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"So young! Everything, as from the incubator! "Such statements often can be heard from the older generation. Of course, you can sniff and argue that they did not understand in the modern fashion trends. That may be so ... But, perhaps, in part, they are right. After all, even the most fashionable thing is unlikely to fully emphasize the individuality of its owner.

Do you know how to solve this problem? No? Do not worry, we know this secret. And the secret of this is very simple - Funny T-shirts. They will not only emphasize your individuality, but you are sure to attract the attention of others.

And T-shirts with jokes are so diverse that almost every sober - and not very sober, but still thinking - individual certainly find something that will interest him:

T-shirts for pregnant women

 T-shirt for pregnant

Awaiting the birth of the baby? As a rule, any future mom can not wait to share our joy with others. Even if the stomach is already big enough, you can always attract additional attention to it with the help of cool T-shirts for pregnant women. And just let some ham in the subway try to pretend that you have not noticed interesting position!

T-shirts for Lovers

 T-Shirt for Lovers

Are you in Love? Congratulations, that's great. All lovers - a little crazy. And may all crazy - even impossible. But do not rush to climb into the sky behind the asterisk - you can hit your favorite (th) more secure way of life. For example, buy a t-shirt that will emphasize your feelings.

Paired t-shirts

 Cool T-shirts
  Cool T-shirts

The wonderful thing - the paired t-shirts. They got their name from the fact that the image or label them becomes meaningful only when two people wearing T-shirts that same couple, are close by. Want to tell the world that you - a couple? A great way. Incidentally, the paired t-shirts are often used to "neutralize" the opponent or rival. Hardly anyone wants to flirt with a man on a T-shirt emblazoned which clear evidence that a nearby place in the sun permanently occupied.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of funny t-shirts have also practical superiority. In such a T-shirt, you will be equally comfortable on vacation, or at work. Of course, if your boss has a sense of humor. Otherwise, the charge of violating the dress code, you can not avoid.

Although there is always a way out. Try to give a cool T-shirt strict boss suddenly the dress code change? After T-shirts with jokes are a wonderful gift in the world today when hero for the day is almost impossible to surprise.

However, pay attention to the important aspect. Shirts must be of good quality. So do not run headlong into the nearest shop or market. And indeed go out of the house is not necessary. Online Store offers not only excellent quality cool t-shirts, but also a great choice. Why go far if the best around?

 Cool T-shirts

 dress code cocktail


  • Cocktail Dress code: dress requirements
  • Cocktail dress code options and branches

In an important event, such as a rout, a corporate party or a reception on the occasion of the conclusion of a new partnership, you need to dress appropriately. Therefore, it is urgent dress code created specifically for such activities and called "cocktail." He was followed by women who want to be a model of style to the important business and social event'ah.

Of course, every business has to visit a lady at receptions and corporate buffets, why it is so important to know how to dress properly in such cases. To clarify the situation will help the review devoted entirely to the principles and the subtleties of the cocktail dress code. Let's see what decision is taken in the process of creating look'a for organized by the party, for a presentation or any other similar event. Let's start with the general rules of noteworthy every woman.

 dress code for the party

Cocktail Dress code: dress requirements

Already from the name it is clear what should be evening wear girl. For the social event you need to choose a dress, and emphasized elegant, made with taste and appropriate a number of parameters. Let's list them:

  • Length

    Choose the options that will not be braver than just above the knee. In this regard, the cocktail dress code classically conservative - sexy mini best left to nightclubs. And at the presentation, parties or even the solemn meeting of the partners model ankle-length short dress would be appropriate.

  • Colour

    Traditional popular black, but there are other options. It is important for evening wear look stylish and luxurious, but not too bright. Therefore, a woman does not make a mistake by choosing a dark blue, gold, silver, beige or white dress. But from the lemon, green, pink option should be abandoned - on a serious event, they will not look.

  • Style and Decoration

    Cocktail dress code prefers not lush and form-fitting dresses. But it allowed some freedom in the decoration. The selected model can be decorated with lace, embroidery and appliques or even sequins. The main thing is that all these elements of decor looked appropriate and were interesting, but not a central element look'a.

