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Colpitis (or vaginitis) - is one of the most common gynecological diseases in women.

According to statistics, every third woman at least once in his life had been ill colpitis.

In view of the prevalence of diseases of the vaginal mucosa every woman needs to know what colpitis what causes the disease, what are the risk factors, symptoms, what is dangerous inflammation, neglect, failure detection, and finally, how to treat colpitis that the disease does not become chronic. Such information is extremely important and requires a comprehensive review.

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Vaginitis symptoms quite pronounced in women. This disease is caused by pathogens such as Trichomonas, pinworms and gonococcus, which fall into the vagina due to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene (dirty clothes, dirty hands), mechanical irritation of the mucous membrane of rings and spirals, wearing underwear made of synthetic fabrics infections that sexually transmitted. Sometimes girls 5-12 years also show signs of the disease. Causes of obesity in this case is the measles, scarlet fever or flu, infection of the vagina that enters the bloodstream.

This disease can pick up women with diseases of the genitourinary system, promiscuous, or women who use intrauterine devices. There are old and colpitis arising due to dryness and wrinkling of the mucous membrane tissue of the vagina. But the vast majority of medical staff colpitis women treated as venereal disease, is directly related to sexual activity and childbearing childbearing age.

Colpitis caused by sexually transmitted diseases, especially dangerous. If it is not detected early, it can spread to adjacent organs, which can lead to serious consequences for the entire reproductive system. Colpitis rarely a cause of infertility, this is possible only in very advanced cases, but to risk their health in any case not worth it.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Diagnosis of the disease

For vaginitis in women characterized by the following symptoms: inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane, sometimes extending to the buttocks and thighs. Women suffering from obesity, increased allocation of cables for chronic vaginitis likely impurities of pus and blood. Selections coleitis when women can have an unpleasant odor, like rotten fish. Most often, women with colpitis complain of burning and genital itching, aching pain in the abdomen. Colpitis often accompanied by abnormalities of the menstrual cycle, painful urination, and discomfort during intercourse. For the acute form of vaginitis is characterized by fever.

Diagnosis of vaginitis in women involves a campaign to the doctor. The treating specialist will make an external inspection of the genital organs, take the mask and urethral mucosa, which are used for laboratory study. Sowing helps to determine the sensitivity of microorganisms to different types of antibiotics. The most efficient and valuable method for the investigation and identification of vaginitis in women is the study of DNA.

This method allows not only guaranteed to identify the specific causative agent of vaginitis, but also make the program most effectively treat the disease, choose the antibiotic or antifungal medication, to correct local therapy. Obesity treatment is more effective than before the patient to see a doctor. Therefore, at the slightest sign, such as discomfort, itching, burning, pain, unpleasant odor or unusual discharge, should pay a visit to the gynecologist.

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Ways to get rid of the disease

Treatment for vaginitis depends on its cause. Treat the disease should be taking into account all the possible functional disorders and related diseases. Sometimes the treatment of vaginitis involves restoring normal hormonal metabolism and correction of ovarian activity. Therefore, effective treatment involves a comprehensive examination and diagnosis of the organism. Treatment of vaginitis imposes a ban for at least 2 weeks for all forms of sexual contact. Sexual rest is very important, otherwise the patient faces a chronic colpitis, which is much harder to treat. At this stage, it is important to strictly adhere to all the recommendations of the doctor. If he recommends the extension of abstinence, do not neglect this advice.

Vaginitis should be treated by all the partners, and treatment may be different for men and women, and even for same-sex partners, because the body, flora and the immune system of each person is unique. Colpitis treated differently, depending on the agent, the form and stage of the disease. Depending on the total of all the factors to select the optimum antibiotic physician who destroys infection. If colpitis caused by a fungal infection, then a specialist appointed antifungals. Whatever the nature of the causative agent to cure colpitis, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and means for normalizing the microflora and restore the vaginal mucosa. However, the gynecologist usually appoints and local treatment: sitz baths with herbs, candles and antimicrobial ointments, douching, washing, administering medical swabs.

