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With the advent of spring we all look forward to the first spring holiday - International Women's Day on 8 March. After all, in this day every girl, a girl, a woman expects from men around her maximum attention, colors, pleasant surprises. To meet the expectations of our men that day devastate flower shops, counters perfumes and jewelry stores. But it is so important than material gifts to hear kind words.

In addition, the girls must not only listen to greetings from the men, but to please their beloved women - grandmothers, mothers, aunts, daughters, colleagues, girlfriends - nice words and wishes. You can think of them yourself if you have time and ideas. If any special thought not, and friends congratulate need ten, twenty relatives and, of course, mom, you can use the best of ready-made requirements. And for a long time to look for them it is not necessary - we have prepared them for you. We have tried to collect a variety of congratulation on March 8: in verse and prose, good and beautiful, these are ideal for writing on the card, or reading aloud, which can take advantage of a man or woman. Please select your.

 pleasant congratulations on March 8

Congratulations prose: the wishes of mothers

You should start with congratulations to the favorite choices of women who all primarily associated with the 8th of March. Yes, we are referring to mothers, because both men and women automatically think of them, thinking about this day. So let's see what you can warm words to congratulate beloved mother on March 8, what to write on a postcard or say it with a smile, hugging and kissing:

  1. My beloved Mother, congratulations on Women's Day! And the eighth of March I want to wish you a gentle sunlight, gentle spring heat fervent ringing the first drops. Suppose that in spring in your life will be even more fun and positive. I want you to always smile, warmed by the love of family and friends, the respect of colleagues and friends. On March 8, my dear mother!
  2. Favorite mamulechka, I hasten to congratulate you on the holiday of spring and beauty - the eighth of March. I look at you, Mom, and I understand - I have a very adult child, and you're still such a young, beautiful, restless. I look and see that the house you are always full order that all our big family surrounded by the care and comfort. And while you still have time, energy and desire to a bunch of other things. Mom, I admire you and love you. And the eighth of March I want to wish you more health, great emotion, courage and optimism - stay the same class!
  3. Dear Mom, well, that spring begins with such a wonderful holiday - a day devoted to you. On this day, exactly fulfilled all my wishes of love, happiness, warmth, smiles and joy. My beloved mother, let him in your heart will always be a spring mood and let it nothing can kill - no clinking of pots, no grumbling Pope nor to argue with us. On the eighth of March, mom, whether three healthy and happy.

These congratulations are convenient in that they can dedicate not only my mother, but also a grandmother, aunt, sister or adult daughter. They are kind, sincere and positive - that dear woman who you want it, be sure to rejoice in such kind words.

Beautiful Greetings

Such requests are ideal for women who have developed a warm relationship. A girl can write these greetings on postcards to their friends and colleagues, the man - that beauty for close communication with which he wants to take the first step. The elegant style of play you wish necessarily at hand and highlight your taste.

  • This holiday is as beautiful and delicate as a charming woman. And it is so much like you! I congratulate you on March 8, and I wish that this day you said just fine. You should know, from this day everything is fine and wonderful has just begun. Let life is still a huge amount of good surprises, let each day will only get better, happier and more joyful.
  • I do not even think for a moment any of their beauty, because you're just fine. Today, March 8 - is your day, which will be linked only bright and positive impressions. And he's just getting started - even positive it will be 10 times more. Love you, happiness, joy - you are worthy of the best emotions. On International Women's Day!
  • The smile of a beautiful woman is like a ray of spring sunshine - it warms. Gentle laughter cute girl looks like the chirping of birds - it pleases and inspires. And it's your smile and your laughter. So whether it is happy - let the bright colors of spring you will create a good mood. I wish you happiness and success in all endeavors.

 funny congratulations on March 8

Congratulations in the verses

Let always Women's Day does not end,
Let them sing in your honor streams,
Let the sun smiles to you,
A man you give flowers.
From the first droplets from the last snowstorm,
Happy early spring
We congratulate you, warmly wish
Joy. Happiness. Health. Love!


