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Competent evening makeup for green eyes can turn any girl into a fascinating and exciting lady. But to make a make-up - is a science. Especially if you take into account the variety of shades of green eyes: turquoise, gray-green, grass-green, olive, etc. In fact, this list is very long, because in nature there are no pure hues. And to emphasize the extraordinary beauty of these eye shadows will help a variety of colors. But let's look at them in more detail.

What to choose shade

Choosing eye shadow makeup, look for shades of chocolate brown, dark green, copper and gold. These colors tend to be suited to owners of any shade of green eyes. And in addition to perfect gray-brown and peach shade that favorably emphasize the amount of green.

Looks perfect shade opal and ivory, champagne, cream and pale lilac. In general, the whole range of purple and reddish shades perfectly underlines an unusual eye color and makes the evening make-up is really expressive and attractive.

For a bright evening make better use of cream and dark purple shade with a metallic sheen. They will be accentuated all the beauty of green eyes in a dark light. A gold or copper shade give the evening make-up glamor and rapacity.

But there are also several color taboos that need to know to create the perfect evening makeup for green eyes. Under the ban blue, blue, silver shadow and shades of all derivatives. Their use of cheap green-eyed beauties and makes too vulgar. The only exception - it is close to the green eyes blue.

Pink refers to the purple tones that nicely blends in with green eyes, but we should be careful with it, because this color is very capricious. It is important to choose the right shade that really profitable emphasize all the fascination of magnetism and green eyes.

 beautiful evening makeup for green eyes

Makeup Tips for green eyes

Now you know what colors you should choose, making evening makeup for green eyes. The scheme for the implementation of each selected to your taste, but there are still some important and useful tips to help you make your way to truly mysterious, gentle and inviting.

  • Avoid black eyeliner and pencil. Black is too harsh for green eyes. It is better to give preference to pencil charcoal gray or chocolate colors.
  • If you want to visually enlarge the eyes and make them more open, use white or gold pencil to the inner liner of the lower eyelid.
  • Doing evening make-up, avoid cool colors, they make green eyes less bright and juicy and warm, on the contrary, will add spice to view
  • Play the contrast. If you make an evening makeup for ordinary secular parties, try to select colors that are contrasting with each other. This will make your eyes more expressive. For example, combine orange with purple.
  • Use dark brown mascara. In general, do not overload lashes, let alone use false, unless you are going to a masquerade.

 Makeup for green eyes

Equipment applying makeup for green eyes

What technique applying make-up to choose depends on what kind of effect must make your makeup. And, of course, it is important for any event you paint can is a corporate party, and may be a holiday in a nightclub. Agree, it would be ridiculous to do makeup in disco style on a reception? The technique, which is described below, is a classic and suitable for any occasion. With the colors you can experiment to your taste.

  • Apply a skin moisturizer or reflective base;
  • Mask facial imperfections using correctors and apply the tone;
  • Lightly powder the whole face and décolleté;
  • Draw the eyebrows by using natural shade shadow or pencil;
  • Light shade (golden-white, ivory, champagne) apply to all of the ciliary edge of the eyelid to brow;
  • Divide the mobile eyelid visually into three parts. The inner corner of the eye, do not touch, and the two remaining two-thirds, apply sand or peach shade and blend them well;
  • Dark Shadows (chocolate, purple, copper, dark green), apply to the outer corner of the eye, as well as a thin line along the ciliary edge. Good blend of the border;
  • Make a thin liner using a dark brown or charcoal gray pencil and lightly smudge the line of shadows. Arrow is best done quite small, and it should be parallel to the widest part of the eyebrows;
  • If necessary, curl cilia special tool and apply 2 coats of brown or gray mascara;
  • Apply blush peach color on the cheeks, lightly plant on the cheekbones. Thoroughly blend the border;
  • And completing the whole image matte lipstick or lip gloss natural shade.

Pick different colors, experiment with combinations, lines and effects. The main thing is not afraid of difficulties and believe in yourself. Then you are sure you will succeed. Get a drop of perseverance and patience, to your image turned out juicy, bright and spectacular, and the beauty of sight fascinated from the first moment.

 Competent evening makeup for green eyes

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 Makeup for green eyes


  • Enemies "zelenoglazok"
  • Blonde and brunette
  • Such different - green-eyed
  • Daytime makeup for green eyes
  • evening make-up

It seems that it is no secret that once upon a time owners of green eyes was considered witches. And this, of course, is no accident. Just a few men could resist, meeting on its way "zelenoglazku." They lost my head and could not cope with their feelings. And when a person is in love, he often performs various stupidity.

