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Unplanned pregnancy - this is probably one of the biggest problems that can trap a woman. And it occurs quite often, despite the fact that there is a lot of variety of contraceptive methods - condoms, intrauterine devices, hormonal pills and other contraceptives candles.

Why, then, unplanned pregnancies still occur? It would seem to be easy - take a pill or use a candle and all! Much less troublesome than to interrupt unwanted pregnancies, both morally and physically. But, alas, every year is made more and more artificial termination of pregnancy. Why is this happening?

In most cases, the cause is trivial neglect of simple rules of safe sex. However, sometimes there are improper use of contraceptives. In this article we will talk about such contraception is contraception candles. They have long and firmly took a fairly large niche in the sector of contraceptives.

Let's immediately determine which contraceptives can be attributed to contraception candles. Most often, the words "control candle", women have in mind and intravaginal tablets and pads, and creams. Therefore, we will not break the tradition, and, referring to Article contraceptives candles, we mean them, too. Also note - despite the fact that the material about contraception candles, the names will not sound. Indeed, in each case, you must consult your doctor.

Features contraceptives candles

All contraceptive candles are divided into several different types, depending on what structure they have. Usually, at the heart of all contraceptive action based on two components:

  1. Nonaksinalon. The principle of operation of the chemical next - to sperm it has a kind of nerve agent, and the cervix produces a very large amount of mucus, and as a result the sperm is simple - simply can not penetrate into the uterus, and therefore, pregnancy does not occur.
  2. Benzalkonium chloride. This chemical has the same principle. It destroys the sperm membrane, and by the time when the sperm enters the fallopian tubes, it is completely destroyed, and therefore, loses its ability to fertilize an egg.

However, in any case, do not forget that all these candles give only 85% guarantee of protection against unintended pregnancy. It remains about 15% probability that unwanted pregnancies still occur. However, 10% of those 15 - improper storage of wine or candle, or improper use of the woman. That is why it is important to carefully follow the instructions for use, and not to deviate from it a single step.

Since candles are essentially nothing more than a complex acids. This means that contact with all kinds of contraceptives candles alkalis must be completely eliminated. Incidentally, it was this contact with alkalis and is often the culprit in the onset of unwanted pregnancies Prevention of women using contraceptives.

To avoid this, a woman must carefully reconsider his views on the use of funds for personal hygiene. Almost all of them have a fairly high level of pH - ie are strong alkalis. So something like this happens - a woman to wash before having sex, then insert a candle contraceptive, and as a result detergent residues immediately enter into a violent chemical reaction, resulting in contraceptive effect is rapidly declining, with the result that there may come unwanted pregnancy.

And do not hope that you will be able to completely clean up the remnants of the detergent - it is almost impossible to do. Therefore, personal care necessary to use detergents, in which the pH is neutral. Optimally ordinary baby soap, but if you can not give up the use of various gels on personal hygiene, at least pay attention to the level of pH - now you can find a huge amount of a variety of suitable means.

Also, remember the golden rule of thirty minutes - whatever you do not use the funds for personal hygiene, pay attention to the fact that between the use of contraceptives, and cleaning the candles held not less than thirty minutes. During this time, natural selection glands located in the cervix completely neutralize the remnants of detergent for intimate hygiene.

In addition, in any case we must not forget about the duration of the spark. Do not be deluded by the fact that it is written on the packaging with candles - often manufacturers of contraceptives comes not too clean, and in order to attract the largest possible number of consumers significantly overstates the period of contraception. But in fact, unwanted pregnancies contraceptives effectively protect only the first thirty, forty minutes maximum.

So count the time correctly. And do not rely on luck, especially in the case of repeated sexual contact in a short amount of time - the actions of one contraceptive candles hardly enough for both of sexual intercourse, so do not even try to save. By the way, in case if a woman her sex life quite active and turbulent, it is necessary to reflect on how to find another means of contraception. Candles more sense to use protection during a single sexual intercourse, when the use of hormonal birth control pills and the placement of an intrauterine device simply inappropriate.

