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Knitting has always been, is and probably will still be one of the most loved and most popular types of women's needlework. I agree that this is akin to magic: using sticks (knitting, crochet, on a fork) to convert a long string into a whole cloth. And not just the canvas, and the ability to become anything from socks or pinetok Baby to elegant sitting room rug or blanket on the double bed.

About knitting, seemingly it has been known for all. And all you can think of already invented. However, there are very young technology, for example, friform - knitting without rules. But we'll talk about the old, but little-known technique of crochet patchwork. Nobody will say, developed this style yourself, or appeared as an analogue of the textile art of patchwork. And it is not important. It is important that you create in this style of things are very different from any other jerseys.

Once done the knitted patchwork, seamstress forever remain fans of this amazing technology. And it is not simple crochet patchwork. On the contrary, it is only on the forces experienced knitters! However, the idea is so simple and unsophisticated that you wonder, how is such a complex and interesting things. Incidentally, knitted patchwork presented is not a single technique. Knit products patchwork and crochet and are used for different ways to create this patchwork fabric.

Feature patchwork knitting

It distinguishes this style from other traditional techniques (Tunisian crochet, Scandinavian patterns and so on, and so on) use the reception connection of individual elements into a whole cloth. That is knitted squares, diamonds, triangles vyvyazyvayut separately or sequentially, becoming one. With textile patchwork unites this technique only use elements of strict geometric shapes or symmetrical ornamental shapes (flowers, stars).

This feature distinguishes the same style and of friforma (art of knitting without rules), which uses elements of arbitrary shape and size. And another characteristic feature of crochet patchwork can be regarded as an opportunity to work with spokes and a hook. And in fact, and in another case for the patchwork knitted fabric using smooth knitting fishnet or raised patterns. Tie patchwork knitted fabric in various ways, which determine the kind of knitting patchwork.

 patchwork knitting

Modular knitting

The easiest and most constructive way is known as "modular knitting." With this method, each new element of the knit wales previous parts. That is initially drawn from the loop calculation of the size of one detail, which becomes the basis of all of the web. And how exactly it will be located in the whole canvas is dependent on the original idea. You can knit a new element progressively (up and away) Be the first item in a corner of the canvas. You can knit a spiral, placing the main element in the center and fasten it by increasing the canvas in all directions from the center.

Using this method, previously come up with a drawing (circuit) products on a checkered paper. According to this figure, and define the order and direction of knitting. This method was officially patented in the forties of the last century Virginia Bellamy, who called this technique "numerical knitting." It also introduced the concept of "elementary square". So it involves the use of modular knitting for knitted patchwork detail square is associated with needles.

Crochet Patchwork

Patchwork crocheted - a more elegant technique than modular knitting. According to this technology vyvyazyvayut individual elements of any geometric shape (square, circle, triangle), which are then connected integrally to the web by the same hook. At first glance technique is much simpler: imposed crochet colorful patches and then combined them into one, laying pattern or ornament. On the other hand, this technique requires more hard work, but also opportunities to "draw" patterns gives you a lot more.

Crocheted items are more dense and better keep their shape. So connect them with each other, in general, it is easy, provided sufficient experience crochet. Besides the elements themselves can be done with colored and patterned, thereby patchwork fabric and turns brighter and "more fun."

 knitted patchwork


Another kind of patchwork. Very interesting, quite ancient technique that looks similar to an ordinary knitted patchwork. At first glance, things related technique enterlak seem woven from separate long knitted stripes. Yes, and enterlak pattern more similar to the present weaving. However, obtained using this technique tselnovyazannoe canvas. And, interestingly, the individual items in the product enterlakovskih vyvyazyvayut without thread breakage.

If used in a modular method of numerical patchwork crochet, then enterlak - method patchwork knitted partial manner (partial knitting). Pattern itself may be a single color or bi-color and consists of geometric shapes, as in traditional patchwork. And despite the complexity of the technology, it is very convenient, as the web goes tselnovyazannym, in the case of error it is easy to dissolve, keeping intact the thread. Knitting technique enterlak running longitudinally, transversely or diagonally. When vyvyazyvanii pattern, it is divided into separate sections (elements), and the spokes are alternately input and output of work, changing the direction of knitting.

Here, in fact, and all the basic techniques of knitting patchwork. The better you own, or crocheted? Try to learn patchwork using a familiar tool for you. However, it is to start to learn knitting needles or crochet it is never too late. The more that you can not master the simple knitting, and especially the technique of patchwork knitted fabric - knitted patchwork. Be bold, and all you get!