That began to believe that these women are able to bewitch - can not, in fact, a man in sober mind and memory do everything that they were doing. Thus was born the legend. Of course, it should not be trusted. But one thing - no doubt. Woman with green eyes really has a special charm. And if she knows how to use makeup - crowd of fans she just provided. So, how to make the right makeup for green eyes?

Enemies "zelenoglazok"

Beautiful and trendy makeup means a professional approach to the selection of the color palette. What do they say about it stylists? Regardless of the shade of green eyes, there are colors, which you need to avoid when applying makeup. Perhaps, in the first place, it is silver. This seemingly universal color will suit anyone, but not you. It not only can not emphasize the charm of view, but also give your eyes a nasty tone.

It must be handled carefully and with a green color scheme. Tint shadows in any case should not be the same as the intensity of the color of your eyes. Otherwise, they become dull and inconspicuous spot. The next color that is not acceptable in the green-eyed beauty make-up - is blue. Generally, blue and green colors are considered to be mutually exclusive. Long-term experiments on choosing the right shade requires also pink. A wrong tone will give the eyes a painful, tired and "tearful" appearance.

Other color-enemy - it's jet black. Black "scores" the natural beauty and makes the look more coarse. What do you do? The rules relating to the black color, is not only the shadows, but the eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara. It is believed that preference should be given brown. It will blend in perfectly with your eyes and profitable emphasize their beauty and depth. Also suitable dark gray versions.

In order to achieve the effect of a large, bright eyes and make the eyes look fresh and expressive, it is recommended to use a pencil or white gold. Spend it on the lower lash line growth, which is adjacent to the mucosa. Well, that can not be done, seems to have understood. And what can be done? How to make a beautiful makeup for green eyes, what color they are "friends"?

 beautiful makeup for green eyes

Blonde and brunette

When choosing the right shades of makeup just can not ignore your natural hair color. It is known that what looks great on blondes do not always suit brunettes. And vice versa, of course. So let's look at the three basic stages "type" green-eyed beauties - blondes, brunettes and brown-haired.

  • Blondes

Girl with green eyes and blond hair are very gentle, attractive and mysterious. And, of course, all this is to emphasize the need to correct. In order to make the right makeup for green eyes, blonde, you must know a few little secrets - that they are professional stylists to create their masterpieces.

The most attractive and perfect option is to use brown palette. And you can take almost any colors - from dark chocolate to gold. Ideal, for example, dark-green shade with golden shimmer. Choosing a shade-base, give preference to grayish or peach shade. Also pay attention to the color purple. But, of course, the dark! The make-up day will look great with a slight shade of metallic sheen - they will give your look tenderness, freshness and youth. But the evening make-up is not without copper and gold colors.

  • Brunettes

That's really who can break a man's heart forever! The green-eyed brunette is simply impossible not to notice. And the right makeup is able to multiply enhance your attractiveness and femininity. For those who prefer natural, does not necessarily use the shadows - with the appearance you may well do just brown eyeliner and mascara. However, the shade of blue, pink and other cold shades will suit you just perfect. For evening make-up can safely use the style of smoky eyes. To create or take flickering shadows shiny gold or bronze color.

  • Brown-haired

Girls with this hair color is usually very suitable violet range. It will be great contrast with the green of your eyes and emphasize their unusual color and appeal. And purple and lilac shades will look like quite appropriate in the daytime and in the evening make-up. You just need to skillfully vary their saturation.

Suit also pastel colors - peach, beige or gold. Do not neglect and brown palette. For "responsible travelers" You can use a combination of bronze, gold and copper shades. You can enhance the effect by using reddish brown eyeliner and eyebrow pencil.

Such different - green-eyed

Perhaps we can say that for all green-eyed beauties, there is one general rule - you should give preference warm tones. Especially in the daily makeup. Such shades help to make the look mysterious, languid and "magical." In order to accurately determine the color scheme, you just need more time to look closely at themselves in the mirror.

  • Dark green eyes

This is a rare eye color and usually "gets" it brunettes. Iris has a bright, rich shade of emerald or malachite. If you - happy owner of a dark green eyes, then consider yourself very lucky. You can afford almost any shade of color.

