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  • Sample dishes sweet and sour sauce: tender meatballs

The correct dressing will enrich the taste of meat dishes. Of course, in the store you can buy ketchup or mayonnaise, but if you want to surprise your guests with an original taste of meat or poultry, mix cranberry sauce. This sweet-sour dressing is very popular in America and Britain: Thanksgiving cranberry sauce necessarily fed to turkey. It can apply to other fried bird. With such fatty meats like lamb and pork, sauce also goes well. Vegetarians like to add it to pasta, vegetables, baked goods.

Cranberry sauce is able to give the dish a unique, colorful and festive taste.

Make cranberry sauce is not difficult, the time of its preparation takes less than 15 minutes. By increasing the cooking time, it is possible to achieve density. Cook the berries in an enamel pot only to the metal under the influence of acid does not produce harmful substances. Cranberry is better to use fresh, but if it does not get it, will fit frozen. Take only the ripe berries, dark red color, as bitter unripe cranberries. To cranberry sauce to the meat had the desired shade of taste, add the lemon juice, ginger, pepper, cloves or other spices.   The finished dressing can be stored, but no more than 2 weeks. For this pour it into a glass jar and put in the refrigerator.

 Different recipes cranberry sauce
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Most delicious recipes cranberry sauce

  • Cranberry sauce in the American

This dressing is perfect for the turkey or other poultry.

In a saucepan with a thick bottom, place 150 g of cranberry and 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar. Cook over medium heat until the berries will not burst. Brush Wash lemon and orange, dry, grind with the help of a grater zest. From half an orange squeeze the juice, add a few drops of lemon juice. To add cranberries zest, a pinch of cinnamon young, 3 clove bud, a little ground nutmeg and simmer for 5 minutes. Pour citrus juice and cook another 5 minutes. Once the sauce has cooled, it is ready.

If you want to refill a thick, add cold citrus juice a little starch, and then pour it into the cranberries. In addition starch has another positive side: the sauce will need to cook a little, just to a simmer, allowing the berries retain more vitamins.

  • Cranberry sauce is versatile

To any meat, be it lamb, pork or beef, turned into a festive meal, serve this sauce to it.

0, 5, and 2 kg of cranberries chopped onions to a boil in a small amount of water. Then cook the berries with a bow in a well covered pot for 10 minutes. Crush the mass in a blender, add 150 grams of apple cider vinegar, a pinch of cinnamon, a little salt, black pepper, 300 grams of sugar, half a teaspoon celery seed and garlic powder. Simmer until smooth. Refrigerate and serve any meat.

  • English cranberry sauce

This dressing cranberry wonderful complement poultry dishes. It can also be fed to a variety of desserts.

150 g of cranberries, place in a saucepan, add water and bring to a boil. Peel and chop the ginger on a fine grater, add the cranberries. When the amount of liquid in the skillet to double by placing the zest and juice of a lemon, cinnamon and simmer for another 5 minutes. At the end of cooking, add the honey. Try dressing: it should have a rich aroma and flavor with a touch of light bitterness. If necessary, you can add honey or lemon juice. Give the sauce Cook for another 3 minutes.

 delicious cranberry sauce
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Sample dishes sweet and sour sauce: tender meatballs

Cheese and cranberries give the original an unforgettable taste. To prepare soft cheese and meatballs with sauce of cranberries, the following products: 250 g of any of minced meat, 250 grams of cheese, preferably soft butter, 2 eggs, a glass of cranberry, 0, 5 cups of grape juice, sugar, vegetable oil, sesame seeds, garlic, parsley, bread crumbs.

If it works, grate cheese. If it is very soft, mash with a fork. Mix the minced meat with eggs and cheese. Add sesame seeds, herbs and garlic to your taste. If you do not want the meatballs came out sharp, you can do without garlic. From cheese-meat mixture, let us make small balls and roll them in the breadcrumbs. In a deep saucepan, heat the oil. Lower balls in a pot, they should fried in a large amount of oil. In order not to burn yourself, place and reach for balls with a slotted spoon.

