Colored contact lenses

In pursuit of the beauty of the women do not stop at nothing. For many years proverb "Beauty requires sacrifice" is extremely relevant. But sometimes these same sacrifices in the pursuit of beauty is forced to bear a woman's health. High Heels, light clothing, sun deck. And in recent years it has become increasingly popular colored contact lenses. Women in search diversity and ideal image began to experiment with not only color the hair but also with eye color.

Not so long ago were the only contact lens vision correction. Recently, however, in the free market were colored contact lenses for people with perfect eyesight. They are intended to change the color of the iris, while not compromising visual quality.

Short-term wearing properly selected color lenses will not, in general, any harm to your vision. But in any case we must not forget that any misuse of contact lenses - and corrective and color, able to provide a very negative impact on the female perspective.

Common myths about contact lenses

There is a huge number of various errors related to contact lens wear. As a result, suffers from a person's vision. So:

  • The term use of contact lenses

Too many women believe they can wear contact lenses for far longer than is specified on the package. However, this is not the case - as the use of contact lenses on the surface thereof inevitably causes accumulation of deposits on their surface. A large number of these deposits leads to the emergence of various inflammatory processes of the eye.

  • Continuous wear contact lenses

Sometimes women, for whatever reason, do not remove the colored contact lenses at night, in the mistaken belief that nothing bad because it will not. However, studies of doctors - ophthalmologists say otherwise. The man's eyes, like any other organ in need of sufficient oxygen. During sleep, the flow of oxygen to the eyeball and so decreases from behind closed eyelids. And if contact lenses are not removed, the amount of oxygen supplied to the eyeballs, even less.

  • Carnival contact lenses

In addition to a colored contact lenses designed to change the color of the iris, there are the so-called carnival colored lenses. They change not only the color of the eyes, but also in its structure - on the iris different drawings. The eyes can be converted, for example, a cat. And many women, trying to shocking, these lenses are almost all the time. However, to do that is by no means impossible, as these lenses are much thicker than usual, and thus the oxygen is passed much worse. And the sight of such lenses in much worse since they reduce the sharpness and contrast perception.

  • Colored contact lenses for brown eyes

Too many women believe that for brown eyes lenses does not exist. But in fact it is not - they are sold on a par with all the others.

Problems associated with wearing colored contact lenses

In that case, if you decide that colored contact lenses yet to be, remember that you may encounter some problems. For example, inflammation of organs and allergic reactions. As a result, they may experience frequent conjunctivitis and corneal edema. To reduce the risk of such complications should be carefully and properly care for contact lenses.

Wrong choice of contact lenses can also lead to quite serious consequences: loss of vision and even blindness almost complete. In no case do not risk your vision and do not choose contact lenses without the help of a doctor - ophthalmologist.

If you are in a room in which a very high level of dust concentration of smoke or other chemicals should refuse to wear colored contact lenses during working hours. The explanation of this fact is simple: the material from which the manufactured contact lens tends to rapidly absorb any impurities. As a result of inflammation and allergic reactions are practically inevitable.

Of course, sometimes use colored contact lenses can be. However, to ensure that they did not cause any harm to the body, do not forget that the first contact lenses, color or ordinary, are medical devices. And they are wrong, uncontrolled use is unacceptable under any circumstances.

 Colored contact lenses. Their effect on eye health

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 pills for abortion

Sometimes the circumstances are such that the pregnancy is unwanted. One can argue about the moral side of the issue, but the fact is that sometimes a woman decides that it is necessary to terminate a pregnancy. To do this, she should have an abortion.

Abortion - is abortion for up to 28 weeks. After 28 weeks, the fetus is capable of survival outside the womb, so abortion after this period is strictly prohibited. All abortions are divided into two groups: early, held up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and later - from 12 to 28 a week. In our side early abortions are allowed only produced at the request of the woman. Late abortion is made strictly for medical reasons.

