Colored nail polish

Nail polish is a means of expression of any fashionista. Properly selected color nail polish in the formation of a complete image will add the final accent, as a hallmark of women.

The choice of nail polish on the example of Essie

The choice of color nail polish depends on several factors - such as the color of your dress, the color of your hair and skin, as well as on the kind of event you are going to go.

It is believed that if your skin is golden or peach shade, you definitely suit warm colors of lacquer. In that case, if your skin has a pinkish hue, then varnishes Essie be chosen in the range from red to pink. Cool shades are more suitable owners of olive or pale skin. However, these recommendations rather approximate, because the color of your nails is primarily the result of your creativity.

How to apply nail polish - the example of China Glaze

Before applying the varnish directly onto nails manicurist advised to wipe them with a special cleaner. Then, the varnish is applied in the base layer 1-2, both the outer side of the nail and the protruding part inside. When the foundation is dry, you can apply the colored nail polish ChinaGlaze, if necessary in 1-2 layers. After drying, it is covered with lacquer fixative which is able to impart strength and extra shine. High-quality polish on the hands held from 5 to 14 days. In the event that this does not happen, it means that either you bought the defective product, or you apply it in the wrong way, or sloppy attitude to manicure - for example, do housework without gloves.

Types of nail polish

The texture coating lacquers are divided into matt, usually pearl. Manufacturers do not stop there, releasing more and more new combinations: with 3D-effect, glowing in neon light, glitter, chameleons. Which is better to choose paint and how to apply, you can find out by visiting a professional manicure courses. From such a rich variety of matte and classic color is best to choose for regular use (for example, to work). Other colors are perfect for any informal setting. Care should be taken that despite the fact that many types of coatings are presented to manufacturers as a quick, complete drying of the layers is carried out for 20-40 minutes. Therefore, it is not recommended immediately after varnishing hands to do the work, because so may damage your manicure.

Allergy to nail polish

In recent years, increases the frequency of allergic diseases in the spread of various chemicals with which we come into contact every day. We used to only hear that there is an allergy due to the use of certain products or creams, which we put on the skin. However, few people know of the possibility of an allergic reaction to the normal nail polish.

Recognize that allergy has arisen because of nail polish is difficult. An allergic reaction does not appear on the nails, and skin areas that come into contact with nails. To establish the cause of allergies is possible only after passing the examination, including skin tests and provocative and varied analyzes.

Cheers and remember that first beautiful nails - a reflection of the health of the whole body, which skillfully emphasized correctly selected with quality care and color. Let your nogotochki will always be at its best!

 Colored nail polish

 how to make a beautiful manicure


  • Manicure at home
  • How to choose a nail polish

Flowers, stars in varnishes, stickers little animals on your nails - all long gone. Now in vogue unusual manicure, which is done by hand, and not made of plastic applications. To draw such a beauty in her arms, not necessarily to attend specialized courses or to give money for the work of the master. Sometimes enough to get a toothpick, paints with a special brush, stencil, model, and of course, patience. Call to his house all her friends to hone their skills on them. Perhaps in the future you nice succeed in this business.

Manicure at home

Manicure "Sneakers"

First, make a double foundation. To do this takes a black lacquer, matt desirable. The next step - applying white paint on the tip, as in the French manicure. Put six identical gray blots (three on the right and left side of the nail). When they dry out, swipe white stripes, combining the first two points. Then, from the top of the droplets bright line emerges. They must be connected first to the second mark (of course, on the other side). It turns out a kind of X-shaped lacing on sneakers.

Now, in the middle of a gray circle each put one more drop. The final touch - a semicircular black line on the white basis. After two or three minutes we put clear varnish to fix the result. Note manicure "Sneakers" you can draw any nails at all, or one made on the rest of the usual french manicure.

Manicure with petals

Application of the petals of daisies - a great example of how to make a beautiful manicure at home, without using expensive materials. So, you need varnishes (flesh-colored, silver or gold, bright - red or orange), nail scissors with a sharp tip, dried flowers, transparent fixer and tweezers.

Beige do foundation, and then we put on an orange tip, if you do scythe jacket. Notice the right side begins just above the left - a little lower. When everything is dry, paint over a thin line of clear varnish for painted stripe - there will be placed a petal. Immediately gently presses dry flowers tweezers to nail. Then cut the part of a flower that does not fit. Gold or silver paint holding the contour glued applications. At the end we cover all colorless fixative.

 how to make a beautiful manicure at home

Manicure using tubes

This is - another unusual manicure, which is characterized by simplicity of execution and originality of ideas. It can be done with the usual cocktail tubes. To do this you need varnishes (best fit white, yellow and pink colors), transparent tape or film, plastic or porcelain plates, scissors.