In addition, birth control pills candles can be an ideal solution for those women who, for one reason or another have contraindications to the use of other contraceptive methods, but in this case a woman should be sure to remember the rules of use of these candles.

Contraceptives are good by the fact that in addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy, they have a very devastating impact not only sperm but also a number of other pathogenic organisms - both bacterial and viral pathogens. However, despite the fact that the control is a kind of spark antiseptic totally rely only on them all is not necessary. Hardly candles will be able to fully protect women from a wide range of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

 contraceptives candles title

Pros and cons of contraception candles

Of course, like any other drug, contraceptives candles can have both positive effect and negative:

Cons use of candles:

Contraceptive candles at their regular application can be strong enough to affect the natural flora of the vagina, and, unfortunately, not for the better. Often, women who regularly and frequently using contraceptive suppositories, vaginal bacteria overgrowth is detected.

Another very important disadvantage of the use of contraceptives candles can become severe irritation and sometimes inflammation of the lining of the vagina and cervix. As a result, a woman may experience severe itching sensation, and sometimes even burning. The feeling of discomfort can be so severe that the woman should not like to forget about the sexual act, and to urgently address to the doctor - a gynecologist.

In addition, many couples often celebrate the fact that the use of contraceptives candles often deprives the sexual act that charms, which is able to bring the effect of spontaneity and surprise. This is not surprising - it is necessary to calculate the time in which you must enter a candle in the vagina, and then - to meet during the term of this candle. Agree discipline during sex - a very dubious pleasure.

Pros use of candles:

As mentioned above, in addition to the negative side, there is the use of contraceptives candles and positive moments. As mentioned above, in addition to direct destination candles - protection against unintended pregnancy, they are somewhat protected from diseases transmitted through sexual contact.

And, in addition, candles can provide a good service for those women who have problems with lubrication - it is produced is not enough, or not produced at all. Spark control is almost completely solve this problem.

 Contraceptive candles: Myths and Reality

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 late childbirth

Later generations. This phrase is quite a long time doctors - gynecologists frightened women who decide to give birth to her first child after 24 years. However, after some time they raised the age limits, and became known as starorodyaschaya women after 28 years, after some time - after 30.

To date, no such thing as starorodyaschaya, official medicine does not exist. Now women who have decided on the birth of a child after the age of 35, doctors call the age nulliparous. And it is not surprising - the last few years, doctors often have to deal with a large number of women giving birth to her first child after forty years. And, in general, - the average age of first birth in Russia tends inexorably to 30 years.

Why women give birth later?

Why is it that more women are delaying the birth of their first child later on? And sometimes not the first-born - often at the birth of her second child women decide when they are older for 15 - 16 years. It is about the late delivery will be discussed below:

  • The health status of women. Unfortunately, in recent years, there are fewer and fewer healthy women, who without any - any problem may become pregnant and make a baby. Often, the cause of infertility is made earlier abortion or some diseases - how the reproductive system. And the woman is forced to be treated for a long time - sometimes several decades. So it turns out that the first - but very long-awaited - pregnancy occurs when a woman well beyond 30 years.
  • Material wealth and career. Not long ago, the main purpose of women is the birth and upbringing of children. Nowadays, however, this view of the image of a woman's life has changed dramatically - more and more women prefer to first get an education and to think about a career, and only then, having reached a certain level of prosperity, decided to have a baby.
  • Re-marriage. Quite often, women give birth to a child in adulthood if she remarried. Of course, most couples want to have children of their own. So they settled on the birth of a child, regardless of age.

Pros and cons of late delivery

Whatever it was, but the fact remains - the number of late delivery is growing rapidly. And always being busy heated debate. Someone thinks that the late delivery very negative impact on the health of women, while others, by contrast, argues that birth rejuvenate a woman's body.

 late childbirth at age 45

Who is right? Let's try to sort out this issue:

  • Pros late delivery:

Talking about the positive aspects of late delivery, not to mention on such factors as the high sense of responsibility. Older women decide to birth consciously, and hence to the education of children is very fit and very responsible. And, moreover, as a rule, in the upbringing of the child is directly involved dad.

