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 fish oil for weight loss


  • Burn fat properly
  • Daily rate
  • To recommend fish oil
  • Contraindications: Danger!
  • How to choose the right pill

The fact that fish oil is useful know both adults and children, who had to swallow the magic pill, carefully bought by parents. But, unfortunately, there are those voluntarily round or oblong capsule is not always a pleasant smell and taste is not everyone. And in vain! Omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, phosphorus, vitamins A and D - this is only a small list of what is contained in fish oil. In addition, it helps to lose weight without exhausting and shall communicate to loss of consciousness and starvation diets, which is important for many of the fair sex.

Burn fat properly

Say goodbye to excess fat on the sides of the accumulated body "in reserve" - ​​a rather difficult, as during exercise or when she is on a diet in the first place out of the water body. So throwing off five to ten kilograms per week soon (usually after two or three days) is typed so much more. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right tool that will not only help get rid of fat, but also stabilizes the metabolism, without causing adverse reactions.

As paradoxical as it sounds, but eating fish oil, you will lose weight in two or even three times faster than if you had refused, for example, from a protein or carbohydrate foods. Of course, it is not necessary to hope that it is for two, maximum three weeks will save you from excess weight, but at the same time you can eat whatever you want, is not recovering. Taking fish oil for weight loss, do not forget about physical activity and exercise in the gym.

 Valuable fish oil for weight loss

Daily rate

Today, being a lot of debate about how much should be made of the substance per day. For example, the American Heart Association states that fish oil should be used in relatively small quantities - from half a gram to two within twenty-four hours, no more, as this will be enough for the human body.

Other experts called the other figure - one gram per percent body fat. But it is incredibly a lot, especially when you consider that women may be more than twenty-five percent. A surplus of vitamins in the body just as dangerous as their loss, so in order to select the best option for themselves, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist.

If you have no more than fifteen or twenty kilograms overweight, you can use one to two grams of fish oil two or three times a day during meals. The day comes out to about two to six grams, while the rate should be calculated on the basis of their physiology and the body's needs.

Thus, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise program, walking in nature and take fish oil for weight loss, it is just a month will be able to say goodbye to four overweight. At the same time you will not have to suffer, and to look with envy at how your family and friends happy to consume tasty, but high-calorie food.

However, never forget about safety precautions! In no case should not take the pills on an empty stomach, otherwise the rest of your day or evening to suffer from digestive disorders. Also do not forget to take breaks, as the use of fish oil for losing weight permanently is impossible. The optimal interval between courses should be four months, the duration of the course - twenty-five to thirty days.

To recommend fish oil

Winter - it's time to beriberi, as a person begins to eat much less fruit and vegetables, and becomes more fatty and spicy foods, which helps it to keep warm on cold days. The meat (pork, beef), chicken, cereal, potatoes, pasta and flour products do not give the body all the necessary nutrients, so we are starting to hurt constantly. This will help avoid cod liver oil, which not only will calories deposited on the stomach, buttocks and hips, and fill you with vitamin A and D, to protect against viruses.

Also take this remedy should be for those who have problems with vision (if, for example, in the evening at dusk and at night you absolutely can not see anything), the teeth (greatly crumble), who is constantly broken fingernails, hair, and all the girls dry skin type.

 fish fat

Contraindications: Danger!

Before you choose to use fish oil for weight loss, consult a specialist, as these pills are completely contraindicated, if you, for example, an excess of calcium and vitamin D, thyroid problems, kidney, and in some cases, TB .

Another point to which attention should be paid - is the possibility of a serious allergic reaction to this product. This most often happens to people who can not tolerate seafood. So, if after a couple of hours after taking fish oil you feel nausea, dizziness, or body rash, redness, and skin begins to itch, then, should be to stop using the pills. If symptoms persist after twenty-four hours, or increased, contact your doctor.

Approved reception in limited quantities (but only after the appointment) to people who have problems with heart, liver, stomach, intestines. Also carefully to fish oil should be treated at the position of girls and mothers during lactation.

In the risk factors are high blood pressure, because fish oil if it is wrong to use, quite lowers blood pressure. But this does not mean that people with high blood pressure it can be combined with other drugs, as in this case the result is unpredictable.

How to choose the right pill

It's no secret that the same medicine from different manufacturers may have completely opposites effects on the human body. The thing is that every company has its own secrets of fish oil, which does not always guarantee the highest quality. Because when you buy should be vigilant, learn basic characteristics, rather than relying on their intuition and the advice of a friend. What should pay attention in the first place:

  • The certificate

In any pharmacy of your first demand of the pharmacist is obliged to provide you with all the necessary papers, confirming the quality of the product, as well as the legality of its implementation. The certificate must be specified, which is made from fish oil which substances and additives present in the composition.

  • Packaging and Label

Take a jar in his hands and read everything that is written on the label. Each manufacturer is obliged to write in her composition, appointment, etc. information. Even such nuances as the capsule material, plays an important role not only in the effectiveness of the product, but also affects the cost. For example, animal gelatin is less useful and cheaper than a fish.

As for the packaging cans in which the capsule is stored, it is necessary to take the one that is made of dark glass. Direct sunlight is not the best way affect fish oil, but rather on the fatty acid Omega-3. Also make sure that the containers tightly closed.

  • Manufacturer's brand name

The well-known company which is engaged in manufacturing drugs, the more expensive it will cost products. But on the other hand so that you are fully insured from buying low-quality products that can supply at least honest firm. To confirm or deny the quality can only certificate.

  • Shelf life

On average, the product can be used within two years from the production date printed on the package. Remember that in any case can not take the drug if it is expired, as they may be poisonous, so when buying fish oil, make sure that there is adequate time before you use it.

Thus, if you follow the instructions, precautions and not to violate the rules, buy a quality product, and the right to take it, is not to overeat, and lead a healthy lifestyle, you can pretty quickly get rid of the hated kilograms on his stomach and sides.

 Fish oil for weight loss: to whom is it useful?

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