Pregnant Body

The ratio of pregnant women has always been ambiguous. Show her pregnancy was considered something is obscene. In the 19th century, women of noble families were not allowed to go out and even receiving guests in his home, as soon became, at least a little, visible belly.

At the beginning of the last century, with the advent of Soviet power and the change of system in Russia, almost all women were forced to work up to the pregnancy itself, so to conceal the fact thereof has become impossible. But then his stomach tried in every way to disguise beneath clothing.

And only in the last few decades, pregnant women no longer regarded as a leper. In our time, it is not considered shameful to wear brief blouse, beneath which is a nice peek rounded tummy.

Unfortunately, some expectant mothers are dissatisfied with their body, is especially true in the last few months of waiting, when a woman is tired of his "pregnant" state. And here very opportunely have bodypainting pregnant.

In Europe, this practice has been around for 10 years, and recently pregnant women body painting is becoming increasingly popular in Russia . The process of drawing on the "pregnant" belly mom brings only positive emotions. In addition, with the right approach can help pregnant body painting set an even more intimate contact between mother and baby.

 body painting for pregnant

You can do body painting, using the services of professional artists or else to bring to the process of the future pope, that certainly a positive impact on your relationships and help the Pope does not feel out of business.

In the hands of a professional

 body art for pregnant women

If you have free amount of money and go get a real masterpiece on your abdomen, you should pay your attention to the artists involved in bodypainting. In the big cities, as a rule, are bound to have people involved in gestational painting.

Most often, the master performing body painting during pregnancy, will provide you with photos of their previous work. You can choose one of the ready-made patterns, and can show personality and ask the artist to create a unique pattern on the baby's house. In addition, using a wizard, you can implement your own ideas, or even pre-drawn sketches you.

Most artists work together with a professional photographer. If you decide to pregnant body painting, a photo will be an excellent memory of the happiest months of waiting for a miracle.

Draw yourself

 Body of pregnant photo

However, if next to you was not an artist, it is not necessary to give a try for yourself, what is the body art for pregnant women. You will come to the rescue of the paint and the future pope. To paint, you can use the following ink:

  • Very affordable and quite simple in applying ordinary gouache, which can be purchased at almost any store stationery tovarov.Pokupaya paint, do not forget to buy or glycerol, or a conventional petrolatum. This must be done in order to figure dries not cracked. At 50 grams of gouaches, you must add 5 grams of petroleum jelly or glycerine and mix thoroughly. Apply paint brushes can usually be using to draw the contour thinner, and to apply the base color - thicker.
  • Gouache is absolutely safe for the health of mother and baby for health, almost never causes allergic reactions in contact with skin. However, gouache has several disadvantages: the figure is needed when applying speed and attentiveness. So how much is flowing paint and smeared. In addition, the pattern is short-lived - will hold a maximum per day. Gouache is well suited for printing directly to how - or event. To remove the gouache simply wash the skin with soap and water.

  • Theatrical makeup also will not do any harm, because its original purpose as the time to work on the skin. Grim pleases its variety of colors and shades, allowing you to create the most bizarre picture. This also contributes to another feature of the make-up is the fact that he absolutely does not flow and is not "blurred", whereby the boundaries of drawing accurately marked, and the transitions between colors garmonichny.Pered wonder how a drawing on the skin, pre-treat the skin of the abdomen any tonic, to degrease ey.Uvy, and this kind of paint will not allow to create a durable design. Moreover, this figure does not get hidden under clothing, as much make-up stain it. To remove makeup, use any milk makeup remover.
  •   Watercolor. Some young moms create drawings on his stomach with the help of an ordinary child honey watercolors. The main drawback of watercolors are rather dull colors, but the experiment is still possible.
  • If you want a more stable result and observe the beauty in his stomach at least a few days, get a professional set for body art. It is also great for body art and is suitable for pregnant women. The standard set usually includes:
  1. Pencil. With it, you can clearly draw each line of the figure, without fear that it will be lubricated.
  2. Special paint in various colors. When buying note whether there are colors that are necessary for you.
  3. Airbrush. It makes it possible to evenly spray paint, which is very handy if you need to apply the paint of the same color on the large surface of the skin.
  • If needed even more lasting results, it is worth trying to do biotattoo - patterning the skin with henna . To prepare the paint you will need 100 ml .  strong brewed black tea (the rate of 1 tablespoon of tea leaves per 100 ml .  of boiling water), freshly squeezed juice of one lemon and a special 100 grams of henna for body painting .  All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, leave to infuse for 3 hours .  After that, prepare the following mixture: Mix 2 hours .  tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons lemon juice .  This mixture is subsequently need you to secure a finished drawing . Just before drawing figure skin should be oiled .  To work with this paint is very convenient: Apply the selected picture and leave the paint for 3 hours, after which a shake with a soft cloth .  This figure can hold the skin from two weeks to a month .  This kind of body art for pregnant women is ideal for mothers who go on holiday to the sea .

