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  • When it comes to the reception of contraceptives?
  • What kind of birth control while breastfeeding is recommended by doctors?
  • What are birth control pills are suitable nursing mothers?
  • For more information about birth control pills
  • How are pills for contraception
  • Drinking alcohol and side effects while taking birth control pills
  • Damage from birth control pills
  • COC after birth control pills and cancellation
  • Are there any contraindications for oral contraceptives?

Very often, postpartum women, together with your gynecologist select the most appropriate means of contraception to avoid the re-conception.

Very many are interested in the question of what the pill during lactation will not cause harm to the health of the baby.

And these experiences do not occur in vain. In fact, a considerable number of contraceptives can harm a child's health. But modern medicine has gone far ahead. It has long developed special drugs that can be safely used in breastfeeding. Without causing any harm to the child, they are an excellent means of contraception for women. Which means to choose and what to consider?
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When it comes to the reception of contraceptives?

After one delivery and before the next pregnancy should spend at least two years. This time is necessary for a complete recovery of the body and the willingness to bear a child again. Not all women newly occurred after childbirth birth brings joy, but for some it is a serious problem. But not every woman thinks about contraception, referring to the fact that breastfeeding is significantly reduced chance of becoming pregnant. But is it really? Do not just rely on this opinion. Contraception is necessary and nursing mothers if postpartum for about six months. This is exactly the time when woman's menstrual cycle is restored and an additional child eats other foods in addition to breast milk.

But there are cases when pregnancy occurs soon after birth (the first months). Sexually active woman can never be insured for 100% of unwanted pregnancies, especially if it does not take any contraceptive or using other means of contraception.

Use birth control is recommended even for those who wish to get another child. There are already playing the role of the medical records indicating that the uterus until full recovery and to avoid severe complications is necessary to wait at least a year, and only then re-plan the baby.

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What kind of birth control while breastfeeding is recommended by doctors?

Immediately it should be said that the choice of contraceptive drugs for women, breastfeeding is very limited. Different contraceptive for nursing mothers on contraception for everyone else that they should be the maximum reliable and absolutely safe. When breastfeeding is absolutely useless method of contraception is considered coitus interruptus, the measurement of body temperature, and the calendar method. Such contraceptives can not be called reliable.

To get rid of an unwanted pregnancy can barrier contraceptives (condoms), but are considered to be the best means of specially developed contraceptive drugs to nursing women. Spermatsidnyh possible to use local resources, among which may be tablets, ointments, and suppositories. There are times when a woman after childbirth is recommended to use hormonal intrauterine system (spiral).

A clear preference for gynecologists give the pill, designed specifically for nursing mothers. The correct preparation is able to protect against unwanted conception, does not cause any harm to the health of the child, does not reduce the volume of breast milk.
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What are birth control pills are suitable nursing mothers?

Common birth control pills which takes women before pregnancy, it is unlikely suit after childbirth. Here it is necessary reception specially designed for nursing mothers tablets. The tablets must not contain estrogen - a hormone that is found in all combined OK. The female hormone estrogen is able to significantly reduce the amount of milk and affect the health of a newborn baby. In a specially developed for nursing mothers is a hormone progestogen tablets.

Medical studies conducted repeatedly demonstrated the safety of this hormone. Progestin - a natural hormone for the female body. During pregnancy, characterized by a high concentration of this hormone. Birth control pills designed for women during lactation, the female body create such conditions, if pregnancy has already occurred. This indicates that the egg under such conditions is not able to mature and conception thus becomes impossible.

 different types of contraceptives
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For more information about birth control pills

The best means of protection against unwanted conception considered hormonal contraceptives. With proper hormonal contraceptive drugs can give a woman the highest level of reliability and turn it into a means of sex pleasure. During intercourse, will not have to worry about a possible pregnancy, you can safely relax and enjoy the process.

Modern means of contraception are divided into two categories. The first category should include single-component formulations in which only one part of the hormone progesterone. Otherwise, the tool is called the mini-pill. There are two-component, or combination of drugs. In addition they also contain progesterone hormone estrogen. Two-hormonal drugs are also divided into several types: drugs with micro dose of hormones srednedozirovannye, with low doses of hormones, there are vysokodozirovannye.

Of all the pills for contraception should be considered the most gentle mini-pill (one-component).
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How are pills for contraception

They consist of a synthetic pill creates hormones that are similar to the female sex hormone produced during pregnancy. Progesterone and estrogen are able to inhibit the production of other hormones that contribute to the maturation of follicles, whereby the process of ovulation. Therefore, estrogen and progesterone are administered in small doses in the form of tablets can prevent or avoid oocyte maturation. It is based on this principle the whole mechanism of action of COCs (combined oral contraceptives).

Mini-pill (one-component hormones) are about the same. But this emphasis on the mucous membrane of the uterus. Mini-pill can change the viscosity of secretions inside the cervical canal. The endometrium under the influence of these drugs becomes loose, and the viscosity of secretions increases significantly. This leads to the fact that the sperm becomes very difficult to fertilize the egg, and the egg itself is not able to gain a foothold inside the uterus.

After discontinuation of hormonal drugs, all these effects disappear, reproductive function is restored in two or three months after the deadline.

