bechamel sauce for lasagna


  • Milk sauce Classic
  • The sauce with vegetables broth
  • Mushroom bechamel with onion and nuts
  • Sour cream and cream sauce with cheese
  • The sauce with the lemon juice and egg yolks
  • Tomato-milk sauce for lasagna in Italian

Perhaps there is no person who has not heard about the lasagna. This is a traditional Italian dish is usually prepared in the form of a rectangle or square, between layers of thin dough spread the filling: a variety of vegetables, minced meat, tomatoes, stew, grated cheese, and more. At the end of the product is watered incredibly tender and flavorful sauce bechamel. That's about the last today and will be discussed. We suggest to consider some of the most interesting options. Adherents of classical solutions certainly will appeal to the traditional recipe of milk bechamel sauce, and if you want to make lasagna savor, try the sauce with tomatoes, cucumbers or nutmeg.

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Milk sauce Classic

Today, to enjoy a slice of lasagna, do not have to go to an expensive restaurant and certainly not worth it just for the sake of flying to Italy. Thanks to professional chefs who share their secrets, and now the recipe for this dish is available every hostess. Filling for lasagna, there are many, as well as variants of gravy to it. Let's look at the classic recipe, which is traditionally served with the dish. Due to the milk and butter sauce turns incredibly tender, and gives it a special piquancy ground nutmeg.


  • 0, 5-ounce packs of butter
  • 450 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • 1/3 tablespoon of nutmeg (if desired you can add to the sauce a little more of this ingredient)
  • 20 grams of white flour
  • two small pinch of salt

Cooking method:

Many may think that to make a bechamel only by experienced chefs. It is a common misconception lacked a completely groundless. After studying the recipe, you'll see for yourself. So first, well, heat a saucepan, melt the butter in a piece of it, here is pour the flour. Fry wheat product is about three minutes with regular agitation. As soon as he acquires a light golden brown, remove bowl from heat.

Pour the milk into a small saucepan, heat it over low heat, then connect with ground nutmeg. Stir the sauce to the ingredients were dissolved to form a homogeneous mass. Send it in a bowl with the flour, at its discretion sprinkle in a few pinches of salt. Cook to a minimum flame is actively working with a spoon. Note that you should not stay lumps. Once the béchamel thickened slightly, remove from heat, cool and serve. You will see that the sauce will give an unforgettable taste of lasagna.

 bechamel lasagne

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The sauce with vegetables broth

Life - is a constant forward movement; refusing to develop their abilities, people deliberately restricts itself to the growth. Of course, this rule applies not only cooking, but also all other spheres. Therefore we offer to learn and improve together, the following recipe is somewhat more complicated than the previous one, however subservient to everyone. You just need a little more time and products. That will have a soft, thick, slightly sour sauce for lasagna. By the way, sour cream bechamel, which will be discussed, can also be fed to the dishes of meat, fish, to cooked vegetables and pasta.

Ingredients (per five to seven portions):

  • sea ​​salt - to taste
  • One pod of hot peppers
  • 300 ml vegetable stock
  • three large (without top) tablespoons flour
  • 25 milliliters of olive oil
  • two medium cucumber
  • pyatisotgrammovaya packaging fat sour cream
  • fresh garlic (if you want the sauce came out moderately fragrant, take two or three large cloves)
  • two sweet peppers
  • bunch of fresh parsley or dill

Cooking method:

The taste of the meat lasagna sparkle brighter colors, if you pick the right sauce to it. We offer a very good and easy recipe that is perfect for Italian cuisine. Preparation of bechamel sauce - such name is fueling - takes on the force for fifteen minutes, but the result ... Yum. So let's begin: first, gently remove the peppers from the core after the cut vegetables into thin strips, in the same way to cut cucumbers. Warning, if bitter, be sure to clean the pre-products from the skin.

Good heat the olive oil in a frying pan, put in a bell pepper, cook until it is tender and rosy. Pour remaining liquid in another skillet. Washed and dried herbs finely chop with a knife, is now put in a blender container cucumber and pepper, turn on the device and all good grind. The warm oil, add the specified amount of flour, active mass whisk whisk, make sure that the lumps disappeared.

