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  • Simple oat pudding
  • Oatmeal with milk
  • Hercules on yogurt pudding with prunes
  • Honey and pumpkin porridge

To begin with it should be clarified that the Hercules - it is just a trademark of flakes, which according to some reports appeared in the Soviet Union back in 1920, when an updated scientific figures of the country preaching the principles of healthy eating. In fact, the porridge is called oat and oat not as accustomed to talking to people. This dish is familiar to everyone from childhood. Who mom did not make for breakfast nasty in terms of the child swill? This age understand that the use of foods is undeniable.

Nutritionists and other experts in the field of proper nutrition has studied the length and breadth of the positive and negative side dishes. The latter, incidentally, is very small. The basis of Hercules make oat seeds, which are processed in a special way. During cooking, they are deprived of their indigestible shell and converted into flakes. As in most cereals, in this mess it contains many useful for the human and trace elements.

Firstly, organic compounds facilitate the uptake of amino acids. Therefore, cooking porridge for breakfast is recommended for people who are on duty or in connection with a certain way of life experience increased physical activity. Proceeding in the human body, this kind of "stimulant" contributes to the rapid recovery of the protein in muscle tissue, allowing the muscles for a long time retain their efficiency.

Second, oat flakes - one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants, it is a natural barrier to the formation of tumors. Therefore, the use of oatmeal for the prevention of cancer, as they say, is obvious. This product is used even in cosmetics - masks made from it, slows the aging process. Due to the gluten contained in the grains, moderate consumption of cereals is very useful for people with "problem" stomach ulcer. The fact that Hercules flakes envelop the site of inflammation, thereby reducing pain, and passing through the intestines, carry away waste products. Therefore, doctors refer them to one of the body's natural cleaners.

After all of the above, it becomes clear that it is important to eat oatmeal and need. Porridge is best to cook for breakfast. It can be served with honey, fruit, fresh berries and nuts. This dish will give strength of Hercules and energy for the whole day. So we offer to master at least one recipe for an easy and healthy dishes from tomorrow to start a new, healthy life.

Simple oat pudding

Let's look at the simplest and most diet recipe. Hercules pudding cooked without added sugar and butter. The dish turns lean, hearty and perfect for those who are watching their figures or religious beliefs forced to take time off from certain foods. If you want to give his creation a piquancy, add the raisins or a handful of almonds.


  • glass of cold water
  • 250 grams of Hercules flakes
  • black bread - a crust

Cooking method:

Use herculean porridge for the human body - both adults and children - it has long been proved. Nutritionists are regularly reminded that a full nutritious breakfast - the basis of well-being and good health. Despite this, many people still, hastily getting ready for school or work, eat a sandwich, washed down with a cup of coffee or tea. However, after half an hour start to feel hunger. We will tell a quick recipe dishes, which give a charge of vivacity and positive mood. With so breakfast would be a good day, you'll see.

To make jelly, evening flakes pour cold water and here is put a piece of bread. White loaf or gray will not do, take a black, such as Borodino. The blank for future porridge recommended per day, then the dish will turn out softer and more gentle. Besides the morning you probably will not have time to wait until the flakes infusion. So, we read the recipe and operate as follows. Remove the bread from the bowl of porridge, then grind the last with a sieve. Then put the porridge on a small fire, if necessary, add a little water. Once the dish starts to boil, turn off the burner and remove it from the stove.

Wait until the jelly has cooled. About half an hour he will be completely ready for use. At the request of the dish, you can add salt or posaharit, here everyone acts on your taste. Oat meal - perfect for those who observe fasting. By the way, not just cereals served in a sweet way. They are eaten with cutlets, vegetables and salads. In this case, the jelly simply added sugar.

 Hercules jelly

Oatmeal with milk

The benefits of oatmeal is that it not only energizes but also helps to eliminate toxins from the body, has a restorative effect on muscle mass. This is especially important for athletes as well as people whose work involves heavy physical exertion. If oatmeal seems something unappetizing and tasteless, it means that you simply picked up the wrong recipe. In fact, you can cook porridge so that Yum. Do you want to see this?


  • 200 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • cup of Hercules
  • salt - optional
  • half cup warm water
  • Eight grams of butter
  • Sugar - to taste

Cooking method:

Milk oatmeal recipe is very simple - we offer make it in practice. To start pour cereal boiled cooled water. Do it best in the evening, then morning, preparing healthy breakfast takes the least time. So leave the mess for swelling. After the wake, filter the product using a sieve to get rid of excess fluid. Then put the oatmeal into a small saucepan, add the warmed in the microwave milk and put on fire. If desired, enter the sugar and table salt. Cook the dish should be stirring constantly, otherwise it will take lumps.

