birth control pills


  • The need to protect
  • Fears and prejudices
  • Purpose and effects
  • The advantages of the new generation of hormonal agents
  • Vysokodozirovannye tools and mini-pill
  • Optimal variant

Doubtless modern medicine is a priority concern for the preservation of women's health, including reproductive health. However, the number of abortions, our country occupies a leading position. But abortion is a real operation, including the possible effects of which can be infertility, miscarriage, menstrual disorders, and even death of the mother. It is much easier to take care of reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy than to take such risks. Modern medicine offers to preserve the health of women in the future, to give birth to a healthy baby. Will this new generation of birth control pills.
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The need to protect

Latest contraceptives are the most diverse, choose the right age, the individual and the rhythm of life will help the doctor.

Modern birth control pills are different minimum content of hormones and the fewest side effects.

Latest contraceptives can be used by young nulliparous girls, adolescents, women with multiple sexual partners. The artificially synthesized hormones that are part of the contraceptive pill, provide the highest efficiency to prevent pregnancy among all possible contraceptive in 98%.

After discontinuation of hormone changes a woman's body are terminated, the latter is quickly restored and planned pregnancy can wait no longer. In addition to the direct effect of hormonal contraceptives improve skin, nails and hair, beneficial effect on the overall health of women.

 Consultation with a doctor
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Fears and prejudices

Unfortunately, in today's world, public information professionals have to deal with a lot of myths and fears about the contraceptive pill. Here are some of them:

  1. Ignorance of the principles of methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In the women's minds is often greatly exaggerated the possible harm contraceptives. Familiar and not very scary people are divided into rumors and details about the dangers of drugs, often simply exaggerated and implausible. However, doubt creeps in, and now on the pill definitely given up. You should not believe everything you hear or read. Suffice it to refer to the competent gynecologist, who will dispel unfounded fears and concerns.
  2. Banal laziness. As awful as it sounds, but many women are not willing to spend the time, effort and money on the selection of the best contraceptive, hoping for a partner, good luck and it is not clear what. Think about it, how can you trust your health to chance? If you can not choose the contraceptive pill, you can put spiral. A couple of hours in the chair at the gynecologist and the protection of two years from unwanted pregnancy is provided. Is not that better than the hope of maybe?
  3. Confidence in the rhythm method of contraception. Yes, there is such a method is relatively good, but not absolutely safe, as for the accurate planning of a woman must be very stable menstrual cycle. It is also quite difficult to adjust dates only under safe days.
  4. Fear of used contraceptives during breastfeeding. In fact, birth control pills may not damage the health of the child, at the worst, you can choose a non-hormonal contraceptive.

Contemptuous attitude to their own health can not provide good during pregnancy and safe childbirth. So do not indulge their laziness or fear, and choose the appropriate method of protection against unwanted pregnancy for your body. In this article we consider the new generation of birth control pills.
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Purpose and effects

Birth control pills prescribed by a doctor, so do not buy advertising on the occasion of the first favorite drug. Consult a gynecologist it is necessary, because in the appointment of the drug is all important: the age and frequency of sexual activity, and the number of partners, and the condition of the body. Before the appointment the doctor will necessarily require the result of the analysis on hormones, on the basis of these data to choose the right remedies.

Birth control pills hormonal types are divided into two groups:

  • Combined oral contraceptives (COCs)
  • Non-combination oral contraceptives (mini-pill).

The first part consists of progestin and ethinyl estradiol - artificially synthesized hormones. They inhibit ovulation and change the structure of the interior mucous membrane of the uterus. This makes it impossible to embryo implantation, even if the egg is fertilized. Additionally, COC affect mucus concentration in the cervical canal, which hinders the penetration of sperm into the uterus. HEC provides multi-protection against unwanted pregnancy. In modern conditions is the most reliable and preferred method of contraception.

Non-combination oral contraceptives have in its composition only progestogens. In a woman's body they have no effect, so the recommended during lactation. There are mini-pill as follows: thicken cervical mucus and change the structure of the inner mucosa of the uterus, preventing implantation of the embryo.

 the purpose and effect of birth control pills
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The advantages of the new generation of hormonal agents

Advantages of the contraceptive pill are as follows:

  • highly effective contraceptive effect;
  • normalization of the menstrual cycle in women with irregular intervals;
  • decrease in blood loss;
  • elimination of PMS symptoms and pain during menstruation;
  • prevention of iron-deficiency anemia;
  • decrease the likelihood of developing endometriosis and ovarian cancer;
  • a significant reduction in the risk of infectious diseases of the reproductive system;
  • positive effect on nails, skin, hair;
  • prevention of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ectopic pregnancy.

