Compatible floors

Sure, everyone in this world looking for love, and that seems to have found it, the question arises, how to understand what it really is your man? There are many ways to understand this, let's look at one of them.

Compatibility of the names and signs of the zodiac

Zodiac and the mystery of your name firmly linked. They weave decide your fate, including they can influence the development of relations with other people. If you possess this knowledge and apply them properly, they will help you to develop a harmonious relationship, to find love and happiness, find true friends.


In drawing up the horoscope of the individual or pair is best to take into account also the names, it will on a deeper level to understand the relationship and find a way to a happy marriage. To determine the compatibility of names is important, each letter of our name, as it has a unique sound. Each letter of the name carries a hidden meaning and numerical value corresponds to one of the nine planets of our solar system. The total number of letters to determine the area of ​​activity in which people especially talented, tell about how relations with people, friends, lovers. The negative side of nature as identified in accordance with the total number of letters.

Zodiac signs

In addition to the name of our destiny is strongly influenced by the zodiac signs, and here we come to the aid of a horoscope. Horoscopes known to mankind for thousands of years, and what we see now is the result of long and hard work of many generations. Each constellation is able to endow his chosen not only certain character traits, but destiny. Starlight affects our development and behavior not only during the period of conception, but also in all subsequent life. So how are the relations pair, has a great influence compatibility zodiac signs. Comprehensive analysis of the compatibility of the names and signs of the zodiac gives the greatest assurance of obtaining reliable data on the development of your future relationships.


And for those who have not yet found his companion, well help mantra to attract love. Mantra meditation techniques are considered, so choose a quiet, peaceful place, light a candle, sit back, back straight, eyes closed, and listen to the sensations, catch the invisible vibrations of his heart, his head completely empty. And repeat the mantra to attract love.

 Compatible floors

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 pick-up for girls


  • Features female pickup
  • Equipment pickup for girls
  • The effectiveness of women's pickup

Today, we often can hear the conversation in what some young people the phrase "pick-up" or "pick up artist". At first glance it seems that we are talking about the car. Yes, the word "pick" all the dictionaries interpret it as a utility vehicle. However, the pick-up, which is presently being discussed in certain circles, does not have to pick-up the car in any way.

In this case, the term refers to the art of speed-dating and seduction are not implying further development of relations. Or, to put it simply, the compound at the time of men and women, non-binding neither one nor the other, absolutely to anything. In short, we can say that the pickup - will eat without rules.

Features female pickup

Previously, such feints considered exclusively male prerogative. Males, studying pickup, attended various training, he studied various benefits and generally making a lot of effort, improving the skills of even the most rapid seduction unapproachable girl. They did it mostly for fun, and not with the purpose to engage with this girl has some serious relationship. I must say that it turned out our pick up artist is very good.

What does this lead? As a result of the weaker sex he offended and developed its rules of pickup girls. Why not? If you guys are based on similar rules afford fooling many young ladies, then allowed it to us! Gone are the days when it was thought that women should not be taken lightly intimacy and allow it only if there is serious intent.

We are not born yesterday, and may well create their own female receptions pickup. After all, in our time women have equal rights with the guys around and can decide for themselves whom they seduce and when to put an end to the relationship!

However, the rules of the pickup for girls differ from the rules for the pick-up guys. Female pickup means, first of all, the effectiveness of acquaintances with representatives of the stronger sex, rather than collecting sex partners. Such dating can be just one of the pleasant episodes, or may serve as a further development of relations.

As for the men's pickup truck, it is primarily for seducing as many women. It's sort of the championship, where the leader is determined by the number of fallen into his bed ladies. And then other rules focused solely on the fact that the bed was empty as little as possible. What are the rules of a pickup for the girls?

 Rules pickup for girls

Equipment pickup for girls

We already talked about what a pickup sёmom without rules. However, the "no rules" in this case means "without any responsibility to the girl in the future", the very same technique pickup truck, like any other technology, is based on certain rules. Terms of the study of the fairer sex at various pick-training and discussion forums on the pick-up for girls.

Equipment pickup girls includes, first of all, the development of confidence in young girls that they can get acquainted with any liked man. And no matter what it may seem inaccessible, inhospitable, too busy or too popular female sex and unattainable. We must be confident that you can meet with anyone! In this prerequisite is the existence of women's pickup selection of men to women not to focus on any one, so that really does not suit them.

Teaching how to seduce a guy pick argues that this is not necessarily a woman has a spectacular appearance. No, of course, the young lady should be attractive, because a well-groomed lady disheveled not fit any normal guy! But the special beauty of the girl-pikapershe not required. The main art female pickup truck - to be able to look at the man so that he felt the interest of a pretty lady in his own person.

Technique pickup girls stipulates that they should not take the first steps to introducing ourselves. Men need to provoke this step, because in essence, they are still hunters and prefer to take the initiative in their hands. This is skilful pikapershi, using all sorts of methods of women's pickup truck and pushed the stronger sex to the manifestation of this initiative.

