coloring shampoo

Coloring shampoo - very popular tool. Many women wanting to transform your image, use it, and, and, quite successfully. Manufacturers take into account the interests of all beauties from redhead to the black-haired. Today we talk about the coloring shampoos, we know what effect they have, as they choose, and that in general in this matter should be guided.

How to use coloring shampoos?

What coloring shampoo, explain, of course, not required. Everything is clear: it is a shampoo that gives hair a particular color. And the question is: how to use a coloring shampoo, much more interesting. After all, even the most professional products, if used improperly, provide much weaker results than expected. Professional coloring shampoos for hair dye, but do not penetrate the hair, the means to go to a thin nutrient plenochkoj over it. Another plus professional hair coloring shampoos is that they do not contain oxidizers and ammonia.

If you are going to use coloring shampoos, the pre-wet hair and blot with a towel so that they remain moist. You can use gloves if you have a manicure, which spoil the plans are not included.

How to apply coloring shampoo, it is well to come from?

Careful massaging put a coloring shampoo, how to distribute it evenly through the hair. Remember that you rub it into the hair specifically, not the scalp.

How quickly wash coloring shampoo, as it needs time to manifest itself on the hair? Firstly, the entire process must be repeated twice. Once struck shampoo, leave it on the hair for a few minutes. Note the time to know the duration of the repeated procedure. After the hair rinse and repeat all over again. If quick rinse coloring shampoo, the effect will be minimal. Because, do not rush to evaluate the results, let the means to paint the hair properly. After a detailed explanation as to paint coloring shampoo, it becomes clear that the desired effect can be achieved quite easily. In any case, you can read all the instructions that came in the printed or shown on the box.

Kras coloring shampoo, do not expect lasting results: with each washing head will change color and fade, but after 4-7 washes it is completely washed away. Coloring shampoo is better not to use after bleaching or perm hair for two weeks, instead of risking any shade of red to get the hair with a greenish tint.

How to choose a coloring shampoo?

How to choose a coloring shampoo? What is important? Choosing a coloring shampoo, note: to become a brunette from blonde fail. Pick a color that will suit and take on your hair, otherwise the procedure will be useless. What coloring shampoo to choose among an abundance of proposed products? Since shampoo for the hair, it should not harm them. Well, when it is composed of nutrients that will make your hair soft and silky. In addition, the choice of coloring shampoos, keep in mind that it is also a hair care, because herbal extracts in the composition of the funds will be to restore and strengthen hair.

If there is any doubt the best coloring shampoo, try both liked, but did not paint the whole head, will be sufficient to two pryadok that after coloring, you can compare and then choose the better option. If you want to emphasize the natural color, choose hair coloring shampoos golden tones, with the duration of the procedure should be only a few minutes.

 coloring shampoo Iris

Colouring shampoos and original hair color

Hair coloring shampoos come in several types: light, dark, chocolate and red. Coloring shampoo for gray hair is better not to use it: gray hair as a result may be a brighter shade than the basic tone, and it will be noticeable. All coloring shampoos for gray hair are able to paint no more than 30% gray hair.

Brightening coloring shampoo will help to create an interesting effect - reddish strands of gray instead of brunettes. Sedin also be converted into the colored strands of different colors with the help of professional coloring shampoo. But it can be done only at the temples and forehead as hair turns gray it is much faster, and the rest of the head dyed with natural colors.

Most blondes question arises: how to overcome the yellow pigment and get clean and nice color. To solve this problem you will need a coloring shampoo for blondes. Purple pigment, which is a part of the funds is struggling with yellowness, but it does have one drawback: when over-exposed hair will become gray ash bad connotation. All coloring shampoos for blondes, especially platinum, technology should be used exactly as stated in the instructions. It is best if you try to find a professional coloring shampoos with extracts of cornflower. From this shampoo color is not affected at all. Most often it is the products of German and French manufacturers.

In general, all coloring shampoos are designed to revive its natural color. Blond hair, for example, colored lightening coloring shampoo, a live acquire the solar shade. If the hair had a dark matte color, coloring shampoo for dark hair give them a gorgeous shine and revitalize them. Coloring shampoo for brown-haired women, especially in the lighter colored hair, apply a means Titian, will give a playful reddish glow. Hair classic brown-haired, after shampooing, acquire copper color. Coloring shampoo for brown-haired women with a more saturated color give your hair a reddish tinge: the longer you hold, the brighter the tone.

