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Many had to deal with a situation where during intercourse the condom was torn and the sperm got in the female body. The penetration of the sperm may be the result of physical rape. What to do in such a case? Is there no way out and now we can expect pregnancy? And if the pregnancy is extremely undesirable and would require further abortion?

But even in this situation there is a way. Modern medicine has developed emergency contraceptive pill that will prevent unwanted conception and prevent the consequences of unprotected sex.

Immediately it should be noted that such contraceptives emergency action can be used only in the most extreme cases, their frequent use can cause serious damage to the female body.

 consultation with a gynecologist

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Emergency contraceptive pills

Otherwise, emergency contraception pill is called the next day. The effect of this contraceptive method lasts for 72 hours, that is, for three days which follow the unprotected intercourse. The sooner after intercourse will be adopted the tablet, the more likely that conception will occur. Thus, if the emergency contraceptive taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, the efficiency will be about 95% when the tablet was approved by 25-48 hours after sex, the efficiency decreased by 10%.

And in the case of contraceptive medicine were consumed by 49-72 hours, the result is 55-60%. You can see that every day pill becomes less effective. Therefore it is recommended to use a means of emergency contraception in the first days after intercourse. If conception does happen, there can not be no question about any contraceptive, you may need only abortion. Emergency contraception next day may include the following drugs:

  1. Contraceptives 24 hours (method Yuspe). This method involves the use of some means immediately after unprotected intercourse, as well as 12 hours later. Among these contraceptives Ovidon, non-ovlon (2 tablets at once); mikroginon-30 rigevidon, miniziston - 3 tablets and marvelon - 4 tablets.
  2. If it has passed 24 hours after intercourse, it can help to other drugs which act effectively within 72 hours of unprotected sex. You can take pills Postinor 2. The interval between doses should be 12 hours.
  3. There are also emergency contraception that can help after 72 hours. Among these copper-bearing assets spiral. The advantage can be considered that, even 5 days after unprotected intercourse, it can prevent the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterus. In the case of physical violence to put a copper coil is not recommended, it is related to the possibility of infection.

Who does not make any difficulty at pharmacies and eskapel postinor. Both drugs contain a large dose of the hormone levonorgestrel. The difference between the two drugs is the number of tablets: eskapel in - one, and Postinor - two.

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How do emergency contraceptive pills

Such a contraceptive method that can prevent pregnancy, the female body is in some responses. First, emergency contraceptives prevent the ovaries release an egg. Second, they prevent the meeting of egg and sperm. In addition, do not expose the fertilized egg in the uterus. After receiving emergency contraception occurs thickening mucous secretion, which is present in the cervix, thus creating the conditions that the sperm could not get to the egg and fertilize it. In this way, and the active substance contained in contraceptive pills, providing emergency action.

Some means comprise progestin only, while others are contained progestin and estrogen.

After receiving these medications may be a manifestation of some side effects due to the high content of a hormone. Among them may be nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. Often side effect is abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, pain in the vagina, irregular menstrual cycle.

It is very important after the occurrence of at least one of the listed side effects seek help from a specialist. The reason for the medical center can assume some points. For example, if there is pain in the lower abdomen after three to five weeks after receiving the emergency contraceptive action may report ectopic pregnancy (within the fallopian tube).

It may occur, and chest pain, rashes on the hands, legs, feet and shoulders, cloudy eyes, shortness of breath, vomiting 2 hours after eating a tablet (this may indicate the wrong dose of a hormone).

 Alternatively emergency preparations

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Alternative emergency preparations

Some women use contraceptives as birth control pills (oral contraceptives anyway), the use of which is regular. The reception of such preparations to avoid unwanted conception. When selecting such hormonal agents are strongly advised to consult with your gynecologist, who will select the most appropriate medication for you.

Tablets intended for emergency contraception should not be taken for a long time, and several times in a row. After all, they can easily lose their efficiency, which will increase the likelihood of unwanted conception. If all unwanted conception has occurred, there are special tablet that facilitate abortion.

Not so long ago appeared on the market is emergency contraception as Zhenale. Its advantage is that a non-hormonal drug, and the action is based on a different principle. It is much better tolerated than other drugs, its effectiveness for 72 hours, the highest and is approximately 98-99%.

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More about Postinor

Postinor is a drug to help prevent unwanted conception. In this formulation dose of the active substance is chosen experimentally. With the proper reception of the funds, as a rule, unable to prevent unwanted conception. What contain pills Postinor? But they contain a synthetic analogue of the hormone levonorgestrel created.

