diy Valentine's Day

In our time, buy a small gift for Valentine's Day, even at the last moment is quite simple, just go to any nearest shopping centers, select the first caught the eye thing. But, unfortunately, these gifts do not carry anything unusual, personal and symbolic, as only they know only two.

The shelves of almost all shops are filled up and bored of the same type of souvenirs - glowing hearts, rubber key chains, postcards formulaic greetings, balls and other such unnecessary products. However, most people prefer the original and unusual gifts made with their own hands. And it is not necessary to be a skilled worker and be able to sew, knit, draw, sing and dance, it is enough to show a little imagination and patience to make an effort to ultimately unique crafts for February 14 were fully prepared.

 crafts for Valentine's Day

Gift, cooked his own: what better stop

Considering the ideas and picking Valentine's Day, always consider the character of the young man. Think about whether you'd like to receive a gift, he would have pleased you? If the answer is yes - feel free to proceed to implement the plan and prepare a surprise with his hands. Do not be afraid to take risks, because guys like lovely girls who can be funny and vulnerable, and not the person who obtained excellent all at once.

Idea number one: the original candlestick drives

Almost every house has an old, unwanted or damaged disks, which is difficult to find application in the home, so they are, at best, are used as supports for cups, at worst - throw in the trash in a landfill where they pollute the environment. In fact, this material can be prepared in an unusual candle holder, which will decorate the desktop of your loved one.

Materials that you definitely need:

  • Two or three disks (one in reserve, because the first time you are unlikely to create a masterpiece);
  • Partly colored candle;
  • Silicone adhesive and adhesive gun (you can borrow from the neighbors);
  • Marine pebbles, shells, beads, colored pebbles - in short, everything that you can decorate the base of the candlestick, and a few stickers and appliques.

Step One - gently with a pistol we put beads and ornaments on shiny surface and wait until the glue hardens completely. At this time, the second drive hole to seal a small heart carved from glossy paper. Now perpendicular to connect the stand and the finished wall (upper and lower wheels) between themselves, it is desirable that one edge passes through the middle of the second bases. The final stage - setting candles. Secure it so that during combustion it is not in contact with other materials, which may begin to melt.

Idea number two: sweet valentine chocolates from the set

Crafts Valentine's day need not be super sophisticated and professionally decorated, such as heart-shaped cushion, portrait beads, tie sewn from silk or soft toy. It may be an ordinary postcard, hand made of sweets that loves your young people.

So, for her, you will need:

  • Foam. Take a good look, he just lying around in the cartons from the equipment, which throw a pity, and no place to put;
  • Crepe paper. Often, manufacturers use expensive chocolates for her jewelry inside the box, but if you bought sweets in bulk, do not despair - you can find it in the Chancery Division;
  • Glue and glue gun, which, as in the previous case, it is easier and cheaper to borrow;
  • Toothpicks. What mistress does not use them for cooking, for example, canapés or baking in the oven potatoes and bacon;
  • Candies. It is desirable that it was delicious and expensive sweets (best - triangular truffles), as they then still be eaten;
  • Scotch tape and a knife (scissors).

You should first cut the heart out of the foam. To the basis of the product is flat, use the carton blank in natural size: attach it to the surface of the material and draw a pencil along the contour. Ribbons and decorate the edges of the corrugated paper. Now, every piece of candy from the corner pierce with a toothpick and wrap in several layers of colored cloth. Ready flowers is placed on the foam. To Valentine looked more smartly steal space decorative roses.

 crafts for Valentine's day

Idea number three: Lamb with a card

If your other half with a sense of humor all right, prepare for the day of lovers toy with a small poster. The postcard can write a funny poem and naive, or a declaration of his feelings. To make the lamb, you have to find the following:

  • Cardboard or heavy paper, which is made from the trunk, head and card;
  • Scissors or a sharp knife stationery;
  • White cotton buds with light rods (about a hundred pieces);
  • PVA;
  • Pens, pencils and colored pens;
  • A couple of pegs for linen, it is advisable - wooden or black plastic.

On a white cardboard paper draw a short distance from each other's body lamb (oval) and muzzle, and then be cut along the contour of the figure. Now, stuck on top of the head and torso of cotton buds, stems which must first be accurately cut to the core.

Once harvesting dried up, glue the head, torso and clothespins to each other so that the animal stood stable. Behind you can attach a card or a small photo. Please note, these fragile artifacts on Valentine's Day should be prepared on the eve of the holiday, they did not manage to break or messed.

Idea Number Four: bunnies

Even if you have never visited the lessons in school and work hard to keep up with needle and thread, sew their own hands cute couple in love leverets you easily succeed. For everything it will take about twenty minutes, no more, with the souvenir can be used as a talisman or jewelry in the car.

Materials for work:

  • Color dense fabric. For a boy should choose blue, for girls - pink gentle;
  • Foam or cotton filling;
  • Thread, needles, scissors;
  • Beads.

First, prepare a pattern - a square mid-sized (less than 15 cm), and then process the edges so that they are not undone with time. Divide the visual fabric into two parts on the top of a pencil, draw a large triangle and smooth angles which come into contact with the edges of the matter. Now, walk the line received the usual stitch (from the right), as in the basting.

Gently pull the ends of the thread so that it does not tear. In the cavity should put a little cotton wool or other filler, and then - to tighten the fabric to the end, until the edges come together. So, ready to head: there are ears and muzzle. You can now proceed to the torso: join the rest of matter inside add foam and sew a toy. The same is done with a second piece of fabric.

Decorate Valentine bunnies, made with their own hands, it can be different. For the eyes, for example, better use of beads or buttons of the small, tip-tip pen can draw or make applications of dense matter, in the belly should stick a big heart. Also, do not forget about the little animals little tail that can sew from a beautiful silk ribbon.

Idea number five: a heart-shaped key ring

If your young man ever loses a key, handed him the key, but not simple, which can be bought in a store or going, and made their own hands. So you show originality, with this gift will always remind about you and your feelings for the guy.

You need to prepare:

  • Polymer clay. Buy this material can be in any store that sells products for hand-made. There you can buy and molds in the form of heart, if you do not want to waste time and to do it with his own hands;
  • Basis;
  • Clearcoat.

So, take the red or pink clay and make it the bulk procurement - the heart of a small (about the size of five centimeters). Top with a knife or a special stack make a small incision - hole for ringlet. The second step - preparing the wings of white clay and stick them behind. Once the product is ready, boil it for fifteen minutes in clean water, then wait until it has cooled slightly, and cover the top two or three coats of varnish.

Making a souvenir better than a few days before Valentine's Day so he could dry completely. Before handing Pass through the hole in the center of the ring, so that it has joined with chain fob basis or lacing, which will hold the key to your other half.

If you decide to make an original gift with your hands, be sure to prepare an alternative option, just in case: purse, cup, clock, diary, etc. After all, the situation when a guy gives a chic bracelet or mobile phone, and you - a little homemade toy, looks to put it mildly, not very. In this case, these crafts Valentine's Day the best present as an additional gift.

 Crafts Valentine's Day for a guy: Making a gift with their own hands

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