 Crochet Patchwork: patchwork crochet and knitting

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 the idea of ​​patchwork


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If you enter the number of fans patchwork fashion now, you probably look for the possibility of this magical technology wherever possible. But did you know that the idea itself (as such) patchwork can be implemented not only in itself, "sewing", but also without any needles and thread, and, for example, by means of knitting needles or hook, glue, paper, foam.

Here are some original ideas of using patchwork techniques to decorate the interior of the house, creating fashionable accessories and useful (but beautiful) little things. By the way, to translate these ideas into practice, does not have to be highly skilled quilter. It is enough to have an idea about the technique of Patchwork, have artistic taste and the desire to transform your home and embellish your life. So, let's begin.

Ideas for home

Of course, should start from the very traditional - bedspreads, pillowcases, pillows, blankets, kitchen potholders. All this can be done in the technique of patchwork, using its variety of species, ranging from strict English patchwork and ending crazy (in the literal sense of the word), Crazy patchwork. Such interior accessories will add to your home warmth and comfort, and will be bright and "funny" accents.

But this is not the only option of using patchwork quilt art for the home. It is fashionable today and upholstery making of colored patches. So if your sofas, chairs and stools upholstered chair with slightly worn out, do not hurry to run to the store for a new upholstery fabric: it can be replaced personally sewn patchwork fabric. If you change the trim yourself can not afford, limit new furniture covers, sewn as patchwork. By the way, all of these ideas may bring, not only with just sewing. If you know how to knit, then connected patchwork blankets, capes and pillowcases will also be able to update your furniture.

Another alternative ideas patchwork - patchwork technique used for the decoration of the walls. For example, to abandon the traditional and wallpaper paste over the wall (only one, but not all!) Large pieces of colored cloth, or use for this purpose trimming wallpaper. By the way, making out the walls, you can rely on the strict rules of the traditional patchwork to create the wall strict patchwork pattern, and may give preference to Crazy-patchwork, which is not necessarily the use of strict geometric shapes, but simply to "play" with the color and texture of the material.

Ideas for the house patchwork can be realized, and in the manufacture of a new lampshade, and when sewing curtains, and even interior decorating cute little things: picture frames, boxes, mirrors. However, in this case, you will have to get acquainted with techniques such as patchwork without a needle.

 patchwork ideas for home

Patchwork without needle

Another great idea of ​​using techniques of patchwork. Quilting without a needle has come to us from Japan, where this art is called kinusayga and used to create pictures from silk patches. The technology has been adapted for the modern skilled workers and their capabilities is used to "paint" decorative panels, design of furniture, boxes, boxes, and any flat hard surface.

The basis of this technique is the idea of ​​patchwork, but it is embodied by a flat foam, knife and non-ferrous scraps. First, the foam is applied to the image on the borders which cut grooves, furrows, the individual elements of the picture are covered with a cloth tucked into the edge of the furrow. If desired, the boundaries between different tissues are decorated with braid or cord, but it is already receiving from Crazy-Patchwork.

Thus it is possible to issue and headboard (especially children), and rare old dresser or cabinet, as well as to make panels or even the real silk painting technique kinusayga. And patchwork without a needle - one of the ideas for making gifts and Christmas decorations, ornaments nondescript boxes or boxes (tin, plastic, wood and cardboard) to store small items.

 patchwork Home

Patchwork for yourself

Finding the idea of ​​using Patchwork quilt do not forget about yourself. If you can sew or knit, try to make the clothes, using the ideas of patchwork. This may be an easy summer skirt and a smart jacket and even a warm jacket. By the way, engaging in the design of the garment, use and old jeans are things that will be a perfect material for the things in the style of patchwork.

In addition to clothing (for myself or for children) the idea of ​​patchwork be fine, for example, for a new bag, which can also be linked or sew patchwork. In addition to the bag to find a cheerful patchwork coloring can be: cosmetic bag, wallet, pouch for your phone, glasses case and other little things that live in your bag or on your dressing table.

Actually, any ideas patchwork just in the air. Look around you, what you could sew or tie to decorate your home or make a soul? Almost all of this, you can use the idea of ​​patchwork. So use! Be original and do not ignore any crazy ideas, visit you. Originality, like patchwork, now in vogue!

 Ideas patchwork, or the original is now in vogue

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