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Problem facial skin can ruin even the impression of beauty - shiny forehead, blackheads, acne, allergic redness and peeling look disgusting and unkempt. Some women put up with them, others are spending every day for half an hour to thoroughly "disguise" imperfections. However, the problems with self-esteem, as well as the need for applying a thick layer of foundation, you can get free. Suffice it to choose the right cosmetic products for skin care, to quickly forget about all these problems.


Deep Cleansing Gel Vichy Normaderm for problem skin. Salicylic acid and zinc penetrate deeply into the pores and release them from dirt and remnants of makeup. Glycolic acid has the effect of light peeling otshelushivaya dead cells. Chamomile has a strong antibacterial effect. Bottle with dispenser allows economize gel - just 1-2 drops of washing.

Problem skin is not only fat, but also sensitive. Equity-based soaps cause its owner a feeling of tightness. Cream Uriage washing gently cleans the face of contaminants and suitable for frequent use, thanks to the gentle glycerin formula. It can be used for removal of a make-up from the eyes without fear of irritation of the mucous membranes. Before applying the cream to be mixed with a small amount of water.

If the washing water from the tap is a surge of new inflammation - your skin is extremely susceptible to hard water. In such a situation, even the luxury cosmetics, has no property neutralizing alkali, will not have a proper impact. Effaclar by La Roche-Posay contains a part antischelochnoy complex restores the natural hydro-lipid balance of the skin. Gel cleanses and narrow pores. It's quite a potent tool in the arsenal of dermatologists, which is used for a pair of pimples, jumped during PMS, it makes no sense. After 2 weeks of regular use significantly reduced production of sebum and reduce the number of "black spots".

Fan foams and fluids for washing with dry skin problems like mousse Aquanature brand Annemarie Borlind. Cheaper such a purchase will not name, but it's worth it. This modern tool combines the latest scientific knowledge with traditional recipes for cleansing the face. Apple has long used the mask to combat comedones. Aquanature 10% consists of the extraction of the fruit.

Unique herbal extracts that grow only in Switzerland, helping to control the allocation and have a long sebiuma matting effect. Aloe copes with post acne and redness. For a quick victory over the problem skin apply the foam to the face and a little massage your fingertips. Rinse with cool water, because hot only strengthens the sebaceous glands.

Aquamarine from Lush will take its place on the shelf of a girl to choose natural cosmetics for the face. Thick cream cleanser "packed" in nori seaweed. It is suitable for oily and combination skin, as kaolin, based on which the vehicle is made, absorbs excess fat and deep cleans pores clogged with dust and the remains of tonal resources. Sea salt is a slight burning sensation, stimulating cell renewal of the epidermis. Otschipnite piece of the roll, to allocate funds for massaging gently and rinse with warm water from the face

Holika Egg Soap - an interesting novelty for fans of Korean cosmetics. Cleansing oily skin is a colorful soap manufacturers who have given shape of an egg. Red myltse designed to pull toxins out of the pores, black struggles with peeling and age-related changes, the green handles fatigue and dark circles, and eliminate white microtrauma in sensitive areas. In principle, all cosmetics of the brand helps to cope with the typical problems of oily epidermis.

"Black spots" on the cheeks and nose wings in need of specialized care. Gel for deep cleaning since Tony Moly can not be used to wash the entire face, is a local agent for clarification of comedones and disclosure of clogged pores. Apply it is possible to a maximum of 3-4 times per month, no more.

 right cosmetics for problem skin


For delicate exfoliating scrub skin problem on the basis of apricot kernel will not do. Necessary funds to small polymer beads that do not scratch the skin and do not hurt the major inflammatory elements, spreading the infection all over his face. Bioderma Sebium Exfoliating Gel contains oxygen capsule. Massaging the face, you "activate" its healing properties. Scrub eliminates toxins, helps to win subcutaneous spots and evens skin tone. Ginkgo biloba extract moisturizes and softens, improves the appearance of post-acne.

Cosmetics The Body Shop is based on natural extracts. Series for oily and problematic skin contains essential oils of tea tree, known for its powerful anti-bacterial properties. Tea Tree Blackhead exfoliating wash - grained peeling creamy, it does not scratch the skin and can be used almost every day. Product consumption is minimal, because the gel texture ensures no problems with the application.