Boil the sauce over low heat, as soon as he begins to slowly boil, pour a thin stream into the soup. Periodically stir, then add the cream. Focusing on your taste, if necessary, a little salt bechamel, and as soon as it is sufficiently thickened, add The beaten greens, garlic and vegetable soup. Lovers of spicy food can add to chili sauce for lasagna, sliced ​​into thin strips. Incidentally, the same recipe there is at least one appetizing interpretation. The ingredients and the procedure of preparing the same in both cases, only in the last vegetable broth instead of chicken or cooked, take out of beef. The sauce will be more rich and satisfying - it is just what you need for lasagna.

 bechamel sauce for lasagna recipe
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Mushroom bechamel with onion and nuts

Introducing the perfect sauce for a hearty, meat lasagna - bechamel with sauteed mushrooms. Complemented vegetables - onions and fresh, the crushed garlic, - cooked in milk, it gets incredibly fragrant, full-bodied and very gentle. Savory notes attached to the grated walnut, which is added to the individual discretion of the chef. Remember, a pinch of spice or, for example, a leaf of basil make the sauce even more special. So do not be afraid to dream - sometimes small changes, which is subject to a particular recipe are only good foods.


  • 100-120 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • liter of cold milk
  • 30 grams of cooking oil - preferably butter
  • 95 grams of sifted flour
  • 1/3 head garlic
  • white onion bulb
  • 50 grams of fresh butter
  • a few pinches of nutmeg advance razmelchёnnogo
  • Three basil leaves - optional
  • salt

Cooking method:

To start a small excursion into the basics of cooking. So, if you decided to make a bechamel, teach whatever recipe you choose, if it includes a meal, be sure to sift the product. Subsequently, it saves you from time-consuming procedure to get rid of lumps. Also, do not be afraid to add dried, for example, freshly ground black pepper, or fresh seasonings. Fragrant sauce flavor make any lasagna memorably piquant.

Getting culinary creativity, start with the preparation of ingredients. To do this, wash the mushrooms, fold them in a colander, then peel off the film and cut the legs. This recipe involves the use of mushrooms, but if none exists, replace them with another product. Bring to a boil the water, a little salted it, pour in the dish whole mushrooms. After about eight to ten minutes, they are ready, so remove the bowl from the heat, drain off excess broth, mushrooms and leave to cool themselves.

Peeled onions chop into thin half-rings, after a fairly heated skillet, melt the butter and fry the onions until the vegetable is a beautiful light golden color. Here lay the cut pieces of medium mushrooms and garlic, crushed with a special press. By the way, can be used instead of fresh dried ingredient in the granules. Periodically stir the products that they are not burnt, also do not make too big a flame. Salt and pepper to your taste weight.

When the vegetables are tender, and change color, pour them into the blender and grind. Recipe tender filling for lasagna is almost coming to an end: in a small pot with a thick bottom, melt the butter, then in five minutes Brown the flour in it. During cooking, carefully rub the wheat product with a fork to the sauce without lumps left. Now here is enter the warmed milk, pour it gradually thin stream. Reduce the flame of the burner and continue to cook the béchamel.

When it becomes more homogeneous pour into it, ground nutmeg, a pinch of salt, and onion-mushroom mass. Hold the dish on the stove for a few minutes until it thickens. Several times whisk whisk and remove aside to cool. Note that the sauce for lasagna is served in a separate bowl - special saucers, and then every guest he adds it to his portion. To complement the flavor of the recipe recommend another ingredient - fresh basil. Even two or three leaves will be enough to taste bechamel sauce has become even richer.

 delicious bechamel sauce for lasagna

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Sour cream and cream sauce with cheese

Another recipe, which is perfect for preparing a delicious sauce for lasagna, will appeal to admirers of the cheese product. The ingredients necessary for meals, available to everyone, so if you decide to arrange an evening of Italian cuisine, as they say, you are welcome. Follow the instructions and you will be sure to make yourself a gentle creamy bechamel sour cream with eggs and cheese will not be difficult, it would wish.


  • three home eggs
  • Standard cup sour cream average fat content
  • salt
  • 190-220 milliliters of heavy cream
  • 25 grams of hard cheese, grated on a coarse grater
  • two large tablespoons of melted butter
  • fresh dill - optional
  • six tablespoons (without top), white flour

Cooking method:

This recipe is even simpler than the previous judge. So, the first thing whisk with a fork homemade eggs as soon as they form a homogeneous, slightly yellowish mixture, connect it with sour cream. This also enter cream and sift through a fine sieve flour. At its discretion, add table salt. Stir well and put their products on the minimum fire.

Boil the sauce stirring constantly, throw him a piece of butter. If you want to, first, melt in the microwave. As the mass of the heat will gradually thicken, in the end, enter into it grated cheese. Once on the surface of béchamel bubbles appear, turn off the burner and cool sauce. If desired, serve it with svezherublenym dill.

