Collagen facial mask


  • What is collagen?
  • Why do you need this stuff skin?
  • What are the different types of this wonderful stuff?
  • What are the different ways to saturate the collagen layers of the skin?
  • Types of collagen masks and their composition
  • Indications and contraindications to the use of collagen masks
  • How to apply the collagen mask?
  • Where to buy quality mask?
  • How to cook a useful mask at home?
  • How it affects the skin collagen mask?

Time does not stand still, and every woman sooner or later think about how to preserve youth and beauty for a long time as possible. Modern cosmetology offers a huge number of ways and means to combat aging. One is a collagen facial mask, which can be made both in the salon and at home.

What is collagen?

Collagen - is a substance which is between the muscle fibers and cells of many different organs of living organisms. It is located in tendons and ligaments, and on the surface of skin cells and in the extracellular space. Collagen protein consists of the body and skin. In humans, this protein is most common, constituting 30% of the total protein found in the body of any mammal. Therefore, the role of collagen in the life of an organism can not be overstated.

A careful study of collagen scientists engaged in the 30s of the last century. It is then revealed that this element is directly related to aging. Due to the lack of collagen synthesis deteriorating condition of hair and nails, affected joints, reduced elasticity of blood vessels. The lack of collagen leads to cellulite. This problem is familiar to virtually every woman, not even overweight. However, most of the element depends on the skin condition. Insufficient collagen synthesis leads to the fact that it loses its flexibility and elasticity, so that wrinkles.

Why do you need this stuff skin?

To understand how collagen acts on the aging process, you need to know about the natural processes occurring in the skin. It consists of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis - the uppermost layer. He is responsible for maintaining moisture in the skin. The main part of the collagen from which fibers are formed tissue is dermis. Here, the formation of new cells and capillary growth occurs. Hypodermis, the deepest layer of the skin, affects the heat preservation and protection of the internal organs. The hypodermis are glands that produce collagen.

At a young age the collagen fibers from time to time updated from time to time there is a natural moisturizing. However, in violation of the functions of the skin rapidly loses its elasticity and firmness, starting to droop. With age, damaged collagen fibers accumulate, folds and wrinkles appear. The facial skin is stretched while laughing, sleeping, crying. The main reason for this - time.

After 30 years it has decreased production of collagen and from menopause its amount is reduced by 30%. A great impact on the skin and have external factors. Negative impact on the production of collagen unhealthy lifestyle and polluted environment. However, proper skin care contributes to more efficient synthesis of the substance.

The main symptoms of a lack of collagen - is the appearance of wrinkles nemimicheskih, in particular, the nasolabial fold. When it occurs you need to start immediately to maintain skin collagen outside.

 Pleasant Collagen facial mask

What are the different types of this wonderful stuff?

There are many cosmetic products based on collagen. Price and effectiveness of them is different. It depends on the species represented in the product substance.

  1. Collagen animal origin

    It is isolated from cartilage and skins of cattle of large breeds. The molecules of the collagen is very large and not compatible with the human dermis. Because of this, he is not able to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. Collagen animal produces a relatively easy way. Therefore, it was he part of the economy of masks and creams. However, such cosmetic and could be beneficial. Their use helps protect the skin from moisture loss.

  2. Vegetable collagen

    Since collagen - a protein of animal origin, the term "vegetable collagen" is not completely correct. To put it more precisely, it is - vegetable proteins, such as hydrolyzed wheat protein. They contain in their structure similar to collagen elements. Therefore, in a similar way affect the dermis. However, the effectiveness of cosmetic products, which include this type of collagen, significantly higher than those which contain proteins of animal origin. This is because the molecular weight of the collagen plant origin is very small. Therefore, it is easy to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

    Not all corporations can afford to plant production of collagen, because it is very complex and time consuming process. Due to this, the cost of products containing the valuable protein, is high enough. But the results after its implementation more effective.