This hormone is included in the preparations, which are intended for routine contraception. However, the contents of this hormone in Postinor significantly higher than in routine oral contraceptives. Take postinor should be an interval, which is 12 hours. The package contains two tablets, one of which is consumed after intercourse, and the second - after 12 hours. This medication is able to prevent unwanted conception within three days (72 hours). Sometimes you need to use two doses. This is possible if vomiting occurred after administration of at least one of the tablets. This may indicate nevsasyvaemosti pills.

It is advisable to take the tablets after meals. This will reduce the risk of vomiting.

Postinor does not interrupt an existing pregnancy, he can only prevent it. This suggests that the use of this tool to induce abortion fail. But there are some pluses: the drug is not harmful to the fetus, and it will be easy to maintain.

It is important to know that the use of emergency contraception does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases by. If you have been physically abused or have had unprotected sexual intercourse with a man unconfirmed, seek medical attention immediately, which will exclude the existence of certain diseases.

It is worth to know that if you had another unprotected sex, but after the use of Postinor, the effect of the drug does not apply to him. This tool is not intended for regular contraception, so its frequent use is unacceptable.

If after unprotected intercourse you took Postinor and pregnancy still occurred, seek medical attention immediately. After all, the drug can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. That is why you need an ultrasound, which show where the fruit is.

 choice of contraceptive

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Birth control pills eskapel

Unlike Postinor eskapel one capsule contains 150 mg levongestrela hormone. Therefore, in the package it has only one tablet. The tool is most effective if taken within the first hours after unprotected intercourse. This tool can cause nausea and even vomiting. If vomiting occurred earlier than three hours after administration, it is recommended to re-employ eskapel.

The drug can provoke disruptions of the menstrual cycle, facilitate the emergence of blood discharge from the vagina, cause a delay in menstruation, as well as chest pain. In case of delay of menstruation for more than five days it is recommended to perform a test that will determine whether you are pregnant.

Admission pills eskapel as Postinor, does not affect negatively on the already existing fruit. If you took the drug, but it had already been pregnant, abortion is not necessary. And postinor and eskapel ineffective in the presence of pregnancy.

There are some contraindications for receiving funds for emergency contraception. These include severe diseases of biliary tract or liver (cirrhosis, hepatitis). If you are ill with jaundice, is receiving emergency contraception is strictly prohibited. Puberty in adolescents is a contraindication for receiving such drugs. Once you have taken these drugs and they called you a number of side effects, repeated use is not recommended. This may indicate intolerance to the drug and its components.

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Other means of contraception

You can avoid the need for and use of one of these drugs just taking regular oral contraceptives (OC). Oral contraceptives are divided into one-component (mini-pill) and two-component (combined). One component contains a progestin only. This component of the drug is able to prevent the penetration of sperm into the uterus. This group includes drugs such as Ekslyuton and Charozetta. One package includes 28 tablets, which should be consumed regularly. Once the packaging is complete, should immediately begin to receive the new one. Admission mini-pill may be the main method of protection against unwanted conception.

The advantage of single-component products is the lack of estrogen. This suggests that the mini-pill does not have the side effects that may occur while taking combined oral.

When you receive a mini-pill monthly amount of blood coming out is greatly reduced, and the periods are painless. One of the drawbacks of this type is considered to be OK inability to protect against sexually transmitted infections. In addition, the drug should be used in a strictly allotted time, and the delay in reception even 3 hours can greatly reduce efficiency.

As a rule, mini-pill is prescribed to women after childbirth, if the woman is breastfeeding. Such OK do not cause any harm to the child, but, nevertheless, can cause a decrease in the amount of milk in the mother. Many women are contraindications for receiving drugs containing estrogen, so the mini-pill is considered an excellent alternative and an excellent means of contraception.

 drug Postinor

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COCs (combined oral contraceptives)

This group includes the following medicines: Yarina, Lindinet-20 Lindinet-30 Regulon, Logest, Jeannine, Novinet, Rigevidon, Tri-Merci, Chloe, Diane-35 and others.

These means comprise a progesterone and estrogen. Like other OK, this group of drugs blocking ovulation and make the cervix impassable for sperm. They are considered more reliable and efficient than mini-pill. When properly combined reception OK chance of becoming pregnant is reduced to 99, 9%. COCs are able to restore the menstrual cycle, get rid of the pain during menstruation, reduce blood loss. Can reduce the risk of many diseases (inflammation, uterine cancer, mastitis, ovarian cancer, and others.). Very often, COC use in treating certain gynecological diseases (uterine bleeding, endometriosis).

Like the mini-pill, COCs are not able to protect against sexually transmitted infections. Start COCs may be accompanied by spotting, pain in the lower abdomen and other unpleasant symptoms. Take them to be on schedule, any time not taking the pill may increase the possibility of pregnancy.

When choosing a means of contraception should consult your gynecologist.

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