  • Shoes & Accessories

    Garden parties, corporate receptions, presentations and similar events do not involve too active pastime, so the cocktail dress code includes shoes with high heels. It is also important to choose the right handbag: for good event'e it should be small. As for hats, it is best to either eliminate them or choose only miniature versions - a requirement dictated by the spirit of the business event.

 dress code

Cocktail dress code options and branches

Of course, the style rules may vary according to the nature and requirements of the event. Yes, even in the corporate reception associated with the celebration of the birth of the company and promises to be fun, the girl is still not necessary to choose a mini-skirt and a T-shirt for a party, but a certain degree of freedom will still be provided to her.

For example, the dress code can be changed in a bold format "cocktail chic" when the charge becomes more lush, ornate and luxurious. Also, you can not be afraid to add to the image of an abundance of jewelry, choose the original bag and all accessories to make brighter. Say more: in "chic" -case dress generally is not required - it can be replaced by a two-piece.

Effectively will look and appropriate combination of fashionable blouses and skirts, trousers, knitted blouses, lace stamp, and gauchos. Of course, all, and courage too, should be in moderation - remember that even the most free way is to look elegant. It is for this reason that many design houses are advised to choose a black dress, albeit in a non-standard version. It is always relevant, and all of its original features will perfectly fit into the framework of the requirements of the dress code called "cocktail chic."

Here are the basic rules that should follow women who want and are able to emphasize the perfection of its taste. Guided by them, you will be able to accurately create images for the most important, large-scale, business events, celebrations or corporate event'ov and be queen rout, buffets, presentations.

 The dress code is cocktail: how to observe it?

 how to wear a man's shirt girl


  • Going back to history
  • As a woman wearing a man's shirt?
  • How to choose the "right" shirt?
  • What images and the option of choosing the stars?

Constant craving for novelty, experimentation and change - a mandatory feature of every girl. Women's clothes have always been rich with various types of clothing, but still for a change, many men tend to use some things. It's no secret that their clothes are very comfortable and often looks cool and stylish. Therefore, each of the fair sex there is a lot of ideas how to wear a man's shirt to the girl.

Going back to history

Historians talk about fashion is that there was this thing for a long time. Previously, they could wear the important officials of ancient Babylon, who were involved in writing (cuneiform) financial statements. It took not much time, and in the Renaissance shirt has become a fashionable piece of lingerie that is already partially flaunt. In the sixteenth century in Italy there were shirts with lace, but at that time they wore only men.

In addition, until the eighteenth century, this garment was designed only for the aristocracy, ordinary people were simply not available. Closer to the nineteenth century, fashion has changed dramatically, and the usual shirts, unadorned, citizens could wear with any level of income. In the women's locker room shirt he appeared at the beginning of the revolutionary twentieth century.

In the seventies and eighties of the last century, many women are finally able to establish themselves in politics and business, therefore, began to take over part of men's clothing, to be able to show a decent equality with a strong half of mankind. Initially, of course, such things could only be the bravest, who because of this were the center of attention and discussion.

Still, time passed, the screens out films in which the main character wakes up and having coffee in a man's shirt, and on the catwalks of the world are increasingly began to appear such a thing, created especially for the fair sex. And today this shirt can be called one of the main parts of the female wardrobe, and sometimes it seems that on the girls, it looks much better than men.

 how to wear a shirt girl

As a woman wearing a man's shirt?

Do not challenge the fact that every woman tries to constantly update their image, to make it something special. However, as strange as it may sound, a man's shirt in the women's wardrobe has long been considered feminine and delicate. The main thing is do not take it from his brother, the pope, boyfriend or husband, and buy yourself your own. For the first time pick a very simple, classic-style with long sleeves, for example, white. Now try to create several images of her:

  1. Let's start with the ease and immediate option. Use a man's shirt, you'll be in a tunic: Sunset sleeves and wear bustier top, or by combining it all with mini-shorts or mini-skirts. From shoes, you can choose anything you like: as the sandals with high heels, and ordinary Vietnamese. Complete the whole image a wide belt with a massive buckle, handbag-style Eco, bracelets made of wood, and in the end it turns out an interesting bohemian ensemble.
  2. If the previous image for you too outspoken, then consider another. Classic safari shorts, beige or sand color, white T-shirt, Roman sandals, belt, and on top of everything - unbuttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Accessorize become a safari hat.
  3. In response to the question of how to wear a man's shirt girl, there's even a romantic option. In the cool summer evening The thin girl can dress feminine dress and complement its still the same white shirt. Specifically, in this case, it fulfills two roles and warms, and makes image more delicate and fragile, especially if you emphasize the waist, wearing a belt in the form of a thin scarf or belt.
  4. You will be surprised, but with the help of a simple shirt can create an image, even in western style. Of course, too brutal combination, we will not, but then we are not real cowboys, and only want to be a bit like them. Girls need to wear denim trousers or denim skirt, top, sweatshirt or T-shirt, cowboy boots. Top wear a shirt, and you can wear it in different ways: either tuck (you can fill one side only), or wearing full trousers. Accessorize will scarf, a bag with fringes, men's belt.
  5. How else can a girl wearing a man's shirt? With this thing, which may be great for a couple of sizes, you can create even stricter, business and even the elegant image. For this woman is wearing a black narrow pencil skirt or dark trousers in classic style, but always with a high waist. Tuck shirt into a skirt or trousers, unbutton the top few buttons. Now put black stilettos or high-heeled shoes, a few simple accessories pale and unapproachable image of a business lady is ready!

