• From the history of patchwork
  • The creative component of patchwork
  • Color in patchwork

Oh, it is beautiful and strange word "patchwork." What does it mean? And this is called a tricky word patchwork. From English "patchwork" is translated as "work with the flap." Craft patchwork characteristic features of a technique in which colored pieces of cloth are sewn into the whole cloth, and then they make a variety of interesting and useful little things (blankets, bedspreads, pillows, towels and even clothes). Patchwork is now experiencing a rebirth, becoming extremely popular. However, the patchwork is not a novelty in the world of crafts. We know it is a very long time and is considered one of the forms of folk art.

From the history of patchwork

Initially this kind of needlework appeared solely for reasons of economy. Beautiful factory cloth (as opposed to the homespun fabrics) was considered a luxury. That brought into play even the smallest scraps remaining after tailoring. In Russia, patchwork was very popular in the villages, where patches of different color trim sewn blankets and clothing. In Japan, quilted fabric was also a sacred meaning. A symbolic gift to significant date (66, 77, 88, 99 years), for example, was considered a kimono, made of the same amount of silk patches.

A patchwork crafts became home to good old England, where, after a ban on the sale of Indian chintz and implement the idea of ​​patchwork. But the history of this ancient craft even more than it might seem. For example, the oldest example of this creativity is the fragment of an ornament made of pieces of leather. Stored this exhibit in the Egyptian Museum, and dates back to the 980-m BC. Another example of patchwork was discovered in the "Cave of a Thousand Buddhas" in China. This carpet, clothes sewn from scraps of pilgrims, and the age of the creation already exceeded a thousand years.

 patchwork technique

The creative component of patchwork

Quilting, of course, the popular (even nationwide) invention. A patchwork itself - the notion exclusively Anglo-American. This folk art has now become recognized as a decorative art, as well as any other art, patchwork - a creative process. First appeared in England, patchwork then successfully moved to the New World with the first settlers, and it was there that he began to develop and improve.

If the first quilt sewed to save, then gradually began to lose patchwork utilitarian value, turning into an art with its own laws, techniques and artistic features. Patchwork characterized by its technique, which is based on the principle of mosaic. For patchwork technique characterized by the principle of drawing up patterns and ornaments of geometric shapes.

The main elements that make up the web in the technique of patchwork, it squares, strips, triangles and regular polygons. And as much as you can think of drawings of these figures - even hard to imagine. However, the names of patchwork patterns speak for themselves:

  • Log cabin
  • Well
  • Herringbone
  • Arable land
  • Checkerboard
  • Pine
  • Windmill
  • Star
  • Honeycomb
  • Flower
  • Ship
  • Stained
  • Tulip
  • Heart

And this is just a tiny fraction of known patterns for the products made in the technique of patchwork. Meanwhile, the process is not in place, and the masters are coming up with more and more new schemes for patchwork. Each loskutnitsy his artistic flair, his understanding of beauty and harmony. However, for the patchwork technique, there are rules of color combinations.

 patchwork technique

Color in patchwork

Since patchwork officially recognized art here "work" rules, which are disturbing, mistress-loskutnitsa may suffer a complete fiasco and get together patchwork masterpiece, made in the style of patchwork, something strange and motley alyapistoe. If the combination of tissue in texture and density is not limited to the strict framework for the combination of colors in the art of patchwork such frameworks exist.

Under the rules of this technique in the article patchwork must prevail (dominated), only one color. Other colors only complement it. Here is the proper and permissible combination of colors in the art of patchwork.

  • Grey color: green, black, red, pink, blue, yellow, blue;
  • Blue: blue, red, light purple, brown, orange, blue;
  • Blue: gray, red, burgundy, gold;
  • Purple: yellow, gold, turquoise, orange;
  • Lilac: green, light purple, gray;
  • Brown: gray, beige, gold, blue and green (celadon);
  • Red: golden yellow, blue, gray, green;
  • Burgundy: pink, green, blue;
  • Pink: brown, burgundy, gray;
  • Orange: purple, blue, white, purple, green, brown;
  • Yellow: gold, brown, green.

Strictly speaking, the simplicity of the man-made art of patchwork both explicit and imaginary. On the one hand - simply nowhere: invented (or select) pattern, cut into shreds, but sewed them into a whole cloth. But you have to understand how difficult it is to come up with this pattern, it is not easy to choose the match the color patches, and the work itself with the technique of patchwork quite tedious and time consuming. But the real mistress, nothing will scare! And if you're a creative person, then a sin to refuse such a wonderful opportunity to realize their creative potential. Patchwork help you with this. Be of good cheer!

 Crafts patchwork - Accentuate your style!

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 CN Tower in Toronto


  • Ontario and its large horseshoe
  • Quebec Beautiful
  • Manitoba museum
  • Special beauty Saskatchewan
  • Nova Scotia
  • Alberta - a shopping paradise
  • Yukon Gold remembers!
  • British Columbia

Canada - a unique country, affecting its picturesque natural wealth, composed of many parks and protected areas.

