Contraception after giving birth

A young mother in the first place is its crumb. But sooner or later she still comes back to normal life, including sex. And, of course, immediately want to get pregnant but very few women. Before The bulk of them raises the question of the need for protection from unintended pregnancy.

Too many women believe that the best way to avoid unintended pregnancy - is breast-feeding. This is partly true - but note, only in part. And this part is not always. Unfortunately, is so big, we would like that to women.

Just as the calendar method of protection is not for everyone young mothers, lactation amenorrhea method works only half of the women. And you can never predict in advance, you're lucky if a woman this time. Therefore, pregnancy must be protected from all the young mothers without exception.

Perhaps one of them will wave his hand to such a question, as contraception after giving birth, believing that the children - this is our all. Of course, with this statement one would not argue - the kids really are the main joy in the lives of most women. However, pregnant immediately after birth, doctors - gynecologists and pediatricians is not recommended. In such a restriction is a very good and just cause.

Nowadays perfect health has a very small number of women. And so it is hardly a young mother newfound body is immediately ready for a new pregnancy. But nature did not consider this feature, and therefore the risk of conception is still quite large. If pregnancy still occurs, it can very much "undermining" women's health.

And, besides, her body somewhat exhausted and drained a previous pregnancy, so it is a great risk that the future child will not be able to obtain the necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins, such as folic acid, calcium, iron. As a result, the child may be born with developmental delay, iron deficiency anemia and hypoxia.

And the woman rarely happens psychologically ready for the second consecutive pregnancy. After all, she was very tired, looking after the baby, and that he took all of her thoughts and desires, feelings and plans. As a rule, the minimum time interval between pregnancies is two or even three years. And even more so in any case should not become pregnant if the woman has not yet ended the period of lactation.

Accordingly, in almost all cases, immediate pregnancy, immediately following the birth, almost inevitably lead to abortion. On the dangers of abortion it said and written a lot, so in this article we will not talk again about what abortion has a negative impact on the health and psyche of women.

And pay attention to the following fact: the woman who recently gave birth to a child, much harder carries abortion as psychologically and physically. First, the woman's uterus is completely returned to its normal state after about a year, and before that time very great likelihood of damage to the endometrium during the abortion.

In addition, a young mother just gave birth to their crumbs, and the memories of the pregnancy is still too fresh and exciting. So for her to decide to have an abortion - a very difficult decision, in which she is experiencing severe psychological trauma. And if this is imposed psychological trauma protracted postpartum depression, a woman may need serious help doctors and sometimes long-term treatment.

So many women argue that if a woman notices her pregnancy at the earliest timing of it, it can make medical abortion, which entails far fewer complications than an ordinary vacuum, and even more so a surgical abortion. However, the psychological damage from such abortion is no less than that of the ordinary. And, in addition, do not forget that medical abortion a woman should take certain medications that contain huge amounts of potent hormones. And accordingly, breastfeeding woman will be forced to give up as well this drug passes into breast milk.

Contraception after giving birth, in addition to the protection of women against unwanted pregnancy, a woman's body is designed to protect against the penetration of various infections. After the first year after birth reproductive system of women very vulnerable and susceptible to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms with which to fight the body has not yet been able to.

This phenomenon is explained by several factors:

  1. Damage to the reproductive tract

    Even if a woman has had natural childbirth, not accompanied by any breaks, it can not completely exclude the possibility of microscopic cracks and fractures of the genital tract, which remained unnoticed by doctors, and a woman are in no way concerned. But to continue the regeneration of these micro traumas can last rather long time - about a year. Here are the most microdamages and can become true "gateway" for various infections.

  2. Immunocompromised

    As mentioned above, pregnancy fairly strong degree of "exhausting" the woman's body. And besides, during pregnancy in all women without exception significantly reduced immunity. This is a prerequisite for successful childbearing.

    And so the body becomes more vulnerable and can not withstand with the same efficiency pathogenic microflora. As a result, the risk of infections, including sexually transmitted increases considerably. Knock same protection to reduce the risk of infection.

 coitus interruptus as contraception after birth

Methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy

So, the fact that the pregnancy immediately after birth is undesirable, clear to all. Now we need to deal with the fact that it is necessary to begin to protect themselves, and what has the features of contraception after childbirth. However, the approach to this issue must be with all the responsibility, because the body of a young mother is largely different from the body of a woman who had a baby more than two years ago, I have not yet given birth or at all.

Do not choose means of contraception on their own, because it is very big chance to make a mistake, and opt on the means of protection, which will bring much more harm to the female body than good. It is much wiser to visit a doctor - a gynecologist, who will pick up that method of contraception, which is optimally suited for you, taking into account all the individual and health.

It is not necessary to delay the visit to the gynecologist. Many women mistakenly believe that you need to go to the gynecologist after the first period ends. However, it is not so! In no event should not be forgotten that before the coming of the first menstruation in a woman's ovulation to occur.

But surely all women, without exception, remember that it is during ovulation, fertilization occurs. And if in the case when the menstrual cycle in women more or less regular, it can even calculate roughly when she is ovulating. And if after the birth of menstruation in women has not, and to understand when ovulation occurs first, just simply impossible - it can happen in a month, and after three and six months.

This trap has got a huge number of women who were not protected after birth - the sex act took place during the time of ovulation, pregnancy occurs. Accordingly, a woman's menstrual period does not start, and it does not zapodazrivaet nothing unusual, because he believes that not even just simply not menstrual cycle after birth. And not always a woman realizes that she is pregnant, quickly - sometimes even before the crumb is no stir in the mother's stomach, it remains in the dark.

Doctors recommend women start to be protected, depending on what features of its breast-feeding:

  • Regular breastfeeding

In the event that woman feeds her baby only breast milk, and feeding is not scheduled and on-demand, in an amount in which wants the baby, they can wait with protection around until the child is four months. However, in this case, in any case we should not forget that the first rule of ovulation is always valid - their condition a woman should follow carefully enough.

  • Irregular breastfeeding

In the same case, if a woman is breastfeeding regularly, on schedule, and not at the request or the child is in a mixed-fed, protected against pregnancy should begin at six weeks after delivery. Incidentally, it was after this amount of time after birth, doctors allowed the couple to resume sexual activity.

As mentioned above, contraceptive methods after delivery should choose a doctor. Nowadays it is very widespread have hormonal contraceptives. Nevertheless, hormones for contraception postpartum lactating mothers worry - women fear that they may harm the baby. In reality this is not so - the dose of hormones is so negligible that they will not bring any harm to the child.

However, to draw your attention once again - like means for contraception can be used only after consultation with your doctor - a gynecologist. In the same case. If for some - any reason a woman can not visit a doctor, she should opt for the use of condoms. The use of condoms has so many positive aspects:

  • Easy to use - no need for any - any preparation.
  • No effect on the mother, the child, the composition and the taste of breast milk.
  • Effectively protect not only against unintended pregnancies but also from entering the female reproductive organs of pathogenic organisms.

Try to take very seriously the question of protection. Interrupt intercourse as contraception after birth - is not the best means of protection. Correctly choosing contraception, you take care not only of the physical but also the psychological health. After constant stress about the possible dangers of pregnant women affects the psyche is not the best. And the pleasure of sexual intercourse in this case is very doubtful.

 Contraception after giving birth. Women's secrets

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