If birth control pills are taken strictly according to instructions, their action effectively almost 100%. In addition to the contraceptive properties of these drugs are able to restore the monthly cycle of women, to save her the pain during menstruation, solve the problem of uterine bleeding. Taking hormone pills, you can get rid of premenstrual syndrome, to stop the growth of unwanted facial hair and prevent the appearance of acne on the skin.

 consultation with a gynecologist
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Drinking alcohol and side effects while taking birth control pills

The possibility exists that the efficiency of the contraceptive pill after applying high doses of alcoholic beverages may deteriorate. Most importantly - do not allow alcohol poisoning, which can cause vomiting. This can lead to the tablet drunk little earlier, it is not metabolized in the body. Drink alcohol should be in reasonable quantities, and the time interval between the pill and alcohol you drink should be at least two hours. In case of emergency can be a bit pushed a pill, drank it, for example, in the morning. But in this case it is necessary to strictly observe the instructions that came with the medicine.

Birth control pills, as well as many other drugs, often accompanied by side effects. At the beginning of administration of the drug can be observed spotting blood from the vagina, which tend to disappear after the body adapts to the drug.

The hormone estrogen, which is part of KOC, can cause high blood pressure, fluid retention, headaches, bloating, swelling in the legs. The hormone progestin can cause acne on the skin, irritability and nervousness, promote weight gain.

Receiving drugs can cause increased appetite, which will lead to weight gain. Elevated levels of estrogen can cause thrombosis.

Taking certain contraceptives implies a complete rejection of women from smoking, which can cause a stroke or heart attack. COCs may contribute to the formation of stones in the biliary tract and even cause bouts of gallstone disease.

Sometimes the side effects may be observed in combination with OK antibiotics or antifungal agents.

 side effects of birth control pills
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Damage from birth control pills

As already mentioned, in a woman's life often there are moments when she thinks about the need for contraceptive drugs. These periods include lactation, postpartum period after a miscarriage or abortion.

During lactation, it is advisable to use one-component contraceptives, which include only the hormone progestin. Among these drugs - charozetta, mikrolyut, ekslyuton and many others. COC use is strictly forbidden, because they can harm the health of the newborn.

Often there is a need for reception of contraceptives after abortion or miscarriage. Hormonal contraceptive pills action in addition to its main functions are still healing. It is known that the combined OK able to restore hormonal women are a means for the prevention of endometriosis, can cure fibrocystic breast disease. Use of COCs is reasonable after the artificial termination of an unwanted pregnancy, they can reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases.

To combined regulon are OK, Femoden, Mersilon, logest, pu-merci, Silest, Yasmin, Diane-35, Belarus and others. This means the average share content of estrogen (less than 35 mg). Already after the first pill is observed effect from its application. These products do not require any other additional methods of contraception.
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COC after birth control pills and cancellation

According to statistics, every tenth woman gets pregnant in the first months after birth. That pregnancy is often undesirable and requires an interrupt. Pick up contraceptive product after delivery should be individualized, taking into account the characteristics of the organism. After two to three months after birth it is recommended to start receiving the OK to protect against re-conception. As a rule, breastfeeding for the first five or six months after the start of a woman is infertile. If breast-feeding is carried out, in the first five months and you can not use any contraception.

Admission contraceptive preparations should begin no earlier than six or seven weeks after the birth.

Experts have proven that taking OK no adverse effects on the fetus in early pregnancy. However, after determining that the pregnancy is recommended immediately stop taking birth control pills.

Cancel OK in other cases, it is characterized by reduction of the ovulation process within two to three months after the end of the reception. After the drug is recommended to see a doctor-gynecologist who will test you for the presence of inflammatory and infectious diseases, and sometimes the presence of cancer of the uterus. Chance to conceive a child after receiving the OK very high. Thus, you can perfectly plan their pregnancies.

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Are there any contraindications for oral contraceptives?

Reception absolutely any drugs implies the presence of contraindications, and hormonal birth control pills - is no exception. So shows a reception OK smoking women older than 35 years. Severe liver disease (cirrhosis, hepatitis) is a serious contraindication to hormonal tablets. Complications of diabetes, venous thrombosis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction or stroke, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and many other diseases are a serious contraindication to oral contraceptives.

With existing depression, migraine, varicose veins, diabetes, PMS OK to use must be strictly supervised by a gynecologist.

Very rarely, after discontinuation of the drug in women there are frequent depression, violation of menstruation, sometimes skin problems, etc. Women are afraid and are wondering whether there is not dependent on their receiving steroid agents. Do not be scared, medical studies have shown that, depending on hormonal contraceptive drugs action there. It can only say that the drug has been picked incorrectly. After a while, all the symptoms disappear.

So, there are many tools to protect against unwanted conception and pregnancy. All preparations have their pros and cons. Like all other drugs, contraceptives are available from its contraindications and side effects. Contraceptive choice should be made in conjunction with the attending physician, or chosen the wrong medicine can harm the body. To avoid all the negative consequences it is not recommended to choose these drugs. A lactation requires special attention and selection tools. It must carry out only with the help of a doctor, who will select the most suitable for you.

 Contraception during breastfeeding