The geography of this vast country is diverse and extensive. Canada covers almost the entire north of the continent and is washed by the waters of three oceans. Major natural beauty National Park Mount Robson, waterfalls Fort Ann and Plis River. Landmarks of Canada, for example, Campobello Island (historical park of Franklin D. Roosevelt), and Cape Breton Island (Fortress of Louisbourg), town of Kings Landing will amaze even the most experienced traveler.
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Ontario and its large horseshoe

Ontario - Canada's province with the largest population density, famous vineyards and the abolition of the "Big Horseshoe" Niagara Falls. Glory of this land brought more than 30 national parks, wild territory, about 50 thousand. Crystal clear lakes and many rivers with a total length of 55 thousand. Km. All of this is adjacent to the area, which is the economic leader of the country - "Peninsula of Ontario", surrounded by lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron. Here is Ottawa - Canada's capital. Toronto center serves the English-speaking population of the country, which, however, can be found and many other ethnic groups.

It is very attractive to visit handsome Kingston, who regularly Irish Festival Park Pukaskwa National Park, Fort Henry, the cute town of Sainte-Marie with the museum of history in the old house "Ermatindzher" popular "Thousand Islands" on Lake Ontario, the striking zone canyons Agave and, of course himself Niagara Falls.

 British Columbia Parliament
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Quebec Beautiful

The largest and, as many believe, the most beautiful province in Canada - Quebec. This region's most picturesque places in the country: the region of mountains and lakes Lavrentid, Estrie and Charlevoix, Saguenay and Gaspezi coastal, river St. Lawrence, surrounded by beautiful forests and plains, land of fishermen and sailors - Madeleine Islands, and finally, the oldest Canadian cities - Montreal and Quebec City. It is in Quebec, you'll find the oldest university of Laval. A huge number of tourists come to Montmorency Falls and the spurs of the Appalachian Mountains. Here you will find hundreds of magnificent tourist centers, ski resorts, parks, sandy beaches. The nature of the southern part of Quebec is a combination of enchanting beauty and diversity. For all these advantages of Quebec called "Belle Province".

Located near Montreal and the Laurentian Plateau Lavrentidy park has an excellent ski resort and excellent garden Bronmonte. Good ski slopes in Sainte-Adele and St Svoer. In the area you can visit the settlement Oka Indians in Saint-Eustache - "reptile farm." Beautiful Cathedral of Saint-Anne-de-Bopre, which is a part of world culture and a popular place of pilgrimage, will impress any traveler.

It is worth paying attention to the waterfalls St. Anne, the city park of Saint-Jerome, water park Mont-Ser-Sauveur, warm spas district of Notre-Dame-du-Portage, the canyon "Gates of Hell", the island of Beek, the famous "garden Meti" in the spirit of English style near the Grand Meti, lakes Temiskuata, excellent beach on Lake Saint-Jean and Sables, picturesque landscapes Sharlevuka, Sherbrooke, Estrie (part recognized by UNESCO reserve of world significance), Centre for the Study of the sea Saguenay Fjord and the center, studying mammals marine environment in Tadusake, "pasture whales' unique landscapes, nature reserve in the mountains Shik-Shok in Gaspezi and park Foriynon, special paleontological park Miguasa, indescribable landscapes Capes Eternity and Trinity," the eighth wonder of the world "- a huge rock Persia, the highest Canada lighthouse at Cape Rosier and more.

 Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City
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Manitoba museum

Diverse and colorful Manitoba - forests, prairies, lakes, rivers, tundra. The capital of Winnipeg - a godsend for fans of museums. Among the historical and natural attractions in Canada it takes its rightful place. Fort Garry (an important point of the fur trade on the Red River), Fork (place of historical significance, where in the old days gathered together the leaders), the town of Churchill (the famous home of the polar bears, the habitat of the southernmost populations of these animals), Parks Princess and Curran in Brandon . There are many protected areas and lakes, the largest of which - Winnipeg - the fifth largest lake in the country.
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Special beauty Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan - Canada's breadbasket with a harsh climate, where the steppe and lakes covered living space. Only in this part of the province population is traditional for Canadian live here are Russian, Poles, Ukrainians, Germans and Scandinavians. This fact naturally affected the architecture and many other things, handing stake identity of the peoples living here. Saskatoon and Regina - the two largest cities of Saskatchewan. The capital of Saskatchewan - Regina.

It is a quiet town with friendly people who are enlivened only by the end of the working week, filling the local shops, restaurants and pubs. Regina is the starting point for trips to the beautiful Lake District location in the Lake Athabasca. The town has two interesting museums, including the Museum of the Royal Mounted Police, which first appeared in these lands. The natural advantages of Saskatchewan gathered at the Museum of Natural History in a very large collection.