Often women who have problem skin, complain of the lack of "feeling of cleanliness" after applying the peel. For those who love clean "squeaky», Lush launches tool that combines gentle cream and a large sea salt for deep exfoliation. Atlantis - a nightmare for pimples, blackheads and other rashes. He is able to completely replace the mechanical cleaning process, so use it for the treatment of sensitive skin is not recommended.

This innovative cosmetics allows you to individually adjust the "brutality" peeling. You can massage the face with a cream with polishing particles, but you can connect a "heavy artillery" - add the salt, which is poured into a jar on top of it. Lime juice accelerates tissue regeneration of the epidermis, and seaweed helps to smooth facial wrinkles.

Israeli cosmetics Christina released Scrub and Gommage - means to quickly treat problem skin. The number of active components include extract of tomato - the mask of this fruit since time immemorial a resident of Brazil, used for cleaning open pores and get rid of blackheads. The ground powder coral and natural luffa particles act as skrabyaschih particles absorb dirt, sebum and toxins. For maximum effect, use the Scrub and Gommage weekly.

Toning the skin

Balancing Tonic Green Mama c extract containing cranberries and juice celandine complete purification procedure. It reduces the amount of secretions from the sebaceous glands, has a bactericidal effect is excellent and mattes. Green Mama cosmetics made from natural extracts and decoctions. Tonic for oily and problematic skin full of AHA-acids, vitamins and moisturizing complex of oil.

Peeling with extract of tea tree works well in tandem with tonic Attirance, consisting solely of infusion of the leaves of the same plant. It is indicated for the care of problem skin with age-related changes already appeared. Tonic can be used as thermal water for refreshing facial and a make-up correction throughout the day.

Means "2 in 1" from Tegor combines the properties of a lotion and tonic. Honey Tonic Lotion conceived as a chemist's cosmetics manufacturer to improve the sensitive skin inflamed. Spanish pharmacists recommend its use for toning after the procedure a chemical peel. Dairy niacin reduced ph-balance, protect the epidermis from the aggressive environmental influences. Rare varieties of natural honey enriched composition of peptides and amino acids, has a nourishing and moisturizing properties.

European brand Stenders manufactures products for skin care based on the principle of "useful cosmetics to be genuine." Tonic for oily skin is not a part of any preservatives, silicones and parabens. No special storage conditions it requires, as green tea extract provides long-term safety of the therapeutic properties of the product. Aloe restores the lipid balance, lightens scars from acne and perfectly mattes. Infusion of apple seeds is a good antioxidant, which is why tonic useful for use with the 25-year-olds.

 Useful cosmetics for problem skin

Selecting cream

In the fight against skin imperfections, as you probably already realize, especially good drugstore cosmetics. For example, acne cream from Himalaya Herbals can be used as a spot-applied to the entire face if necessary, providing amazing results in just a few weeks of use. It smooths, "filling in" the cracks and wrinkles and can be used as a basis for make-up, as has a weak but still noticeable tinted effect. Cotton tree absorb excess fat from the surface of the skin problem. Powder lentils and Vitex possess healing properties and excellent job of peeling.

Biopur SOS Normalizer Biotherm brand is positioned as a multitasking makeup, successfully copes with a role as a day and night cream. Day Cream mattes the skin due to the presence of algae and licorice night he treats inflammation (including pustules) and frees clogged pores. Licorice and chamomile eliminate dullness and dark circles under the eyes, so that traces of the stormy night, 15 minutes after application will be over.

Lush said that the texture night cream for oily skin should be tight, but do not leave a greasy after soaking. One jar of cream with a hopeful title "Pharmacist" will be enough for a long time: the entire face will need no more than a pea-sized funds. And how much is it beneficial ingredients! Lemon juice whitens and gives a natural glow, fatty oils of avocado and cocoa moisturise and air lime and orange keep your skin matte for 24 hours.

If, despite regular maintenance and the use of special cosmetics, acne and "black spots" do not disappear from your face, sign up for a consultation with a dermatologist. Perhaps the skin problems caused by malnutrition or severe stress.

 Cosmetics for problem skin. Right choice