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  • What is a social network and how they are dangerous
  • How to communicate with people on the Internet
  • How dangerous communicate via the Internet
  • How should I communicate on the Internet
  • How to please the other person on the Internet
  • What not to do on the Internet

Progress is moving forward by leaps and bounds. More recently, the computer was used mainly for work or for play. And we did not have problems with communication. We spent half my life in line, traveling. Only one negative - with friends from other cities and countries we called every six months. And only five minutes, otherwise we then came through with a six-figure sum.

Today, thanks to advances in technology, it became possible to make purchases in online stores, the solution of a number of administrative issues and, of course, active communication on the Internet. And no need to go out, go to a neighbor or work colleague to visit, to exchange news. This can be done at home, sitting on your favorite chair or couch. Convenient, is not it?

But is all as good as it seems at first sight? If you look closely at the situation, you can be terrified! Communication in the Internet space, we replace real relationships. The status of "engaged", "a guy", "it's complicated" hearts under the photos. And what is really going on in the soul of the person who sent us the smiley face, we can never know.

What is a social network and how they are dangerous

Social networks are gaining increasing popularity and have become an important part of our lives. Page in the "Classmates", "VKontakte" or "facebook" is a reflection of your Self through the same profiles of your friends, you'll learn the latest news from their lives, listen to the music they prefer. Watch movies that your colleagues or fellow pumped. There is concern that online communication in the near future will completely replace real. Is this true and how we benefit from the global network?

Many animals interact with each other, but only the person does not do it for joint hunting or survival, but just for fun. Only Homo Sapiens (Homo sapiens) is the need to communicate as such. From the point of view of psychology communicative relationships - is the process of establishment and development of contacts between people. There needs through joint activities and includes the exchange of information, as well as the perception and influence each other.

What is the specificity of communication on the Internet? Because of the anonymity, there is no number of barriers in the interaction due to gender, age, appearance, social status, financial situation, and so the list goes on. There is a possibility to create any impression about yourself. Interestingly, many people are prone to inventing yourself another life and lifestyle in general. It concerns the so-called "virtual identities." These ladies are doing something that never would have dared to people in everyday life.

So, for example, shy of the fair sex could flirt with solid and intelligent men, hunted teenage boy will insult and criticize the older, the offended person to life - and rude to prove his innocence. Where else can you show your character, without fear of receiving a serious rebuff from the opponent.

An important feature of communication on the Internet is also voluntary. You and only you determine who will communicate today. And if you get bored, you can simply disconnect. (For the same reason the occasional disconnections can be misinterpreted interlocutors as an unwillingness to communicate with them). And in real life, you will have to answer for all their deeds and actions.

Communication on the Internet in the same way as usual, has two sides - the exchange of information and perception. Here we get to know each other, establish contacts and build relationships with we liked especially. However, in the network communication (due to lack of a common physical space) is limited to a third party - the interaction with each other. You can not touch the man, hug him, look into his eyes. You will not understand the truth if your friend says, which makes this particular point in your second half.

But this same feature makes online chat so universal and limitless. Wherever you are, you just turn on the computer and find the net. One has only to want to, and before you will be a huge number of people wanting to talk. In reality, it is very difficult to find a friend who would share your thoughts, ideas, tells you how and what the situation is worth doing.

The perception of another person on the Internet is also limited. Most of the communication in the network is carried out by means of the written language, which can not express your intonation and facial expressions. Dialogue may not be accompanied by any eloquent gesture. From this understanding often suffers. Tell me, how do you realize that really like interlocutor, not hearing tremor in his voice, the evil look and flirt smile.

Proponents of online correspondence decided to nullify this disadvantage. They tried to create a special language of Internet communication. He, like many other slang differs penchant for abbreviations (eg, "computer" - computer, "Net" - the Internet) and jargon (eg, "LOL" the English. Laughing out loud - "laugh out loud" - commented any something very funny thing).