  3. Marine Collagen

    He extracted from fish skin. It becomes more and more popular as compared to collagen of animal origin in connection with high efficiency. The cost of this product is high, due to the sophisticated technology of its production and storage. Marine collagen is very unstable to external factors. It is destroyed by exposure to low temperatures and foreign elements. Therefore, for the production of cosmetics containing marine collagen requires special conditions and equipment.

However, the substance is the closest to the human body, and therefore is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and effectively combat the infringement of collagen synthesis. Hence it is clear that the high cost of the product is quite justified.

What are the different ways to saturate the collagen layers of the skin?

  1. Injections of collagen

    This is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments offered by the beauty salon. Such injections restore damaged collagen fibers with age. The procedure consists in the fact that the skin is introduced required amount of substance. For similar injection using animal collagen. And it does not match the structure of the human skin, which is why quite rapidly excreted from the body. Therefore, such an injection should be carried out every 6 months.

    However, this does not detract from the merits of the procedure. After injecting collagen considerably reduces wrinkles, stimulates the immune system and increases the efficiency of the synthesis of substances needed to maintain skin elasticity. Such positive results and explain the popularity of collagen injections among women from different countries. However, one can not forget that from the injections are possible negative effects, such as inflammation and loss of sensation at the injection site. Therefore, this procedure is necessary to carefully choose the prestigious salons and experienced professionals.

  2. Collagen tablets, food additives and food

    Such a method is suitable for those who, for whatever reason, beware of injections or simply afraid of them. Tablets are not as effective as injection, but their use also gives satisfactory results. Dietary supplements, which include collagen, significantly improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. Preservation of youth and beauty, and contributes to the use of collagen-rich foods. These include all kinds of meat, fish, especially salmon, salmon and chum salmon.

  3. Mask and cream based on collagen

    It is the most accessible means for skin care. They can be used independently, without resorting to the services of beauty salons. The efficiency and cost of these agents depends on the origin of collagen is included in their composition. Masks proven skin care better than creams. Due to the fact that the percentage of collagen are significantly higher.

Types of collagen masks and their composition

There are several types of collagen masks according to the method of their use: powder, cloth and gelatinous. Powdered mask is necessary prior to use to prepare a special way. Read more about this we will talk about later. Masks cloth is now more popular, as they are much easier to use. Jelly mask - a novelty in cosmetology. They also are sold ready to use.

In addition to the collagen in such cosmetic mask contains different active ingredients that improve the beneficial effect. Most often they add vitamins, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, AHA acids and medicinal plant extracts. This mask not only promotes skin tightening, but its moisturizing, brightening and the elimination of inflammatory cells. The final result depends on how the active substance with a mask adjacent collagen.

Particularly popular among women Placenta-collagen mask. Collagen in combination with the placenta produces an even more powerful anti-aging effect and helps to preserve elasticity of skin.

 Useful Collagen facial mask

Indications and contraindications to the use of collagen masks

Collagen mask has the undoubted advantage of all other means to care for skin. It is suitable for all skin types and all ages. It is successfully used as a thirty-year and older ladies. Collagen mask is recommended for women who need to improve the synthesis of the substance. Those who were the first wrinkles and the skin has lost its freshness and elasticity. Especially useful are they owners of dry and sensitive skin.

Collagen mask has lots of advantages. But she, like any other beauty products for the face, has a number of contraindications. It can not be used if there are inflamed skin areas or cuts, even insignificant. Before applying the mask, you should wait for the complete healing of wounds. Caution should be used collagen face masks and women who are prone to allergic reactions.

How to apply the collagen mask?

Collagen facial mask is very easy to use. It can make any woman alone, without resorting to the services of a cosmetologist. First of all, before the procedure is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin from make-up and impurities. Makeup is completely removed with a cotton swab moistened with milk make-up remover, chosen according to the skin type. Then the person should thoroughly wash their to eliminate the remnants of contamination.

For the best effect of the mask immediately before the procedure is recommended to perform a deep cleaning - exfoliation. Scrub relieve skin from keratinized, which may interfere with better penetration and absorption of useful active substances. Peeling before applying the mask to double its efficiency by several times. Light facial massage also enhance the effectiveness of the collagen mask. However, to make it optional, especially if you do not possess the necessary skills.

A method of applying the mask depends on what variety you choose it. Collagen mask cloth is a cloth impregnated with a special compound that contains all the necessary components. She just imposed on cleansed face and neck.

Powdery mask is prepared immediately prior to application. The manual describes in detail how to do it. As a rule, complete with powdered whey special weight goes. These two components are mixed in a ceramic or pottery, and then the finished product is applied to the face.

Jelly-like collagen mask, as a means of cloth, sold in the form ready to use. It is applied to clean skin with a thick layer.

The amount of time during which the mask should be on the facial skin, depends on each product separately. In general, the effect of the cosmetic agent from 15 to 35 minutes. After the mask is applied to the skin, preferably quietly lie down and relax, you can turn on relaxing music. After the specified time in the instructions rinse with lukewarm water composition. At the final stage of the procedure lubricate the face moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Collagen facial mask is 1 time per week. Women are special problems associated with a lack of collagen, it is possible to apply cosmetic and usually 2 - 3 times per week. This mask will not cause absolutely no harm to the skin.

Where to buy quality mask?

Collagen masks are sold in pharmacies, cosmetic stores and online. However, selecting them, prefer only quality products. Better to buy collagen facials verified points of sale, or the representatives of cosmetic concerns. Poor-quality cosmetics are not only did not give the desired effect, and inflict damage to your appearance.

How to cook a useful mask at home?

Women who, because of certain circumstances can not or do not want to buy collagen masks in stores, can easily prepare a similar cosmetic product directly to the kitchen. The basis of it is edible gelatine. And it is known, is produced from animal hides and cartilage. In other words, this is the same collagen. Masks on the basis of gelatin there are so many. And on what components they will be added, depends on the result of the procedure. You can easily prepare a rejuvenating, moisturizing, nourishing, smoothing and whitening mask.

Disintegrating mask

Dissolve gelatin, following the instructions printed on the package. After a lot of swelling, melt in a water bath. The resulting liquid is mixed with 1 tablespoon of yogurt or kefir any fat. Owners of oily skin is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of wheat flour. Women with dry skin is better to use yogurt instead of milk, instead of flour - chopped in a coffee grinder oatmeal. Be ready mass until cool.

Before applying the mask brush with face moisturizer. During the procedure, take a relaxed posture, try not to talk and not to mimic movements. Keep the mask on your face until it is completely dry. Ёё can shoot a sponge soaked in warm milk or yogurt. It can be used for this purpose and plain water.

Rejuvenating nourishing mask

Prepare gelatin the same as in the previous recipe. Add the banana pulp and mix thoroughly. When the mass has cooled, apply it on your face for 25-30 minutes. Then carefully remove the mixture with a cotton swab and rinse your face with warm water.

For such a mask can take any other fruit in accordance with the type of skin. Owners of oily skin is better to take strawberries, grapefruit, red currant, cherry or pear. Good moisturizing apricot, persimmon, avocado and melon. Therefore, these fruits will be helpful for women with oily skin. Also, collagen mask based on gelatin may be added to orange, kiwi, tangerine, peach, grapes and other fruits. They all contain skin benefit acids and vitamins, which in combination with collagen produce fine rejuvenating effect.

Whitening Mask

Grate the cucumber on a fine grater. Mix 1 tablespoon of vegetable pulp cooked with 1 teaspoon of gelatin mixture. Apply the mask on your face and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with water at room temperature. The skin after applying a mask looks fresh, fading pigmentation and redness.

Moisturizing Mask for dry skin

This mask is prepared on the basis of glycerol. Dissolve gelatin 2 teaspoons, add 2 teaspoons liquid glycerol, diluted with water in ratio 1: 1. This also pour 2 teaspoons of honey. The resulting mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. It should be enough for some procedures. Duration mask - 15-20 minutes. After that it is necessary to rinse with warm water.

 Refreshing Collagen Face Mask

How it affects the skin collagen mask?

Collagen mask a positive effect on the skin at several levels. It:

  • deeply moisturizes the skin;
  • accelerates cell regeneration;