Coloring shampoo after henna may surprise: the hair will become mottled or even their color will not be identified. Henna - a natural dye, it is absorbed by the hair and get rid of it is no longer possible. Is that cut the dyed hair or lighten them, which can lead to unpleasant effects. But after henna coloring shampoo to give the red and copper shades even more shine, or in order to freshen up the tone, can be used.

Coloring shampoo for red hair can use all the women, because red shades suitable for almost everyone. Especially if you have pink or "cold" complexion. And the owners of the olive, warm or yellowish pick red tone will be more difficult.

Before using the black coloring shampoo, think: Do you fit the dark tone of the hair. If your skin is dark, you can safely painted. Black coloring shampoo stains your hair drastically, because if you want to keep the white and expects that easily go back to the status of "blonde" is not reassuring themselves in vain. It will not be possible.

Colouring shampoos for brunettes produce many cosmetic companies. You can buy a pair and try them at some invisible provide designated. But the fact that the silk shine to the hair will be provided - that's for sure. You can use toning shampoo for Highlighted Hair, giving light strands variety of shades.

Colouring shampoos different brands

Producers of shampoos very much, but everyone has their own characteristics of the product, in which we try to understand.

 coloring shampoo Schwarzkopf

  • Coloring shampoo Estel

Coloring shampoo SOLO Ton Estelle has 17 shades. Shampoo gives fascinating color and care simultaneously. The tool has a conditioning effect, it makes the hair softer, lively and brilliant.

Coloring shampoo Estelle reviews currently leave positive paints carefully and do not change color when exposed to sunlight, as a part of present UV-filter. Estel coloring shampoo is applied to wet or dry hair. Easily distributed through the hair and does not flow.
Coloring shampoo estel maintained on hair from 20 minutes to an hour. How to wash coloring shampoo? Like everyone else, you can underexposure. As a result, the color will turn out true, will shine more attractive.

Estel professional coloring shampoo formula is designed to gray hair. In this case, it penetrates the hair shampoo, and does not lie on top of them. Also in the series there are 12 bright colors and several shades of blond hair dyeing. Estel coloring shampoos contain keratin complex, which restores the hair elasticity and restores their structure. The shampoo contains no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Means the first category. Coloring shampoo is washed off by an average of 6-7 times. Then you can use a different tone shampoo. Estelle coloring shampoo can be used in the pauses between the painting more aggressive colorants. Uniform coloring of hair is promoted that coloring particles remain in the upper layer of the hair. Problems of "regrowth" no.

  • Coloring shampoo Schwarzkopf

Coloring shampoo for Highlighted Hair can select it from this manufacturer. This tool enhances and maintains the cool shades. Coloring shampoo Schwarzkopf, thanks to silver pigments neutralize yellow, warm shades. Coloring shampoo Schwarzkopf give silver color bleached and gray hair, nice and gently cleanses. Coloring shampoo Schwarzkopf applied only 5 minutes. If you want to achieve a minimal effect, leave the shampoo on the hair just 1 minute, then rinse hair well.

Coloring shampoo schwarzkopf palette has a gelatinous texture. For long hair this means take a few packs. Hair shine as a result, become saturated hue. Similarly, with the same ease with which coloring shampoo Schwarzkopf applied to the hair, with the same ease he washed off. Coloring shampoo reviews are good, but those who used it, it does not propose to use as a permanent means. About coloring shampoos respond as a pro a good tool to help determine the main color of the hair, if you decide to paint it with paint. In general, reviews coloring shampoo leaves a pleasant, though the smell of money "for the amateur."
Schwarzkopf palette coloring shampoo makes hair softer and does not dry them. Additionally, shampoo has a reducing effect.

Schwarzkopf bonacure betray coloring shampoo gray hair silver shade .  The present composition of purple and blue pigments .  The formula with the protection of color allows you to get rid of unpleasant and undesirable colors .  Coloring shampoo Bonakur not only paints, it removes a variety of styling products and other care, carefully cleaning the hair .  This shampoo can be applied to dyed hair, thereby prolonging the color fastness .  Schwarzkopf bonacure coloring shampoo contains micro-proteins from the Moringa tree seed Olifer (Wondrous Tree) is caring ingredient that contributes to the improvement of the structure of the hair and protects them from external negative impacts .  Most women say that it is the best coloring shampoo .  Apply Bonakur coloring shampoo to damp hair should be massaged on the hair leave on 1-5 minutes .  Watch out for the result, it is better to wash away a little earlier .  It refers to the professional line of colorants .