In addition to specific words and expressions, the language of communication on the Internet also includes special icons - emoticons that reflect your facial expressions, gestures, actions or mood. Using them, you must clearly understand the value of a specific mark and to be sure that your partner knows. Otherwise, he, at first, might think that you have to litter their speech unintelligible parenthesis flourishes and, secondly, to confuse the values ​​and decide what is happening to you is not what was meant.

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How to communicate with people on the Internet

Live and direct communication involves many different types and kinds: business, friendly, formal, spiritual, educational, verbal, nonverbal, and so on. Communication on the Internet, as opposed to physical, can be reduced to three basic types:

  • Business

One of the main reasons why the internet so quickly and efficiently develop, is its service to business goals and objectives. Fifteen years ago, all the operational issues addressed us by phone, fax or using the address. But now even the cleaners have their email address. After all, so it can send resume to any company, and not to go there, wait for admission to a piece of paper to give hiring managers.

Compared with conventional, business communication through a global network of organizations to cost much cheaper. Spend a dedicated online, putting Skype - and your employee can answer calls from all over the world. Plus, it does not need to wait a few weeks, when you send a paper of, say, Canada. Two minutes - and you're done. It can be carried out, and training seminars - also called webinars - and networking conference. The transfer of information is easy, and the cost of such events - miserable.

Thanks to the Internet is rapidly developing sphere of business life such as frilansing. Previously, the young mother sitting in the decree, it was very difficult to find a job corresponding to her requests: a flexible, interesting and well-paid. But now, thanks to the various exchanges and freelance job opportunities through the Internet, it became real.

  • Informal

Internet as a means of communication, operates not only in business terms but also in the individual. Moreover, informal contacts currently hold the lion's share of our lives. Now, perhaps, no longer exists person who is not sitting in the social networks, and does not flinch at the sound of running "ICQ".

The Internet is one of the most common answers to the question how to find a partner, because it is thanks to the global network has become possible to search among millions of other people your mate. You can provide about yourself only desired information and you will certainly be easier to control what you say. At the same time you can make the appropriate impression.

But above advantages smoothly into the shortcomings, when the same opportunities as your partner has. Agree, it's frustrating when, after a lengthy correspondence you live acquainted with the man, and he is not the same as you imagined. Tall, blue-eyed blonde with a two-storey villa can become a little plump man who last time out on the job two years ago. And there is no magic in this. Just like this person you like.

But the Internet is more than able to meet the need for communication - which is why today it is believed that you can not be lonely if you have access to the network. But is it? Do you feel happy when you close a page of Facebook and go to sleep in an empty bed?

  • Game

This type is highlighted in a separate category of non-formal because of its location, it occupies in human life. Online games - is a huge reservoir of contemporary culture. The nature of the communication depends on the type toys. For example, communication in the role-playing games (so-called "Action"), based on the principle of theater and masks. Each participant is given its own special role he played until the end.

Sometimes the characters need to come together to achieve a common goal. For example, you need to kill the chief sorcerer and defeat the alien clan. Then the correspondence group assumes the character dialogue, accompanied by some sort of joint venture. At the same time the characters love each other and can even be collected at meetings of interest.

Communication in other games such as "shooters" and the race is characterized by its aggressiveness (it is not surprising, because the goal of the game - a victory at any cost). Friendship is usually no place. By the way, so you should restrict access to such sites, if you have small children.

The intellectual games (such as preference, chess, checkers) is more like a conversation people talk of old friends gathered together. They feature a variety of themes and their unique style of discussion. Here, no one will have to insult, ridicule and insult. Fend off the aggression is possible only if you are a beginner, a senior who is rude or trying to deceive a partner.

How dangerous communicate via the Internet

Like any other event in our life, communicating on-line has its drawbacks. Therefore, before you plunge headlong into a worldwide network and will forget about the real world, think about whether it is necessary to you. Weigh the pros and cons and evaluate the risk of future prospects.

Plus is that you can connect with anyone in just a few seconds. You do not have to pay fabulous sums of connection and communication. The negative sides include the abuse of anonymity, the hype and Internet addiction.

