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  • Not sure - half defeated
  • How to gain confidence in themselves?
  • How to live a confident person?
  • The first steps of revival of confidence
  • Change your lifestyle
  • Do not wait for the results of its transformation in a minute - patience
  • How to live with the experience accumulated, not a natural confidence?

All people on earth are born with a sense of confidence. Kids look at the world with eyes wide open. But at the moment when the child becomes aware of himself as a person, begin to have doubts and confidence begins to melt. Each process takes place on an individual scenario. Be sure no one on earth could not escape this fate.

Another thing is that each person copes with it in different ways. Everything depends on the immediate environment. Someone luckier, someone - less. There are people who do not think about how to gain confidence in themselves.

If you got the idea that you do something wrong, you do something is not enough, you're already on the road to success.
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Not sure - half defeated

Uncertainty is very prevents to live. Thanks to her, my dear, we are sitting on the unloved and the "pull strap", thanks to her tolerate stupid boss, earn a penny instead of a decent wage. Because of insecurity allow more successful colleagues to sit on his neck, tolerate rudeness. You can enumerate a long time. This loosened the nervous system, very often against this background appear serious illnesses.

Uncertainty - the enemy. At the crucial moment, the life of this enemy necessarily showing teeth and if put up with it, you do not get anywhere in life.

 reason not confidence
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How to gain confidence in themselves?

The main impact of the uncertainty that you strongly want to get rid of it. Most importantly it clear that it is stopping you live.

The second and finish - you begin to act. Do not wait for Monday or the beginning of a new month. Be prepared for the fact that your inner voice will whisper to you, "as if something happens," "Why are you doing this." Do not listen to him. Think about what you are standing on the threshold of an exciting new life where you become stronger, more independent. It will listen to your opinion, will the respect of colleagues. And any problem you will be on the shoulder.

Remember, confidence is still there, it has been in you since birth, and left. Just outside circumstances raised in your uncertainty. It is because of her you have to make an effort to be inconspicuous, humble and too accommodating.

Be confident - quickly and easily. Being uncertain - hard and unnatural.
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How to live a confident person?

Confident man lives in harmony with himself. There is no fear of dealing with people, he is not afraid of tomorrow. He always has his own opinion and he is not afraid to express it. Confident people do not succumb to the difficulties. The man self-confident, life is much richer and more interesting. But even more difficult. After all, sometimes it is necessary to assign the responsibility to address not only their own destiny, but also the fate of their loved ones. In contrast to the insecure person who finds an excuse: "I can not", "I do not know", "I am not competent" and in the same spirit.

If you decide to change your life, you will have to make an effort. Within a month, if you follow all of the recommendations, it will succeed. Then your confidence will be reborn only to grow and harden.
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The first steps of revival of confidence

  • Become the most competent expert in his field. After studying all the details and nuances that you feel that you become more confident. To you will contact colleagues for help.
  • Work on his demeanor. If you slouch, you buy a suit in which you must keep your back. Work on gaze, gestures, speech. Mirror this time will be your assistant.
  • Pay attention to your appearance. If you feel that your physical form is far from perfect, go in for sports. Do not forget to refresh your manicure, if you are a woman. A man must be clean-shaven. Do not forget about the good perfume. Old things - down.
  • Choose a role model in your environment. Look closely at the man. Get yourself something on board. Maybe the style of dress, manner of speaking.
  • Begin to do good deeds. You will be helpful to get a positive result, it will add confidence. If there is a failure, not to give up. Analyze, make conclusions and actions.
  • Determine what it is you need confidence. What is the goal you want to achieve? Put a goal and strive for it.
  • Look around and see who is around you. Be more attentive to people. Support colleague, if he needs it.

If you hear that to gain the confidence you need to attend special training sessions, I do not believe. No training will not help you if you do not decide for themselves to get rid of uncertainty. If this decision is ripe, you deal with the problem on their own.

 patience to acquire confidence
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Change your lifestyle

Forbid yourself to criticize the people, events and yourself. Negative, which breaks out, always turns against man himself.

