Congenital malformations, loss of a child

Extraordinary and circumstances are relatively rare birth defects, stillbirth, birth injuries. No particular reason you should not even think about the possibility of such an outcome, pain and bitterness in this case it is difficult to convey in words.

Each loss of a child is the mother cracked difficult to express. A woman waiting for her baby almost 9 months. I dreamed about him, I felt his thrusts, listened to the beating of his heart, for it absorbs crib ordered outfit, cook your friends, family, and life to the adoption of the new man, and now returns home empty-handed. Perhaps there is no greater pain than this - the loss of a child. Although it is impossible to compensate for the loss felt by a woman, time goes forward, the problem becomes more portable, depression disappears.

Coping with the woeful first day a little easier if you decide in advance how you will do in a similar situation.

If a child dies before birth, you can think what you want to give birth. It should artificially induce labor, and if so, when? All this you can discuss with your doctor and family. It should also consider how to proceed in the case of stillbirth or the death of the child shortly after birth. Whether you want to restore power in the post-natal ward where the mother with the children in another ward or prefer early discharge? Would you agree to an autopsy to establish the cause of death of a child?

What do you want to leave in the memory of the baby? Many consultants recommend that parents saw and used the arms of his dead or dying baby. Give the child a name, to baptize, to take photographs, fingerprints legs to save a lock of hair - as a way to pay tribute to the child. Burial and funeral also give family and friends the opportunity to come to express their condolences and love to you. Some assistance can communicate with their parents, which have borne such a loss. While nothing will reduce your pain, emotional support can help you in this difficult time.

If a child is born with a defect, premature or very sick, you need to make other decisions. If the child is transferred to a clinic specializing in serious childhood diseases before you can be discharged from the hospital and visit the child. You can feed your baby, or giving the breast or sucking milk, then gave it to the child. It all depends on your condition.

Doctors and nurses can give you the necessary information about your child's treatment, about what to expect in the future and show how best to help your child

If your child was born dead or sick, you take time to go through and think about their situation. After discussing the incident with the birth attendant midwife or doctor, you will understand better the full picture. Talking with a psychologist-consultant, therapist, spiritual guide will also help you cope with emotions. Family and friends as the same may help you protect from excessive curiosity of others, distracting you with pleasant chores and so on. D.

If your child was born dead or sick, you need time to cry. Mourning painful and debilitating, but woe be experienced. Eventually, after many months or even years, you humble yourself, but the grief will last long. Give yourself time to heal emotionally and physically.

 Congenital malformations, loss of a child

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 Bath with foam

The rhythm of city life often leaves us no time to rest. At the end of a long and eventful day, many feel totally exhausted. To relieve stress and recuperation there is nothing better than a warm relaxing bath with a gentle foam! Especially if spilled on the bathroom wonderful aroma bouquet of herbs of Provence!

Many urban residents face the problem of bad stress. Caseloads days is not long enough sleep, constant rush - all this can cause overload and fatigue. How many times have you come home after a hard day and feel squeezed, exhausted. How to deal with stress effectively and relax? And what if the time to rest quite a bit?

The best solution - regular intake of a relaxing bath. What can take the stress better than a gentle foam, pleasant fragrance and warm water enveloping tired body? Taking a bath at least a couple times a week, you will do your body a priceless gift, because it not only promotes physical recovery by relaxing the muscles, but also helps to clear your head from everyday thoughts and worries that so often keep us from falling asleep.

 Relaxing bath

Here are a few tips to help you achieve the maximum effect from the bathing:

  • Lying in the bath, put a pillow under your head to relax the neck muscles and improve circulation;
  • enable a quiet and smooth music to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, you can also dim the lights;
  • make sure the water temperature - it should not rise above 38 or below 36 degrees;
  • Do not take a bath for too long Delhi is longer than 30 minutes, you risk to experience discomfort due to dryness of the skin;
  • in diseases of the cardiovascular system, make sure that the water level in the bath was below the heart;
  • for complete relaxation using bath products with delicate, soothing aromas.

A good complement to a relaxing bath can become a new foam bath from NIVEA «Moments of relaxation" with the scent of lavender and honey. Soft foam gently cleanse the skin, give it a special softness and velvety, and the smell of a bouquet of Provencal herbs with thick honey accord will bring peace.

In urgent cases, and the cycle of constant hurry, it is important not to forget that you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from the surge. Give yourself 15 minutes a warm bath in the evening! It will allow you to really relax and help fast sleep soundly - and in the morning you will feel incredible burst of energy.

 How quickly and effectively cope with stress?

 causes of hemorrhoids


  • A little about the disease
  • The main recommendations
  • Unusual ways to combat the disease
  • External and internal systems
  • A few tips

Hemorrhoids - varicose veins is the pelvis and rectum. This disease is one of the most common among the adult population worldwide. Developed as a result of circulatory disorders in the sedentary lifestyle or with excessive load on the lower spine and pelvic organs.

Very often, hemorrhoids occurs in women during pregnancy and childbirth. Men hemorrhoids is the result of doing an unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight loss. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages entail decrease in elasticity of blood vessels, which causes varicose, blood clots and hemorrhoids.
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A little about the disease

Symptoms and signs of the disease are extremely unpleasant and painful and a lot of suffering. There are external and internal hemorrhoids. For external hemorrhoids dropped low in the rectum, they often protrude from the anus to the outside, unbearably sore and bleed. Accordingly, exacerbation defecation delivers continuous torment, and any exercise and just movements stimulate constant nagging pain, bleeding, fever and general malaise.

