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  • Delicate cream of milk and flour - English
  • A delicious cream with vanilla
  • Custard Sauce with condensed milk

Surely every family has at least one fan of sweet. Often, the weaknesses exposed so innocent women and children. And the stronger sex is also very sympathetic to the desserts, though the men prefer the company of good juicy piece of meat. In general, those who are too lazy to cook and do it with pleasure, we offer to learn a few recipes tasty cream cake called "Napoleon." Although optional, and it can be used for another batch.

Delicate cream of milk and flour - English

Every housewife making cakes for the cake differently, buying this for a variety of products. The same with the cream - you can prepare creamy oil, condensed milk, and in the absence of suitable ingredients to use whatever is at hand, such as homemade jam. We offer you a simple recipe. This delicious and tasty custard for "Napoleon" is prepared to quickly and effortlessly. He is gentle, and the air will be a great addition to your home baking.


  • Two chicken eggs
  • One liter of pasteurized milk
  • cup of sugar (optional replace sugar)
  • One pack of butter
  • Three spoons (tablespoons) of wheat flour

Cooking method:

First, connect to a separate bowl two eggs (pre-whisk), one regular cup of sugar and the amount of wheat above (premium) flour. Stir with a spoon until smooth. Slightly warm the milk is pasteurized and gradually add it to the resulting mixture, stir to avoid clots formed. Now place the bowl on the fire (only weak) and bring to a boil - remove from heat, cool slightly to room temperature. The recipe involves the use of sugar, but you can replace it with powdered sugar. It dissolves well and does not form lumps.

If you kept the butter in the fridge, put it out and let thaw. Then cut into small pieces and add to the milk weight - Stir with a spoon or whisk until smooth, so that all ingredients are united. Delicate and airy cream cake is ready! It can be used not only for "Napoleon", but also for the preparation of other baked goods and desserts.

As you can see, this recipe is quite simple. By the way, if you put in the freezer ready-made mixture and allow to warm, you get homemade ice cream, which will not refuse any child! Bon Appetit!

 custard for Napoleon

A delicious cream with vanilla

For those who like spice, vanilla cream we offer a recipe for a cake. It turns out quite thick and very sweet, so this flour products best served with tea or coffee without sugar.


  • 500 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • Two chicken eggs (can take three egg yolks)
  • 180 grams of sugar
  • 150 ml double cream (you can use a home or shop - 30%)
  • 50 grams of fresh butter
  • three tablespoons (or 30 grams) of starch or flour (premium only)
  • one tea (without top) teaspoon of vanilla sugar (also suitable in pods and vanilla)

Cooking method:

Cut with a knife in half vanilla pod and remove the seeds from one. In order not to throw away the rest, fold it into a container or a tight package with a fastener and take the next time to prepare a cake or other food.

Pour into a bowl or pan pasteurized milk, pour half of the specified portion of the sugar and add the vanilla - stir well and bring to a bubble formation (ie to a boil). Then remove from heat and let stand (approximately half an hour). You can change the recipe "for themselves", for example, use powdered sugar or cinnamon sauce season - it will give it a special flavor.

Now, in a separate bowl pour the starch or flour, depending on what you choose, and after - the remains of sugar and mix with a spoon or a special broom. If you want to cream cake turned out dense and thick, take a little more of these ingredients than indicated in the recipe. In the same mixture, add the beaten eggs in advance (or three yolk) and stir until smooth. From the milk, remove the vanilla pod Boil again, then pour in about 1/3 of it in starch and egg mass. Make sure to avoid forming lumps. Thoroughly mix all with the remaining milk and heat over medium heat. As the temperature of the cream slowly thickens.

This recipe is based on the use of starch, it has some features of which involves the selection of the flour. Thus, the first cream must first lightly boil, and then hold the plate on another two minutes. And the other good thicken over low heat. By the way, to get rid of the clots, wipe the cream through a sieve. Now add fresh butter and stir until smooth - put in a separate bowl and cover with a lid or a special film (food). Put overnight or at least 4 hours in the refrigerator.

To make the products taste richer and more diverse, add the cream of oily or oil. Regardless of whether you are using an electric mixer, whisk the product and gradually mix with the sauce. It can be used to lubricate cakes cake "Napoleon" and as a filling for eclairs or custard cakes.

 Cream Napoleon

Custard Sauce with condensed milk

Have you planned a family celebration? Or the child asked to prepare a delicious dessert? And maybe at work at someone's birthday? If you decide to make a "Napoleon", we offer another recipe with condensed milk cream for this cake!