 The interior of Notre-Dame de Montreal
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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia - This is a beautiful province of the country, surrounded on three sides by the ocean. Worth a visit in the province are the great beaches and fishing villages along the "Roads of the Rising Sun" Indian Reservation Vikokomag center yacht Yarmouth, nature reserve of national importance from Ter on the island of Cape Breton, Kejimkujik National Park buffer zone, and a lot of good beaches. Here fishing enthusiasts can enjoy all the delights of fishing, because Nova Scotia is among the best places for sea fishing in the northern hemisphere.

Halifax - Nova Scotia's capital, is remarkable for its temples. Saint-Pierre (the oldest Baptist church in the country), Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Saint-Duler 1874 Old Dutch Church (the first Lutheran church in Canada), and others. Interesting and museums: Museum of Nova Scotia Museum of Art Citadel, Gallery of Arts "Heritage Mi'kmaq" and others.

It is worth paying attention to the Fortress of Louisbourg, located on Cape Breton Island, Fort Anne in Annapolis, the historic Roosevelt Park, a settlement with a historical antiquity Kings Landing in New Brunswick, Museum of Samuel de Champlain in the open air on the island of St. Croix , House Museum scientist AG Bellan, located on Cape Breton Island, and many other attractions.

 Niagara Falls
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Alberta - a shopping paradise

Alberta - the main oil region of Canada and the land of beautiful landscapes. The rocky steppe east and west to create a favorable combination for tourist travel.

The provincial capital - the city of Edmonton - one of the largest shopping centers in North America, in view of this entire flow of tourists flock to the area of ​​West Edmonton, Mel, has 800 stores and solid amusement park.

Calgary awaits summer rodeo, Glenbow Museum, with its impressive collection of weapons, the largest zoo in Canada, Olympic Park, and of course, the symbol of the city - Tower Calgary Tower. In Portage la Prairie, you can visit the historic village of Indians and museum development in Canada in the old fort, and in Halle - Canadian Museum of Civilization. Near the town there are numerous winter resorts.

Great find for lovers of wildlife - Canadian Cordillera. Here the Yellowhead Pass, the Fraser River canyon, the highest point of the rocky mountains of Canada - Mount Robson, whose height is 3954 m., Well-known Colombian ice fields - the perfect place for outdoor activities. But the main attractions of Canada in this glorious province - is the national parks of Banff (the first reserve in the country), Jasper (the largest nature reserve in the mountains, with an area of ​​10, 8 ths. Sq. Km), Waterton and Wood Buffalo, Lake Medsin (the largest lake in the reserve Jasper, dries up once a year), Athabasca Falls, Lake Mallin, Columbia Glacier area of ​​325 square meters. km, Waterfalls Upper and Lower Falls, Mount Victoria, Lake Louise, and a large number of resorts with a very high level of service close to the sanctuaries.

In Alberta, it was found the largest accumulation of dinosaur fossils, and fishing the local rivers ranking among the highest in the world.

 Banff National Park
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Yukon Gold remembers!

Yukon - District "gold rush" of the century. Yukon wilderness occupy 500 sq. M. km to the north of British Columbia, between North-western lands of Canada and Alaska. The Yukon is dominated by the Cordillera and in the north - coast of the Arctic tundra.

The capital of Yukon, Whitehorse, in addition to the management function performs the function of a tourist center. Every year in February, held "a meeting of miners", during which there is an opportunity to ride on the boat "Klondike" and imagine yourself as a contemporary "gold rush." It is worth paying attention to such famous landmarks in the Yukon Canada MacBride Museum in Whitehorse, the Yukon River, which is a great place for fishing, Miles Canyon and finally a popular attribute of many westerns Dawson.
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British Columbia

West and the solid mountains - is British Columbia. This is an area of ​​mountains, rivers, lakes, green valleys, pine forests and seascapes. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, it is surrounded by forests and majestic mountains.   These beauties will inevitably direct tourist route along the scenic city and its environs. Quite remarkable ski resort of Whistler, at the giant rock Skoumish Stavamus-Chief, the city of Nanaimo on the ocean coast, Falls Shannon Falls, the Queen Charlotte Archipelago, as well as the old railway connecting the wonderful places around the city.

Victoria - the capital of the province in which the museum is worth a look classic car, park Butchart Gardens, British Columbia Museum, the Maritime Museum, Art Gallery, Emily Carr, the parliament and the park history of Fort Rodd. A piece of the culture of local Indians can be found in Thunderbird Park in the form of objects of worship and everyday life. It is a city of the English spirit of the Victorian era with its cropped squares, beautiful gardens, architecture and sculpture.

From Victoria you can reach the popular Yoho reserves (under UNESCO protection), Pacific Rim, Kutno, and a trip by boat on the ocean and river routes.

 Miracle of Canada in its sights