Manifestations of internal hemorrhoids are similar to the outer, but the disease is complicated by the complexity of the treatment due to the inaccessibility of the inflamed parts and cracks. Based on the above, it becomes clear to the seriousness of the disease, and in particular its impact on the normal functioning of the patient and the quality of everyday life, which is filled with an exacerbation of hemorrhoid pain and suffering. How serious is the disease and what treatments are available?

 hemorrhoid treatment raw potatoes
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The main recommendations

What are the ways to deal with this disease? Is it possible to get rid of the disease forever, or at least alleviate and prevent the aggravation? Is there a way to treat people's means without surgery? Can traditional methods to be more effective than surgery to remove the nodes?

So, before you decide on surgery, as recommended by your doctor, you should try the most famous folk remedies treatment of hemorrhoids.

First you need to make it a rule after each visit to the toilet to wash away the anus with soap. Simultaneously with this procedure is necessary to reduce a mechanical fell hemorrhoids and stimulate the pelvic muscles to their drawing and keeping as much as possible. These exercises are very effective and useful, also very effective.

In addition to personal hygiene, there are many simple folk remedies to combat hemorrhoids. In general, they are based on the medical effects of different herbs and vegetables when applied topically. A simple and very effective way - treated raw potatoes. When an internal hemorrhoid of potatoes with a knife cut out the candle and inserted overnight in the anus. When topically dropped nodes washed potatoes with the skin rubbed on a grater, and this slurry is applied to the sore places. The duration is not limited, and harms, such a procedure does not deliver.

Even the simplest exterior treatments wants to stay at the sea-buckthorn oil, which is antiseptic, great heals cracks, dries and reduces the swelling of inflamed sites. In the anus for several hours inserted a cotton swab moistened with sea buckthorn oil and greased the whole area of ​​inflammation.

 sea ​​buckthorn oil in the treatment of hemorrhoids

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Unusual ways to combat the disease

Along with an easy method of relief of symptoms, there are more radical folk remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids. You can not just dismiss their effectiveness, since there are real cases of full recovery even from advanced forms of the disease, which today is supposed to be treated only by surgical intervention.

Interestingly this method to relieve pain and reduce inflammation as ice candles. The tool is quite complex in execution, and its effectiveness is achieved by a very painful way. Freezing appropriate size pieces of ice in the form of anal candles. The main thing is to see to it that the ice was sharp and had no chips. Further, such a spark is introduced into the anus and lasts until complete melting. The sensations can be quite painful, but this method effectively removes puffiness.

The most famous folk methods - treatment of garlic in the bath. For this clears a few cloves of garlic and finely cut into pieces. The flushing bath hot stones are taken from the oven and lay down in a galvanized bucket. Top poured chopped garlic, garlic went to smoke with stones, and the patient sits on a bucket bare ass. Steamy and smoldering garlic has a powerful effect. The procedure lasts about twenty minutes, until the rocks cool down. Repeated a couple of times a week. Quite a few of these sessions to permanently forget about hemorrhoids.
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External and internal systems

In addition to outdoor exposure it is recommended to take decoctions of herbs and vegetables, which have a mild laxative and stool thinning effect. This may be the juice of mountain ash, boiled beets, a decoction of dandelion root, peppermint leaves. Well, Persicaria maculosa has long been used in exacerbations for reducing bleeding.

Even you can try contrasting the bath, which will remove the tone of the pelvic organs, improve blood circulation and inflamed veins return to normal. To start making steam sitz bath: a half-liter of milk boiled four small bulbs. Intestine preliminary cleansing enema. And then should take over the capacity of milk broth with onion and steamed good anus fumes.

Next - a cold bath. A few minutes down the anus into the bowl with very cold water, dilute potassium permanganate. Then lubricate the passage of sea buckthorn oil or any other medical ointment or herbal gruel, wrapped in a blanket, lie down and rest for at least an hour. Repeating these contrasting treatments every day at least a week, you can greatly facilitate their state, and at least remove the most painful manifestations of the disease.

 folk remedies for treatment of hemorrhoids
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A few tips

The name of this disease long ago has become a household name among the people. Any troubles and nuisance called hemorrhoids. Not for nothing because hemorrhoids called toothache anus. But I would like to make a special emphasis on the well-known phrase that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. And hemorrhoids are not an exception in this regard. Whole something and you want to avoid stagnation in the body. When sedentary lifestyle as much as possible to make a light warming up exercises. Recommended more than a walk in the fresh air. Walking itself is very useful and prevents development of many diseases, and complex light therapeutic exercises will not take much time, but will improve the circulation of blood vessels and gas.

The main advice is possible to eliminate the use of nicotine and alcohol to try and prevent the occurrence of constipation and prolonged diarrheal states.   Drinking enough fresh fruits and vegetables will establish the correct operation of the digestive system and normalizes permeability of the intestine, which in turn regulate the chair. Strong tea and coffee also causes a rush of blood to the heart and the pelvis, which is quite a negative impact on the general condition of the body and blood of the whole system. Importantly, do not forget the truism - our health is in our hands.

 Traditional methods of treatment of hemorrhoids