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Women are known to be very fond of compliments. What are beautiful compliment a man? Almost the same. Men expect from the surrounding words of admiration and approval of no less than women, because they are the same people. However, the compliments the men have a slightly different meaning. Some of these men just do not realize from some come to the indescribable delight, and some fun and unusual compliments can make elements of the revival and celebration in your life together. Do you want to encourage your man to great deeds? Then this article is for you!

How to compliment a man can not be right and how they talk about?

For women Gift represents a certain dose of joyful emotions from which it starts to feel a lot better. Men compliments oriented, encouraging a certain kind of action. In the event that a compliment uttered a strange woman, a man begins to take a closer look closely to it, and if we then say the favorite - it melts and starts to please her. What compliments like most men? Those who talk about any specific qualities and its affairs. All compliments to the beloved must be reasonable and specified - general and empty phrases men do not perceive or perceive negatively. For example, phrases such as "You're the best, smart and beautiful! "More often than not have no value to them, while the words," You did a very beautiful and strong moldings! "I can raise him to heaven and inspire new achievements.

Speaking compliments for men should be gentle, quiet, heartfelt, if you want to extract from compliments beloved benefit for themselves. It is advisable to use an ancient and very powerful method of carrot and stick. It is this: you need to praise the man if he would do something good. But if the bad ... You've got to make him feel that it is better to do no more. For example, my husband finally got around to nail to the wall now, but it hung crookedly. Make a remark to him in such a situation can not in any case! But be sure to praise. Simply say the following words: "Oh, how well you nailed this picture! And that's where I wanted to see it ... But that's from that perspective it's a little lost. Give a little, lift the left corner! "My husband, of course, be happy to correct for the angle, and everything comes back to normal.

Be sure to praise him when he tries at least in some way to help. For example, when he carries bags from the store, it suffices to note how strong he is and how beautiful play his muscles male hands, he will blossom and feel like a real atlas. And, quite possibly, will start visiting the gym instead of lying on the couch with a beer bottle. Especially appropriate compliments during intimacy, because such a moment - the best of all of the above. What can I say in this case - especially individual case. Each woman chooses sweet words, focusing on the character of his men. In general, all the men leave indifferent even quite innocent, sometimes even funny phrases. Here are examples of compliments men who do quite easily: "How do you do it? "And" Advise me, fool, please! ".

 compliments for men

Avoiding mistakes

Some women prefer funny compliments. However, this must be careful, because sometimes such praise is not only pleasant, but also damage the male ego. Funny sincere compliments to do, and then he wanted to hear the praise of the new, will try to bring his woman happy. Generally funny words - is the prerogative of the woman he loved and no one else: other people your man should remain strong, powerful and serious. Statements such as "Honey, you do not seem to me silly - you umnovaty! "Be funny only in the mouth of his beloved. From the rest he will not tolerate such compliments, because it requires a certain level of intimacy and trust. And you should not forget the fact that funny compliments should be done to the man alone, or he might take offense at you.

Men love to look at something unrivaled and help those who are sympathetic to them. However, he and the other type of compliments you need to say in relation to the area in which he really knows something and knows how. God forbid, a man will understand that you are telling the truth or exaggerate anything - did not avoid the family scandal !. You can not talk to men are extremely beautiful and flattering compliments - they do not take the rough flattery and treat it very negatively. We can not and lisp with men, calling them "kotёnochkami", "bunny", "sweeties", although many women believe that these words - funny. So do not forget that every man in the first place - a man of the stronger sex, but such "calf tenderness" do not let them feel like heroes and knights, and, therefore, are a nuisance.

Compliments should be formulated clearly and precisely. Vague, funny or even strange words like "You're an original face" may disturb it and to push the idea that he was badly shaven, his nose is too long, and so on. And what was meant to be a compliment, in turn result in insulting statement. Speaking compliments should be in moderation. It is necessary to begin to say these words often, and the man will cease to accept compliments as a gift. As a result, even sincere, told heartily praise will be skipped on deaf ears. Therefore, to man the words appreciated and taken some action in order to hear them again, to pay compliments to be quite rare, but neatly. And then they become one of the most powerful means of influencing men.

 Compliments men: instructions for use

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 how to get a man to marry


  • Why does not he want to marry you?
  • What to do in any case it is impossible?
  • What can be done to bring their own happiness?

Too many women are trying to find an answer to the question of how to get a man to marry. Is it worth it? Marriage - is not only an official ceremony, followed by lavish celebrations and honeymoon in an exotic island. Marriage - is primarily a daily acknowledgment of their feelings, test life and troubles of life. Unfortunately, many women do not understand and do not want to understand. For them, the wedding - a beautiful magnificent feast, which she - in the spotlight. But remember that the holiday is over, and begin normal life - with dirty socks, unwashed dishes, scattered small things and swearing.

Ask yourself honestly whether you are ready to get married without a wedding dress and a magnificent celebration, without admiring glances girlfriends and without gifts? Just write out casually and received an official piece of paper indicating that you are now husband and wife. You may not represent your marriage?

Many believe that the wedding takes place in a registry office or in a church, but in reality it is in your hearts. Discuss with your chosen one, he does not feel any prejudice before marriage. If your young person is in a hurry or even refuses to go to the next level of relations, he probably never will make you an offer. Therefore, you have every right to leave him. But if you do not want, you can try to change the situation.