Each set comes with instruction, in which the most detailed manner described technique of drawing, to achieve the best result. Figure made such inks remain in their original form for at least a week. Keep in mind that remove paint at a time is not possible, drawing gradually removed during bathing with soap. The main drawback of such a kit is its high cost and the fact that it is quite difficult to find on sale, especially in small towns.

As you can see, the huge scope for creativity, and it is limited only by your imagination. We wish you to a wonderful time out there in your memory painted in bright colors and pleasant emotions!

 body art on stomach

Photo project "Gestation Art"
Director and artist - Valery Shemchuk

 Colorful miracle. Body art for pregnant women

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 Tea and coffee during pregnancy: impact injury benefits

During pregnancy, a woman with particular trepidation about their health: lead a healthy life, it fulfills all the recommendations of the attending physician, a more careful approach to the issue of drawing up the diet and food choices.

Separately, the important issue is how the choice of drink for a pregnant woman. For all substances falling within the mother's body, and penetrate to the baby. In this article, a more thoroughly studied and described both harmful and beneficial properties of the most popular beverage in pregnant women.

Coffee and Pregnancy

Perhaps no issue asking pregnant women as often as the question of whether the coffee is harmful during pregnancy. And, perhaps, a single question was not so much absolutely contradictory answers as to the question of whether the coffee during pregnancy.

Some researchers claim that coffee in early pregnancy does not bring any harm to the mother or fetus. Another group of scientists says that coffee and pregnancy - two mutually exclusive concepts. So who to believe? Who can give accurate information about how coffee affect pregnancy? And dangerous to the effect of coffee on pregnancy?

Recent studies Russian gynecologists conducted in cooperation with physicians - neonatologists, proved that coffee consumption during pregnancy can have very negative consequences.

Scientists have studied hundreds of women who have lost a pregnancy due to spontaneous abortion. More than 90% of them stopped drinking coffee, having learned about the pregnancy. Among women who delivered their babies prematurely, 80% also had coffee during pregnancy.

Women who drink during pregnancy instant coffee, more often observed tendency to form edema and seizures heartburn. Moreover, in this group of women most frequently occurs such diseases as cystitis.

Based on these data, doctors conducted an analysis and came to the following conclusion: coffee consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of all sorts of complications, both from the mother's body, and on the part of the fetus.

In addition, planning to become pregnant and coffee and things are hardly compatible. Regular consumption of coffee mug women every day snizhet her chances of pregnancy by about 10%. It would seem not so bad. In that case, if a woman drinks only one cup of coffee, and if 4 - 5 cups? It is easy to find as it reduces the chances of becoming a mother.

Sometimes it is that a woman simply can not bring himself to give up drinking coffee, even during pregnancy. In this case, the safest alternative would be decaf. Of course, it is different from the usual taste of real coffee, but still able to fool the body and help get rid of coffee, depending at least for the period of pregnancy to eliminate the harm of coffee during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and coffee with milk should also be mutually exclusive. There is a misconception that milk neutralizes the negative effect of coffee. However, this is not the case - milk only changes the taste of the coffee. So it is better to drink tea with milk, which does not harm your baby and do not worry about whether it is possible coffee during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and tea

Tea can be a worthy substitute for coffee. However, a selection of teas and should be approached with caution, because not every tea will benefit the expectant mother and her baby. For example, black tea should be drunk during pregnancy with caution, since it will keep theanine. Strong tea is able to harm the health of the baby.

