Cosmetics for fun

Long since cosmetic companies are striving to improve its products, delighting our novelties - fashionable and effective means of care. A pleasant fact is the desire of experts to make their products environmentally friendly, consisting of harmless natural ingredients. The most popular of these are known to, milk, honey or even wine.

Speaking of wine, it is worth mentioning have become popular in recent years, wine baths. By providing a beneficial effect, it prevents unwanted wine aging and dry skin. Also, many famous milk-honey masks - cost but highly effective care products.


Year-round honey - one of the most effective and popular products for skin care. It is necessary to see the results of a honey mask once and for all forget about the dangers of discomfort from the use of this tool. Honey is the best way nourish our skin, making it more elastic. In addition, honey masks are able to restrain the aging that is the dream of every woman.

If you try honey-milk cosmetics at least once in life, it will never be able to deny himself the pleasure of its permanent use. The effectiveness of this tool is supported almost immediately after use.

  • Scrub

A special place in this category takes honey body scrub, with the addition of herbs and sesame seeds. After its application, the skin should apply a mask of honey and orange juice. This procedure provides a comprehensive cleansing of the skin, relaxes the muscles and stimulates the circulatory system. All this will give you an unusually pleasant feeling of comfort and health.

It is also useful to periodically use for washing the so-called "honey" water - a solution of one tablespoon of honey to a glass of water. The tool can be used to cleanse the skin of any type: a few minutes before going to bed and wash off with warm water - that's the secret of success.

  • Mask

Another recipe facials includes fresh herbs: mint leaves, nettle, dandelion, plantain. It may also be used camomile flowers and some other field of flowers. The mask is made as follows: 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with a mixture of boiled water and slurry from herbs. After that, the mask is applied to the face for twenty minutes and wash off with warm water. Tonic effect exerted by this mask can easily compete with many expensive hygiene.

Honey can be used not only as a scrub or mask, but also as, for example, the pedicure tool. Mixed with milk, honey, you can rub in different parts of the leg from shin to the toes, which relaxes the muscles, soften the skin, fine "tuning" feet on the procedure.

  • Warnings!

But do not forget about the possible dangers of the use of any means - including honey. Allergies - the most unpleasant and most popular adverse reactions in cosmetology. As is the case with other drugs, we recommend a preliminary skin test: on the elbow bend several times to put the ready mix and wait for half an hour a possible allergic reaction. This delicate skin is the best detector almost immediately warn us of possible troubles. If it's all right, then use the tool to you safely.


During the cooler months to help you can come not only honey, but also wine. The French cosmetics industry has long since come to an unequivocal conclusion: the wine - is not only delicious, but also useful. Wine in combination with other products can easily be used to prevent cellulite, rinsing the hair, rejuvenating for manufacturing face masks.

  • Hair conditioner

To make a natural conditioner at home, it is enough to insist blend of chamomile and rosemary with the addition of marjoram in white wine at least a week. To use require dissolving two tablespoons of the mixture infused in a glass of warm water.

  • The remedy for cellulite

Effective means that cellulite - a mixture of 3 parts of wine and 3 parts vodka 2 parts almond oil, 1 part oil of lemon and a quarter of the lime. The resulting liquid must be rubbed into the treatment area twice a day, using a rigid sponge.

  • Mask

Most important in the manufacture of masks for the face of the wine - it is the right choice of varieties. Wine should be well suited for your skin type. For example, sweet or semi-sweet red optimally suitable for dry and semi-dry white, normalizing the water balance - for oily skin. Any wine perfectly cleanses the body, relieves the skin from dead cells and clears the body of toxins.

Among other things, all of these tools provide subtle enticing and intoxicating scents that will drive crazy any of your fan. Be natural - use natural cosmetics.

 Cosmetics for fun

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 spa manicure


  • What is SPA - manicure
  • Technique of spa manicure

Manicure - is not only a daily treatments, nails or jewelry before any celebrations. In today's beauty salon can offer you a variety of hand care program, including which became very popular in recent times spa manicure. That is a given procedure, and all varieties of spa care, we will cover in this article.

What is SPA - manicure

To begin with we shall understand the terminology. The word «SPA» - is the Latin abbreviation, which can be translated as "health through water". In addition, during this procedure, you will put in order the nails, spa treatment involves complete relaxation. So SPA-manicure - this is not just a manicure as such, but also a relaxing hand massage to the elbow, special care products, essential oils, lotions, masks and creams. The goal - quality care and the creation of a relaxed atmosphere where the client feels as comfortable as possible.

I must say that SPA-manicure many faces. Some absolutely clear rules do not exist. Each room, claiming the existence of such services offers the program. The main principle - relaxation and comfort for the client.

A simplified version of the SPA can be called hot manicure. It is recommended that if you have dry skin, and nails break and exfoliate. For therapeutic purposes, such a procedure is carried out once a week.

For hot manicure requires a special nourishing lotion. Its members may include vitamins (especially A and E), which contribute to the growth and strengthening of nails, material positive effect on the skin of the hands (lanolin, coconut oil or peanut). Furthermore, the ideal is to have a special device, and to heat the lotion.

The procedure itself takes a lot of time, but it applies to all varieties of the spa manicure. Nails are lowered into the heated lotion for a few minutes after being taken off the remnants of the old varnish and conducted their filing surface. Then fingertips lotion should be spread over the entire arm up to the elbow and rub into the skin, while simultaneously conducting hand massage.

The next stage - the cuticle, which by this time softened under the influence of a lotion. At the end of the procedure you need to wipe your hands with cold wet towel to stimulate blood circulation. Remains of moisture lotion that may remain on the nails are removed using a degreasing swab. Finally, if necessary, can cause firming or colored varnish.

 Valuable spa manicure

Technique of the SPA - manicure

When performing a full spa manicure involved more special funds for nail care and hand skin. The procedure begins with a warm oil bath. Your skin literally comes to life after such a font hand consisting of warm oil. Then, in the course are special lotions that strengthen and nourish not only the skin but also the nail plate. Another effective component - paraffin hand mask, after which the skin becomes soft as silk.

In addition to all these manipulations at the spa manicure as therapeutic agents are used not only ordinary, sea or mineral water, and mud, as well as various kinds of masks and body wraps with essential oils. All of them contain ingredients that strengthen thin and brittle nails, and also has high antibacterial and antifungal properties.

One of the latest trends - use as material for a variety of food wraps. It is believed that they have very strong biological activity. While it may seem unusual, many masks are composed of chocolate, salt, tea, sugar or honey - products containing a large supply of nutrients.

Cuticle treatment in a spa manicure, too, has its own characteristics. She was not cut off and removed using a special formulation that it practically dissolves. This excludes any damage, accordingly, there is no threat of infection. Furthermore, regular maintenance of nails style SPA causes that thinner cuticle and does not require time-consuming processing such as at the initial stage.

Spa manicure is not just the perfect care for your hands, it's a real relaxation, which allows you to restore and strength and composure.

 Dreaming of relax - make a spa manicure

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