  • vanilla sugar at your discretion
  • one glass (200 milliliters or) concentrated milk
  • one small cup of sugar (or icing sugar)
  • three large tablespoons wheat (sieved) flour
  • 50 grams of high-quality butter
  • half of the bank usually (not boiled) sweetened condensed milk

Cooking method:

Connect milk (room temperature) with a specified amount of sugar in the recipe, add the flour (only premium) and stir with a spoon. Put the quiet heat and simmer (do not forget to stir) until then, until the sugar has melted. If you do not want to wait a long time, better use powdered sugar.

After the mixture is cool, pour half of the banks of condensed milk (add slowly) and put 50 grams of butter, then stir thoroughly (a broom or a fork) until smooth. Vanilla sugar put in its sole discretion. Voila, cream cake is ready! If you want diversity, lubricating cakes sauce, add a little grated peanuts, walnuts or other nuts.

Impregnation bake can use a desired cream: brew with condensed milk, milk-based, with the addition of the starch or flour, with or without spices. Some housewives believe that the best option - a mixture of sour cream and sugar. We offer you several different types of custard filling. Hopefully, at least one recipe (of the above) to your taste!

 Cream custard Napoleon: variety of taste

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 Napoleon cake


  • Cake "Napoleon Family" with nuts
  • "Gentle Napoleon" with aromatic cream
  • "Napoleon" with honey and nuts
  • Cake "Honey"
  • Unusual "Napoleon" with cottage cheese

Cake "Napoleon" is known to many early childhood. The secret of his cooking is still owned by our grandmothers. Bake this dessert quite simple, but the product obtained insanely delicious. It can be prepared on the day of the birth of his child, attributed to work or to do on a day off for the holiday dinner. The dish is quite fast, cost-effective and not expensive. So why do not you try?

Cake "Napoleon Family" with nuts

Often the cake "Napoleon" do without nuts. But we step back a little from the classical canons. Offer to cook a delicious dessert, which every member of your family will love it!


For the dough:

  • Three cups sifted flour
  • Fresh margarine - 250 grams
  • ¾ cup cold water
  • half a small spoon of soda (extinguish)
  • some add a little salt - proceed at its own discretion

For the cream:

  • three packs are not very heavy cream (10% fit)
  • 250 grams of fresh butter
  • one standard cup of sugar
  • 1, 5 spoons (tablespoons) of starch
  • cup chopped walnuts (or other) nuts
  • flour - one spoon (dining room)

Cooking method:

Prepare the dough for this cake is very simple. To do this, first sift flour, add it as a package of sliced ​​into small cubes of margarine (many use oil), which is pre-remove from the refrigerator, so that it is well Hacked. Stir until all the petty crumbs. Then pour the cold water and vinegar, slaked soda. Some housewives are added to taste a bit of salt, so proceed at its own discretion. With zeal hands knead the dough, cover with cheesecloth or a towel and put in the refrigerator (just one hour).

Meanwhile, prepare the custard should be appetizing cream. Pour into a small saucepan two packs of average fat content of cream, sprinkle in a cup of sugar (approximately 250 grams) and stirring regularly, bring to a boil. While the mixture is prepared by mixing one or one and a half scoops (tableware) of flour and starch, as here, add 200 ml cream. Stir well to get rid of lumps, and connect with a sweet mixture of milk, standing at the plate. Add it gradually, very thin stream pouring constantly interfering, or clots. The cream should get enough thick; refrigerate it. After it has cooled slightly, add a little bit (first ¼, and then everything else) pounded butter. Beat with a mixer, but if not, you can use a special broom.

The next step - the preparation of cakes. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and divide it by about six or seven parts, each of which roll into a thin circle (some make a rectangular cake). For one thing spread on a greased baking sheet no. Make punctures in several places with a fork and return to oven suitable temperature of the latter - 200 degrees. The product will be rosy and golden in about four minutes. So bake all the cakes, and one that will not work (or will burn, for example, broken), use a powder (grind in a meat grinder or using a rolling pin).

Now advance the ceiling peeled walnuts and lubricating each crunchy cake flavored cream, sprinkle on top. So, create a cake "Napoleon" and decorate it from the test chips. The dessert is ready, you can call everyone to the table! Have a good time!

 Napoleon cake

"Gentle Napoleon" with aromatic cream

Do you want to bake a cake, but never did? Then this recipe you exactly fit. Firstly, to prepare a product of special culinary skills and superpowers do not need. The main thing is that the products are fresh, the desire - huge, and the mood - great. If guests are coming, and the tea is nothing, it's time to start cooking!