However, it is recommended to give preference to dark shades. The tone deeper, the more profitable your will look dark green eyes. For example, a perfect gray or brown - especially chocolate - gamma. Want to make a bright make-up? Use yellow, purple flowers or purchase shade chameleon. In such a frame of your dark green eyes will capture any man.

  • Hazel green eyes

This is perhaps the most common color. Strictly speaking, these are the eyes, and is considered to be green. On close examination you can see that the iris is colored unevenly. You can easily find specks of beige, light brown or yellow. However, at a distance, they create a most unusual effect - the look of a tigress. To my eyes are not "lost" on the face, do not use a shade more saturated colors than your natural.

Gray will give a mysterious look. A cat's yellow shade green shade will help green pencil or eyeliner. To give the image of tenderness and romance is recommended to use orange or brick shades. Would you like to create a bright, exotic image? Then pay attention to the purple palette.

  • Gray-green eyes

This shade gives all your image finesse, delicacy and lightness. And most importantly - do not lose it all in the process of applying makeup. No too dark colors and sharp contrasts! Your colors - champagne, creme brulee, peach, lilac and light gray. Typically, these shades are considered background, but you should play the main role.

To create a more vivid image of the evening can be a little play on contrasts. Try, for example, the following combination of colors: pistachio and peach or light gray and apricot. If you are accustomed to using eyeliner, use only light colors. To create the effect of a large, wide-open eyes is recommended to use a white pencil. Just gently Draw them inside of the lower eyelid - right behind the line of growth of cilia.

  • Green and blue eyes

Perhaps it is - the only shade that allows the use of blue tones. And - must be handled very carefully. Suitable, for example, jeans and turquoise colors. When choosing a pastel, warm tones should avoid herbal or terracotta shades. But you can try the silver eyeliner. The main thing that cosmetics are not your scored a rare and unique natural eye color.

  • Hazel eyes

Often this tone is much closer to karemu than to green. Chocolate and purple - is not for you. They aggravate the look and add a completely inappropriate yellowing, which can turn into a muddy hazel eyes brown. Agree, this is not the effect to be achieved. But terracotta tones will look very favorably. Almost a win-win - all shades of gold. The most "expensive" is perhaps the green gold.

 the right makeup for green eyes

Daytime makeup for green eyes

Light, day makeup should look natural and at the same time refreshing face. Therefore, it implies a range of moderate, not too bright colors. Also a professional make-up day does not involve the use of cool colors - leave them for the evening. Let us step by step, step by step, consider one of the techniques of its application.

  • Apply a light or pearly foundation for all the upper eyelid - from the roots of eyelashes to podbrovnogo bones.
  • Arrange peach or gray-brown shade on top of the base. They should be applied from lashes to the crease and on the moving part of the upper eyelid. Carefully and gently blend - color transition should be imperceptible.
  • Apply a dark shade - for example, dark gray or dark brown - on the area from the middle of the upper eyelid to the crease. Blend well.
  • If you - the owner of a large eye, can emphasize their outline with a pencil or eyeliner brown. Apply brown ink - a maximum of two layers. Day make-up is ready.

  evening make-up

If the day make-up should be gentle and virtually imperceptible, the evening - it is an occasion to show off "in all its glory." Facial features should look deeper and more expressive. Yes, and artificial lighting needs another completely different approach. Therefore, the color will be used in a more vivid and intense.

For example, perfect plum or purple tones. Particular attention should be paid to owners for them is not very big on the nature of the eye, as these colors can visually correct this little flaw. Also, do not ignore the shadows with metallic gold or copper tint. How green-eyed beauties to do fashion evening make-up? In fact, the options - set. Let's step by step look at the simplest of them.

  • Apply to upper eyelid transparent shade of purple.
  • Spread the dark shade of brown or red-brown color on the outer corner of the eye - below the fold. Thoroughly blend - shades transition should be smooth and unobtrusive.
  • Spend an applicator a thin line of brown. It should be located just below the roots of the cilia. If you - a fanatical fan of the shooter, then draw them using dark brown eyeliner. Apply liner right at the roots of the lashes. As we approach the outer corner of the eye line should gradually thicken. Bring her little toward the temple.
  • Use brown mascara. Put it in two or three layers, not forgetting about the bottom cilia.

That's what he is different - make-up for today's green-eyed beauties. Of course, all this - only a basic knowledge. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you are sure to find an option that will emphasize your charm and strengthen the appeal. We let men continue, as in ancient times, go crazy and commit follies. Fires had already long been abolished!

 Makeup for green eyes - magical view

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