Types of abortion

Today in modern gynecology There are several types of abortion, depending on the individual characteristics of women's health and, of course, primarily on the duration of pregnancy:

  1. Vakuumaspiratsiya. Among women, this method of abortion is known by the same name as miniabort. When you hold it the fruit is removed from the uterus under the influence of strong negative pressure created by a special device. To produce this kind of abortion is possible only on pregnancy, no more than six weeks.
  2. Surgical abortion. During surgical abortion produced scraping the walls of the uterus, to remove the fetus and placenta. Produced at any stage of pregnancy up to 12 weeks.

There are also some other ways to terminate a pregnancy for a longer period, such as artificial birth. But about them in this article is not mentioned.

Medication abortion

In recent years, more and more popular among women acquire medication abortion methods. Termination of pregnancy in the early stages of pills is the safest. For medical abortion a woman, under the strict supervision of a doctor - a gynecologist, takes special pharmacological agents designed to interrupt the pregnancy. Abortion Pills are only effective within 49 days from the beginning of the last menstrual period.

Such popularity of medical abortion is justified. Tablets for abortion have a number of advantages:

  • Infertility. When medical abortion does not occur any effect on the uterine lining. Therefore, the risk of subsequent development of secondary infertility is extremely low, which is especially important for young women not yet given birth.
  • Complications. Abortion is always accompanied by the risk of various complications, such as subsequent inflammation, injury to the cervix and its mucous membranes. During the same medical abortion risk of any - any complications is very small.
  • Hospitalization. Tablets allow abortion to perform an abortion without gospitaliziruya woman to hospital. And recovery after such an abortion is much faster than after surgery. A woman can go to work the next day after the abortion.

 abortion pills

Technique medical abortion

To artificially terminate pregnancy in Russia using certain drugs that are not available in the free market. Their operating principle is as follows: due to the high content of hormone pills lead to the death of the embryo, and then provoke increased uterine contractions and the rejection and expulsion of the fetus from its cavity.

The actual procedure of medical termination of pregnancy is carried out in three stages:

  1. Survey woman.

    Before medical abortion, the physician should carefully examine the woman. To do this will produce ultrasound, during which will set the exact date of pregnancy and gynecological examination manual.

    Once the doctor is satisfied that there are no contraindications to medical abortion in women is not available, he will introduce her to the principle of action of the drug. After that the woman will have to sign a special paper, confirming that a woman acquainted with the technique of a medical abortion and agrees to it.

  2. Himself abortion.

    The woman should take the tablet, then within 4 - 5 hours, it should remain under medical supervision, and then may return home. The expulsion of the ovum can begin within two - three hours, and maybe even a few days. The very expulsion of the gestational sac is accompanied by profuse bleeding.

  3. Control examination.

    Two weeks later, the woman should come to control examination to the doctor - a gynecologist. This inspection is extremely necessary to make sure that the fertilized egg has been expelled from the uterus in full. If this does not happen, which is rare, to avoid complications woman show curettage to remove the remnants of fetal eggs.

Contraindications to medical abortion

However, with all the positive features of a medical kit also has a number of serious contraindications to its use. These include the following conditions:

  • The suspicion that a woman has an ectopic pregnancy occurs.
  • Serious kidney diseases, especially renal and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Long-term treatment with corticosteroids.
  • Diseases associated with bleeding disorders.
  • Acute pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • The presence of uterine fibroids in women.

If a woman suffers from one of these diseases, conducting medical termination of pregnancy may negatively affect her health and lead to unpredictable consequences.

Complications of Medical Abortion

But do not forget that abortion pills are inherently Yet abortion. And very rarely, but it may cause a number of complications. As mentioned above, the termination of pregnancy with the help of tablets produced an outpatient, so she will not be under round the clock medical supervision. So, it was she who should pay close attention to their health.

Abortion pills can lead to the following complications:

  • Continued pregnancy. However, the probability of this is less than 1%.
  • Severe pain in the abdomen.
  • Heavy bleeding, especially due to incomplete removal of the ovum.
  • Nausea, vomiting. In such a case it is possible re-use of the drug.
  • Very rarely, but still possible fever, chills and fatigue.
  • Violation of hormonal levels.

Do not forget to post-abortion counseling to get a doctor for contraception to in the future to face the problem of unintended pregnancy.

 Abortion Pill

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