Cornices, like a hat for the gentleman - and the use and style at the same time. If clothing for the windows in your home should be no blinds and curtains, it is possible the emergence of such problems as the choice of the cornice. The assortment of eaves so varied that does not hurt to know what they are, and how to choose suitable cornices.

Types of construction cornices

The design of the eaves determined by the way its attachment (to the ceiling or wall) and various holders for curtains.

  1. String cornices. This lightweight and practical design of one or more strings strung from the ceiling. They are made of metal and plastic. Such moldings are intended for curtains made of light fabrics, keep on hooks. Can be used in combination with other moldings.
  2. Eaves bus. It is slotted in which moving plastic hooks. This ledge is attached to the ceiling and visually increases the height.
  3. Baguettes. Arranged as eaves and bus, but unlike them have an elegant look and fit perfectly into the interior of any style. Fit the cornices of varying severity from mild to severe multi-layered tulle curtains. Mouldings may have different fasteners.
  4. Mini moldings, cornices or "Cafe". They used mainly for small interiors. These cornices are ideal in those cases when the ledge is attached very close to the wall or window frame.
  5. Lifting systems and profiles. They are made of aluminum, have different shapes. Visually increasing the height of the room, they are suitable for rooms with low ceilings
  6. Mechanical or Power System - the latest cornices. May have a different way of managing.

In addition to its design features cornices also vary the shape and the materials from which they are made.

Types eaves in form and content

The shape of the cornice can be round or flat, straight or curved. Straight rails are mounted parallel to the ceiling, and are designed for curved arches and bay windows. Classic material for eaves - wood and metal, but today it added more and plastics:

  • wooden cornices are well combined with classic or rustic style, with parquet flooring and wooden doors;
  • Forged cornices are reliable and durable, have a distinctive design and fit any interior in a classic style;
  • metal cornices are more suited to modern interiors;
  • Plastic cornices are now becoming increasingly popular; they are inexpensive and can simulate any material: and wood, and metal.

What to look for when choosing a cornice

Approach to the choice of the cornice must "knowingly." Not only responsible, but also creatively. Drapery Rods must comply with the general style of interior design and the type of curtains. Thus, for heavy curtains should be selected durable metal or wooden cornices and curtains of light fabric can be hung on plastic eaves or on the strings.

The most ornate cornices considered round. When choosing them, look for all sorts of items (rings, clips, hooks, holders). Thanks to this kit it is cornices can be a unique and very decorative element of the interior. For children's rooms suitable plastic moldings that are different variety of colors and combines with bright furniture. Wooden and metal moldings harmoniously fit into the interior living room or kitchen.

Choosing a ledge, consider its ability to adjust the space of the room. To visually expand the window opening wider use cornice window. To increase the height of the cornice of the room is attached to either the ceiling or very close to it.

And, of course, do not leave without attention to quality and functionality of this element of the interior. For curtains with lambrequins should choose the triple eaves. For the balcony window - ledge with a sliding mechanism, and for Roman blinds - with lifting. Hooks and rings must move easily on the roof, and mechanisms to work properly.

The choice of the cornice should not precede the choice of curtains themselves. Only by having ready-made curtains (or at least an idea of ​​what they will) go for the cornice. Having an idea of ​​the diversity of shapes, colors and designs of curtain rods, you should be able to choose what you need!

 Cornices. Select what you need

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 "What child would not play ..."

Creating a family in developed countries it is often delayed until a certain age and status in society. Corporate ethics is so creeps into our minds that plans every second young careerists point "to give birth" is given by the age of thirty. Contrary to all prejudices are young mothers, who themselves something else children.

Last year, the youngest mother in Bulgaria was recognized Kordeza Zhelyazkova - gypsy origin. At age 11, she met her future husband, 19-year-old, who heroically saved the young Kordezu from bullies. Sympathy young couple quickly grew into proximity, and since his wedding Zhelyazkova took away an ambulance. Little girl named Violet, and the next day continued the celebration.

No matter how modern society was accused of breaking many of the rules of decency and morality, but cases of pedophilia were known even in the most severe times. As a result of rape, the youngest mother in the world she gave birth to her first child in 1939. Woman in labor from Peru, Lina Medina, first came to the local hospital with a diagnosis - abdominal swelling, however, in the course of carrying out a more detailed examination it was found out that the baby is 7 months pregnant. Lina, at the time, was only 5 years old. The baby was a healthy boy, unaware that his older sister is his mother. Unfortunately, at age 40, he died of a sudden illness. But Lina has another child born in wedlock. Until now, the case is considered the most unusual in medical practice.

Latin America is rich in miracles, and therefore, in neighboring Brazil, about 2 years ago, an Indian girl became a mother. Despite the fact that the 9-year-old mother suffered from pneumonia, malaria and anemia, which apparently provoked premature birth, her daughter was quite healthy. As in the previous case, to find out who the father of the child, was not possible.

A few years ago in Russia, too, there was a place for early birth. In its 13 Anastasia managed to marry a guy who is 7 years older than her and give him 2 sons. Children differ in good health, and therefore the place of employment in rural areas have provided. Young mother negatively on the formation of the school and does not want will soon send their children to study. After all, the main thing in life - it's health, and children, and everything else - there will be. So the young family, despite the advice of doctors, is already thinking about her daughter.

Scotland stood out among the other countries. Here, 11-year-old girl, smart beyond his years, became pregnant in a deep state of intoxication from his school friend from high school. One would think that an innocent little one watered and seduced, if not to take into account the fact that cigarettes and whiskey young lady abused at the age of 9 years, and the house grew hemp on the window. Probably it is going to make a herbarium. Herself a schoolgirl, who asked not to disclose his name, proud of his act and believes that the earlier sexual experience - the wise man.

Although there are young mothers and irresponsible "Wild Child" and caring homemaker, you still need to remember that the birth of a child - it's the most precious gift of those that we have for your life.

Text: Marina Lineva

 "What child would not play ..."

 Toys for Baby

Nowadays, there are toys that are not at all suitable for children, and there are those which are suitable for children of a certain age. So, find out how to choose the right toys for our baby!

Tips on choosing toys

  • Choose these toys, where there are no small parts, otherwise your child will break them, and God forbid may choke.
  • Follow the instructions on the packaging of toys
  • Look for those toys, which says "non-toxic", "is made from environmentally friendly materials"
  • It is advisable to purchase toys Posted washing.
  • The toy itself should give the child an opportunity to change it, improve it.

This toy will develop your child. Toy train the brain to be your child, as well as provide long-term intellectual challenge. The best option if the toy ahead of the development of the child, making him self-development, not impede it. Select the desired toy for your child, you can online store toys www.eka-raduga.

Toys and age of the child

Just born baby toys are not required because all his life certainly has a relationship with only adult contacts. Well, in a period of one to three months, the child formed mechanisms of visual and auditory perception. It is advisable at this time to give your child a colorful toys, such as geometric figures or drawings.

Between 3 to 6 months, it is desirable to give the child a plastic, rubber and soft toys. Very good toy will also be voiced.

From 6 to 9 months, the child is already more interesting complex toys such as cars, folding book with bright juicy picture.

But already one year old child rapidly enjoys these toys, such as mobile phone, dinnerware set, swings, jumpers. By the way, rocking horse it is the best toy for the development of a sense of balance, thus your child will begin to walk more quickly and confidently.

 Toys for Baby

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