The combined pill can be divided by the level of hormones in the mikrodozirovannye, low-dose, srednedozirovannye, vysokodozirovannye. Mikrodozirovannye are the best option for the young, has not given birth women with regular sexual life (once a week or more). It is an excellent tool for those who never used hormones. The least amount of hormones in the pill minimizes the chance of side effects. Especially popular among the drugs used Mersilon mikrodozirovannyh Three-Mercy Lindinet, Yasmin, Novinet, Miniziston, Logest, Jess antiandrogen effect.

If mikrodozirovannye drugs have no effect, whereas low-dose appointed. Also, they may recommend that women of late reproductive age. In such birth control pills may be more likely to show some side effects. For low-dose preparations include Janine and Belarus antiandrogen action Lindinet 30, Marvelon, Silest, Rigevidon, Miniziston 30 Mikroginon, Regulon, Femoden.

 the benefits of birth control pills
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Vysokodozirovannye tools and mini-pill

For women giving birth and late reproductive period, but with a regular sexual life, it is considered optimal srednedozirovannye pill. They have a high level of protection and normalize the menstrual cycle: Trikvilar, Chloe, Desmoulins, Diane-35, Triziston, Milvane Three-regolith. Vysokodozirovannye hormonal birth control pills are appointed only physician for treatment. They are suitable for women with children, women of late reproductive age who are regular sex life, if srednedozirovannye drugs yielded no result. These include Trikvilar Triziston, Ovidon, Non-Ovlon.

With regard to the possible side effects of COCs, it should be noted:

  • in 3-5% of cases of high blood pressure or worsening of existing hypertensive disease;
  • If the patient has gallstones may be more frequent manifestations of biliary colic;
  • menstrual disorders in the first few months, perhaps even its absence, through the normal cycle of 2-3 months;
  • feelings of tension or pain in the breast passes after a few tricks of the drug;
  • In rare cases, severe headaches;
  • in women after age 40 may experience nausea, vomiting, even in passing, so it is recommended to take the tablets before going to bed.

If contraceptives are chosen correctly, then the risk of side effects is minimized. Contrary to popular belief, hormone pills have no effect on weight gain. This is facilitated by the low level of physical activity and improper diet.

If women have contraindications to the use of combined oral contraceptives, appointed mini-pill. Recent focus on giving birth and women of late reproductive age who are regularly sexually active. Mini-pill have fewer side effects, but on the effectiveness of inferior COCs. These include Norkolut, Mikronor, Laktinet, Mikrolyut, Ekslyuton, Charozetta.
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Optimal variant

In the selection of means of protection against unwanted pregnancy the gynecologist must pay attention to female phenotype. Under the phenotype should understand the general form, volume and condition of the breast, skin type, the length of the menstrual cycle, the nature of menstruation, body weight, tendency to gain weight. Depending on the performance isolated phenotype:

  • estrogen - dominated by estrogen,
  • progestin - dominated progestogens and androgens,
  • balanced - progestins and estrogens in approximately equal amounts.

For estrogen phenotype characterized by extremely feminine appearance, abundant and monthly vaginal discharge, menstrual cycle length, fair completion. For estrogen phenotype is appropriate reception Noreen Anteovina, Vigevidona, Minuleta, Minizistona.

For progestin phenotype opposite signs: a small amount of breast, unladylike appearance, a small length of the menstrual cycle, scanty periods, oily skin. For such patients will be effective Chloe Belarus, Bisekurin, Midian, Non-Ovlon, Diana Ovidon, Yasmin, Jeanine, Jess, Klayra.

Balanced type different averages above-mentioned features. In such cases, it is best suited Regulon, Marvelon, Triziston, Trikvilar, Mersilon, Mikroginon Three-Mercy.

We hope that these recommendations will allow you to quickly find the best way to protect against unwanted pregnancy, safe and reliable for you.

 Contraceptives new generation