crazy quilt


  • The history of "crazy rag"
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Secrets of cutting tissue

Crazy quilt - a rather strange name for a patchwork technique. After all, which means "crazy"? Crazy, crazy, crazy. However, this technique is all in the mind, but without precise observance of the rules, proportions and geometry (unlike the traditional patchwork). By the way, the technique of "Crazy" - patchwork in which not only involves the free form, it is also abundantly present additional decorative accessories. What kind of technology, as it appeared, and what her crazy? We'll know more in detail.

The history of "crazy rag"

Quilting has appeared as such in England, where the first successfully migrated to the New World, and gradually won fans around the world. It is believed that Crazy quilt arose simultaneously with the traditional, although the problem had been completely different. The usual patchwork way was economical use of expensive fabrics, that is, the ability to create very practical and useful products from its remains. Crazy quilt was used for beauty. Maybe that's why he got his ambiguous name - crazy thought of those vain expended expensive textiles, without removing any benefit from this. But this is only a guess.

Go ahead - namely, from west to east. It is isolated from the European tradition of quilting flourished in Japan. There, as you know, silk was also in the price, and made from a kimono cost incredibly expensive, carefully preserved and handed down. Japanese patchwork was both symbolic and utilitarian purpose. For example, apparel, donated to the landmark anniversary (77 or 88 years), sewed the same number of patches.

In short, the current patchwork technique crazy united western and eastern tradition and become a special kind of arts and crafts in the popular and fashionable crafts. Today masters use this technique for the manufacture of exclusive clothing and accessories, interior textiles, and I must say, this is quite succeed.

 crazy quilt

Materials and Equipment

What is "crazy" patchwork different from the usual? Generally, a product made in the traditional technique, considered to be almost ready, as soon as shreds are formed in the pattern and sewed. Crazy patchwork - sewing special. Here stitched scraps do not mean the end of work. On the contrary, the main stage of creativity is just beginning. And this different way of patchwork is not only an additional set of materials, but also the equipment.

For example, in contrast to the traditional technique of crazy patchwork in the main joints are masked by decorative (embroidered): goats, chain, or crow's feet. In addition, the decorative seams necessarily combined with lace, which is considered an integral part of crazy patchwork and with ribbons, lace, filigree hand-knits, appliqués and decorative accessories: beads, beads, buttons. And products used for decoration embroidered ribbons, and this is a combination of two different types of needlework, as well, and disguise welds.

The result is a patchwork fabric not only bright and colorful, but also remarkably graceful, sometimes voluminous, very beautiful and, more importantly, unique. This is the "madness" - in derogation from the rules, rampant imagination in unexpected results.

But, interestingly, the exclusive masterpiece is obtained from the very prosaic materials and by conventional tailoring tools:

  • pieces of cloth of different sizes, colors and textures;
  • scissors and thread;
  • needles and pins;
  • iron and a sewing machine;
  • yarn and ribbon embroidery;
  • decorative accessories.

Most often, crazy-quilt fabric is going through - a single piece of cloth of a certain size, which sewed the different patches. In this case, a multilayer web and voluminous. But often experienced masters and the very foundation of cuts out and collected from some large items. A very experienced loskutnitsy able to collect and sew all the patchwork fabric of small patches of irregular shape. How did they succeed?

 patchwork crazy

Secrets of cutting tissue

If you are just beginning to master Crazy quilt, it is desirable to work with the foundation, with patches of geometric shapes (triangles, diamonds, squares) and with the tissues of the same density. In this case, it puts into the center of the most "wrong" flap, secured with pins and sew around the edges. Next shred applied to the first and also sewn (the excess is trimmed with scissors). And so everything is going patchwork fabric, which is then decorated.

If you dare to "encroach" on the technique used by experienced skilled workers, the need to cut out the fabric in a special way. First, you must choose a contrasting fabric and match solid color patterned material. Then you need to cut out colored squares and put them on the two cut face up: on the face of the bottom underside of the top of the workpiece lies workpiece. And then you draw the cut on the top two longitudinal waves (from the top to the bottom), which divide the blank into three arbitrary figure. Then you do this contour line, stitching the two blanks (one is on the other).

Then, from the top of the blank cut out the middle piece, departing from the joint a couple of millimeters. Flips stitched lengths of cloth and the second workpiece cut two extreme figures, also departing from the seams of two millimeters. As a result, you get a single-layer sheet of the two fabrics and three flap with jagged edges. The same is done in the case of the other two blanks fabrics by stitching another quilt fabric, consisting of three figures. Dekoriruete seams taped.

The next step impose one of the remaining patches sewn on canvas (and the workpiece, and a flap - face up, straight edges are aligned) and sew it on the uneven edge. Flips inside out and prune the excess fabric, which is already in place, "rose" stitched flap. And also come with a second cloth. Alternately When sewing so different pieces of cloth, you get a single-layer sheet-Crazy consisting of patches of arbitrary shape. And then dekoriruete to your liking.

A ready-made fabric can be used as building blocks for sewing pillows or large patchwork blankets (but the edges of modular blades have in this case the trim). Or you make of his Crazy-pattern pieces for bags, for cosmetics, for the cover of a book or even clothes. That's what you want and what you want. Just do not forget about accuracy, about the need to otutyuzhivat seams and a sense of proportion, which is necessary even in a crazy patchwork. Creative you success and good mood!