Fans can spice pepper dish of dried spices to season it. A perfect complement to the cream and sour cream will also garlic. Do not be afraid to experiment, sometimes it turns out to be very helpful, but at the same time radically depart not from the formulation. For professional chefs still better to know what ingredients are needed for a gentle bechamel and how much better they add. Remember, all should be the measure.

 delicious bechamel sauce for lasagna recipe

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The sauce with the lemon juice and egg yolks

We decided to surprise loved ones a new dish? Why not try an Italian recipe? We offer to make a delicious, hearty and incredibly juicy lasagna. Of course, this dish itself turns out very tasty, but if you pour it fragrant, delicate sauce, then in the end the result will exceed all expectations. We have already discussed several options for lasagna gravy, but the following recipe is also very interesting and worthy of attention. Thanks yolks dish has a light yellowish hue and lemon makes it a little sour.


  • white flour - 30 grams
  • glass of warm milk
  • 40 grams of butter
  • four grams of citric acid (can replace it with freshly squeezed fruit juice)
  • sea salt
  • two chicken egg yolks
  • 110 ml cream
  • 30 grams of the Russian or other hard cheese

Cooking method:

Agree, sometimes occur in the kitchen all sorts of situations: for example, ventured into the development of lasagna, chef forgot to buy a particular product or not enough of the ingredient. In such cases, the main thing - do not panic, because everything can be corrected. Do not settle with sour cream? Then take the cream and citric acid instead of your regular fresh fruit - squeeze the juice out of it and add to the dish. In general, the room for panic in the kitchen should not be. Come to the cooking wisely and responsibly. And now let's go back to sauces, because it is about them now talking about.

Put in a bowl with a thick bottom piece of butter, put the dishes on the quiet fire and wait until the product is completely melted. Now, using a fine strainer, in the same capacity Sift white flour. We advise not to be lazy and still hold the above procedure, because then the wheat product sated air, evenly distributed in the bowl and does not form lumps. Thoroughly rub ingredients as flour browned, pour milk into it, sprinkle in three grams of salt, mix again and let the mixture boil.

Periodically operate spoon the sauce was more homogeneous. As soon as you see on the surface of bubbles, add the lemon juice or acid, and after a few minutes - sour cream and grated cheese. Wait until the warm up enough bechamel (practically boil), then pour into a pre-whipped egg mass. Rub all whisk them working from the top down. Ideally, you should have a lush, but a dense sauce with sour taste. If you want to give it more piquancy, enter the bay leaf, and better - dried basil, rosemary or, for example, oregano. Another fragrant ingredient that is always going to favor dishes - crushed garlic.

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Tomato-milk sauce for lasagna in Italian

Today's recipes are devoted fans of Italian cuisine. Everyone knows that in this country one of the most beautiful women, gentle wine and insanely delicious food. The Italians know how to eat right, with, mind you, they are all pretty slim and cheerful people. Because, as they say themselves residents of this sunny area, everything should be treated with love and pleasure. Today we will learn to cook, "soulful" sauce for lasagna, this time to consider the subtleties of cooking tomato gravy breast with a beautiful name "bechamel".


  • sifted flour - 27 grams
  • a piece of butter (you will need 40 to 50 grams)
  • 18 grams of fresh tomato sauce (we recommend to do it yourself)
  • salt, spices - to the discretion of the hostess
  • 740 milliliters of store average fat content of milk

Cooking method:

Remember, if you want and need virtually any recipe can be a little bit easier. This will save not only strength, but also precious time. For example, if we talk about this sauce, then the hostess can always buy ready-made tomato puree or paste. Agree, it is quick and easy. But it is better to use fresh tomatoes, then come out and bechamel healthier and tastier. The only caveat - you have to clean the skin from the tomatoes. To do this on top of each vegetable shallow incision, then pour over them alternately with water - first hot, then icy. Due to the sharp temperature drop skin burst, and you easily get rid of it.

Right, rub the pulp of the tomatoes on a fine grater. Part of the resulting drain juice from them, you no longer need. As a result, you will have moderately thick, dense sauce. At the time, remove it to one side, and the red-hot skillet themselves. Connect it to the butter and flour, cook foods to a minimum the fire. Once the wheat ingredient will be rosy, pour the milk into a bowl. The latter is better to warm up, in addition, it should be added gradually thin stream.

Boil bechamel next regularly stir it with a spoon. See, to avoid forming lumps, if necessary rub their fork. Once the sauce begins to boil, turn down the flame a little more hot plates, then add salt and, if desired, pepper it. Ten minutes later, Mould 25 milliliters of milk mixture into the bowl with the tomato puree. Active movements stir the mass and type the previous ingredients. As a result, when combined, the two liquids form a thick, reddish-orange sauce with a rich taste of fresh vegetables. He is considered a versatile and suitable for climbing with almost any filling. Lovers of spices recommend to fill the dish with rosemary or basil.