Simple hairstyles for medium length hair


  • Simplicity and convenience
  • Different types of haircuts
  • Modeling hairstyles

The dream of every woman - wearing a beautiful long hair. But not all the strength they grow, providing the necessary care. Short haircuts have to choose carefully, given the structure of curls. Not every woman they fit. An alternative may be a haircut at medium hair, which combine many creative, stylish trends.

Professional hairdressing art believe that the lady with long curls to the chin or slightly shorter than shoulder length, can afford many fashionable hairstyles to medium hair. They are also available as a trendy styling for everyday and for special outputs.
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Simplicity and convenience

The main advantages of hairstyles to medium hair - versatility, elegance, ease of maintenance.

To properly wash your head, need less shampoo, and a variety of masks will be much easier to apply. Haircuts for medium hair is suitable for almost all women. With this hairstyle, slightly adjust its length is not difficult. No matter what you want to achieve, grow a little hair or cut them a little shorter.

Shoulder length - a reason to invent creative styling. For example, you can braid pigtails, dissolve the hair or put them in a ponytail. Be creative, do anything, convert your image according to your desires. Another huge plus, you can feel during the trip to the beauty salon. Once a master unprofessional, do not worry much because it will damage your hair. For any unsuccessful haircut at medium hair can always be converted into a short. If you are not ready to take such a radical solution, walk with a scythe or beam while waiting for locks grow back a little bit.

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Different types of haircuts

Haircut at medium hair should be selected taking into account the structure and shape of the face. Only then can you get to do all sorts of creative styling and always be in trend.   The young lady with the face oval luck more than others. They go absolutely every hairstyle. But the owners of round face will have to completely abandon bangs and asymmetrical haircuts stay at a high crown.

Haircut cascade on medium hair has always been popular among the fairer sex. It is universal: gives extra volume thin strands, highlights the beauty of the dense. These trendy haircuts for medium hair are good that possible for them to a wide variety of hairstyles and hair styling. Particularly impressive they look, if you smooth, smooth hair. To easily create unusual hairstyles used special tools for installation.

Among the cuts in the middle of hair is very popular quads. It is characterized by the diversity of variations and forms. Classy and elegant look to your quads will give well-groomed, smooth hair. Especially good looks bob with bangs, but the length of the bangs will have to choose the shape of the face. Avoid too bold experiments, otherwise you run the risk of stress facial imperfections and virtues, on the contrary, to hide.

For women with high cheekbones, heavy chin fit oblique bangs. Their flowing lines soften angularity of the face and hairstyle give the visual volume. Owners of an oval face type is best to wear ragged bangs. Uneven ends allow a bang pulling face. Women who want to rejuvenate your face and hide a high forehead, and the roundness of the face, it is recommended to do long bangs. Choose the length of bangs you need depends on what effect you want to achieve.

Rapidly in popularity this season, gaining an average haircut on hair bob and bob-bob. Moving laterally in such a hairstyle can be stepped or with semicircular edges. The length can be selected to the shoulders or a little shorter. This hairstyle is very simple, but that it gives your mind a kind of puzzle, emphasizes the dignity of all of your appearance, but also saves installation time. Perfect business woman who is never enough time.

Especially important for haircuts bob coloring, with which you can achieve the effect of layering. And the use of cutting out and steps to visually increase the volume of hair. Mowing good as with a bang, or without. Any minor, creative nuances made to the hair can give the image of a fantastic and unrivaled views. With regard graded women's haircuts for medium hair, they are suitable for almost all types of hair. Such curls hairstyle gives elasticity and thin and straight tresses - volume.

Asymmetrical haircut at medium hair as if created for girls who used to stand out from the crowd, emphasizing their individuality. Its distinguishing feature is pretty uneven strands. If you are the owner of a beautiful long neck, this hairstyle will help you tell the world about your dignity. For thin hair layered haircut approach, which creates volume. To make it thick optional. But this hairstyle will require you to daily styling, teach it in the selection.

Torn haircut on the middle section of hair refers to the original hairstyles, looks good with a ragged fringe, is more suitable for straight, smooth hair. The length should not be too short. This type of hairstyle requires special care and permanent placement. Owners of thin, sparse hair is not recommended to do a haircut because of the daily pilings using the ironing. For this hairstyle have to sacrifice healthy hair.

 especially haircuts for medium hair
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Modeling hairstyles

In addition to the cuts in the middle of hair can come up with a variety of beautiful hairstyles that will add zest to your image. For those who are tired of walking disbanded or tail, there are a number of alternatives to diversify everyday hairstyle.