We heartily congratulate you
On this warm spring holiday!
You health, happiness, I wish,
Pleasing the heart of beauty!
Let this day, March 8,
Lark song you sing,
Ray of hot sweet prigreet
And love your flower bloom.
Do not be sad, and glass break
You happiness, and not for evil:
Have fun, laughter do not regret,
This day - the only one in the year!


Gurgling streams transparent,
World awakening from sleep,
Smiling sun in the sky gloomy
Top of winter takes spring.
Spring brings renewal,
Smiles, happiness and flowers.
And I want a day of spring birthday
Your dreams fulfilled.


Eighth of March, the day of the spring,
Under the sun began to melt the snow,
Today, toast and fun
We want to congratulate colleagues.
Not only in the afternoon, colleagues,
And we love you for a year.
You, as the wheels of the carts,
Work attach move.
You are amazingly beautiful,
Where do you - there is clean and cozy,
You - as the foundation of the team,
And you were always men waiting.
I drink to you, for our women,
To always blooming spring
To live together in the future you -
For this all drink to the dregs!


Lovely woman, kind, true!
With the new spring you with drops first!
Peace of heaven to you, the radiant sun,
Happiness cherished, very clean!
Many of your affection, warmth, kindness -
Let your dreams fulfilled!


My clear light!
You're nice to me - no doubt;
Cheerful and talkative
And you marvel at reasonable !!!
Accepting congratulations,
Whether in a good mood.
Staying young, energetic, combative,
Be healthy for hundreds of years,
And live without knowing troubles !!!


Happy spring, native,
Congratulations from the heart!
Toast lift for your happiness
We have long been in a hurry.
Let them go all the adversities
And all the sadness go away,
Only the joy of you ...
During the spring bear.
Be cheerful and happy,
And beautiful as it is now.
Let luck
Every day and every hour!

Of course, the nature of congratulations largely depends on how you deal with that woman, whom he meant. With mom or girlfriend may be a joke, and to be absolutely honest with collaborators or immediate superiors need to be more neutral, you can apply to you and to you. But in any case, we have tried to collect all options that on March 8, you can speak kind words to those you want something to wish for.

 Congratulations on March 8 in verse and prose

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 Gifts for February 14


  • Valentine's Day around the world and we
  • Gifts favorite?

Valentine's Day has a very long history. At first it was a holiday dedicated to the pagan gods of carnal pleasures. It was invented in ancient Rome to enhance fertility, and it is thanks to its extremely free traditions, has become very popular not only among the common people, but also among members of the aristocracy of the time. Even a new and very strong Christian religion has not managed to shake the love to this day. The Church had to deal with him just as with many other pagan holidays: change the connotation and give a new, well-kept short.

Since ancient celebration glorifies carnal passion and fertility, it turned into a stiff religious festival, named after one of the Christian martyrs Valentine's Day. He was supposed to symbolize purity and innocence of love, sanctified by marriage. What do we know about the man whose name is Valentine's Day? Unfortunately, very little. Historians can not name more likely to not only who he was, but if he existed at all. Maybe Valentine was actually a priest-companion and secretly crowned Roman soldiers with their loved ones. Or maybe he was among the first Christians, and killed in the name of religion.

The icons Valentin is often portrayed in the clothes of the priest-healer. History really famous people with the same name, who healed the mental illnesses and neurological diseases. Perhaps it was in his honor called the feast of the church, which is now known to the world as the day of lovers. For good reason in Germany February 14 psychiatric hospitals to decorate with red ribbons, and consider it a day of mentally ill people. According to one well-known in this country to the legend, a young man who suffers from epilepsy, fervently prayed at the tomb of St. Valentine, and was healed.

Why in the church calendar, this festival, which has such a rich history, no? The answer is quite prosaic: in 1969, the Catholic Church has reformed worship, and all the Roman saints, which has not survived reliable information, have been removed from the liturgical calendar. Among them was, and Valentine's Day.