Why does not he want to marry you?

Pushing partner to the marriage makes sense only if you are ready for this step - ahead and try not to be. Ready? Well, let's deal. If the partner is serious about your relationship, but is not yet ready for marriage, I ask him why he's not ready? After all, you have every right to know what to expect from your relationship. Calmly explain to him that it makes no sense to maintain a relationship in which there is no future. It also makes sense to ask the question to the man when, in his opinion, it is ripe to address this issue.

Have his handpicked a list consisting of several items exactly when it will be ready for marriage, for example:

  • When you own a house.
  • When the big bank account.
  • When I'm fully confident in your partner, etc.

Often the fear of marriage are the people who have a sad example: bad previous marriage or the divorce of parents. Just getting satisfactory answers to their questions, you can judge the prospects of your union.

If your fiance is experiencing financial difficulties, try to explain to him that do not need a lavish celebrations and expensive honeymoon. Tell me, if the whole thing in his financial situation, that may change after marriage, if you already live together and you are satisfied with this state of affairs, what else to expect? If you have a mutual understanding between you, then this kind of problem is usually easily solved. However, carefully follow your own words - a partner should not be interpreted should not feel pressure from your side.

 how to get a man to marry

What to do in any case it is impossible?

To begin, you must firmly grasp what to do in any case impossible. Unless, of course, you do not want your potential husband got scared and vanished in an unknown direction. So:

  • Do not bother

The worst thing you can do - is to remind man of his desire to go to the registrar for any successful and unsuccessful case. If a man is 333 times a day to hear what you want to get married, the best he deems you bore. And at worst - will think that you are any imaginable and unimaginable ways set out to drag him to the registrar, without taking into account their views. And like any man to know that his or set at naught?

  • Do not be a mercenary

The most important thing is to understand the man - is that you love it. It was not his money, communication, social status, namely his. And your task - to convince him that, even if in fact you are only interested in the contents of the wallet of her future husband. Makes a great eyes and refuse expensive gifts, restaurants choose the cheapest food and constantly casually tell the man that you do not need when he's around. The vast majority of men melts from such speeches and very soon you will be able to build from a rope.

  • Do not limit man

It is not recommended to restrict the freedom of men to make it otherwise would be virtually impossible to marry. He wants to go fishing or to drink beer with friends - yes to your health! And do not phoning him every 15 minutes - you just call up the irritation. Yes, and the comments of his friends - "that's getting married, do not be among the living! ". But such a "support group" you are completely useless.

By the way, this also applies to jealousy - in any case, do not roll up their men or without cause, in any case, do not allow yourself to delve into notebooks, mobile phones and computers of his men. If he feels "under the hood", you will have a lot to smash his head on the issue of how to get him to marry. And not the fact that you will - who voluntarily agree to a life sentence?

  • Do not blackmail man

Another fatal mistake, which often make women - blackmail. And blackmail can anything - his poor health, utter helplessness, public opinion, an unplanned pregnancy in the end. Very foolish, really. It is likely that the man simply gets mad and leaves. Or will there, but only out of pity. But if you need such a marriage? It is unlikely, is not it?

 how to get him to marry

What can be done to bring their own happiness?

So, with what you can not do, more or less sorted out. Let's find out what can be done to a man matured faster and offer you a hand and heart, with all its consequences.

  • Trusting relationship

First of all, you have to set with your partner relationship of trust, which usually are the foundation of a happy marriage. Just in case, if a woman will win the trust of the men can expect a marriage proposal. And it is important not only to gain the trust, but also to keep it if you want the marriage was a long and happy.

  • Comfort in the house

Perhaps reading these lines, you will smile, but a woman who knows how to create and maintain comfort in the home, has a better chance of marriage, than the person that even semi-finished look afraid, not to mention the fact, to prepare dinner. Of course, a man can be happy to drive you to restaurants and do mind bending sex in a hotel room. But not for long. Constantly he will prefer to return to a cozy apartment, which smelled delicious dinner. Get a bit of attention - a simple matter of "dear, what do you cook? "Or" darling, you are not blowing out the window? "" Dear, how you play a movie? "- Says a lot given to understand the man that cared about him, loved him. And, most importantly, it allows you to place a man caring for his rather short notice.

  • Good Sex

Sex also is far from the last place - if you have sex in the dark, under the covers, only on Tuesdays and Fridays, do not be surprised if your man will sooner or later go in search of thrills. Therefore, it is important to become a really good lover, having sex with a man that is afraid to lose. Of course, this does not mean you have to completely forget about themselves and their pleasure, but the guy has to know that you are giving yourself to him entirely and without reserve.

  • Love yourself

Looking for a way to get him to marry, do not forget about yourself - to be loved, you must first love yourself. Ask yourself honestly - you deserve a lifetime of love and respect for your vote? If yes, all right. But if you have the slightest doubt, start to improve. After all, any man wants to see next to a beautiful, successful and confident companion. So give him what he wants. And your man is unlikely to want to risk to miss you, and in the end still makes you an offer.

If all means have been exhausted, it is necessary to talk about the separation. Pushed you an ultimatum should be clearly articulated and understood. After all, the partner should know exactly why you are avoiding it, and under what circumstances you can be together again. Then, if he asks you to take the time and give it time to think about all the good, you can begin to carry out his threat.

 How to get a man to marry? Practical advice

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