exerts its beneficial effects at low pressure.

Cryotherapy surface exposure, causing vascular response. The procedure for short-term -10-15 seconds of massage. Stick with a cotton swab moistened with liquid nitrogen, lead directly over the site that requires treatment. Skin with the tampon does not apply. The treatment stimulates metabolic processes in the tissues.

Private or cryotherapy at home. Such procedures are expected to be used in any kind of cold, but at home. Most often these "tools" are the ice or cold water. Such procedures do not require special monitoring, but, nevertheless, we should not ignore the advice of experts. The basic procedures are ice packs, cold showers and baths, as well as wrapping. They help relieve swelling and fatigue of muscles, improve skin tone, etc. Necessary area just above it and a plastic bag was triturated with ice for a few minutes (2 to 5), but no more.

However, do not overdo it, doing cryotherapy at home, since such procedures are useful only in moderation.

The use of liquid nitrogen

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen involves the use of an applicator that looks like a wooden stick the length of 25-30 cm and a tightly fixed on the end of a cotton swab. The dimensions of the tampon is always slightly larger than the portion that will be subjected to the procedure. Also, instead of the applicator cryospray krioapplikator can be used, which has the form of a tube, a reservoir into which the liquid nitrogen with a removable metal tip (tip shape could be different). The lesion and the skin before the procedure required to handle 70-degree alcohol.

Himself liquid nitrogen - a clear liquid, having neither color nor smell, its boiling point -195, 8 degrees (under normal atmospheric pressure). Liquid nitrogen explodes and neogneopasen. This gas characterized by a high therapeutic capacity, and is based on the therapeutic effects of its low temperature. One liter of liquid nitrogen during evaporation produces about 700 liters of gas. Cryotherapy in Cosmetology cosmetology office simply be stored in a simple nitrogen (food) thermos, the capacity of which ranges from 0 5 to 2 liters. The flask should be made of stainless steel.

All activities are based on the change in vessels. First spazmiruyutsya small arteries, and after - is greatly enhanced, which causes the active hyperemia in the next few hours (1 to 3). The result is increased heat production, improving nutrition of tissues of the skin and internal organs, blood vessels and the heart work stimulates and facilitates venous outflow. This enhanced heat transfer explains that cryotherapy for weight loss is no less effective than other methods of cosmetology. Within one session loses about 2000 cal.

"Cold," the beauty of your figure


Such a procedure, cryotherapy, contributes not only to rejuvenate the skin, but is also an excellent tool in the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

Procedure: You are immersed for several minutes in a special chamber, which is filled with gas. Temperature conditions in the chamber of about -130 degrees (+/- 20 depending on individual perception). As mentioned above, during cryotherapy for weight loss, when a person is immersed cold-environment entirely, you need to protect the limb. During the dive, the body temperature immediately drops to 2 degrees, but it cooled only the surface layer of the skin. From those who would like to reduce their weight, such cryotherapy reserves exclusively rave reviews - the loss of calories in a few minutes the procedure is equivalent to the loss of their hour and a half during an active workout at the gym. Just a few procedures the skin condition improves, and extra weight begin to melt before our eyes.

Note that after cryotherapy can break out serious appetite, but experts give advice - is to refrain from eating, which the body will have to spend a sufficient amount of energy, which is supposed to rejuvenate the body. If hunger is too intrusive, eat fruit or vegetables, but abstain from solid food.

"Cold" taking care of facial skin

Cryotherapy entity - local procedure, used in the form of cryomassage, helps to activate blood circulation and metabolism in it.

During cryotherapy applicator is used which is previously immersed in liquid nitrogen (-80 ° C). Rapid movement of the applicator problem areas are processed within 10-15 seconds. There is a feeling replaced in stages: first, there is a strong burning sensation, then-skin burns like after a walk in the cold. As a result, fine lines begin to flatten, and appears on the cheeks a healthy glow. When cryotherapy face the actual impact is over-cold dry air.

The mechanism of action is as follows: the low temperatures affect the heat receptors and blood vessels. Under the influence of the cold, they are narrowed, and after -reflektorno steadily expanding for a long time, resulting in improved skin nutrition. Cryotherapy is capable of two or even more times reinforce the effect of the majority of cosmetic procedures in the event that they will be held immediately after cryomassage.

About this cryotherapy reviews often refer to the recommendations regarding the Sun - it is not worth doing, to avoid pigmentation within a few months.

Healthy and shiny hair

Cryotherapy hair - a procedure that allows to strengthen weakened hair and help them recover. The impact on the scalp is short, but strong and not systematically as could be expected. Enables only the top layer of the scalp. The skin on problem areas during cryotherapy hair is cooled to 0 degrees. As a result, the blood circulation is enhanced, which stimulates the growth and strengthening of the hair. The procedure is completely safe.

Cryotherapy for warts

Cryotherapy is able to deliver us not only of the problems with the hair, and clean our body from the pleasant little outgrowths such such as warts. Cryotherapy for warts based on a gradual processing of each lesion separately. Dipped in liquid nitrogen applicator swift motion and light pressure is applied perpendicular to the wart. Duration "unusual effect" depends on the site, but the average is 10-30 seconds. Once the liquid nitrogen to evaporate (approximately 20 seconds), wetted swab and the procedure is performed again. Mandatory control over the compliance of the applicator and the depth of freezing. An indispensable condition for achieving the effectiveness of the procedure is promorozhennaya from 1 to 1, 5 mm around the local area.

As the use of cryotherapy wart fades after it becomes dense and white, a characteristic feature of the adequacy of impact-white corolla on the periphery. Can feel tingling, pain and burning.

After 40-60 seconds. after cryotherapy wart otechet was used in the next days there will epidermialnogo bubble formation, which will last from 5 to 7 days. Later, in place of the bubble formed crust, dense enough, the rejection of which will happen within 12 days. Pink spot, remaining as a result, will be barely noticeable. The number of procedures is determined by a specialist on the basis of the number of damaged areas.

Indications for procedures

Cryotherapy involves readings in the following cases:

  • The presence of excessive weight and cellulite;
  • In early aging of the skin;
  • The presence of skin diseases;
  • The presence of gynecological disorders (menopause, infertility);
  • Predpodgotovka pregnancy;
  • The presence of neurological disorders (pain syndromes, migraine, etc);
  • The presence of respiratory diseases;
  • Prescription as recovery procedures after injuries and operations;
  • Exhaustion, insomnia, fatigue.


Cryotherapy is contra provides:

  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • Pronounced disease of the vascular system;
  • The presence of open wounds;
  • The presence of SARS and other inflammatory processes;
  • Blood diseases;
  • The presence of mental illness;
  • Have claustrophobia (and possibly other phobia);

Individual intolerance:

Cryotherapy is also contraindicated in pregnancy, it is used solely or after this process.

A total of cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen reviews currently reserves as of the procedure with a variety of options as cosmetic and medicinal. Cryotherapy great effect on the skin, helps to stimulate hair growth and eliminates the unpleasant growths on the skin. In a strictly defined doses, cold prolongs youth, not only visually, but also internal - physiological. But we should remember that the amount of abuse procedures such as cryotherapy, you should not avoid the appearance of already negative effects such as frostbite, etc.

Cryotherapy house likewise be normalized, because excessive use of cold compression can cause overcooling and, consequently, the cold. Take care of your beauty should not forget about health. Be nice to your health!

 Cryotherapy - cold useful health and beauty

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