corporate events


  • Determination of the date of the holiday
  • Planning activities, cost accounting, preparation
  • Gifts and cultural program
  • Fun without annoying incidents

As you know, corporate events - a very important part in the life of any company. Every big company spends annually about 6 such events. The goal of any corporate event is primarily a team building, communication staff in a relaxed, non-working environment.

If you lay down a difficult task for such a holiday, should not delay the development of the script until the last moment, when before the event is only a week. On Christmas Eve, this article can help you some useful tips.

Determination of the date of the holiday

The first thing you need to do - to determine the exact date of the event, taking into account the schedule of each person to all the employees had the opportunity to attend the festival.

Join the preparation of as many colleagues. It is desirable that among them was the chief accountant or another person, the head of finance. This will greatly facilitate the financial side of the party.

Special attention to the schedule of your boss. He is a very busy man, probably a lot of business meetings, business trips and meetings are possible. Remember that your boss - a VIP-person, is always a "highlight of the program."

In case of force majeure should consider other options for the dates of your event. If there's any circumstance because of which will have to carry a corporate holiday, all employees must be willing to transfer to another party, a convenient time.

 corporate holiday

Planning activities, cost accounting, preparation

Thus, the date specified. Further, it is important to draw up a detailed plan of action and the plan of preparation for it. Without a plan it is difficult to do, otherwise there is a risk of ruin or derail all corporate event due to several missed detail.

To start, make a list of participants, including spouses and children of your colleagues (the presence of children may focus on family events). Knowing the exact number of people you will be easier to choose the venue of the festival. If the holiday is not arranged directly in the office, consider a banquet hall is suitable for a given number of people. It is also necessary to determine the budget, to choose not too cheap and not too expensive institution.

If your company usually holds corporate events in a cafe or restaurant, there are no problems with the preparation of meals, snacks, as well as service and table will not occur. For a holiday in the office need to be concerned about hiring staff. It is not necessary to hire cheap workers to spare no then on the damaged party. But pay is also not recommended. Look familiar reviews, ring up the agency for recruitment and find the best option, successfully combines acceptable to you the cost and quality of service.

In preparing the holiday feast, be aware that eat your colleagues. And most importantly, they do not drink. To not work out so that the table will only meat and fatty food, and someone is a vegetarian or for any reason have to stick to a diet. Remember, proper preparation of the menu - this is one of the most important aspects of the success of any event.

As a rule, all corporate events ends with the people you need to disperse to their homes. Someone is thus not very good coordination after a certain amount of drunk alcohol. Therefore, the cost estimate of the holiday should take into account the cost of a taxi. It is best to negotiate with the taxi service in advance to you by a certain time to prepare the necessary number of cars that safely razvezut party members in their homes.

Ensure the presence of a photographer or cameraman. It is not worth saving, better to choose a professional who has experience in the corporate parties. He will make a quality recording of your event, and later a movie or photo you see with interest the whole team.

Gifts and cultural program

Funny and interesting gifts to employees noticeably enliven and decorate any corporate events, to help lighten the mood. Your task - to provide souvenirs, gifts, prizes that will be raffled off during the festival. Organize yourself assistants - assign responsibility for this part of the event.

In any holiday decorations play an important role. Make beautiful invitations, posters and wall newspapers. Arrange beautiful room decor that will match the theme of the celebration.

In order to holiday was fun and easy, you can think of and to prepare toast, fun contests and competitions. But only if you are sure that all of your fantasies will not make bored colleagues. For a lot of people recommend hiring professionals. Let the cultural and entertainment program takes people who know how to hold a corporate holiday fun. What is the artists, musicians, DJs invite - consult with colleagues. But in any case, are not excluded from the holiday its "homegrown" talent. No matter how interesting concert numbers, yet their employees closer, and if there is a wish to cook and show something interesting, you have to give them that opportunity. Therefore encourages initiatives. Agreed in advance with the lead for the inclusion of their numbers in the overall program that the process could not overlap.

Allow colleagues to move on the dance floor to modern music. Selection dance compositions must be such as to satisfy the tastes of all participants. Invited DJ can easily adjust the program along the way according to your wishes.

 Corporate Events

Fun without annoying incidents

If you have a large company, it may well be that the festival can present people who are not familiar with each other. Therefore zagotovte decorative badges with the names of employees: a snowflake, when celebrating the New Year, either in the form of hearts, if the March 8, or Valentine's Day.

Accidentally overturned on a beautiful dress or suit a glass of wine does not have to be a tragedy. Take care of the proper amount of towels, napkins, as well as stain removers.

To avoid problems with broken glass, better use of the beautiful glasses and dishes, similar to glass, but made of unbreakable materials.

During corporate events most people drink alcohol, which can render disservice. Therefore, the task of the organizer - to see to it that on the table was always enough snacks and soft drinks, and make merry at a party colleagues did not have time to sort things out and reason.

Remember, your mission - to make the corporate event such that it was nice to remember.

 Corporate events from A to Z

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 things to do on the weekend

Oh, great Friday! Finally she came, work week behind and we all dream about the best weekend of my life. Friday directly indicates that you have a free evening and night, all the next sabbath day, evening and night, plus a day and evening of the resurrection. Delight? Well, of course, who would not like to relax?

So what to do at the weekend that they remember, and enough fun and excitement for the next working week. How to spend wisely as possible, distributing it between the cozy family idyll, book, a thick blanket, glass of cocoa dynamic and active holiday with walks, cultural activities and night Sabantuy?