  • egg - one piece
  • 400 grams (or two packets) fresh margarine
  • 250 milliliters of warm pasteurized milk
  • 4, 5 cups of white flour from durum wheat
  • Rock salt - to taste, add


  • 500 grams of high-quality butter
  • three normal cup skim milk
  • sugar - 2, 5 cups
  • Four chicken (medium) eggs
  • Flour - three dining rooms (without top) spoon

Cooking method:

Hacked To margarine well, remove it from the refrigerator and allow to thaw slightly after grind in a deep dish with a knife and mix with sifted flour highest grade. If you choose to replace it with butter.

In a separate bowl combine the glass of store not cold milk, a pinch or two of rock salt, here is break one egg, mix well and then whisk and add the previous ingredients. Now knead the dough, first with a spoon and then your hands and divide into several parts - of the ingredients must come out of their ten-thirteen. Leave them at room temperature, "rest" for 30 minutes, then roll out with a rolling pin into a thin circular (or other shape) and put cakes in an already heated oven. The optimum temperature - 190-200 degrees. Finished products should be, until they acquire the rosy-golden color. This dough is very delicate, so fragile and cakes are obtained fairly brittle. Gently remove them from the oven, and the worst use for decoration - a good chop with his hands, but rather a mortar. There are housewives who used to this grinder.

Not only is there a lot of different recipes, "Napoleon", but also a variety of cream for him. We offer you the easiest, but you can feel free to experiment with others. Whisk the eggs with the sugar until thick white foam, then add three spoons (tablespoons) of wheat flour and one of pasteurized milk (by the way, the pre-heated). Thoroughly mix all and pour the remains of a dairy product, then cook over very low heat, without being distracted, and stirring constantly, until small bubbles appear. When the cream will be moderately thick, remove from heat and let cool. In order not to spoil the mixture, watch closely so as not to overdo it, otherwise the egg "curdle" and have to start all over again.

When the cream has cooled slightly, cut into medium-sized pieces 1/2 kilo of fresh butter and thoroughly rub it with cream. You want to give it an unusual flavor? Then use vanilla or vanilla sugar. Someone who likes to cake very sweet, some, on the contrary, prefer a less sugary desserts. So if you think the cream is too sweet or fatty, halved the number of the respective ingredients.

Fragrant custard cream lubricate each cake, cake shape, trim the edges and all the excess, and sprinkle on top of the chips. For it is well soaked, put in the cold for five or six hours.

Preparation of this cake - a pleasure! It is not necessary to wait a long time until the dough is suitable, in addition, it is unpretentious and always work. A cream can use different, recipes weight: with condensed milk, milk and others. Hopefully now the "Napoleon" will be a frequent visitor to your home!

"Napoleon" with honey and nuts

For the real sweet tooth, we offer a delicious recipe for a cake with honey. It gives a very gentle - you do not have time to put in his mouth one piece, as he had already melted! Try it! Of these products will pretty big "Napoleon", so if you are going to drink tea in the small family circle, reduce the number of ingredients in about two or three times.


For the dough:

  • fresh butter - 300 grams
  • good margarine - 200 grams
  • six eggs
  • ½ cup sugar normal (can use a substitute)
  • three small spoons (without top) soda
  • 500 grams of golden honey
  • eight tablespoons (no slides) tablespoons flour

For the cream:

  • three liters of low-fat sour cream (suitable even 1%)
  • one big spoon of boiling water
  • sugar to your taste
  • half a cup of walnuts
  • one tablespoon (without top) spoon coffee (take soluble)

Cooking method:

Begin to prepare the dough: for this in a deep pot on low heat, melt the fragrant honey and margarine, baking soda (not extinguish needed) and right on the plate mix all whisk. In a bowl, whisk the eggs and pour them slowly, slowly sprinkle in here as indicated in the recipe, the amount of sugar. Stir and add the wheat (only premium) flour, which had previously not forget to sift through - so the dough will air. Stir the mixture spatula, and when the mass becomes moderately tight, keep your hands to knead. Then divide by the number of servings (we left about twenty) - this will be your cakes.

It is believed that before they roll, allow the basis of this (in a refrigerator for 60 minutes). But if you take your time, turn them using a rolling pin (working on a floured surface) into thin round cakes. Arrange on baking parchment or special paper, and then - turn each cake. Bake in the oven until golden crust, holding the temperature at 200 degrees. Remains of dough and trim do not throw away: the last to send them into the oven, and then grind a knife or blender crumble - it will be for your cake powder.

Now came the turn of the preparation of flavored cream. Dissolve in hot water (boiling water) coffee. Sour cream and sugar beat with a mixer to a thick state, then add to the mixture the previous ingredients and mix again.

On a beautiful large plate Put one cake, then lubricate it with a thick layer of cream, put on top of the next cake. Keep up the good work, so you'll have a cake. Remains of a special spatula, apply the cream on the sides. Grind the walnuts (can use other), connect them with the chips of the failed cake and sprinkle the product from all sides. To "Napoleon" left school, put it in the refrigerator the night before and in the morning you can serve with hot tea. Agree, this is a great start to the day!

