Cocktail Dresses 2012

What fashionable novelties ready to captivate the heart of every fashionista world designers? Cocktail dresses of 2012 - photos are presented below - originally appeared in America, and put them to rest, fun and dancing, as a less formal version of the evening dress. Today, these dresses at the peak of popularity, and this is no accident, but a nice pattern. Thanks to their versatility they can rescue the girl in different situations: informal business meeting, a reception, a wedding, a romantic dinner, disco or prom.

The main feature of cocktail attire believe no sleeves and collar, and a short skirt. Must be complied with clear proportions - the more open the top, the more should be closed down, and vice versa. The most versatile representative of a cocktail of fashion - the little black dress by Coco Chanel. It does not go out of fashion for decades on end, it is always to the point, so advise such a thing to have in the wardrobe of every girl.

Recent models of dresses 2012

Fashion never stands still, she always steps forward, surprises and delights us something fresh, new and original. Modern cocktail models completely alien to the understanding of restraint, so in the coming season we are waiting for a lot of pleasant surprises and innovations.

  • Quite a lot of vintage things to conquer the podium. Unusual patterns in retro style, which is decorated with fringe, ruffles and flounces - rage. Incredibly successfully this style looks with bare shoulders.
  • Special attention is deserved cocktail dresses 2012 with a vertical V-neck. The hit of the year can be considered a seductive model with naked back.
  • Many designers and strive to draw your attention to dresses A-shaped silhouette. This form-fitting model with flared skirts and very lush.
  • Feminine, sensual and refined natures perfect romantic flirty dresses by Christian Dior, with a skirt made of light air and fabric corset as gum.
  • If you are not afraid of bold designs, you'll definitely like the look model below the knee, which is Alexander McQueen. Wear these dresses he advises with original boots with lacing and short gloves without fingers.

 cocktail dresses 2012 photo

But not everyone follows blindly chase fashion. During the selection of a particular style you should choose a dress that is perfect for your figure, emphasizing all the advantages. If you are low - choose a trapezoidal model which you visually add a few centimeters of growth. For women with small breasts would be the best one for dress with a cutout in the shape of a heart or a closed top. Hide a small tummy and waist will emphasize the perfect styles with a corset.

Trendy colors

Among the most popular materials for sewing dresses leading silk, chiffon, lace, satin, velvet, taffeta. Many designers offer to our attention transparent model of guipure that open eyes every curve shapes. The color palette has a very wide scope, ranging from classic white, black, silver and red to golden reflections. No less fashionable models juicy sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald tones. New fashion discovery was the olive color, which looks elegant and gentle.

Cocktail Dress 2012 perfectly complement the various clutches, pumps. Feminine ornaments began a variety of pleated folds, rhinestones, sequins, and inserts of shiny material.

 Cocktail dresses 2012

 fashion style long skirts photo

Every year more and more intriguing maxi mini displaces Frank. And it is not by accident. After all, long skirts are a lot of advantages. They are very feminine, mysterious and practical. Thanks to them, you can visually narrow waist and hide some figure flaws. In that shaped you will feel comfortable and relaxed as the cool spring and hot summer. The new spring-summer 2012, many well-known brands have included in their collections maxi skirts a variety of silhouettes. It's free and form-fitting, flared and smell, on the clasp, and with cuts. The length of these skirts can range from mid-calf to the maximum - on the floor, and colors dazzle bright striped animal and floral prints. Below is represented to your attention the most fashionable style long skirt - photos and description of models.

 fashionable long skirts

Recent models of skirts to the floor

World fashion designers presented their collections in a variety of models of long skirts. Let's look at the most popular ones.

  • Sarong skirt with oriental ornaments and floral, ethnic or African prints. In combination with a translucent fabric this style is perfect for a beach holiday.
  • The fluffy skirt in the assembly and in large folds is very relevant in this season, and if it is decorated with a print in horizontal stripes, it looks even bigger in size and attractiveness.
  • Wide skirt with yoke and zip the entire length. Perfect for lovers of retro style.
  • Model hippie, complete with ruffles. They are worn with tight tops and T-shirts with large prints.
  • Pencil skirt looks great in a classic color scheme. A high-waisted, it has become very popular because of its gracefulness.
  • Flared skirt and the sun flared. It looks very romantic and refined and can be supplemented with a variety of items: the cuts, belt, pockets, embroidery.
  • The skirt on the floor with a complex design. It looks very nice and original. It can be layered with ruffles draping, pleating details and sewed. This model is essentially exclusive and sewn to order.
  • No less can be considered fashionable skirt with a smell. If this is an option for cold spring, it is best to part of its wool fabric included. And for the hot summer suit flowing translucent fabric.
  • Long skirt, narrowed down from thick or thin jersey. Excellent choice for every day. It can be performed both in the sports and business style. There will be actual black, blue, beige and gray.
  • Lightweight chiffon maxi. This is a very gentle and flying model. They are great for the publication, as well as for everyday wear.
  • Skirt-year. This style has always been in fashion. And this season he has won all the famous catwalks of the world. Perfectly follows the lines of the figure and slightly flared bottom, skirt-year looks very feminine and seductive.

Long fashion skirt can be completely different colors. As for the actual colors of 2012, it is white, beige, turquoise, orange, magenta, yellow, purple, blue, brown, light gray and black.

 what length of skirt is fashionable in 2012

What to properly combine the skirt to the floor?

The secret, which must know each girl: such skirt draw attention to the waist, not the feet. That's why you can easily emphasize the wasp waist and make your walk more interesting, but the legs, possibly irregular - hide. I would also like to add that the image of the girls will be fascinating if it would give a preference long skirt with slits on the sides. In this case, will be seen when walking your feet; the more it is proven that a modest display of sexually attracted far more frank mini. A very important point is that the maxi-skirts are a great opportunity to visually add your growth a couple of centimeters, so wear a skirt can be any girl, knowing that in this dress she will look taller and slimmer.

Most importantly, what it is necessary to adhere to the combination of long skirt and top - it is harmony. If your skirt cut free, then it is best to wear tight-fitting top or blouse, not to overload the figure of excess capacity. If the silhouette skirts narrower, it may be a lush "top". However, here much will depend on the situation, your taste and style.

As for accessories, the stylists recommend to decorate all sorts of maxi skirts belts made of leather and fabric, embroidered with beads, sequins and stones. Bags should choose tiny and tidy, again, in order not to overload the image. But shoes can be totally different from ballet shoes and if it is a sports style, to evening high heels. The main thing is to make it look holistically with your way.

On the burning question - what length of skirt is fashionable in 2012, has a pleasant answer: light and alluring long skirt - a fashion trend spring-summer season. Many years later, she again at the peak of popularity. And it's well deserved, because this style gives each woman a special romance, elegance and understatement. A elongated fitted silhouette makes the figure more slender and higher, attracting curious looks charmed men.

 Long skirt fashion

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