creative hairstyles for short hair


  • Short haircuts based on face shape
  • Creative haircuts depending on the type of hair

You - the owner short hair and want to experiment? Then turn on the imagination and act. Creative hairstyles for short hair can choose to suit every taste. The main thing - is to carefully take into account the peculiarities of their appearance.

You can easily hide flaws and highlight "highlights" by using properly chosen hairstyle.
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Short haircuts based on face shape

If you have a round face shape, you need to choose a hairstyle, which will visually lengthen and narrow chin oval face. For this purpose, perfectly suited "torn" creative hairstyle with asymmetrical strands. When placing hair, which was cut so the strands can be slightly tighten toward the cheeks. This visually reduce excessive roundness. Another good option - a haircut with volume at the crown. Ideally, if it is multi-layered, and the strands are gently framing the facial contour.

But if you face an elongated, avoid too short hairstyle options. Choose a hairstyle with volume at the temples and cheekbones. Long asymmetrical bangs or wide and straight, too, will help you adjust too elongated face. Panacea can be careless and romantic ringlets small length. And style your hair in this case is very simple: after shampooing, apply a foam or mousse, Fan fingers and blow dry, slightly twisting curls. For volume you can also use a diffuser attachment. The main thing is not to leave his forehead open and forget about parting and "sleek" hair.

Well, the owner of an oval face can safely try a variety of options for creative haircuts on short hair. If you have the right to the same facial features, you can make even a haircut "a boy", although shave whiskey, at least leave "hedgehog." You can be creative and to play with the color palette. Winning will look like multi-colored contrasting strands soft and smooth transitions of natural shades.

Too broad forehead is easy to hide straight haircut with a long fringe chelkoy.Esli ugly lies curled or too, you can straighten it with ironing. However, do not overdo it. This is also a hair dryer, curling irons and styling products. Despite the fact that short hair is much easier to tolerate all these tortures, than long, you still have a chance to make of their tresses over-dried "nest". So use everything in moderation and do not forget to pamper your hair balms and masks.

 hairstyles for short hair
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Creative haircuts depending on the type of hair

Haircuts for fine hair too have to give volume. Otherwise the hair will look too unhealthy and lifeless. Not a bad option - speed hair length is not shorter than the lower part of the ear. The line of the neck is better to leave open and cover the forehead slightly tattered fringe.

For those who have curly hair, you can make a short cut, where the hair at the back will be shorter, while the cheekbones - long. Do not choose a hairstyle that requires very sophisticated styling. If you want to make hair more "live", it is better to make the focus by isolating strands of color. The hair that curl is not too much can be made into a neat cascade. This will give your image a certain charm.

Very short hair can look very attractive if you have the proper proportions of the figure and facial features.   Especially popular today haircut "Garson". It can be issued in strict hairstyle that will suit business lady. You can ruffle, and it will look very creatively in an informal setting. And if you decorate the delicate hair Clip, tape or bandage, such an unusual combination of profitable emphasize the romantic nature.

As you can see, pick an interesting hairstyle is not so difficult. In order to be beautiful, does not necessarily have the locks on the belt! Choosing the right short hairstyle easily make you charming lady.

 Creative and original hairstyles for short hair

 bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide


  • How to prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide?
  • How to lighten your hair?

Well-groomed blond hair beautiful color - the dream of many women. And to realize this dream, the women to begin to discolor their hair, and only then, if necessary, to fulfill their toning, giving the right light shade.

To lighten the hair for a long time been used hydrogen peroxide, today there are so many different brands of products, but their basis as before it is hydrogen peroxide. Preparations produced different concentrations.

To determine the required concentration must first determine what color you want to get a result, and to assess the structure and quality of hair.

The main indicator - their hygroscopic, ie the speed with which they absorb moisture. If they are very difficult to wet with water, the concentration will be much greater than if they absorb water quickly. To lighten the thin porous hair is used hydrogen peroxide concentration of 4-8%, and the hard, thick - 8-12%.

Bleaching principle is that the treated hair is oxidized by peroxide oxygen, whereby a pigment that determines the color is converted into a colorless substance. To accelerate the reaction barbers used ammonium bicarbonate or ammonia to be added at a specific amount, as their excessive use not only improve the outcome of discoloration on the contrary, it will worsen.

To prepare the solution should be immediately before the application of hydrogen peroxide to the hair, since the process of separating oxygen begins immediately and lasts for a certain time.

 hydrogen peroxide
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How to prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide?

The amount of hydrogen peroxide solution required depends on whether hair length and thickness. Usually, to lighten locks the average length of 50-60 ml of the composition is required. But it is better to prepare a solution with a small margin to eliminate the need to interrupt the process of applying the composition, since it may contribute to their uneven lightening the whole head.

A solution can be porcelain, glass, plastic or enamel bowl. You can not use metal utensils, as the metal will react with the peroxide and cause decomposition of the composition.

Brush with peroxide should have synthetic bristles as natural very quickly destroyed by the impact of the composition.
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How to lighten your hair?

Before lighting, the hair should not be washed to a natural layer of fat, which is able to protect them and scalp, are not deleted.

Roots discolor significantly faster ends because the oxidation reaction by the heat coming from the scalp is faster.   Therefore, in order to lighten the hair evenly at the first peroxide bleaching solution should be applied first at the ends, departing from the scalp 2 cm, and when the desired color is almost reached, it should again be applied solution, this time starting from the root.

If your goal - to lighten regrowth, the solution should be applied only on the roots, not touching, if possible, previously bleached hair. To facilitate the process of dyeing, the composition should be applied thick.

If you wish to brighten strands hospitality at home, perform so-called highlighting, you can use a special rubber cap or the usual bathing cap which tightly fits the head, making little holes in it. Hair bleaching in this case can be a large concentration of hydrogen peroxide, as the risk to burn the scalp is eliminated. In addition to hats, to lighten the individual strands peroxide need a hook (not metal), which will accrue to the surface of the cap locks for further clarification.

When bleaching remember to try the least possible harm to the skin and hair. To lighten natural blonde hair should use a small part of the concentration and, moreover, at any bleaching hair -vnimatelno follow the course of the process.

 As discolored peroxide hair?