 Napoleon cake recipe

Cake "Honey"

Let us consider another option is very sweet "Napoleon" with honey. Try it in the kitchen, both prescription and choose the best. Serve this cake is preferably tea or coffee without sugar.



  • four medium eggs
  • 600 grams of wheat (required sifted) flour
  • four large spoons of honey
  • butter - 150 grams
  • cup sugar
  • slaked soda - half teaspoon

For the cream:

  • One small lemon
  • half cup of sugar or powdered sugar
  • one liter of very thick cream

Cooking method:

To make a tender dough, be sure to first sift the flour. Then dissolve the sugar in a water bath, oil and honey is specified in the recipe after cool slightly. In another bowl, whisk with a fork eggs and add them to the previous product. This also send quenched with vinegar soda, the required amount of flour - all carefully Stir to avoid clots and knead the dough. Divide it by ten medium-sized balls and place in the freezer.

To make flavored cream, beat with a mixer (can use a blender) liter of sour cream and sugar. Ideally, of course, take the icing sugar. It is highly soluble, so you do not have to contend with lumps. This also add a little lemon, grated. You can prepare a cream for just a couple of minutes, but if you left enough time, learn the brew, which is also suitable for cakes and for eclairs.

Well, you want to try? Then you will need: Groceries liter of milk, two eggs, a cup of sugar, butter (package), and three large tablespoons of flour. First, in a bowl combine eggs, sugar and above the amount of flour. Then stir with a spoon until smooth. Slightly warm over low heat low-fat milk and gradually add it to the ready mix, do not forget to stir. Now put the dishes on the stove and bring to a boil, then cool to room temperature. Chop into small pieces of butter, and add it to the milk mass, then mix whisk until smooth. We have offered to your choice of two prescription creams. At what stop - you decide. We, in turn, can only guarantee one thing - get a cake masterpiece in both cases.

So, when you prepare the cream, immediately remove the dough from the freezer and roll each ball into a thin circle. To make the correct form, we used a large plate. Put the cake on a baking sheet, prick in three places with a fork and place in oven. Set the oven at 200 degrees. After a brush with "floors" of the future tender cream cake, cooked to your taste, if desired sprinkle with nuts or chips from the remaining test.

Unusual "Napoleon" with cottage cheese

If you love to cook, offer to put in your piggy bank is another culinary recipe for a simple dessert gentle. This cheese "Napoleon" will decorate any table.



  • two medium eggs
  • three tablespoons sifted (super) flour
  • 500 grams of a home or shop low fat cottage cheese
  • sugar - 1, 5 cups
  • Soda - two teaspoonfuls (without top) spoon


  • 300 grams of powdered sugar or regular sugar
  • pasteurized milk - 750 ml
  • 0, 5 pack butter
  • small bag of vanilla sugar
  • eggs - six pieces

Cooking method:

Mash with a fork or spoon cottage cheese, add after the specified amount of flour and baking soda, which is not necessary to extinguish. This also pour the sugar and pour in the eggs, previously beaten to a foam. Stir the mixture and put on the shelf in the refrigerator for one hour. Then roll out the dough into eight (you can get more) thin cakes. Cover a baking sheet with parchment or baking paper, with no smearing. If you are afraid that the dough sticks, sprinkle it with flour. Put one cake and place in oven. Products not burn and acquire a uniform golden color, at 200 degrees. So you have to bake cakes all eight.

Now pay attention to the cream. If you want to make it a thick and dense, despite the fact that this recipe does not say, add a few (two or three) tablespoons of flour. Mix in a separate bowl, sugar, and not cold pasteurized milk, as well as the already beaten eggs, then keep on low heat until all the bubbles, but in any case do not bring to a boil. Pour the entire packet of vanilla (if you do not like spice, take a little less), and the mass has cooled slightly - small pieces of butter, and then cool the resulting mixture.

Lubricate each in turn prepared a warm cream cake, treat it on the sides, sprinkle with chips. Some uses for this chopped nuts or chocolate. Last can either melt on a steam bath or grate. Once the cake is well saturated, start your meal.

If your child asks for sweets, the easiest option - to buy it in the store. But there is no guarantee of its quality you get. What are the products of its ready producers - remains only guess. Come to the aid this recipe curd delicious "Napoleon." If you do not have time, do not necessarily cook cream can lubricate the usual ready-made cakes with condensed milk.

As you can see, bake a cake is a snap. Especially handy if there are some simple recipes. Buy good quality products, and your meals will always work out for the glory. Prepare for your pleasure!

 Cake "Napoleon": gentle pleasures

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