Psychologists explain this fact is very simple - after about 35 years, a man begins to appear very strong attachment to his family. And the attitude towards women in the majority of adult men radically different from that of young people - is unlikely the pope will be a passive observer, believes that caring for the child, his upbringing, washing, cooking and other household chores are not a man's job.

Adult women would never refer to her baby, as a kind of burden that prevents the personal life or career. On the contrary, for them a child - it's the greatest gift of fate and a great joy. Education and development of these children later mothers pay a lot of attention, effort, patience and time. And this is very important - in fact in this case, and as children get older the problems will be much smaller, since adult woman much more relaxed, and her life experience much more.

Surely, everyone knows that babies born to adult parents very often gifted. On the one hand, child psychologists confirm this fact. On the other hand - it's not some kind of genetic or other characteristics of the later children, namely, that the children with such parents do a lot more than other children. A, respectively, and these children are developing in a much wider range. That is why children are much more likely to reveal all their talents and potential, which, incidentally, has absolutely every child.

Despite the fact that the physiological maturity and optimal from a physiological point of view, the time for the birth of a child - a 22 - 24 years old, is emotionally and psychologically the most favorable age is 33 -35 years. Doctors - gynecologists and psychologists in one voice say that adult women perceive all the difficulties associated with carrying a child with a much more positive than younger mothers.

A visit to the doctor - a gynecologist, all surveys, the process of childbirth - all these stages of a woman fits very responsible. Even a very common attack just so many women become mothers - birth depression - common among women giving birth in adulthood, much less than young fellow member. Of course, the morale and mood play a very important role in the gestation, birth and upbringing of the child later.

Surely, all women have heard of late pregnancy, as well as labor, largely female rejuvenate the body. And to some extent this is true - because of the effects of hormones produced during pregnancy, such as estrogen, there is the strengthening of bones, lowering cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, toning muscle tissue and skin.

Furthermore, the foregoing equally applies to the entire period during which the breastfeeding woman. Breastfeeding also stimulates a number of processes, including the production of hormones, which are very positive effect on health, and the appearance of age. In addition, a not insignificant role in this play and the psychological state and the mood became a mother a woman. Judge for yourself - their peers in a very short time become grandmothers, but they are also young mothers.

  • The negative aspects of late motherhood:

However, apart from the positive aspects, late delivery and involve certain negative aspects affecting the health of women. In all, even the most favorable case, pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a child to the woman's body is the strongest stress.

And if during the period of pregnancy and lactation, during increased hormonal activity, a woman will feel a surge of strength and positivity. However, unfortunately, after the active production of hormones ceases, age certainly will have an effect, sometimes in multiple size.

However, please note - a woman who has no bad habits, visiting the doctor and leading a healthy lifestyle, the chances of bear and give birth to a child have no less eat 25 year old girl. But if the recent birth of 45 years, women have a much harder. However, nothing is impossible - just these women should be given great attention to their health, see your doctor regularly and follow all its recommendations and destination.

In addition, physicians - genetics argue that adult women are at greater risk of the birth of children with various genetic diseases, mostly with Down syndrome. That is why later generations and surveys should be a single chain links - the possibilities of modern medicine make it possible to identify the existence of these problems at the earliest stages. By the way, remember that much wiser before pregnant, together with the alleged father of the child should visit vracha genetics, to get qualified advice.

And one more important detail, which should be paid attention to - the development of an ectopic pregnancy. Tragically, the older the woman, the higher her risk of ectopic pregnancy. That is why, when he saw on the test two cherished strips, an adult woman should be particularly attentive to his condition, immediately see a doctor - a gynecologist. This will help to notice the problem at the earliest its timing, and therefore, time to take the necessary measures.

But, of course, it is not worth too much dwell on this - in fact, for every 500 pregnancies safe after 45 years there is only one case of ectopic pregnancy. So be careful to his condition, but do this phobia - just enjoy your new state.

To give birth or not to have a child after 30 years - it's only a woman who is able to realistically assess their capabilities and desires. But do not forget that the most important woman's happiness, in spite of everything, have been and will be just kids!

 Late childbirth - undue risk or benefit?

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