The thought is material. If you think about the bad, you will be bad. You think about the good - comes good. Enjoy life in all its forms and are giving a positive attitude towards the world all around.

Do not make excuses and do not blame yourself. If you make a mistake, admit it and live on. Do not go back into the past, think about the future. Dooming themselves in guilt, you are destroying your identity. This is the biggest mistake. Tune in to a positive and share positive emotions with others.

Change your surroundings, if formerly accustomed to belittle your dignity. It is important that you are surrounded by self-confident and positive people.

Think about your hobby. Surely you forget, what would like to do. Remember, you may love to paint or to engage in wood carving? Or maybe you've dreamed to learn to play guitar or piano? Doing things you love - it's very useful to raise the self-esteem and gain confidence in themselves.

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Do not wait for the results of its transformation in a minute - patience

Set a small and realistic goals and strive to implement them. Achieving the goal of strengthening confidence, you have an additional incentive to further improve. Listen to your intuition, a feeling rarely deceives.

Dispose of feeling sorry for themselves and others. Do not take to heart the failure of others. If you can help, you help, but do not delve into issues deeply. Protect their resurgent confidence.

Treat with gratitude to all the gifts of fate. And do not forget to do good deeds.

Do not feel ashamed to ask for help from the more experienced, wise man. There's no sign of weakness. The strong man is not afraid to ask, because I am ready to help. Learn to trust the world around you.

Be thankful for the troubles and misfortunes, which she presents to us. After all, overcoming difficulties, you become stronger and your confidence is growing.

Do not forget about your body. It's not the clothes that you can change. A healthy mind could be only in a healthy body.

Any business gets done. Even if you do not feel like it a lot. Gather will in a fist and finish the job. you will feel your self-esteem increases.

The main enemy of confidence - it's fear. Try to make it something that you are afraid. Of course, without undue risk and heroism. With fear to work constantly, and eventually the day will come when you win.

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How to live with the experience accumulated, not a natural confidence?

At first, when you just feel a revived confidence, you will be a little uncomfortable. Be patient, this feeling will soon pass. And you, remembering his former self will wonder: "Was I like that? "

You'll soon get used to his new, become a different attitude to the world and others. Do you have new goals. you will realize that confidence - the natural state of man.

 Confidence - the natural state of man

 self confidence


  • A bit of psychology
  • Keep a journal
  • Find the positive
  • Speak correctly
  • Drinking appearance

Self-confident woman - self-sufficient, it does not hide from the problems and solve them.   Confident woman faces the truth, she did not need to raise your voice to someone to put in place.   Self-confident woman is not looking for praise and acknowledgments its merits and skill to treat them and their drawbacks.
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A bit of psychology

Why do some go through life with head held high, and others even lift his eyes from the ground hard? In psychology, there is the concept of "self-esteem". This is how a person evaluates himself with the professional, intellectual, sexual, attractive sides. From the amount of self-esteem and self-evaluation develops attitude toward themselves as a person. The owner of a high self - confident person, low - uncertainty. If it is too high, then we call such a person overconfident. Our psychological comfort depends on our self-esteem. You can change your life beyond recognition, finding self-confidence, but how to do it, if you're shy of his own shadow. What is confident man! How to develop self-confidence?

As psychologists say, self-confidence - confidence is a special case. Self-confidence - is the ability and the ability to govern themselves and their fears. Psychologist Jos Volpe, watching his patients, a detailed description of all of our inherent fears: fear of rejection, fear of getting into new situations, fear to be in the spotlight, the fear that you criticize, fear of inability to refuse, fear of being inferior. The development of all these fears can lead to serious psychological illness.

All these fears are in the psyche of every woman, but some are able to deal with them, and in others they are dominant behavior. Their development leads to the fact that women are constantly experiencing guilt and shame, become inactive and eventually, even stop trusting yourself and your feelings. Why is this happening?

We are all from early childhood inspire her children that they have the cleverest, boldest, most beautiful and talented. We are trying to develop their self-esteem. Children grow up and start their independent life. In some things work: love, friends, work. Others, on the contrary, can not find themselves in life, afraid to meet new people, to look for an interesting high-paying job, believe in love. How to help them if there is such a pill that can make a person self-confident? Psychologists agree on one thing: there is no fear of pills and there is no powder to be confident and self-sufficient. I'm sure you can help! It must do ourselves, the main thing - to want and move in the right direction, without fear to do what is most afraid of. Let's start right now. We will act decisively, without looking back, even if it is very scary.  keeping a diary for self-esteem
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Keep a journal

Most of the girls in my childhood kept diaries where they recorded what they saw for themselves the most important. So we wound up a notebook that will help us to cope with uncertainty and indecision. Daily record to all of its successful business, even the most insignificant: Get a delicious soup, visited the dentist. At a time when uncertainty rolls, like an avalanche, take and read my notes - is sure to help. And do not forget to praise yourself for all that whatever you do. Praise always increases their self-esteem.

If during the day you took an unpleasant situation and you could not get out of it with dignity, in a relaxed atmosphere, try to rethink it and beat with a positive ending. For example: you were treated rudely and you suffered this problem for the rest of the day. Stop, take a notebook and write as though behaved in this situation, your confident friend. The next time a similar situation, you will have a kind of blank out of this problem. Gradually, these pieces will be more and more, and then the day will come when you will not need to look at your records, you will learn how to solve the problem immediately.
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Find the positive

Try to find a negative incident its positive side. Lost in the underground gloves - do not blame yourself. Tell me, what have long wanted to buy new ones, but these have gone out of fashion. The hairdresser made too short haircut? Do not worry, the hair grows back quickly.

Since childhood, parents no time telling us that we must learn from the mistakes of others. And we learn from others' positive examples. A colleague talking to the chief, boldly defends his view of the problem - take the pencil.

Learn not to be afraid to ask, ask questions if you do not understand something, have their own opinion. Better once to feel stupid than to suffer this feeling for the rest of life. There is no one who knew all the answers, so almost everyone from time to time falls into a similar situation as you.

 like their appearance
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Speak correctly

In order to feel confident, you need to learn how to speak. I mean not only the correctness of your speech, that is, the absence of word-parasites (learn to fill their "silence"), and the use of specific words. The proposal must begin always with the pronoun "I". I want to see, I want to go, I need it ... And do not be amiss use of verbs in the imperative mood. Show me, tell me bring. Your speech should be emotional, so do not hesitate to learn to talk about their feelings clear, without a hint. Do not be afraid to say "no" if you do something you do not want to do or do not like.

A huge role in our lives plays humor. Man is almost impossible to hurt and off balance when he has a sense of humor. As the great Beaumarchais: "If I was not laughing at all, I would cry all the time." So, if you learn to laugh at all the negative manifestations of life, you will feel more confident.

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Drinking appearance

Well, the most important aspect that will undoubtedly increase your self-esteem and confidence in themselves - this is your appearance. Once you have selected a proper haircut, buy a fashionable, well-cut thing that will get you to go look in the mirror and say, "Good-devil! ". Confidence does not take long - you are on the right track. But I want to warn you that none of the beautiful dress will not protect against cad, and for this it is necessary to do all what is said in this article.

In conclusion, a few short tips everyday. Firstly, Pick encouraging slogan. Many ladies can help to choose for themselves the phrase, repeated every day several times. For example, "I can do everything, I will succeed."

And yet - to cease to hesitate and be in the spotlight, we must first learn to get up in the middle of space, and not somewhere on the edge. Then soon you will not only be of interest, but you will become the soul of the company.

Dear girls, when you get rid of the misconceptions about yourself, your life will change. Self-sufficient woman - a confident woman. This should be your men, your children, and especially you yourselves! Self-importance, feeling it is much more important than any ambition.

 How to develop self-confidence