While fried meatballs, cook cranberry dressing. Mix cranberries, grape juice and sugar and cook until mixture thickens, stirring often forget. For this filling can use mashed cranberries with sugar. Pass the resulting mass through a blender. When the cheese and meatballs have cooled, place them on a flat plate in one layer and fill the prepared sweet and sour sauce. The dish is ready!

 Cranberry sauce - original addition to meat

 cranberry sauce


  • Use cranberries and its use
  • Recipes with cranberries sauce

You like cranberries? For those who answered this question in the negative, the following information. Lingonberry - one of those berries, useful properties which is difficult to overestimate. It is rich in vitamin C and carotene. Moreover, the concentration of the latter in this berry than in cranberries, apple and lemon. And vitamin B2, mineral salts, catechins, organic acids, tannin and pectin, copper (useful in diabetes).
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Use cranberries and its use

The leaves and berries of this culture is used as a disinfectant and diuretic rheumatism, cystitis, kidney stones, gastritis, in oncology, for recovery after diseases and much more.

More recently, scientists have shown that cranberries, particularly syrups therefrom, improves vision. It is not the whole list of diseases that help fight this berry.

Surely, after reading about such benefits, many will rush to find a sour, bitter berry culinary use. Jam, fruit, tea - all this, of course, is good, but is not the limit for us. There really interesting recipes cranberry sauce. They are suitable not only for desserts, but also to fish meat.

Cranberry sauce was first prepared in Sweden. Today he is in this country is particularly popular, they complement many dishes, from simple fruit to give them a special flavor to a variety of elite foods. There are recipes, which include honey or sugar, various spices, and a small amount of spirits from wine to vodka.

If you want to give the meat a spicy flavor, but do not have the time or inclination to cook the sauce, you can simply add the crushed berries in fire in a pan or baking in the oven. There sauce recipe that is as easy to make: half a cup of fruit mash, add a teaspoon of sugar and a little salt. The resulting mixture is ready to be served with meat. Also interesting taste effect, your dish will be different and brightly decorated thanks to the color of the sauce.

Incidentally, lingonberry berries may be used for the sauce and fresh and frozen.   As you know, when properly frozen almost all the vitamins in foods are retained, but not so on dried berries and fruits. The principle of cooking cranberry sauce as follows: berry cook until tender, is ground to a homogeneous mass was. Then add the remaining ingredients. It so happens that the sauce would like to do a little thick; then added starch, which must first be diluted in water.

 cranberry sauce for meat
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Recipes with cranberries sauce

Classic cranberry sauce

Suitable and various casseroles, and for fish and meat.

Optional 0, 5 kg cowberry, 250 ml of water, 150 g of sugar, a little dry wine, 1 hr. L. starch.

Preparation. In boiling water, put the berries and sugar, bring them to a boil, cook for 2 minutes. The resulting mixture is desirable to grind with the help of a blender, then add the wine and boil. Separately, dissolve the starch in water, add to the sauce and stir. Boil it after the addition of starch in any case it is not necessary - immediately remove from heat.

Cranberry sauce and quince

It goes well with meat and fish. Due to the minimal thermal processing cranberries in this recipe retains all the vitamins.

Cranberries needed a glass, half-glass of wine, one quince (can substitute green apple), a little olive oil, honey and sugar (1 tbsp. L.), Spices to taste (well-suited combination of black pepper, cinnamon and cloves).

Preparation. Prepared berries pound and pour the wine so that it covered the ground. Leave the mixture in a sealed container for an hour. Quince peel and finely chop and send stew in a suitable container, adding a little butter and liqueur wine obtained from cranberries. At the end, add the sugar, honey and spices. When the sauce will darken, add the cranberries and bring to a boil and remove from heat.

Roasted pork meat in a sauce of cranberries

This recipe is suitable for both festive table and as an everyday dish: the ingredients because there is the simple, inexpensive recipe. But cooked meat to grace any table.

It should be 0, 5 kg of pork pulp, orange (for zest and juice), 300 g of berries cranberries, salt and honey.

Preparation. Mix the honey and orange juice, whisk blender. After that, add the zest. Meat cut into slices 1 cm thick (as Chops), salt. In the form of the mixture pour a little of the blender, put back the meat and fill it with the remaining sauce. Bake at 180˚S hour.

 Cranberry sauce for meat