For example, one such technique is based on the proven technology of NLP requests for assistance. Its meaning lies in the fact that the girl pick up artist, in order to attract a male subject, asking him to help solve some problems. It's a win-win move: except that by helping the young lady, the guy feels the man's superiority over her and his own importance, he is also giving her time and invest in a girl power. This means that young people have already noticed a young lady.

Pleading phrases pickup for girls can be any: to show the way, to convey a napkin, to help get it off the top shelf of some goods in the shop, and more. All that will be at the time and place and that will be enough imagination. Indispensable condition for this is that asking to be starting to help in small ways, and gradually moving to requests for help in something more substantial.

As a result, a man accustomed to object to the fact that his girl about something asks, and gets used to it and unwittingly falls apart in pikapershoy network. At the same time it should be remembered that such a trick is efficient and effective only if, after the execution of the request is the guy he expressed deep gratitude, coupled with subtle compliment.

This is one example of the kinds of phrases pickup girls, the use of which is accompanied by a number of tricks and wisdom. To explore all this assembly techniques dating men and seduction is not easy. A number of them can learn to pick-training, some learn by visiting pikap- forum for women, part - shtudiruya any special benefits or coming up with something yourself.

The main thing - remember that engaging in a pickup truck, every girl somehow change their lives for the better. Her relationship with the opposite sex become more free, easy and painless. In addition, the lady-pikapersha can build their scheme itself, without waiting for the counter action of the man.

On the whole, the general rules of the pickup for the girls look like this.

  • The girl must be in communion with a man of independent and friendly at the same time.
  • Noteworthy it should be unobtrusive, using subtle object sends signals.
  • Apply the technique pickup girl must have composure and be confident.
  • Outside the girls to be the most attractive: well-groomed hair, fashionable clothes, manicure, make-up neat and so on.
  • In a dialogue with the man the girl need to listen more than talk, to watch his speech and carefully hide the excitement, if present.
  • When communicating with a man from time to time it is necessary to make him a compliment, and in any case, not to mention his former novels of intent to marry well, to live in luxury, to have expensive jewelry, and so on.
  • To as much as possible to capture attention of a Man, a girl should use a method of mirroring: copying his gestures, posture, manner of speaking.
  • Once a guy interested in a girl, she needs to make sure that it has already copied her gestures, posture, manner of speaking. This will allow the young lady to keep the situation under control.

It seems that the rules of these simple and many of us know how to use them and without learning any special techniques. Do I need in this case to know how to seduce a guy pick? We like and do not slurp soup bast ... Well, bast there or glass slippers, whatever. What is important is that one thing - just tempt the guy, and the other - is seriously interested in the person with whom you want to be close to for a long time, not overnight.

In this case, the use of equipment pickup often help to achieve the desired goal. Well, if she really wants sex, do not want to spend a lot of time searching for a partner and do not know how to bring a guy words pickup will also help. And what are women's pickup men themselves?

 art pickup for girls

The effectiveness of women's pickup

I must say that women who use techniques of the female pick-up, has taken a lot of trouble a strong half of mankind. The man, fell for this young lady to be affected not only the purse, but also the soul. Often girls Pickup Girls actively use their sex appeal and the art of pick-up only to have a good time with a secured guy. That will happen, they are at the time dating a man with the selected object, or may not think. But he sometimes falls seriously ...

However, those by men who know how to seduce men pick women often are able to determine their pickup truck lovely creation or not. They know how to read body language, knows many tricks of the female pick-up and can oppose them male methods pickup. Or send lover breed of men far away, it is not particularly ceremony.

But even such Casanova in most cases lose pikapersham professional, well knowing how to excite Man words pickup. What can we say about those of boys, that this art of seduction and submission are not? They instantly fall apart in the network and the girl may flutter in them until the end of his life, while suffering immensely.

Therefore, before processing of a man, every girl-pikapershe should consider whether it could eventually become those with whom she would like to connect his life. After deliberately caused pain to someone - a boomerang. Sooner or later it will come back, and pikapershe have to pay for their carelessness.

Women who had a close relationship with men often try to act according to your intuition. This allows them to be as natural, which, of course, easier and simpler than to follow some rules. Ladies, it is easier, but the development of relations - alas, alas, alas ...

Openness in communication with the opposite sex often goes to the detriment of these relations. Man may quickly lose interest in the girl, if there are no mysteries for him, you want to constantly solve. No, she does not have to be very secretive. But too overt, too, to become not worth it, otherwise male indifference will not be slow in coming.

Conclusion: too natural, based solely on intuition, the behavior of women are not always the best method of fall in love with a man. If we only look forward to it, relations with each other can be folded in the same old pattern. Therefore, all of our mistakes will be repeated again and again. But all men are different, and each of them needs a new approach.

Pick-up for the girls avoids stereotypes of behavior based on errors in relations with the representatives of the stronger sex. He does not propose any particular model of these relationships, it teaches women to be flexible, farsighted, wise. One that knows what he wants and where her happiness.

 Pick-up for girls. What you need to know?

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