Thus, as in the previous case, at first making foundation (light). Winding fingers under the nail with tape so as not to smear your hands. Cropped shlangochku the middle to make it easier to draw. Pour a small amount of yellow paint on a vessel, Macao her tip of the tube. Then blows on the basis of the content, with the result that should turn out different in shape and size blots. That same was done with the varnish of a different color.

Once manicure dries out a bit, we put clear varnish and remove the adhesive tape. If ink accidentally gets on your skin, wipe it off gently with a cotton swab. By the way, if you prefer, you can use more colors. However, please make sure that such an abundance does not look oversaturated.

Stylish manicure on short nails

Even if you have short nails, that is no reason to go without nail polish. The only caveat, which you must remember sitting down to work - in this case, to avoid large patterns and a variety of bright colors. It is best to make a drawing in rich, dark colors.

The first stage - painted nails black. If the consistency is too thin or smudges, do two or three layers. Top inflict Xin Pearl Paint Glitter. Pour a small amount of gray varnish on a sheet of paper, dunk it in the pen and start to draw a dot flower, then - the stems and leaves. Even if you do not have the talent of the artist, the picture will still fun. Incredibly impressive is against this background will look hieroglyphs tsiferki etc.

Manicure Bead

Unfortunately, with such beauty, you can hardly go more than one day. But making such a manicure on a holiday, you will not be left without attention. For a 3-D image you will need a nail, small chips or pellets, as well as a brush. All this can be inexpensively purchased at specialty stores.

After you apply foundation, immediately poured into the nail beads, so that he could stick. Excess carefully removed using a fluffy brush. Wooden spatula with a sharp tapered tip swipe along the contour of the nail, the elements do not remain on the skin. Otherwise manicure will look unfinished, as if he had done in haste. Once everything has dried (after 5-10 minutes), put on top of a couple of layers of clear lacquer.

 beautiful manicure at home

Universal manicure

With trendy manicure, done in soft pastel colors, it is possible to go on a job where there is a strict dress code, and in the restaurant. He will look appropriate in any case. Thus the creation of such a beauty you have to spend no more than 10-15 minutes.

Basis - flesh or light brown. Top apply paint white paint and a toothpick gently breaks, scratches, bumps. Do not worry if the divorce will remain as in the end they will not be visible. You can also use a special paint that cracks itself.

Manicure "Night Sky"

We make two layers of dark blue paint, the third layer - transparent petals, stars or flowers. On top of two or three millimeters from the tip of the nail Apply small rhinestones. This option is perfect manicure for those who have no time or desire to draw pictures with a needle, brush or pen.

Summer manicure

Over white base brush strokes applied red paint. Direction - from the tip and base to the middle. However, they should not overlap or move. In the center draw a straight line and a pink smudge it with a brush. As a result, it should have an image like a felt-tip pen strokes you drew on the glossy surface. Once the paint is dry, apply two coats of clear varnish and wait five minutes. At the end rub the nails with cotton wool soaked in vodka or alcohol diluted in water.

Floral abstraction

Paint your nails in two layers with a saturated red. Do not forget to make a two-minute break between each application to manicure came monotonous and not lubricated. On the right side put three fat white point to emerge from each of the three curves. As a result of the splash is supposed to be a beautiful bud.

Round abstraction

For the basis of a black or dark gray matte lacquer. Top set inkblot maroon and smeared it, making a thick circle. The easiest way to run a special pen with a round iron tip, which can be purchased at the store. As the use of available tools match. The same thing we do with a purple, pink and white paint. Location may be completely asymmetrical. Once the paint dries, put a circle inside the small colored blots.

 how to make an unusual manicure

How to choose a nail polish

High-quality paint - the key to a beautiful manicure. Using counterfeit of unknown origin, you also run the risk of their health. Save a few dozen rubles on such products today, tomorrow you will have to spend hundreds to cure spoiled nails. Therefore, the stock of paints, observe the four golden rules.

  • Buying all of the discount, make sure that the varnish does not end with the expiration date. Usually the price is reset when the output should be implemented urgently. Spoiled paint to go smoothly, quickly crack and oblazit.
  • Take only the tightly packed paint. Damage to the box cover or a marriage certificate. If the cap can be easily removed, and the outer surface are the ruins, so the paint is already used.
  • Brush must be dense, smooth. Seen protruding hairs? Immediately refuse varnish. Over time, the brush will simply fall apart.
  • Before buying a used tester. Because of this you will be able to learn about all the products: what will be the color from the paint after application to the nail, whether changes hue. At home before you begin to manicure, experience acquired by means of one nail. This will check for you on any of the components of allergy.

As you can see, it is very easy to get a good polish. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive branded products companies. Pay attention to the mid-market products, study the composition required to provide the certificates. And then you will not get on the hook for fraudsters.

 How to make a beautiful manicure at home