 Crazy patchwork - crazy handcraft

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 patchwork pillow


  • Classical patchwork pillow
  • Knitted patchwork pillow
  • Denim patchwork pillow
  • Pillow-style Crazy-quilt

Interior Textiles has always been one of the main "frills" at home. A pillow generally present in almost every home: the East and the West, in the countryside and in the city. Remain cushions and various dumochki modern and fashionable means of interior decoration. They buy or master yourself, make large or small, fluffy or flat, colorful and concise stringent. In general, the scope for handmade art are almost unlimited. Even patchwork pillows can be stapled or bound. Let us and we will try to do it.

Classical patchwork pillow

Quilting is perfect for making cushions. Performed in the traditional patchwork, cushions fit almost any decor. Of course, it is best to use a patchwork in the manufacture of pillows that adorn the interiors in ethnic or rustic. However, even a minimalist style readily admits the presence of pillows in the house.

Quilting - technique is not difficult, but requires careful perseverance. In order to make cushions for the living room, pick up the scraps, combined with the tone upholstery fabric upholstered furniture. You can also use contrasting fabric or scraps remaining after sewing curtains.

The front side airbags will do patchwork, and sew the wrong side of a monochromatic fabric. Cut quilt squares with a side of ten centimeters eight colorful and eight plain flaps. Now we add up the two different faces of the flap and grind them and then iron out the seams. Thereafter, in the same way sostrachivaem two pairs so that one-color and printed side by side flaps. The result is a four-lane, consisting of four squares. Now just need to assemble the pieces into a whole cloth: all three from the point on the machine. Just place the strips so that the squares on the pillow are staggered.

For the wrong side pillowcases take a piece the size of a monochromatic fabric patchwork fabric plus twenty centimeters (one side) at the hem pillowcases. Wrap the hem to the wrong side and sew it, making a kind of pocket. Now both parts pillowcases add up the front side and grind off on three sides: the side with a pillow hem remains open. Process (in podvorot) patchwork edge and iron out the seams. The pillowcase on the pillow ready.

 patchwork pillow

Knitted patchwork pillow

Cushions can not only sew patchwork technique. Knitted patchwork is also suitable for the manufacture of the interior of the element. Let's try to make a bean bag-pipe, and the patchwork we use here only as an idea of ​​design. For this we need the pads of various colors of yarn remnants, foam sheet of medium thickness, fastener (long) and a hook.

Collect patchwork fabric will of the individual colored motifs. Each motif begin to knit in a circle, vyvyazyvaya delicate flowers, and we will finish, closing the flower in a square frame. What kind of circuit used for knitting - a private matter, and the choice of pattern depends only on the skill and artistic preferences needlewoman.

Then we collect all the motifs in a rectangular patchwork fabric and closes it in the ring (tube), connecting two opposite edges. Now knit two round bottomed columns without nakida. The circumference of the bottoms should be equal to the length of the blades for free (not connected) edge. One finished bottom of a tie for the first open end of the tube, attach to the bottom of a second pipe with a zipper. And here we also have to use the sewing, but not a patchwork, but a normal car line (or do it manually). Sew one edge lightning circumferentially bottoms and the second edge of the tube. Thus we get a pillow-pipe with a "cap."

It only remains coiled foam and use it as a filling for pillows. Filming knitted pillow this pillow is very easy due to the fastener. Therefore, if necessary, and replace the foam, and wash the pillowcase.

Denim patchwork pillow

Another possibility is to use a patchwork for the interior, which also allows you to find a second life to old things denim. To start collect all the jeans that will not have to wear, cut and ripped trousers, and then washed and ironed fabric. Then cut into denim squares or rectangles, which will become a patchwork canvas.

Sewing techniques are no different to that used in traditional patchwork. First sew patches in pairs (folded right sides), and then sew one band, and the band is collected in the whole web. Stitches good iron out. We make two square parts for airbags: two from denim scraps.

Then we add up the two parts facing each other and grind them on three sides. Again iron out the seams, wrenched pillowcase and pillow stuffing or synthetic padding holofayber. After this manual carefully and firmly sewed up the open end of the pillow. Wash it can be directly in the machine without removing for that pillowcase.

 patchwork pillow

Pillow-style Crazy-quilt

For this we need the cushion pieces of cloth of different colors and textures, large enough pieces to the wrong side of pillowcase and quilt for the base fabric, and braid (cords or ribbons) for decorating seams.

Starting with the front of the sewing pillowcases. Cut a square of the desired size and sew patches on it - the elements of arbitrary shape. Quilting technique performed Crazy special (other than the traditional) way. First put into the center of the flap of the irregular shape, fix it with pins and sew around the edges. Next shred applied to the first (you can override), and also sew. Excess fabric abroad suture scissors and cut the proutyuzhivaem. So we collect all the patchwork fabric, the seams and then decorate them with embroidery or mask the braid, ribbons and cords. The edges of parts (the front side) to level off, cutting off going beyond its edge flaps and tape. The lower edge of the pillow (which is open) is sheathed binding.

Wrong side alleys to sew pillowcases, which will fill up a pillow. Sewing patterns start with the right size: the value of the first part plus twenty centimeters to tuck. Gets the rectangle, one side of which is longer than twenty centimeters. Treated one short edge, wrap the fabric on the wrong side, making podvorot-pocket and sew the edges tuck. Now we add up the two parts obverse and grind them along the top edge and at the sides of the pillow cases. Iron out the seams once again to iron the whole pillow, put on her pillow, and admire your work.

That is such a patchwork cushions can decorate your interior. Note that the cushions can sew patchwork immediately in the event that "filling" pillow washed in the machine, and dries quickly. If you want to decorate pillows that can not be washed, it is best to "dress" them in a pillowcase. Sew, knit, create! Suppose your house is cozy and refined craftsmanship. Good luck!

 Patchwork cushion with his own hands

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