Coloring shampoo palette is available in shopping malls. Wide range of colors will allow to experiment and achieve the desired result. Coloring shampoo pallets may not meet your expectations with respect to color. Ladies who have stained the hair it means, say brown shades are close to black. Color lasts a long time. But here decide, of course, you - to use or not.

Another coloring shampoo from Schwarzkopf igora contains caring ingredients. It washed off after about 5 hair washing procedure. Professional line, which can also be used at home. Igor coloring shampoo is applied evenly to the hair, use gloves and a comb, left for a few minutes, and then - washed away. As a result, we get a beautiful color and elegant shine.

  • Coloring shampoo Iris

Coloring shampoo Iris represented by several products. For example, IRIDA M De Luxe contains "the Color De Luxe» - the newest grooming complex. This complex, care of hair, not only during the application, but also after it. Iris coloring shampoo contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonia components does not affect the hair structure, gives the iridescent sheen. Washed off the shampoo for 12-14 washes. You can paint over the roots and gray hair.

Coloring shampoo irida m classic in the structure of the hair does not penetrate, but only coats the hair. One-component agent. The color will hold much longer. If you have a yellow tinge after lightening, coloring shampoo irida m classic will help to cope with her hair evenly stained throughout. Roots irida coloring shampoo stained well, but hair color is leveled. Shampoo wash off after 12-15 washes. Iris coloring shampoo leaves the good reviews, the girls use it to achieve a more natural shades of light colored hair.

  • Coloring shampoo Loreal

Coloring shampoo Loreal - a very effective tool that helps keep the elegance and depth of color .  It has a cumulative effect, neutralizes the remnants oxides .  If coloring shampoos for the hair Loreal used in conjunction with a properly chosen balms, after a few weeks of use you will notice the result: silky, recovery, and as a result, accelerated hair growth .  Colouring shampoos loreal contains natural extracts, mineral and vitamin complexes .  The most popular colors - red, copper and gold .  Coloring shampoo for black hair is represented by chocolate, cherry, caramel and blackberry tones .  This will give the hair shine, emphasize their natural beauty .  Shampoo Loreal ottenochnyj reviews, we found leaves only positive .  Fills gray hair, gives hair a healthy shade of light and dark - saturated shine .

Loreal professional coloring shampoo very well paint over gray hair. Apply it to damp hair, how to make foam and leave for 3 minutes, then rinse agent. But even professional means not repaint and give the desired tone for a short time.

  • Coloring shampoo Wella

Wella coloring shampoo protects and preserves the brightness of colored hair. Using coloring shampoo and conditioner, during the painting of hair more resistant pigments can be painted only on the roots, it is a big plus. At the touch of the hair is very nice, smooth appearance - a shiny and silky. Colouring shampoos Vella thick consistency, which ensures economical use. These hair coloring shampoos reviews are left entirely to their own advantage.

  • Coloring shampoo ROKOLOR

Coloring shampoo Tonic, the company ROKOLOR can be called SOS-tool. He acts pretty powerful. If the color does not suit, you can repeatedly wash your hair, the good that he washed off fairly easily. Lightening blondes it should not be applied more than 2 minutes. Coloring shampoo your hair will not cause harm. It can be used, and the dark-haired ladies who want to get rid of reddishness. Coloring shampoo ROKOLOR saturated unique pigments that give the more expensive color your hair, the formula means balanced.

Coloring shampoo tonic leaves the reviews are not very flattering, in the sense that leaves a stain. It is better to apply a means of gloves, without clothes and in the bathroom. Spot washed clean, but it must be done immediately, while spots are not ingrained.

  • Coloring shampoo clairol

Coloring shampoo clairol has blue-violet color, and a very pleasant smell. If you overdo means, a portion of the hair may be gray, and some - purple. Better apply shampoo gloves, lather and rinse after 1-2 minutes. Clairol good coloring shampoo removes yellowness, washed hair and adds shine.

  • Cutrin coloring shampoo

Cutrin coloring shampoo - a product with the best combination of price and quality. Shampoo well enough refreshes, nourishes and moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. Therefore, if you are using Kutrin coloring shampoo, the hair styling should not cause any difficulties. Cutrin - coloring shampoo professional line. It is economical, easy to rinse, it gives the hair silky smooth. Colouring shampoos for blonde hair are suitable for painting gray strands.