• Release of the egg, or what's going on inside a woman's body
  • The path of the sperm, or what's going on inside a man's body
  • Pose for a favorable conception
  • How to calculate ovulation
  • When the sexual act must take place
  • The main thing - to enjoy the process
  • Improvement of sperm
  • Preparing your own body
  • The age and the chances of pregnancy

Not everyone knows how the conception of the child. What is its basis? What happens inside the female and male body?

Answers to these questions are not only useful, but you need to know. With this information, you'll have a perfect view of what's going on inside you. It turns out that all this is very, very interesting.
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Release of the egg, or what's going on inside a woman's body

The ability to get pregnant is directly related to the activity of the ovaries. Inside the ovaries since birth, women are the egg. The number of these eggs at the newborn girl reaches 450 thousand. Many of them will soon die, and the number remaining is gradually reduced. This happens as the girl grows. For the entire reproductive period the woman's body leaves about 400 eggs. They leave the body, along with monthly that end the onset of menopause in women.

In the middle of the menstrual cycle each month in the ovaries mature egg from one to three. The most mature egg is released from the, and then quickly hits the closest to her fallopian tubes. The length of the fallopian tube is about 10 cm. The female body has two such tubes. They lead from the ovaries to the uterus. Such a release of an egg is called ovulation. Determine ovulation can be based on the cycle of menstruation. Thus, if the menstrual cycle is 28 days, ovulation can be from 12 to 15 day cycle.

Is considered the first day of the cycle should be from the first day of the month. The egg is quite viable. It could easily be fertilized in the range from 12 to 24 hours after it came out of the ovary. To happened conceiving a child, the egg as soon as possible to meet sperm. Pick up the egg and sperm healthy and compound indicate that conception has occurred.

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The path of the sperm, or what's going on inside a man's body

While in women formed one egg (within a month), inside a man's body without interruption formed more and more microscopic sperm. The purpose of the existence of only one sperm. And this goal is its penetration into the egg. It begins to produce sperm in men with the onset of puberty. The entire process of the creation of sperm takes approximately 65-72 days.

Sperm - is the main task of testosterone (male hormone). During each ejaculation is released to 300 million sperm, but in spite of this, only one of them is able to fertilize an egg matured. From what type of sperm gets to the egg first will depend on the sex of the child. This occurs randomly.
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Pose for a favorable conception

In choosing a posture favorable for conceiving a baby is not worth making a special effort, because nature itself has created the conditions in which the conception of the child should take place without difficulty. But, nevertheless, there is some postures that promote early conception. Among these the most common item, when a woman lies on her back, and the man at the top. This position allows the sperm to penetrate as deeply as possible. After completion of sexual intercourse is recommended to lie on your back, you can raise a little leg or a bend them at the knees.

Pose, in which the woman is on top, as well as standing and sitting prevent the penetration of sperm into the fallopian tubes. If you decide to conceive a child, such posture should be excluded for the time.

Experts say that while female orgasm sperm harder to penetrate, so for a while you can do without it. The male orgasm, of course, needs to spewed sperm. Perhaps, in the choice of posture is to confine these simple rules that will help to get pregnant as soon as possible.

There are several techniques and tricks that help the early conception of the child.

 correct calculation of ovulation
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How to calculate ovulation

In order to conceive a child there as soon as possible, it is necessary to know exactly which days are ovulating. Each month there are only a few days, in which sexual intercourse can lead to conceive. Determine the days when you ovulation, a variety of ways. The most common way to calculate ovulation - a calendar method. Correctly calculate ovulation is possible only if you have a menstrual cycle is regular and is 28-30 days. If the cycle of 28 days, ovulation occurs about 14 days after the first day of menstruation. This calculation method is the most convenient and effective in 80% of cases.

That's right, you can determine ovulation by measuring basal body temperature. Prior to ovulation body temperature is usually 36 4 - 36 6 degrees. On the day when the egg leaves the ovary, the body temperature rises sharply and may be 37-37, 2 degrees. This temperature difference can only talk about the fact that ovulation has occurred. But this is only the case if there are no conditions that can cause this temperature.

Modern medicine has developed specific tests to determine ovulation, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Thus, there are several ways that can help calculate the approximate or exact days when conceiving a child can occur.
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When the sexual act must take place

So you have determined the time of ovulation. Now is the time to plan the sexual act, which can lead to conceive a child. The most favorable days for conception are considered prior to ovulation days (three days prior) and the day of ovulation itself. Sometimes conception can occur through sexual intercourse, held for 6 days before ovulation. In order to conceive was enough to have sex once a day. Sperm can live inside the female body to 6 days, but the egg lives only one. This suggests that the sperm can wait a few days until the egg that can be fertilized.

If you have not been able to pinpoint the days when conception is most probably just have sex every other day. This will always be sperm in the fallopian tubes, waiting egg.

If you and your sexual partner abstain from sex acts in the expectation of the most favorable days for conceiving a child, make sure that this period of abstinence does not last too long. A few days before the scheduled date of the man must be at least one ejaculation, or in the semen can accumulate a large number of dead sperm, which are not able to fertilize the egg.

 Poses for conception
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The main thing - to enjoy the process

The chances of getting pregnant are much higher if during sex you putting aside all the experiences concerning this point. As you know, it regulates hormones ovulation special gland in the brain, which is called the hypothalamus. At the time when the woman is under stress, the hypothalamus is functioning worse. This indicates that ovulation may happen later than it should have been, or will not occur at all.

To avoid such unpleasant nuance, try to get pleasure from intercourse. The simpler and easier you feel about the process itself, the greater your chances of getting pregnant. you do not have to set some goals that can distract you from the process. The main objective - is to get pleasure and to give pleasure to your partner. During intercourse, try to adhere to this rule, and then the chance of getting pregnant will increase significantly.
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Improvement of sperm

Everyone knows that to fertilize the egg can only the strong and healthy sperm. Strange as it may sound, but the need to restore the health of sperm. The sperm should be a lot, they have to be strong. For this man is necessary to observe some rules that will help improve the health of sperm.

To do this, you must reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Frequent intake of alcoholic beverages can significantly reduce levels of the male hormone in the body and lead to the death of a lot of sperm.

A few months before planned conception is recommended to completely abandon the administration of narcotic substances from tobacco. This period can be considered the most favorable to the renunciation of bad habits.

Men need to eat right and and use vitamin complexes. This will produce as many healthy and motile sperm. Among the nutrients, so the body needs to perform this function, zinc, calcium, folic acid, vitamin C, and D.

In the period before conception should avoid high temperatures that can destroy sperm. Saunas, hot tubs and spas have to postpone for later.

Improving the quality and health of semen requires a lot of time. The sooner these changes will be incorporated in the life of your men, the more favorable it will affect conception.

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Preparing your own body

It should prepare for pregnancy and physically. To know how to prepare for pregnancy, how to create the most favorable conditions for its occurrence, prepare in advance and visit your doctor. The gynecologist can prescribe the necessary examination. If you have any illness or contraindications for conception, it will be immediately given treatment.

If you are planning to become pregnant soon, try to completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages. Drugs and tobacco should also be excluded, because they directly affect conception. All this is not only able to prevent pregnancy, but also may cause irreparable harm to the fetus. Reduce your intake of caffeine, it greatly reduces your chances of getting pregnant.

Normally, pregnancy occurs after three months of continuous attempts. Statistics says that 6 out of 10 couples get pregnant during this period. Do not panic if after that period the pregnancy has not occurred. Considered normal birth to one year of trying. If after this time the birth did not take place, you should seek professional help.
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The age and the chances of pregnancy

Modern women are marrying later. This is explained by the desire to make a career first, to stand up, and then start a family. Few people think that by delaying the birth of a child for any of these reasons, as a result, you may encounter some problems. The ability to conceive a baby of a woman decreases with each passing year.

The most favorable for conception and pregnancy is considered to be the age of 20-24 years. After 24 years, the chances of getting pregnant each year are reduced gradually increases the risk of infertility.

The ability to have children in men persists much longer than women. Experts say that 35-year-old woman's chances of getting pregnant in 2 times less than that of 25-year-old. And in the 40 years the chances to conceive a child is 2 times less than 35. It says only that every year fertility problems arise more and more frequently. Why is this happening?

As time goes by, a woman's body there are some changes that can directly affect the baby's birth. One such change should be regarded as irregular menstrual cycles, which may be indicative of an impending climax. Such changes are typical for women over the age of 40 years.

Endometrium, namely endometrial layer, with age becoming thinner, resulting fertilized egg is quite difficult to attach to the wall of the uterus.

In pregnancy the most direct way may influence overweight.

Over time, changes in the female body ovarian reserve. So I called the number of follicles in the ovary are able to perform their function. Over time, the number of follicles only reduced, while early menopause only accelerates the process.

In addition to all the above, the reproductive function of women can affect certain diseases, which, due to lack of timely treatment affect reproductive organs (chlamydia, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis).

So, in order to conceive a child, you must follow all these simple rules, which will create favorable conditions for an early pregnancy. We wish you good health and success in conceiving a child!

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