Once the mass thickens, remove it from heat and combine with butter. Then spread on plates and wait until it cools down. If you cook breakfast for your baby, be sure to add a sweet ingredient. Otherwise, the child is likely to abandon such questionable delicacies. Suit products such as condensed milk, homemade jam, fragrant honey. You can also enter a few fresh berries or fruit. Recipe versatile, so do not be afraid to experiment, you might come up with a completely new dish.

 how to cook oatmeal jelly

Hercules on yogurt pudding with prunes

This recipe can be safely attributed to the doubly useful dishes. Oat flakes themselves have beneficial effects on the human body and, in combination with yogurt are a real "doctor" for the patient's stomach and intestines. Daily consumption of porridge ever save you from the problems associated with the digestive system. Cook oatmeal - a pleasure for the hostess, it's quick and not onerous.


  • salt - at your discretion
  • oatmeal - one glass
  • 250 milliliters of water
  • five tablespoons of yogurt is not too fat (product does not recommend the use of more than 2, 5% fat)
  • 30 grams softened prunes

Cooking method:

This recipe comes in two forms - simple and more complex. Let's first look at the first option. If you decide to cook porridge in the morning, of course, the procedure should not take much time. Therefore, pour cereal with water and put the pot on medium heat. Cook the dish should be no longer than ten minutes, until the liquid has evaporated. Add at its discretion a little salt, sugar or icing, pour warm yogurt and mix thoroughly. Then, lay the plates in portions of the dish and sprinkle with chopped prunes into small cubes. The latter, incidentally, are advised to soak in boiling water so that it softened.

Go to the second option. This recipe takes a lot more time, but the result will please you too. To begin boil flakes same way as in the first case. Then fold them in a colander and rinse under the tap. The resulting mush Put into a clean pot or three-liter jar and fill with water in advance defended. Thus it should be mentioned flakes only four centimeters. Now, cover the bowl with a lid and store it in a warm place for two days. To speed up the fermentation process, add the yogurt and optional throw him a piece of black bread.

After this time, chop Hercules porridge with a blender, then strain through a fine sieve or folded several times gauze. Now you have a starter, pour it into a clean container and send it to a few hours - about three or four - in the refrigerator. When the mixture is stratified, the upper part of the drain, and leave the bottom. It was on her, and should be boiled pudding.

This is done as follows: heat the glass of milk in a bowl (or water) and enter the oat sourdough. Its amount depends directly on the density of a dish you want, it usually ranges from two large spoons to a whole cup. On low heat bring to a boil porridge, thus do not forget to stir it regularly. Before serving, sprinkle with sugar and garnish with prunes, previously soaked in hot water. If you're prepared jelly lean, you can add the olive oil. And the milk goes well with condensed milk, honey and jam.

Honey and pumpkin porridge

This dish - a real storehouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Because of butter and honey, it turns out very juicy and sweet. Pumpkin and carrot give the savory meat tender fruit and vegetable flavor and taste. Optionally, you can enter the raisins and nuts, such as walnuts, almonds or peanuts. Cook a delicious pudding is very simple and not at all for a long time.


  • glass of pumpkin, cut into cubes
  • 225 grams of cereal Hercules
  • Four cups of water
  • one carrot
  • tablespoon of melted butter
  • 15 grams of honey
  • salt

Cooking method:

To begin, clean the pumpkin seeds and peel, chop it into cubes, place in a blender bowl and grind. You can skip the product through a meat grinder. Now rub the grated carrots into thin strips. Pour the oat flakes in a pan and pour them in the recipe specified amount of water. This also enter the first two ingredients. Slightly podsolite mixture and turn on the burner. During cooking, do not forget to periodically stir the pudding. After five to seven minutes, when it starts to boil, turn off the heat and let the mixture infuse for about an hour. After the strain dish, season it with honey, butter, melted on a steam bath, and you can start your meal.

Kissel from Hercules gives a very satisfying and rewarding, because oatmeal contains a lot of the necessary human body substances. According to nutritionists, not to have problems with health and invigorated, you need full breakfast. Therefore, to attach themselves and their loved ones to the nutrition, the more that is very easy to cook porridge. To the dish look more appetizing, decorate it with walnuts or roasted peanuts, fresh fruit and berries: raspberries, strawberries, currants. Bon appetit and good luck!

 Cooking healthy jelly rolled oats

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