We rest at a discount

So what to do at the weekend in Moscow? You can certainly rely on chance, a sudden call from friends or family with an invitation to a party or a visit, but the well-known folk wisdom says: "Good value - a thoughtful holiday." So it is better to plan everything in advance.

The first option - is to buy discount coupons. Now there are many sites online that offer this kind of leisure. Here the choices provided all kinds of leisure activities. This is a classic evening in the restaurant or going to the theater. Or more unusual activities, such as visits to the English format Speed ​​Dating, a mini-golf course, an illusion of a view or 5d cinema. And best of all, that on Thursday, sitting at work, you can quietly look at these pages and quickly pay for tickets by credit card. So a couple of coupons for Friday and Sunday you will definitely come in handy, and a nice discount.

Extreme Entertainment - rest for the brave women

Now we will focus on entertainment, which many of you know firsthand, but test them have not yet. Whether the time is not enough, then you believe that this kind of holiday does not suit them. Yes, extreme forms of entertainment on the shoulder is not every girl, but why do not you try? Who does not risk, as they say, he does not drink champagne, a glass which you enthusiastically share their experiences with friends.

The first - a flight in a wind tunnel, it is better to try than to tell. Further, the balloon flight. By the way, a great way to confess his love and spend romantic moments with your loved ones. Archery, zorbing ramp or a hill in a huge transparent bowl. Flight to paroplane, flying a plane with a personal driver. And racing buggies, ATVs, motor-school, horseback riding. Well, as impressive? Always wanted to try? Then why think long - go ahead! And make no mistake - this weekend you will remember for a long time.

 what to do at the weekend in Moscow

Urban adventure, or the Night Watch

Many companies on the organization of the entertainment offer this type of holiday. You come to a place of gathering in a car, pay the entrance fee, to tell you the rules and give communications. After that, all divided into teams and get the job that must be met for some time. Tasks can be quite different. For example, to find a street that used to be called another name on the street to find the oldest tree, which is a pointer to future action. Or a girl with a balloon, to solve the riddle of her and she will tell you the secret word.

Very interesting, very positive, fast and fun. Especially when out of the car actually on the fly, ran to the nearest supermarket, all foamy, with a phone in his hand, and after you run a couple of people. You reaches the shelves with canned food and begin to actively go through all the jars with olives seeking a six-digit code, and the time remaining minutes. Passersby look at you like crazy at a minimum. And she cherished bank olives in the bottom of the code 023 975, which instantly shouting into the telephone and quickly runs away.

The winner - the team that will take the maximum number of jobs and have time to time to come to the finish line, she gets a prize. Remuneration of envy from the company, arranging this entertainment. After the ceremony and the exchange of experiences, followed by photos and a buffet. This can be fun to visit with her husband or with a friend, they will love it!

 things to do on the weekend

Unusual tours

And you were in Moscow for a long time on the tour? Maybe, yes. After all, with all the daily chores and routine chores, modern girls even go to the movies is not always possible, and what can you say about the tour. And if you still think that the tour - is banal visits to museums or exhibitions, you are deeply mistaken.

You can visit the Viper Vasilyevna unusual lady who lives in the village of reptiles. Generally at this point a lot of evil spirits, so stock up garlic, silver bullets and, of course, a camera, buy a ticket and go in the way. Leave this place you will be having a lot of impressions and photographs.

If you are interested in mysticism, be sure to visit the bus tour called "Chertolskaya Secrets" or "Secrets of the Moscow mansions." This program developed by the founder and program participants "Battle psychics" and "Top Secret". Here you will find a lot of interesting not only in mystical terms, but also to better know the architecture of his native city. On the tour "Legends of the Moscow pyramid", you will learn the history of the base of the pyramid-eight skyscrapers in Moscow, as well as on the location of the legendary secret entrance to Metro-2, and many other secrets of the capital. Perhaps you'll see Moscow in a very different light.

Houses of town!

And never discount the possibility to get out of town for a few days, especially as the spring sun has already started to warm the earth. This may be a pension, a hotel and recreation center, where you are with your family or loved one can spend a great weekend. Usually, such weekend tours include a program of all inclusive, so you have nothing to worry about. Get in the car, to get to the destination, and meals, football, fishing, billiards, darts, paintball, sauna, barbecue and kebab you provided.

For a large company, you can rent a house somewhere in the woods near the lake, away from the bustle of the city and the concrete boxes. And spend two wonderful days in the wilderness, alone with nature and in the company of good friends. Remember the old story of the life, escape and relax.

 things to do on the weekend in the city

House is also good

Things to do on the weekend if you do not like any of the above options? Or, summed up the weather all weekend and have to stay in the apartment? Do not despair, there is always a way out. Even at home, you can spend an unforgettable day. It takes little imagination and the presence of good company.

You can arrange a costume party based on the beloved best-seller. All you need to do this, call friends, decorate the apartment, prepare to stock up on snacks and excellent mood. Well, if your home has a Twister - a fun action game for a big company, you get bored just do not have. Cards, dominoes, bingo or some board games such as "Monopoly" or "outside", are also able to help brighten up the leisure and fun.

Enjoy, relax, have fun. Americans have such a rule, they rest with great enthusiasm, go all out, but work just as well. To work well, it is necessary to have a good rest. Do not be lazy, get out of the house, combine business with pleasure and new. Go shopping, play board games and outdoor, do not put a parachute jump in the closet of unfulfilled dreams. All this is available, and the real thing is very interesting!

 What to do this weekend? Several of leisure activities

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