Remembering the fashion catwalks, we can say that everything is new - is well forgotten old; or forgotten? It is about male denim shirt from the eighties that with incredible speed gaining in popularity. Of course, such a thing can not be called just everyday, because it has long since become an incredibly practical in many situations. In addition, it is light and goes well with any clothes, and popular among owners of absolutely any shape and age.

Do not be thinking that a man's shirt can be used as an element of seduction and flirting, as it is suitable for the formation of a common everyday images. Classic appropriate in the office or at business meetings, polo shirt - in daily life or in sport, Hawaiian or beach - on holiday, elegant - on holidays and celebrations.

Very relevant is this thing in the wardrobes of those girls who like to experiment in ethnic style or folk themes. For the fair half of you can pick up a shirt in a cage, striped or plaid. These things are perfectly combined with jeans or shorts - in such a manner can go for a walk or picnic. But the classic white shirt, using examples that were presented above, generally the most versatile and indispensable piece of clothing, which can save in a variety of situations, especially when you have nothing to wear.

The main thing - remember, this jacket in no way combined with slacks or jeans, and even more so with jeans male cut. Otherwise, you will achieve the return, you do not need effects not feminine and confident, but rather "rustic" and rough.

 as a woman wearing a man's shirt

How to choose the "right" shirt?

Quite a few women have never faced with the issue of selection of the item of clothing. To create a fresh and original way is best to choose a shirt for a couple of sizes larger. Fashion and actual shirt should be long, like a light tunic. Do not worry if it looks baggy on you - this is the current style of the season.

  • If you pick up a shirt to the suit, then it should be for a couple of shades lighter.
  • White, blue shirt and blue blend perfectly with the gray suit and cream-colored, gray, light blue and milky white with a black look better.
  • The most practical is cotton shirts because they do not require special care.
  • If you are the winner of the round, large face, look for shirts with pointed collars.
  • In that case, if your face is oblong and oval, choose the item with a rectangular collar.
  • In the classic style of this shirt should peek out from under his jacket for a couple of centimeters, and should cover the cuffs at the wrist bone.

What images and the option of choosing the stars?

Despite the fact that the well-known singers, actors, musicians, athletes can buy any thing, the beautiful half of humanity still interested specifically in the men's things in this situation - shirt. Jessica Simpson says: "I wear a spacious option knot tying it at the waist. Such clothing is perfect for my walks and outdoor activities. "

Actress Rachel Bilson has recently admitted the press that from time to time takes a shirt from her boyfriend to refresh the image. And it turns out that's fine - this shirt in a small strip with an open collar looks very stylish.

Fans of plaid shirts Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba and Claudia Schiffer run by her jeans and put on top of the belt. These ladies - amateur careless fashion look, the list of which there are shirts strong half of mankind.

Cowboy shirts like the actress Olivia Munn. She prefers to walk in them at sporting events, for a walk or shopping. More often than not, like so many other famous personalities star combines such a thing with skinny jeans. Some ladies, such as Vanessa Hudgens, quite shy, so wear a man's shirt as a dress that looks very stylish and sexy. Also, in such form paparazzi caught Rihanna, who told him a few words of comfort this attire.

In conclusion, it should be said that men's shirts have become the most urgent and integral part of women's wardrobe, because each of the fair sex constantly wants to look fashionable, stylish, bold, and at the same time gentle and feminine. Do not be afraid to experiment, play with patterns, colors, using various decorations, which give the brightness of such a laid-back style.

 How to wear a man's shirt girl: interesting options

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