Nothing prevents you to make, for example, beam. Nothing more, easy, easy, convenient. This hairstyle is very fast and has a great number of species, each girl can choose the option that she likes and fit. Hairstyle will last all day, so important in rainy weather.

Trendy hairstyles with braids can afford not only a girl with long curls. Most trendy hairstyles with braids are calculated on the average length tresses. French braid, for example, is ideal for quads and drags along his forehead. Owners hairstyles to medium hairstyles hair is very suitable fleece. To make the image more romantic can be simmered on each side of the strand.

The retro style is relevant again, which should greatly please the girls from haircuts to medium hair. This option is more appropriate placement for special holidays.

Creative hairstyle, fashion styling, sexual images - all these combine the medium-length hair. Experiment to reincarnate, because the only way you will find your perfect image. Do not forget to update your hair once in 2-3 months.

 Creative haircuts for medium length hair

 braided hairstyles with braids


  • Meet all the spit good
  • Simple rules for a light weave braid

"Women are always: they passionately want what they have, and achieving the desired, they feel a sense of disappointment," said one expert on women's hearts Alexandre Dumas fils. Surely they know daddy in this sense.

And men always excited beautiful ladies' tresses of any length irrespective of whether they are flying freely, whether stacked in a neat hairstyle or braided into simple braids. The last option allows you to braid such interesting hairstyle that triumphantly gaining a leading position in the rankings of fashion, and that is exactly what women consistently lacking in the endless struggle for beauty and male attention.

If you have beautiful long hair, everything is more or less clear. But what to do when the hair of medium length? Is it possible to weave braids on medium hair? Braid pigtails over medium hair is not just possible, but necessary! Learning this art does not take long. There are traditionally female skills passed to us from our foremothers. It is only necessary to awaken a dozing skills.

To braiding hair on average bring maximum pleasure, not necessarily be a professional or winner interplanetary hairdressing competitions.

Weave braids desired length - a great relaxation session, a good mood and the ability to surprise her friends every day new image.

 braided hairstyles with braids
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Meet all the spit good

  • Russian Spit - a classic of the genre. Instructions for weaving a braid is extremely simple and is known for any little girl with the appearance of her first doll Masha. Spit three strands woven simple shifting of extremes in the middle.
  • Braid plait a funny name "fish tail" can be independently if in your arsenal sufficient skills. But it is better if there are close inseparable girlfriend or mother. Spit of the two strands in the end really looks like a fish.
  • Always on trend, French and Greek spit on medium hair. Weave them interesting, because the result is unpredictable every time, but in any case these hairstyles look stunning. It's a win-win for special occasions and business meetings. However, it should be remembered that the Greek braid woven exclusively on the edge of the hair. And the French can be the basis for a variety of different hairstyles, it looks a little sloppy and does not require special skills, so that any girl quickly mastered the technique of weaving. French braid to match the French woman - provocatively lax, but extremely erotic.
  • Kos "boho" - is exotic, elegance and glamor. She drags on the right or left side of the head, gradually "absorbing" a bang and all subsequent strands of any length. Externally hairstyle with a plait like a ring around the head. Braid plait "boho" - means doomed themselves to a wave of attention and admiration.
  • Kos "spike" is known and loved by the heat moms of all time, as it allows to collect and safely keep all the unruly strands younger fashionistas, when the length of the hair is not quite enough. Hairstyles "spike" will look very original and exclusive, if the braiding will go from the bottom up.

 Women's hairstyles with braids

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Simple rules for a light weave braid

There are only two:

  1. Before braid braid of any type, should be thoroughly wash your hair. Kos will look more volume and elegant.
  2. To pigtails on medium hair held tightly, and did not disintegrate at the most crucial moments of life, using the usual styling tools: mousses, gels, waxes, styling and fixing hair sprays.

Feel free to vary the techniques of weaving and combine! Beautiful to medium hair braids easily woven into a variety of hairstyles, making it bright and unique. And the addition of bright contrasts of hair accessories will help to create your everyday, festive or business image.

Everything else, braiding can become not just your hobby, but also a source of steady income. Learn how to create beautiful hairstyles based on the braided hair of any length and make money at your pleasure! Lack of customers will not.

 Braids and cornrows for all occasions