 What to give the favorite on February 14

Valentine's Day around the world and we

As with any event, do not have precise historical basis, the holiday of lovers people associate a great many stories, legends and tales, which are so closely intertwined grain of truth and fiction that the original meaning is unlikely ever to be known. And why? Valentine's Day is observed in almost all modern countries. He is a popular secular holiday that symbolizes love, and not only between man and woman, but simply as a feeling, without which it is impossible to live a full life.

On this day, it decided to give gifts of love hearts, sweets and souvenirs. Also write each other love letters and greetings, often in verse. By the way, it belongs to the French idea of ​​these "valentines." And in France there is a tradition to give a day of love jewelry. The Italians and the Japanese prefer to congratulate each other with sweets and chocolate. In Japan, held a competition for the loudest "Valentine." Who is stronger than all the dais will announce its declaration of love, gets the prize. Finland February 14 commemorates not only lovers but also of all mothers, because there is no festival like ours 8 March.

British Happy lovers like each other, and their animals, especially dogs and horses. The Americans presented a favorite roses and candy. And many unmarried resident of the United States this holiday themselves make a proposal to their elected representatives and give the caramel color in the form of hearts. February 14 Poles try be sure to visit the Poznan metropolis. There, according to legend, the relics of Saint Valentine and his iconic face with a miraculous power and help in matters of love. Danes Lovers Valentine's Day send each other dried white flowers.

The most striking and extensive celebrations take place on February 14 in Jamaica. There's even arranged "naked wedding ceremony" during which a completely naked bride and groom exchange wedding rings and recite the oath of allegiance.

In Saudi Arabia, Valentine's Day is not celebrated. Moreover, in this country it is strictly forbidden, and the official. The Government considered that such a celebration develops and supports young fragile minds the spirit of debauchery and sin, which is mired in Western countries. Therefore, even the sale of various kinds of plush toys, hearts and red roses on February 14 is not permitted.

Compared with the Saudis, we got a much more, because Valentine's Day is celebrated in our country quite well, and for many years. We've learned that he preceded the other two, no less popular we have a holiday, and recalls that the winter is about to give way to spring, when everything comes to life, and the world will wake up to meet the new bright feelings. It is very symbolic, as February 14 - a feast for those who like and love. On this day people give gifts that express the feeling of love. This may be the original "Valentine", flowers, sweets, soft toys and all sorts of pleasant things.

 What to give the favorite for February 14

Gifts favorite?

Each year, before the onset of the festival a huge number of people scratching their heads, to present your loved one a unique and memorable gift. We picked up a small list of what you can present the other half to her surprise.

Romantic Gifts

Consider the case of romantic greetings, because he is not only suitable for young love, but also well-established couples. Gifts of this category are designed to give joyful emotions and feelings. What could be more important in such a holiday?

Cards made by hand

If you still have not decided on what to give your loved ones on February 14, the simplest solution is to author a postcard. It's not difficult to manufacture its own: there are plenty of good examples where the stages described the process of creating such a masterpiece, and in several versions. Select a suitable, since card, which stores the heat of your hands, in which everything is made specifically for a loved one and just the way he likes (color, designs, shapes), - this is truly a great gift. This postcard boyfriend or husband does not throw to the far shelf and put in a prominent place, so it pleasing to the eye.


This is the classic gift, not only for the girl. After all, they represent most women vulnerable soul. Nowadays, you can find any flowers for gift - their immense variety of: roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, orchids. You can buy a basket of flowers of exotic varieties, but you can just add a ribbon and it will look very touching. In any case, the flowers will decorate the holiday.


Not only girls, but many guys will be pleased to receive a gift from beloved precious jewelry such as a ring or chain suspension. And if it is a ring with a proposal of marriage, as in America, a holiday your sweetheart will never forget. The couple can also start a romantic conspiracy and pick each other gifts in the form of fine golden key and symbolic padlock. This option is not devoid of originality congratulations and full of meaning.