Herbal teas, even such innocuous as Ivan tea during pregnancy and should be used very carefully and only with the permission of your doctor - a gynecologist. This precaution is because some herbs included in herbal tea, can adversely affect fetal development, or even provoke a miscarriage or premature birth.

Kidney tea during pregnancy also need to drink only for its intended purpose and under medical supervision. Excessive abuse renal tea can not only lead to the removal of edema, but also to wash away the body of a large number of useful micro and macro, and as a result, metabolic disorders.

In order for you to decide which tea to drink during pregnancy, the following describes all of the positive and negative characteristics, which have a variety of teas.

  • Green tea in pregnancy, despite its wide popularity, not recommended to use. This is due to green tea, which is that it completely prevents the absorption of folic acid, so necessary to a pregnant woman. That folic acid is responsible for the correct tab and the further formation of the internal organs of the fetus. Lack of folic acid can lead to fetal malformations. That is why you should not drink green tea during pregnancy.
  • Tea insti is a favorite treatment for colds and flu, many pregnant women. Reviews physicians about this tea is mixed: some doctors believe that it is absolutely safe to use, while others argue that this risk is not justified. When making a choice, check with your doctor - a gynecologist.
  • Linden tea during pregnancy is an excellent alternative to pharmacological drugs for colds. Linden tea relieve stuffy nose, get rid of headaches, normalizes the nervous system. And if you drink a lime tea with raspberries, it is possible to reduce the very high temperature. Just remember that the raspberry is a strong diaphoretic. Therefore, after you drink tea, you will need to go to bed. A tea with honey in pregnancy is an excellent sedative.
  • Tea with lemon in pregnancy can be a great tonic. Also, do not forget about the benefits of vitamin C which is in lemon.
  • But chamomile tea during pregnancy, despite its undeniable benefits, should be taken very, very carefully. Chamomile has a pronounced soothing and anti-inflammatory, but, in addition, it stimulates the production of estrogen effect on the ovaries. That is why, if there is the slightest threat of spontaneous abortion by drinking chamomile tea must be abandoned. For those women whose pregnancy is without complications, should be limited to 0, 5 liters of chamomile tea a day. Chamomile tea during pregnancy can be used only with permission of your doctor.
  • Peppermint tea during pregnancy will help prevent swelling and eliminate existing ones. And on small pregnancy mint tea will help eliminate the symptoms of toxicity. The main thing you should look for when choosing a mint tea, mint is used whether natural or simply mint flavors. The recommended amount of tea a day - no more than one liter. Similar properties have tea with lemon balm.
  • Some women in the first trimester of pregnancy face a strong exhausting toxicity, accompanied by constant bouts of nausea and vomiting. Ginger tea can be a real salvation in this situation. Tea with ginger has the remarkable property quickly and permanently eliminate nausea. As a rule, the effect of a cup of ginger tea takes about 10 hours. It is necessary to take note of this facility and those women who swayed in transport.
  • White tea during pregnancy increases the absorption of calcium, which is a very important factor for a normal pregnancy. In addition, white tea normalizes the function of the cardio - vascular system, lowers the permeability of blood vessels and has a bracing effect on the body of a pregnant woman.
  • Tea from the hips - a real storehouse of vitamins. The rose hips contain almost all vitamins needed by the body. Tea pour 20 grams of rosehips liter of boiling water and allow to stand for 5 hours. But do not forget that the wild rose has a slight diuretic effect.
  • Hibiscus tea has the unique ability to increase both the pressure and lowering it. If you have low blood pressure, you have to drink this tea in the cold, if high - something hot.
  • Tea with bergamot has a pleasant taste and aroma, as well as jasmine tea. However, they belong to the category of green tea and their use is highly undesirable.
  • Cranberry tea also has diuretic properties and quickly relieves swelling. However, it can not be used without a doctor's prescription, as diuretic teas during pregnancy should drink only when indicated.
  • But many women's favorite tea with thyme and do strictly contraindicated in pregnancy.

For constant use is better to choose a - a neutral tea. Kuril tea has a pleasant taste and smell, has no contraindications to the use in pregnancy. For adherents of the classical version is ideal rooibos tea.

Please note that this article is only exploratory in nature and is not a guide to action. For right choice, consult your doctor.

 Tea and coffee during pregnancy: impact injury benefits

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