Abuse of anonymity or who is who

Quite often when meeting people on the Internet, instead of being themselves, inventing itself a new identity and play it. So the lie becomes a pretty serious problem in Internet communication. And if people do not speak the truth about himself, the establishment of confidential contacts becomes impossible. At acquaintance through the Internet no responsibility or obligations, and without any possible relationship. Psychological studies show that between fantasy and inventing a new "I" often suffer from the fair sex.

Cheating: fraudsters entrance permitted

In the course of Internet communication is easy to deceive another person. As mentioned above, due to the anonymity you have no real information on sex, age, social status, the interlocutor. What he says, it is often very difficult or almost impossible to verify. That is why the communication on the internet, you should be particularly careful. Often, maniacs thus lured the victim to him. Did you have any suspicions, if the person with whom a relationship of trust developed, invite you for a cup of coffee after the meeting?

Simply skeptical and said not to trust everything that you said at the initial stage of dating. You will do wisely if warily react to what people tell you about themselves. It is especially difficult when your relationship is still in its infancy. It is also worth carefully and attentively to talk about his life. Scammers usually use the data to find out passwords, codes and other information that will help them to enrich themselves.

Therefore, pay attention to the fact that self-disclosure should only be mutual. In any case, take your time and first talk on abstract themes, and then - to the personal. Special danger of anonymity and deception become when children communicate across the network. That is why very carefully watch how and from whom the Internet is overwritten or calls up your child.

Internet addiction or say there is no real life

Pleasures of communication in the network can cause the deterioration of "normal" human relationships. In particular, there are cases when families break up because of the fact that one spouse too much time to communicate in social networks with the opposite sex. In addition, for Internet communication characteristic permissiveness, relaxation, lack of shyness.

The network is easier to learn and to find like-minded people on any issue. And a man accustomed to such ease and lack of effort in communication, begins to go deeper and deeper into the abyss of online communications. And then the Internet of the good turns into evil. In order to determine whether you have Internet addiction, try to honestly answer the questions below.

Test to a virtual relationship:

  • Being outside of the Internet, you are experiencing depression, bad mood and irritation?
  • You can spend on the Internet and online entertainment last money?
  • Due to the fact that you spend too much time online, you run the risk of losing family, work or relationships with friends?
  • Do you think about the Internet without being online?
  • Do you need to increase the comfort to spend more time on the Internet?
  • Sometimes you think you can not live without the Internet?
  • Going into the network, you spend much more time there than planned?
  • Do you use the Internet in order to get away from the real problems and to cope with anxiety, depression, or guilt?
  • From time to time you lie the family and friends, minimizing the amount of time spent online?

If you answered yes to at least three questions, then you should think, not whether the use of the Internet does too much harm to your life. Remember that, in spite of all the advantages that a communication in the global network, it also has serious limitations and can not replace the relationship in the real world.

People who have a relationship, it is difficult to get rid of. In the twenty-first century, it is considered a serious disease. In this case, we need the help of a professional who will understand the problems that led to the disease. He also set up the patient in the desired fashion.

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How should I communicate on the Internet

Observe the network communication to the same rules as in real life. Do not be rude, do not insult other people. Many of them are also sensitive to sharp attacks, as usual. Therefore, observe the moral and social norms, despite the absence of possible punishment. Then chat online will really bring you joy.

Getting on various forums and sites, do not forget to get acquainted with the specific rules of communication on them. Read what others write. Remember the saying: "Do not go with its charter in another monastery." If you do not like something in a particular forum, it is easier to try to find another, rather than to alter this (if you do not its owner, of course).

Respect your interlocutors. Do not ignore the rules of the Russian language and grammar. Received once widespread, "language padonkaff" most of the cultural causes of human rejection and unwillingness to hold a conversation. Watch out for his speech in all aspects. For example, abuse of quotes can cause hostility. Believe me, the phrase "I am - a woman, and therefore I am - an actress. In me hundred persons and one thousand roles ... "are sitting in the livers of most users. Write in the status of something clever, nezaezzhennoy. And you pulled people.

Listen to the other participants and share with them their knowledge.