Gifts of balloons

To impress and surprise gift, you can make the composition of balloons. They are original and imaginative as a present on the day of lovers. Balls will be happy either way, but if they write a greeting or a word of love, is a gift to remember.

There are also options such as walking balls or balls in the boxes. First - this is the figure of the foil on the legs. When the air is circulated in the room, figurines funny move, as if walking. The second fly out of the box as soon as you open it. Such an unexpected surprise can instantly lift your mood every owner. The gift can be delivered by courier, since the box is framed in the form of postal parcels, which makes the presentation much more fun.

sky lattern

The device in the form of a heart, sphere or something else, where the painted image. At the bottom of the wick is built to heat the air in the flashlight, thus raising it up, light the fire inside it creates a mysterious atmosphere. Flashlight rises on dvuhsotmetrovuyu height. The duration of the take-off for about 20 minutes, during which you can watch as the bright star flies in the night sky. And when just a hundred lanterns produced up this kind of magic is simply mesmerizing!

Bouquet of sweets

On the feast of St. Valentine candies are perfect as a gift, they will sweeten the day, and create an atmosphere of tenderness. The novelty candy products - bouquet of chocolates. Execution can be realized in any size and color palette. Comprising a bouquet of caramel and chocolate sweets. Various additions and decorations added to it on request, if there is the performer. Indifferent response will not be exact.

Soft toys

Soft and fluffy toys, hand-made custom-made - quite original and memorable gift for a loved one young man, not without a sense of humor. In addition, it offers a variety of pictures, photos, logos, and all this from environmentally friendly components.

Practical Gifts

Now move on to the gifts that are more practical, but it is able to bring the share of romance in our life.

An interesting option is cup consisting of two connecting heart-shaped halves. After a morning coffee or afternoon tea - it is often a good excuse to spend a few minutes alone with your loved one, just shut up together, symbolically connecting the cups.

If you do not know what to give to her husband on February 14 to select a new home to replace old slippers. Free and comfortable footwear helps to relax. And what could be nicer after a hard day's work? That's right, stretch out comfortably on the couch watching TV. Here's another idea: to make the spouse a personal pillow rather sew or make beautiful pillowcase with a touching inscription. He will enjoy a show of concern on your part.

Practical Guide to revive the romance in married couple can serve as a joint photo session in good company. This gift can please both husband and wife, because both of you will get not only new emotions, but also beautiful professional pictures that miraculously and quite a special way decorate the interior of your bedroom.

Try the morning of the festive days to disassemble your overall album and turn it in the family anthology of love relationships. To do this, lay the available photos chronologically accompany every joint comments and memories. And laugh and natseluetes and order hover.

You can go to a master class in cooking chocolate candies. It is a good idea to celebrate Valentine's Day this unusual "sweet" way. Joint activity with something new and interesting sure to entice and will set a romantic mood.

Give gifts, surprises its halves, let your relatives and loved ones get a feel for the beauty and tenderness of Valentine's Day. Do not get lost in the choice of what to give, but just talk to professionals who know their business, and they prompt you the best option.

As congratulations on Valentine's Day is suitable, in principle, any thing, it is appropriate and birthday, and any other holiday. The only thing that should be avoided, since it is the kitchen and household accessories. It is not necessary to extinguish the romantic holiday and remind weekdays.

Spend the day is unusual, possibly leaving the usual worries for tomorrow, send children to grandparents, though they, too, will be a day of love, although with different connotations. And do go for a walk around the city. Remember the beginning of your relationship, the first sense, if it is real, then visited the site of your first kiss. My husband let him buy flowers to his beloved wife, a whole bunch. Surprise each other and admire and enjoy the fact that you - selected by the Valentine's Day. It was he, the patron of lovers, has given you is bliss - to love and be loved.

 What to give the favorite on February 14?

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