Colpitis using local therapy is treated primarily careful hygiene of sexual organs. As an adjunct to therapy can receive bracing means, vitamins, herbal remedies, and immunomodulators. Remember that colpitis refers to sexually transmitted diseases, so it can be treated only on the advice of experts. Self-treatment is unacceptable, or a high probability of complications, and even the transition to chronic vaginitis. This stage of the disease is fraught with serious complications and consequences, so avoid its appearance is not necessary.

 treatment of vaginitis
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General recommendations

Colpitis treated not only medical drugs, but also a special diet. You should not be surprised, because even at this intimate illness food has a direct impact. Best of all colpitis responds to gentle, milk-vegetable diet, without sour, spicy, smoked, sweet and savory dishes. The fact that coleitis irritates the vaginal and uterine walls causes them to swell and rise, causing pain. Adjusted diet reduces pain and promotes healing. Colpitis not imply the appointment of a large quantity of liquid, because the latter increases the swollen mucosal tissue. To counteract colpitis, you should try to drink as little liquid. It is better to give preference to fermented milk products, a positive effect on the microflora of the body.

Colpitis often treated and herbal medicine, is in addition to the primary therapy. However, the harmlessness of herbal preparations in this case is questionable, so any plant and the broth must be approved by a gynecologist. Take, for example, common and beloved by many a daisy. Seemingly harmless anti broth. However colpitis it may not always be cured. For example, a woman with normal microflora of the second half of the menstrual cycle is accompanied by copious. If the hedge and carry douching herbal decoction, it is possible to destroy the elementary-stick defender. But in the pathology of which is sometimes colpitis, chamomile is simply irreplaceable. Acceptance of any medicines or folk remedies best align with a medical specialist.

Colpitis often treated with a weakly acidic solution for irrigation and washing. For example, an unusually good and quick results to cure colpitis shows a solution of vinegar or lemon juice. In the first case, you need 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water, always boiled and warm. In the second case, to cure colpitis need to take a 6-9% solution of vinegar. At 2 liters of water need 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Such washing efforts to protect the mucous and help overcome colpitis inside its own body.

If not effectively treated, the body has a tendency to relapse or hypovarianism pronounced the doctor to cure colpitis may appoint local application of estrogen hormones, often in the form of emulsions. Folk remedies are designed to remove the inflammation and itching cure colpitis own they can not. In consultation with the doctor can be a night to lubricate the mucous sea buckthorn oil from dryness. Broth hips help with burning and itching.

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Disease prevention

Colpitis able to complicate our lives, so the decision seems logical maximum range of measures to protect themselves from the disease. The very first rule is to not pick colpitis - a careful personal hygiene. However, the procedures do not overdo it worth it, because especially frequent washing, especially with the use of perfumes with fragrances, can disrupt the microflora and cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, personal hygiene is important, but without fanaticism. Take sensible and hygiene of intimate life. Following simple recommendations will help avoid many sexually transmitted diseases, such as colpitis. Protect yourself during intercourse. Condom - a pledge of protection not only from pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases by. Responsibly is to approach to the choice of sexual partner.

Colpitis easy to pick up when promiscuity or unreliable partner. Therefore, these matters should be selective and cautious. Colpitis can develop from allergic reactions to scented personal hygiene products (tampons, pads). Such things are best excluded from use by opting not flavored funds. Avoid colpitis help and correctly chosen underwear. It is better to opt for natural, rather than synthetic fabrics. Take care of the healthy microflora of the organism: colpitis difficult to take root in patients, leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right. Useful for microflora are dairy products, but the sweets and desserts better limit.

Colpitis may occur due to mechanical, thermal and chemical damage to the vagina, while the somatic infections, in violation of the anatomical and physiological organization of the vagina, while reducing the endocrine function of the endocrine glands. It causes colpitis and irrational use of antibiotics. Therefore, at least once a year Stay tuned to the gynecologist, the routine inspection will help to avoid a lot of trouble, such as colpitis and other diseases.

 Colpitis: causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment