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Many of us can not imagine life without coffee himself. And it's not that it helps us to wake up and come to life in the morning. Most just loves the taste and sensations that are associated with it.

Despite popular belief, coffee brings our body a huge favor. It has been proven that organic coffee improves mental state, reduce the risk of depression and stress, increase physical activity and improve digestion. And the list can still go on and on. In addition, coffee contains large amounts of antioxidants that prevent aging of the skin. In this regard, he wins even in fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils.

Fight cellulite with the help of coffee

If you are already struggling with cellulite, it is likely noticed that many scrubs against cellulite contain in their composition of coffee. After all, if caffeine helps us wake up in the morning, it is not surprising that the same effective against cellulite scrub of coffee used by external way.

It turns out that you can not spend money on expensive cosmetic anti-cellulite products, but simply to make an effective means of self. In this case, it will be a coffee cellulite scrub.
Under the influence of caffeine on the body, blood circulation is enhanced, resulting in sodium and fluid fast enough derived from skin cells, but potassium begins to actively penetrate the fat cells. And if actively to rub the problem areas of cellulite coffee scrub, then it begins to markedly promoting blood circulation and cellulite starts to break down. In addition, caffeine has the ability to compress and reduce our vessels, making coffee scrub cellulite will just get rid of varicose veins.

Many who have tried anti-cellulite scrub of coffee to all the actions listed scrub added that coffee aroma is very conducive to the revitalization of the nervous system and improves mood. Every day the skin will become smoother and softer all, if you regularly use the coffee scrub cellulite - reviews of many women confirm this with joyful confidence.

 coffee scrub for cellulite

The impact of the coffee scrub

Coffee scrub cellulite helps to activate cell metabolism, that is, as a result, there is a "burn" fat, destroying collagen and connective tissue. In addition, caffeine stimulates the blood circulation, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of other assets: relieve swelling or those designed for weight loss.

Cellulite Coffee Scrub is an excellent tool for those women whose skin has lost its elasticity, and started to develop the process of aging. It stimulates metabolic processes and activates the production of enzymes that control the level of cholesterol. In this scrub for cellulite is a restoration of moisture balance and strengthening the protective layer of the skin. As a result - the skin looks smoother and more toned, and the contours of the face - a cut. Anti-cellulite scrub with coffee promotes lymphatic circulation in the skin - it reduces swelling and regulation hydrobalance. The skin is moisturized, soft, swelling gone, lost the feeling of tightness.

As you can see, getting rid of cellulite and give your skin in order can be very inexpensive and effective way: with the help of anti-cellulite coffee scrub. Even more remarkable, then, that one of the ways you can make a scrub cellulite - home recipes from coffee scrubs. Especially what to do anti-cellulite scrub at home is quite easy and simple, and most importantly very inexpensive.

Home Recipes cellulite coffee scrubs

  1. Coffee scrub cellulite "good mood"

    It is necessary to mix three tablespoons of ground coffee with three tablespoons of sea salt (if desired, you can replace it with sugar) and add three or four drops of olive oil. Before the procedure you need to spend 5-10 minutes in a hot bath to open the pores. Prepared coffee scrub anti-cellulite massage should all problem areas of cellulite for a few minutes.

    Do not rush immediately to go into the shower, it is better to stand in this state for ten minutes, drinking in coffee mixture cellulite. Thereafter, the massage is not necessary to smear themselves various creams, since in this case they will be superfluous.

    If you want to have your anti-cellulite scrub with coffee was even more pleasant flavor, add a little cinnamon in it. Or use essential oils.

  2. Scrub the cellulite on the basis of natural coffee.

    Ground coffee (or coffee grounds) to be mixed with your favorite shower gel and taking a shower or bath, you need a good massage the problem areas receive the anti-cellulite scrub at home. Only need to pick a shower gel with a fairly neutral odor, so as not to confuse it with the aroma of coffee.

  3. Coffee Scrub Mask of cellulite

    Once you drink freshly brewed organic coffee, reserving the remaining coffee grounds. Its you and you will be used for the preparation of the effective mask-scrub.

    First, it is necessary to dissolve the clay with warm mineral water to the consistency of sour cream. After the bath, steaming and problem areas need to put a mask on them coffee scrub massage movements and leave for one hour. After the procedure of coffee to wash off with warm water body.

  4. Anti-cellulite scrub with natural hot coffee

    Coffee grounds is a good tool, but the coffee beans will be even more effective. To prepare the hot anti-cellulite body scrub will need one hundred grams of coffee beans (would be better if you find even the green coffee beans, as they are more efficient fried) should grind them into dust, then add 25 ml. hot pepper tincture, which can be bought at any drugstore. If you get a mixture of dryish, add a little olive oil. The prepared mixture is put in a jar and put in a dark place for one week.

    Use a scrub is necessary while bathing. It should be massaged to put on the problem areas and rub about 5-10 minutes until the redness tread. After this procedure the hot anti-cellulite scrub is necessary to take a shower and rub the problem areas with ice cubes.

  5. Delicious coffee scrub for cellulite

    Two tablespoons of dried coffee grounds mixed with six tablespoons of yogurt (without dyes and other additives). This scrub is applied to clean the body and massage for about ten minutes. This scrub smoothes the skin perfectly.

  6. Fermented milk scrub with coffee cellulite

    Four tablespoons of ground coffee mix with four tablespoons of buttermilk. Apply the resulting scrub problem areas, active massage them and leave for ten minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

  7. Coffee and honey scrub for cellulite

    Two tablespoons of ground coffee should be mixed with four tablespoons of honey. After the scrub, apply the resulting problem areas, and actively massage from 5 to 10 minutes.

  8. Coffee Scrub Beauty oats

    Thick, remaining in the cup after you drank coffee, it is necessary to mix three teaspoons of oatmeal. If the skin is dry, it is necessary to add to the mixture of one tablespoon of sour cream, and the owners of oily skin is recommended to take a tablespoon of yogurt. The resulting anti-cellulite massage is necessary to scrub the face for 2-3 minutes, after which the remains have to scrub with warm water and rub the face of your favorite cream.

Tips on preparing a coffee scrub for cellulite

  • For the preparation of anti-cellulite scrub homemade recipes usually include only organic coffee, soluble for this case is not suitable;
  • And you can use coffee grounds and freshly ground organic coffee;
  • The most effective treatment for cellulite has green coffee, because it is the highest caffeine content;
  • Milling is better to use small, since major skin can hurt you;

Cellulite Coffee Scrub is best to use several times per week and only once is better to use anti-cellulite scrub hot - reviews after its application show that it is the most optimal.

Anyway, using the coffee scrub the time, you will see the effect certainly. Every day, your skin will become smoother, and you are more confident in themselves and in the beauty of your body!

 Coffee scrub cellulite at home

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 Breast plastic surgery: eliminate disadvantages

Now many women infected, so the title of "breast Era", which came from the west. Fashion for curvy shapes. According to statistics, 76% of women are not satisfied with your breast size, 48% of them are not satisfied with the form, and approximately 60% of the females believe that the breast is not big enough. If you already have breast enlargement naturally does not help, such as a beautiful lingerie and clothing properly chosen, the aid is plastic surgery.

Mammoplasty (breast surgery) includes several varieties of breast surgeries that meet any wishes of women who are ready to change their breasts. The reasons can be many - dissatisfaction with the size, shape breasts, stretch marks, sagging, breast asymmetry. All this is correctable mammoplasty.

The most common and popular plastic surgery is breast enlargement. To increase the use of silicone implants, they are placed under the soft tissue of the breast. The size of the implant selected individually for each woman. After surgery increases the volume of the breast and improving its shape.

Often women after childbirth breast droops and loses its shape. You can resort to an operation such as breast lift. With this plastic improved breast contours, returns to the shape and height of the breast. In this operation, the implants are not used, and are not affected by the soft tissue of the breast.

Women with small breasts just dream of lush forms, and, behold, the owners of a large bust, on the contrary, burdened high resolution. Basically, these women suffer from back pain, neck, and they have broken breath, distorted posture. These problems can be solved by means of the operation with a reduction of the mammary glands. The surgeon removes excess fat tissue and forms a new breast shape. Subsequently, chest tightened and reduced in size.

Implants are now developing very fast, as they say, demand creates supply. There are new methods of breast augmentation surgery: Ultrasonic tightening and liposuction, lipofilling - operation to increase breast by transplanting fat from other parts of the body. Only the effectiveness of these techniques is estimated by experts ambiguous.

Therefore, important not to lose your head in the pursuit of victory centimeters, if you have already decided to do breast augmentation surgery, then collect the necessary information, hand over all analyzes and consult a doctor. Together with the surgeon pick the right method that suits you more, and then the result will not disappoint you.

 Breast plastic surgery: eliminate disadvantages

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